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  1. wanting to learn basic south words

    There are actually some small communities in the Deep South where they speak Issan/Laos. One of them in Narathiwat even has a rocket festival annually. I guess they were migrant workers in the past who chose to settle here. Also, like most of the country, there are many Issan people running restaurants here. That's a good thing IMHO, because a steady diet of gaeng som and gaeng tai bplaa gets old after a while.
  2. Weather Radar Woes

    Some signs of life with the Songkhla (Satingphra) radar...they put out an image at 5:30 this afternoon...probably a test as it hasn't been updated and the loop function still doesn't work...still, a step forward. The Krabi radar is still down (since June 17).
  3. Sorry about that. Maybe it's the Irish Coffee effect. It's just a long-standing bias by New Englanders against New Yorkers. The aforementioned 'Yankees' took 3-4 against the Red Sox over the weekend so I am pissed . Yes, I know it is just a game. Can't wait for the NFL season to start, But for the record, real Yankees live in New England, not New York...and that's a fact.
  4. Anyone growing Asparagus?

    I finally found some seeds, but now I found out that they take 10 years to produce fruit!
  5. wanting to learn basic south words

    Absolutely key to wrapping your head around the mish-mash of dialects is the way southerners replace ฟ with ค (khor khwaay) or ข (khor kai) a even a คว (khw) dipthong. They simply don't like to make the 'f' sound -- and trying to teach the English 'v' sound is definitely a bridge too far unless you are dealing with young kids. so, by way of example: ฝนตก (it is raining, as is often the case here) becomes ขนตก (khon tok) ไฟแดง (red light) becomes ไควแดง (khwai daeng). The first time I heard these two, by my mother-in-law, it was pretty comical. When she excitedly said ขนตก (khon tok), I thought she said 'a person has fallen'. And when she said ไควแดง, I thought she was referring to a red ox. Even the word for 'farang' sounds like 'khwalang'.
  6. Thai puns needed

    I was really looking for pure Thai puns, but another one that comes to mind now as a 'bilingual' pun is the old classic: Q: นกอะไรอยู่ในทะเล? A: นกอินทรีย์ ( นก in sea ) ?
  7. Thai puns needed

    I am drawing a blank on this one.
  8. Thai puns needed

    Perfect! Why couldn't I think of that?
  9. Thai puns needed

    I need a few examples of Thai language puns to teach my students. Can anybody help out? Thanks.
  10. Disaster expert warns of major flooding next month

    It must be nice to be able to predict the future.
  11. Gooseberry

  12. Gooseberry

    If I can find one I will try that. But what part do you cut off? I am a total novice on this stuff..
  13. Gooseberry

    Weird that I never heard of it before. Must be an English thing. Anyway, I will report back if/when I can locate some seeds...