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  1. Does this mean they have to clearly show the price difference between "Thai" price and "foreigner" price? Or will they finally be told to show one menu/one price.
  2. I can't imagine much harm could come to you from tying up a piece of meat with parcel string, and cooking it. Like my old mum used to say " A little bit of dirt never hurt anyone".
  3. I always use Swan flour for bread and cakes. Never had any problems.
  4. Is there any reason you can't use parcel string from the post office?
  5. No, I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation. Thai people would never do this kind of thing..............Would they? I feel sorry for the tourists who've had their trip ruined.
  6. At least the spaghetti harvest has been good this year
  7. Is the dog okay?
  8. The first two photos look like crumpets to me. Crumpets are made with baking soda that produces the bigger holes
  9. Okay. Thanks for the reply ubonjoe.
  10. Has anyone used a 5yr Thai driving license as proof of address when applying for a new passport? Was it accepted?
  11. Don't come a knockin' when the wagon is a rockin'
  12. A friend needed the same thing last week. He went into SCB and asked for his address to be printed on his statement in English. Staff with very limited English skills said it couldn't be done. My niece, who works for SCB said it could be done. He went back and found an English speaking member of staff and got it the next day.
  13. I think it's a light railway extension from Bang Sue to Rangsit. I don't think it's due to be finished for another year or two. The BTS extension is being built along Pahonyothin Rd, which is on the other side of the airport. That will run from Mor Chit to Ku Kot.