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  1. Transferwise

    Thanks for the advice. I actually submitted the scan of my passport using my phone camera and then uploading via the transferwise app. It said file size up to 8MB was okay. It was less. But they must have seen it in order to comment that the quality wasn't good enough. I'll do it again but on a Windows PC and see how that works out.
  2. Transferwise

    I sent a scan of my passport to Transferwise a few days ago for ID approval and got an email this morning saying the quality wasn't good enough. It was a perfect scan taken with a high resolution camera. It couldn't be more perfect. Baffled! I'll try again. Sent from my SM-G610F using Tapatalk
  3. All that exists is this present moment. In this Now you are alive. Deal with that fully. The future doesn't exist.
  4. Yes, but Amazon does know who they are dealing with and Amazon is responsible to you as an Amazon customer whether they supply the item themselves or through a third party vendor who belongs to Amazon Marketplace whose bad service would get them quickly kicked out by Amazon. Hence I never care and I've never had a bad experience from an Amazon marketplace supplier. They also have ratings you can look at.
  5. You could use a shipping agent to get anything from Amazon that isn't delivered to Thailand. Such as http://www.borderlinx.com/TH/en/
  6. Well if it's in a holding account in Thailand there is no point in talking to NW any more. The funds have been sent. It sounds like the Thai Bank has not received an explanation of use of funds. This happened to me a few months ago when I transferred a large sum to my Thai account. The money had been sent but it wasn't in my Thai account. I got a telephone call from the bank asking what the funds were for. Ten minutes later it was in my account. It was obviously being held in a holding account pending approval. You really are making this complicated. Call the bank. If you don't they will send it back to the UK.
  7. If it's in a holding account in Thailand then you know who you should be calling.
  8. I happen to know that's not necessarily true. A few months ago I sent money from my NW account to Thailand by SWIFT transfer and I received the email that same day saying it has been actioned . A week later it still hadn't arrived. I called the Swindon head office and they admitted they had made a mistake. The transfer had never been keyed. They did it again and waived the transfer fee and it was there the next day. In all the years I've been transferring money that was the one and only time they screwed up.
  9. If it's more than £20,000 the bank will phone you to ask what the funds are for. Do they have a phone number they can contact you on because they won't put the funds into your account until they've spoken to you.
  10. I've never heard of Nationwide using an intermediary bank. Why would they. Did you see that information on the website?
  11. Why Buddhism is True

    Yes Phuket Vincent. I hope you're doing well too. What I mean is that Buddhism doesn't have any exclusive rights over the truth because truth is prior to mind, prior to thinking. It has nothing to do with concepts or ideas, but certain pointers which are of course intellectual in nature can point you back to the primordial source, your natural state of objectless awareness.
  12. UPS Batteries

    I get my UPS batteries from HomePro. They seem to last a long time.