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  1. Since the official fine with a receipt is 2,000 baht, where's the difficulty in saving 1,000 baht? Just sayin'. Sent from my P01V using Tapatalk
  2. So Mitsubishi's car division and Panasonic and Samsung's electronic empires are a bit a dabblin' innit?
  3. Noises from plastic contracting and expanding during compressor cycles has nothing to do with dust.
  4. Well it still made a frigging noise!
  5. Yes, I've always been very happy with Mitsubishi. The build quality is better than Daikin IMHO. The Diakin had to be cleaned at least every three months because the airflow would start to make an annoying whooshing sound. I just came up to a year for a clean with a Mitsubishi Mr Slim with no airflow problems at all. One Diakin I had kept making a lot of annoying clicking sounds as the badly designed plastic enclosure made expansion and contraction noises. The Diakin installer had to strip it down and line the insides with tape to get rid of the noise. He said it was a common problem with them. Six months later the evaporator motor packed up. Never again. Daikin is an Indian company. Mitsubishi is Japanese. Enough said!
  6. Personally I would never buy Daikin ever again. Had two units, both became very noisy. Even the main Daikin dealer couldn't fix it. Mitsubishi is all I would use now.
  7. Compatible Nespresso pods/capsules

    Thanks for putting me straight on that. I've looked on Amazon and Lazada and there seems to be a wide range of prices for the machines. Any recommendations for a good basic machine. Another thing on weighing up the cost. When I have a coffee in the morning it's a mug size which is equivalent to two coffee cups. Does that mean each cap produces a single coffee cup amount.
  8. Compatible Nespresso pods/capsules

    My only waste is a recyclable paper coffee filter. Nespresso will create a mountain of empty plastic pods. That really puts me off.
  9. Compatible Nespresso pods/capsules

    I only drink Douwe Egberts which I buy from Makro.
  10. Compatible Nespresso pods/capsules

    Isn't this machine very expensive to run compared with buying ground coffee and putting it in a filter machine as I do. I'm genuinely interested.
  11. If that's true, could I use my foreign currency account at Krungsri Bank to use for an extension if it has the equivalent of more than 800k in Thai Baht.
  12. The smartphone has heralded the end of civilization as we know it. Brain death is the inevitable outcome.
  13. Aura migraines don't always result in a headache. They can present in many different ways. However I'm not saying he shouldn't seek medical advice to try and establish a diagnosis.
  14. Why are you drawn to Buddhism?

    Thanks for your response, but I'm done here.
  15. Why are you drawn to Buddhism?

    I'm not pushing Vedanta. I never mentioned it. Bruce did for some reason which I don't understand. I want to talk about the essence of Buddhism. This is a Buddhist forum isn't it?