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  1. Me too. Always excellent service from Honda on car purchases and servicing.
  2. So the only thing that interests me now is if anyone can personally recommend alternative non Honda garages for servicing Hondas. For me that would preferably be Chalong/Rawai area.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/MaliwanPhuket/ will open on Mar 1st.
  4. Well if that's true then it's in Honda's interests to sell cars in Phuket and maintain their reputation so let's hope they've got something else in place.
  5. In that case it's difficult to understand why someone who had a monopoly would give it up.
  6. There's something not quite right here.
  7. Is the service center in Chaofa road west still open?
  8. Whats wrong with the air on Phuket

    Look at a wind map. The air currently blowing into Phuket is coming from China where all the pollution is. That's why the air is clean during the monsoon when the wind is coming from the south west.
  9. Food For Foreigners new shop open!

    It's owned by a Brit so there's your clue.
  10. 2 hours lol! If you did catch something on the plane or airport, typical incubation period for viruses is between 2 - 5 days before symptoms appear.
  11. It's the AC filters in the aircraft I need to change not the filters in my own home which is what I'm coming back to.
  12. It's annoying isn't it? A plane is like a virus incubator with wings. I'm just getting over a bad cough and sore throat after returning from the UK in the middle of January which started a few days after I got back. I've caught a virus the last three times I've returned from the UK. I could wear a mask throughout the journey, but I'd feel like a dork. But even then you only have to touch any surface in the plane or the toilet and then put your hand on your nose or mouth and that's it.
  13. Expatoilworker, most expats who don't have a work permit won't be going to UOBT for a foreign currency account. At Krungsri it's not required, only your passport, nothing else, not even proof of address.
  14. The initial deposit of 500 pounds incures a 1% fee, but then subsequent TT transfers inwards in foreign currency will incur a charge of 0.5% but no greater than 500 Baht whatever the amount.