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  1. dbrenn

    "Can you support me?"

    It's a polite womanese way of asking whether you're a deadbeat loser. A bit more direct than asking you what you do for a living.
  2. I read that the woman is taller than the man in only 1 out of 700 couples. I'm sure that Thailand is no different, so tough luck if you're vertically challenged.
  3. dbrenn

    Just be aware - Crypto Currency

    Conmen will use any poorly understood buzzword to extract money from gullible victims. Been that way since money was invented.
  4. dbrenn

    Fake onward flights

    If the reservation is real, but not necessarily ticketed, then the PNR number plus surname will return flight details on airline websites or checkmytrip.com.
  5. I was also thinking that the OP's story is a crock for the same reasons. As someone else pointed out, if the OP is as well off as he claims to be, then a Thailand Elite visa would be an easy solution.
  6. They do say that alcohol free beer isn't the best way to give up booze though. It's a constant reminder of the real thing.
  7. Yes, got that, but niche tastes like alcohol free beer are hard to find in the boonies. Take your friend to thenearest city and buy a crate of alcohol free beer - enough to last him for a while.
  8. Never believe anything that a bar girl tells you.
  9. Grape juice would pass as alcohol free wine. Give him that or alcohol free vodka (water). Hard to find in the boonies - why not head to the nearest city and stock up?
  10. dbrenn

    What’s it like to drive in Thailand?

    I had a shoulder injury once that came from nowhere and was probably caused by poor posture while sitting at my desk. The rotator cuff ligament, hurts like hell and takes a few months to heal but does go away. Physiotherapy helped.
  11. dbrenn

    Just stopped an assault on a woman

    As others have said, OP did a brave thing but may get himself killed if he persists in doing the work that the police should be doing.
  12. Tipping is a horrible Americanism. Thailand is better off without it.
  13. dbrenn

    I want to have my daughter's car crushed in korat.

    Sell the car, pocket the proceeds and google for a video of a similar car getting crushed.