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  1. Entrance fee - key money for your kid! At least its listed many of the private Thai schools do not advertise the fact.
  2. NEWS FLASH Be aware that in some provinces the test is now 3 days! Same as before but extra VDO lessons on day two Day 1 Eye/Reaction test Day 2 Lesson / VDO + Theory test on computer Day 3 Practical
  3. Infant Car Seat

    Any one know of the prices for the Britax seat......... the website 'shop' is showing 0 THB !
  4. Fish And Chips, Where Is The Good Stuff?

    Feeling rather full and happy......... I can report IMHO the best tasting and compared to some the best value Fish 'n' Chips in Pattaya is The Village Chippy
  5. The Dark Side

  6. Fish And Chips, Where Is The Good Stuff?

    Moose's can be found either side of the place
  7. Fish And Chips, Where Is The Good Stuff?

    Er no I didn't ask for 'seconds' Waitress after i had ordered local fillet 'n' chips with garden peas.............."ow kanom pa mai" Me "ow krap" Left half the bread as it was stale............ maybe i should of been charged 15B for the stale bread instead of 30B. Still stand by my experience that the meal served up to me needed just a little more cooking. Hopefully just a one off and as i said I will try it again if I'm in the area
  8. Fish And Chips, Where Is The Good Stuff?

    Just tried 'Gooses' Fish 'n' chips. Had the local fillet, Chips and Garden peas. A bit Disappointed :-( Fish and Chips needed about another 30 seconds or slightly hotter oil to be 100% cooked - Looked the part but like so many things over here weren't quite. Another small moan was 30B for 1 slice of bread that wasn't fresh - same bread as from the Bakery on Soi exite BUT was getting on a bit ie stale! Will give it another go if I'm passing but 6/10 from me
  9. Fish And Chips, Where Is The Good Stuff?

    Any body tried a new chippie on Soi Khow noi (darkside) near the Villa mini mart.