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  1. Same here. Why on earth should any boss mark you down for making their lives easier?
  2. There will be no problem. She definitely is exempt from getting a visa for a stay of up to 14 days.
  3. Best bank

    Everything that Bangkok Bank does seems to be for its own convenience, or the convenience of its partners. I have to transfer money to an SCB account to pay my Citibank card - impossible to pay directly from Bangkok Bank.
  4. Cash-strapped Foreign Office puts Bangkok embassy up for sale

    While symbols of national pride are demolished, the UK dishes out a staggering 12 billion pounds a year in foreign aid vanity projects, so as to make our virtue signalling politicians feel good about themselves.
  5. Basically, they mean anyone who's got lots of cash.
  6. visa debit card stolen & used in udon thani

    I'm sure that the OP realises the error of his ways. He came here for help not lecturing.
  7. What on earth is the point of elections in Thailand? The military will kick out any government that they disagree with, as they always do. Elections are a total waste of time and money.
  8. Reporting Overstay

    Grass him up anonymously, or get your lawyer to do it. How can he be sure that you informed on him, and immigration didn't find him some other way, like a 'routine' search of the area? I wouldn't tell him in advance - that's asking for trouble that may come back to haunt you if he returns to Thailand after his overstay ban.
  9. This new party will be put in power regardless of any election result.
  10. I've been poor too - around the time that you were in London, I was living in the cupboard under the stairs in a seedy flatshare, also in London. Being poor in Thailand is infinitely worse, and a lot more hazardous should something go wrong, as it always does to poor people in Thailand..
  11. But why subject yourself to misery voluntarily, perhaps dying for the want of health care that you'd get for free on the dole back home?