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  1. trd

    Where to buy Thai Avocados in Phuket?

    How about nuts as a source of potassium. That's okay for keto in moderation isn't it?
  2. She was paralyzed and now she's made a full recovery and running?
  3. Come to think of it I did make a booking once and then on another occasion they said just turn up so that's what I always did from then on, but I discovered that making the booking made no difference. I still had to grab a queue ticket when I got there and sit down with everybody else. I didn't get preferential service by booking it. That's Thai style advance booking.
  4. You weren't able to make a booking at the now deceased Anuphas Honda either. You just had to turn up and that was never a problem.
  5. For those with Nationwide in the UK the last time I inquired it was possible to have a foreign address for your bank account.
  6. On the online form what is the arrival in Thailand date supposed to be? Is it the last time you entered? I'm receiving conflicting information on this and by the way I've tried the online registration three times and it never worked for me. For instance let's say a one year extension based on retirement started on 1Feb. But before the 90-day report is due on 1 May I leave the country in March and return a month later in April on a re-entry visa. The 90-day report for May is now cancelled as I returned in April and I will now have to calculate 90 days from my return date in April for my next 90 day report which will be due in July. If I do this online will my entry date into Thailand be April and how many days either side of the due date in July can I apply for online registration. I've also been told that the entry date should be prior to the last date I entered Thailand before the extension started so I'm very confused.
  7. No it's not Windows. It's Bluetooth audio latency. It will also happen on an Android media player.
  8. I have exactly the same receiver which I got from Lazada. But it will still have audio latency.
  9. It's sad that a law is even required. How can a motorist who is obstructing the path of an ambulance and is able to get out of the way, not do so when it's obvious that someone's life may depend on getting to hospital quickly. It's just common decency.
  10. This is what I used to get my video and audio perfectly in sync. https://editorsean.com/articles/audio-video-sync-alignment-latency-test/
  11. I often watch movies using a small bluetooth receiver with a plugged in headphone that picks up a bluetooth signal from my media player on the other side of the room. There is an inherent lag with bluetooth that puts video and sound out of sync by delaying audio by about 150 milliseconds. However I don't have that problem because I use the Kodi media player which allows you to adjust sync between video and audio. As mentioned you can also do that with VLC player.
  12. That package doesn't get slow. I have it too. It's unlimited data that's at a restricted speed of 1 Mb/s. It doesn't slow down after you've used a certain amount of data. That's why it's Unlimited, but bandwidth restricted. However I find it has no problems in playing YouTube videos for instance without any buffering.
  13. trd

    Water filter

    Yes that's good advice about testing the water. You never know what's in it, bacteria, arsenic, all very tasty. But it's a mystery why you don't take your own advice.
  14. Yes well done Thailand. Clear this scum away. We can't have teachers going near kids.