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  1. wanting to learn basic south words

    My wife said this can be heard all over Thailand, though I don't readily recall hearing it much myself.
  2. Nakhon Si Thammarat to Penang?

    Interesting. I'd actually like to go back to visit Penang. I went there every three months for over a decade when I lived in BKK. Now I am much closer, but no longer need to do visa runs so it has been almost 15 years....
  3. Nakhon Si Thammarat to Penang?

    oh, thanks for that and sorry for spreading false info; I was unaware of it. Is there any way to book the Malaysian ticket in advance, though? Is there always room. This would seem an obvious solution for the OP, providing he/she doesn't mind jumping on the train in the middle of the night.
  4. Nakhon Si Thammarat to Penang?

    It's hard to believe that the Bangkok>Butterworth service ended over a decade ago. Such a no-brainer, but bureaucracy/international relations/cheap airfares/Patani separatists have all played a role on this retarded situation. Maybe Asean should get involved (joke).
  5. wanting to learn basic south words

    There was a really unique dialect in Phuket that was a Hokkien/South Thai mash, but it has been largely displaced by the tourism tsunami there...there were some efforts to keep it going, but nowadays even more standard versions of Southern Thai are hard to find on the island. I guess its demise started when they build the bridge to the mainland.
  6. Where to buy coconut oil

    Thanks for the photo and coordinates. Unfortunately I read the post too late and drove cluelessly past it today; but I will pick it up next time I'm in town.
  7. I have to go to Hat Yai tomorrow and was wondering if anyone knows of a place that sells good-quality, reasonably priced coconut oil...any help much appreciated.
  8. Hat Yai Public transport from Airport to Bus Station

    There used to be an 'agent' company that ran a van shuttle from Hat Yai to Penang, and they had offices in both cities. I used it a few times and they have (or had) good contacts with Thai embassy staff. Unfortunately it has been a long time and I don't know if they are still in operation. I don't even remember their name! Maybe some other poster can help out.
  9. wanting to learn basic south words

    My wife said it is a southern Thai thing, but I can't say definitively that it isn't used elsewhere. I don't ever remember hearing it so much when I lived in Bangkok or Phuket. This has indeed been a useful thread. In the past I would kind of turn my brain off when the locals started going at each other in Southern Thai, but now I am listening more and asking more questions...not that I really want to speak it myself, just want to understand what is being said and going on around me. I had a root canal today and the cleaning staff outside the treatment room were in high gear with it, so it gave me something to focus on other than the drill hitting the pulp or the fact that I always felt on the verge of drowning in my own saliva. [sorry if that's TMI] Anyway, I totally agree that it is hard to know what really is exclusively Southern Thai and what is not. I have just started to work a few Southern Thai expressions into my interactions with the locals and they really get a kick out of it.
  10. wanting to learn basic south words

    Another one that seems to have somehow not been brought up yet is the hugely popular exclamation AIYA! อัยย๊า. I know we aren't supposed to write in all caps, but I think it is merited for this word, which is used to express frustration and dismay. I am sure most followers of this thread are familiar with it by now...
  11. wanting to learn basic south words

    Good advice. I teach here and I have a lot of trouble with students picking up vulgar expressions in English, the most popular of which lately happens to be 'what the *uck?'...I think it should be a golden rule not to start using vulgar words unless you have truly mastered the lingo.
  12. wanting to learn basic south words

    Good stuff...keep 'em coming.
  13. wanting to learn basic south words

    That was a very useful link and set of examples...thanks.
  14. wanting to learn basic south words

    Wow, this is getting like cosmology...the more we try to pin it down, the more complexity we are confronted with.
  15. wanting to learn basic south words

    It's very true,,,when I moved here I had trouble with ngo ngu to start a syllable, and had to make up a bunch of tongue twisters to master it....Anyway, I have my teenage daughter here and she is fluent in English, South Thai (Songkhla version) and Central Thai....so if I can ever get her off her iPad I might to to get her as a source of useful new southern words. For me, I think I hold a personal bias against South Thai because it is so damned loud and excitable, while I am more of a chill guy.