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  1. Thought so, but thanks for your answer.
  2. Does this information hold true for Big C Saphan Mai (Don Mueang)? I was hoping to try reporting there this time, but won't bother if it's going to be a problem.
  3. What's your favoroite 3 in 1 instant coffee in Thailand?

    I drink Essenso micro ground coffee. You have the option of 3in1 or 2in1. Available in Makro, Lotus and Big C.
  4. Get workpermit without degree, how to do?

    I think you'll also need a medical certificate.
  5. where to buy index cards?

    Might be an idea to show an image of one to the sales staff.
  6. I should have added that the outside photo always includes the house number. Also remember that new photos are needed every year.
  7. I do my extension in Bangkok. I always use normal A4 paper and print with my inkjet printer. One inside and one outside the house. 5x7. Never had any issues.
  8. Get workpermit without degree, how to do?

    To the OP. I went to the British embassy and signed a statutory declaration stating that I considered that the qualifications I had, plus my recent work experience was, in my opinion, the equivalent of a modern day degree. I got a work permit.
  9. Muay Thai at MBK

    HI, Does anyone know if they still have the Muay Thai Boxing at MBK.
  10. I did my extension yesterday at Cheang Wattana, Bangkok. As always, I take two B/W copies of everything and get told they only need one. 7x5 colour copies of my wife and I, 1x inside and 1x outside the house, printed at home on separate A4 paper. Sailed through as always.
  11. Does this mean they have to clearly show the price difference between "Thai" price and "foreigner" price? Or will they finally be told to show one menu/one price.
  12. Butchers twine / string

    I can't imagine much harm could come to you from tying up a piece of meat with parcel string, and cooking it. Like my old mum used to say " A little bit of dirt never hurt anyone".
  13. Home Baking

    I always use Swan flour for bread and cakes. Never had any problems.
  14. Butchers twine / string

    Is there any reason you can't use parcel string from the post office?
  15. No, I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation. Thai people would never do this kind of thing..............Would they? I feel sorry for the tourists who've had their trip ruined.