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  1. Alphabetical order and pronunciation

    Perseverance is my middle name!
  2. Alphabetical order and pronunciation

    Thanks for that. I will try raising the head and see what happens...My classes are mostly small groups ranging in size from four to twelve, but I do a lot of one-on-one to try and ensure they are getting the pronunciation right. ..I will keep you apprised and thanks again for the input.
  3. Does anyone have any tips on how to get Thai kids to pronounce words ending in 'g', like 'pig' and 'dog', correctly? Listen and repeat isn't working because they always try to make it like a 'high tone' (starts high and goes higher) in Thai, and they also make the 'g' more like a 'kor kai', rather than down deeper in the throat. It is pretty frustrating. At least when teaching the 'V' sound, as one example, you can teach them how to move their lips, tongue and teeth into the right positions. Not so in this case. Only my pre-K students can do it correctly, but all the exposure to Thai teachers in their mainstream schools tends to drive it out of them once they hit pratom level. I am also wondering if other teachers still bother to teach the students to put words in alphabetical order, which used to be a key skill for using a dictionary -- another dying art thanks to Google. None of my kids even know how to use a Thai dictionary, which is more confusing than the English one. Is it going the way of cursive writing...? eg. no longer relevant in this day and age of keyboards?
  4. Phuket Town to Patong query

    Thanks so much for your input LivingInKata. I will try to figure out Grab. Staring to Google now. I hope all is well...
  5. Phuket Town to Patong query

    Is the Airport Bus service still in operation? Maybe I could get off the van near the airport and jump on that. I walk with a cane now and want to keep this as efficient as possible, but I will only pay for a rip-off taxi as a last, desperate resort...How about Uber?
  6. Phuket Town to Patong query

    I am coming over to Phuket for the US Consular Outreach in Patong and am interested to know if there is any new public transport option to get from Phuket Bus Terminal 2 in Rassada over to Patong....When I left the island the only option was to go into town on the Pink Bus, then get on the Songthew downtown. Is that still the case? I know it is a long shot, but I am hoping against hope that maybe they have started a direct service to aid tourists.
  7. English for beginner children

    Teaching Thai kids is the best way to learn Thai.
  8. English for beginner children

    I am not sure if it suits your needs exactly, but the most useful source of free and easy to use material that I am aware of is at http://bogglesworldesl.com. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
  9. Internet cafes - online teaching?

    I have done a bit of on-line teaching, but you really have to have reliable connections on both ends as well as a quiet, appropriate place to work from. It is much harder to keep students focused and engaged than face-to-face, but it can work with the right students if they are motivated to learn. That is a big 'if', though. For me, the idea of trying to make it work from an Internet cafe in Bangkok sounds like the perfect recipe for frustration and wasted time/effort. I would suggest just getting your laptop a good wifi connection and working from your room. Best of luck!
  10. whiteboard repair

    My wife (aka boss, school director) took it to a shop in town and they replaced the whiteboard on both sides at a cost of 800 baht. So it went from being a one-sided whiteboard to a two-sided one. A new, one-sided whiteboard of similar dimensions would have been about 1500 baht, so I guess it was a good deal. Now I will have to find another DIY project...
  11. syllable game

    No Worries...we've all done it.
  12. syllable game

    Your comment reflects a great deal of presumption. I am not new to teaching in Thailand. Indeed, I have been doing it for 29 years. I am also not claiming to have invented the wheel, just to give a tip to other teachers who might benefit from it in some way. Anyway, I hope you can somehow break out of your self-described zombie state and find a way to bring some enthusiasm to your students.
  13. Honda Dream expert mechanic needed

    Final note on this: the bike seems to get far better gas mileage than it had been before the overhaul. Doesn't stall either.
  14. Honda Dream expert mechanic needed

    Final price tag was Bt2,850. Not bad. You can really here the difference. Thanks to all for your input.
  15. Weather Radar Woes

    I was familiar with wintdtv, but not the second one, tx. Another one I can recommend is http://asmc.asean.org/home/ It provides a smog/haze forecast...