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  1. A friend of mine recently took AUD 30k back to Oz. He declared it and had no problems. When taking cash across borders It's a good idea to carry records that the money was legally acquired - pay slips, tax returns and the like, just in case they ask.
  2. Why less asthma here then in Europe?

    My doctor told me that each asthmatic is sensitive to different triggers. For some people it's pollen, in my case it seems to be air pollution - smoke from burning, or just from being in Bangkok aggravates it.
  3. Why less asthma here then in Europe?

    Cataracts are easy to fix these days. I use Symbicort - inhaled steroids are not as bad as they sound, as they don't get into your bloodstream Unlike most people here, my asthma gets worse in Thailand, better in Sydney.
  4. Hmmm. Pardon me for still being a Doubting Thomas but now you're saying that juggling various kinds of visas 'drastically reduces' the chance of refusal. You didn't say that the chance was eliminated and people could live normal and relaxed lives as eternal tourists or students. What are the success rates of your method for each successive entry? To my point - people never used to be refused at all. It was easy.
  5. You know people still living in Thailand indefinitely and continuously on back to back tourist visas? By that I mean you know their circumstances well enough, so that you are sure that they are not just shooting their mouths off like so many people seem to do. If what you say is true, these people that you know could be making good money advising other people how to do it, saving them the 500k+ that many of them now seem to be paying for Thailand Elite.
  6. You're still missing the point my friend. In the past, tourist visas, Ed visas and visa exempt stamps were dished out without limit, and people were NEVER refused entry for having too many of them. That's simply not the case anymore. How many people do you know of who have lived in Thailand on back-to-back tourist visas, for years on end, and aren't worrying that their next one might be refused? There used to be droves of them, but all those guys have moved on.
  7. Jobless with degrees rises again to 220,000

    The real world demands non degree trades (too many people are getting degrees), the sciences, engineering, medicine and the like. Rather than media studies, humanities, liberal arts, etc.
  8. Jobless with degrees rises again to 220,000

    Same in the UK - a lot of people take degrees in wishy-washy liberal subjects, learning skills which are useless in the real world. Then they wonder why they can't get a job or have to work zero hour contracts in McDonalds.
  9. Perhaps some still get away with living in Thailand on tourist and Ed visas, but it's much harder and a lot are getting turned away, as you'll read on this forum.
  10. Penang used to be the only option for those of us who were short of cash and travelled overland - there were no budget airlines then and until the late 90's Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar were all closed for land crossing unless by expensive package tours. I have fond memories of those long train rides to Malaysia, and all the beers I had with fellow travellers. There was no limit on visa renewals at that time - the only question was whether you would get a single, double or triple entry. Doubles were the usual outcome, and you could get a letter recommending you for an Ed visa from any language school with no limits on minimum study time. People lived in Thailand on tourist or Ed visas for year after year.
  11. Prayut: ‘Who would let Yingluck flee?’

    Prayuth will never resign. He's here for keeps.
  12. How can someone who is unable to write English, teach it?
  13. We shouldn't flatter ourselves into thinking that comments made here are taken seriously by the powers that be. This forum is not in any way part of the Thai mainstream media, and is likely viewed as no more than an inconsequential curiosity by the Thai government.
  14. Pretty much everyone who has publicly disagreed with the government ends up in hiding, fleeing, or in the slammer.