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  1. Here's the link to the Thai Citizenship points scoring system It should go without saying that things can change without notice, and that every Thai official can ask for additional supporting documentation to support your application. Thai Nationality Application eng.pdf
  2. The application processes for Thai citizenship and Permanent Residency are now so similar, that the Thai citizenship points scoring system is a good place to start and from what I remember glancing over the pages of the PR scoring system booklet put in front of me, it appears to be almost identical. The Thai Citizenship scoring system is given below:- Quoting Arkady
  3. I was informed by the CW PR team that 80K per year is the lowest possible salary to get an application even considered. Understand that your PR application will then have to pass a secret scoring system. An 80K monthly salary and would grant you just 1 out of 5 possible points used in the scoring system to assess PR applicants. If possible, at least start paying tax at a more 'desirable to Thailand' salary level. How much? 200K /month Hints/Why:- Consider the new Thailand Professional visa just introduced that has a 200,000 Baht monthly salary entry level or about USD75,000 annual salary. USD75K would just about be considered a starter salary for a professional worker in the USA About 5,000 applicants are expected to apply for this new visa type Ref: http://www.businessinsider.com/highest-paying-jobs-in-america-2017-3/#-15 Compare this with the minimum 80K/month PR application requirement. That is just USD2,500/month, USD30,000/year salary. USD2,500/month is really low end. Not the rare breed that the PR team has in mind or PR holders. Sometimes less than a hundred PR applicants are approved per year. Ref: http://www.foxbusiness.com/features/2015/07/09/average-salaries-for-americans-median-salaries-for-common-jobs.html I was informed to my face directly by a member of the CW PR team that applicants with such a low monthly salary will definitely have problems passing the application scoring test - your application scoring would have to be brilliant in all other areas so as to score enough points to pass muster - such as having lived and worked full time in Thailand 15 years or more, Married to a Thai for more than 10 years, Supporting Thai children of the marriage , Master degree or higher education, fluent read/write in Thai language... and other (cough, cough ) requirements.
  4. True enough... Having been through this before, once the tourist has left LOS the chances of recovering any monies owed to you by your client if they won't pay or refuses to pay is very small. Quite simply, Thailand is not a member of any automatic international multi-jurisdiction agreements that permit the collection of monies from a debtor resident in Europe/USA/Australia/(any western country) based on a court judgment for a theft that took place here in Thailand, and vice versa. However, from experience, there was no charge in getting the arrest warrant issued for the dirty bag who didn't pay their bill. Granted it took quite a few visits to Police HQ and rock solid evidence to get sorted out. (Video clips of date stamped guests check in, check out, bar video, staff present, witnesses, etc. The more evidence the better) Once issued, the warrant for arrest due to an alleged theft (quite a serious offence here in Thailand if it involves more than a few thousand Baht) will hang around over the debtors head like the sword of Damocles for a decade. They won't know what hit them next time they land at Swampy. In the end, a crime like this should not go unpunished - believe me, you'll sleep better at night having a copy of the debtors arrest warrant framed, on the wall, next to the cashiers desk in your business premises.
  5. As Ubonjoe said, an arrest warrant is usually required to be issued in order to stop someone leaving the country. I helped a friend process such a claim of theft through the local police some years ago - once in place, my friends arrest warrant had an automatic validity of 10 years! However, You do need to have all your ducks in a line with indisputable rock solid evidence before approaching the police to get involved with creating your time and paperwork vampire. So, if you chose to go ahead with applying for the arrest warrant, then go to the main police station to lodge the complaint - take the most high ranking, well respected Samui Islander that you know with you to help with translation and face. The main problem is that the process takes time - if the tourist leaves your hotel, then goes straight to the airport and flies out the country that day, then it's unlikely you'll have time to get the arrest warrant in the system before they have fled the country. Consider several major high profile cases involving prominent politicians (Thaksin, Yingluck, Red-Bull's son Boss, Edward Snowden, etc.) all managed to flee the country before effective arrest warrants were in place to stop them leaving at an international airport - even the US government was ineffective in stopping Edward Snowden from leaving Hong Kong. Timing is everything. Then you have Thailand's notoriously porous border, and other options open to the super rich (private yacht, private plane, etc.) - If someone knows that a warrant has been issued, there are many ways to leave LOS - though it’s unlikely a scabby back-packer has either have the means or the where withal to do any of the above.
  6. Surreal

  7. There are still those so blind they cannot see - or maybe eyes than cannot read - or Google they cannot use... I still have the legal clarification/interpretation issued by The National Insurance head office in Bangkok confirming the rights of women to work in the same company as their husbands even if he is a Farang director if anyone needs it. So below, for clarity and transparency in all its glory, are all the sections of Thai labor law pertaining to the rights of women who work in a Thai company. Enjoy Labour Protection Act of 1998 Section 15. A boss shall treat male and female employees equally with regard to employment for work, unless such treatment is not possible due to the characteristics or nature of the work. Section 16. A boss or a person who is a work chief, a work supervisor or a work inspector is not allowed to sexually harass an employee who is a female or a child. Section 38. A boss shall be prohibited from permitting female employees to perform any of the following work: (1) Mining work or construction work which must be done underground, under water, in a cave, in a tunnel or a shaft in a mountain, unless the characteristics of the work do not pose a hazard to the health or the body of the female employee. (2) Work which must be performed on a scaffold more than ten metres from the ground or more. (3) Production or transportation of explosives or inflammable materials. (4) Other work as prescribed in ministerial regulations. Section 39. A boss shall be prohibited from allowing a pregnant female employee to work between the hours of 22.00 hours and 06.00 hours, to work overtime, to work on holidays or to do any of the following work: (1) Work connected with vibrating machinery or engines. (2) Work which moves along or goes off together with a vehicle. (3) The work of lifting, toting, carrying with both hands, carrying suspended from the ends of a pole across the shoulder, carrying on the head, dragging or pushing a heavy object in excess of fifteen kilograms. (4) Work which is performed inside a ship. (5) Other work as prescribed in ministerial regulations. Section 40. When a boss lets a female employee work between the hours of 22.00 hours and 06.00 hours, and the Labour Inspection Officer is of the opinion that that work is hazardous to the health and safety of that woman, the Labour Inspection Officer shall report it to the Director-General or a person assigned by the Director-General for consideration and issuance of an order ordering the boss to change the hours of work or to reduce the hours of work as may be deemed appropriate, and the boss shall comply with the said order. Section 40. When a boss lets a female employee work between the hours of 22.00 hours and 06.00 hours, and the Labour Inspection Officer is of the opinion that that work is hazardous to the health and safety of that woman, the Labour Inspection Officer shall report it to the Director-General or a person assigned by the Director-General for consideration and issuance of an order ordering the boss to change the hours of work or to reduce the hours of work as may be deemed appropriate, and the boss shall comply with the said order. Section 41. A pregnant female employee shall have the right to take maternity leave of not more than ninety days per pregnancy. The leave days under paragraph one shall include the holidays which occur during the leave days. Section 42. When a pregnant female employee produces a medical certificate from a doctor of first class modem medicine stating that she is unable to continue to perform her existing duties, that employee shall have the right to ask the boss to change her existing duties temporarily before or after delivery, and the boss shall consider changing the work to work which is appropriate for that employee. Section 43. A boss shall be prohibited from terminating the employment of a female employee on the basis that she is pregnant. Section 59. A boss shall pay a wage to a female employee on maternity leave equal to the wage on a working day throughout the entire leave period, but the number of such leave days must not exceed forty five days. The original Thai Labour law act of 2541 is attached(Thai language) - a useful translation of the labour protection act 2541 is given online here Have a great day Thai_labour_protection_act_2541.pdf
  8. New Color Blindness Test ?

    The color blindness test disk is located up on the second floor out in the open at the Pattaya test center... There were hundreds of people milling around when I was there for my own tests a couple of months ago. It should be relatively easy to visit and sneak a photo of the test disk for practice. The colours stand out really well - A test subject would have to be quite colour blind to fail the test. As would be expected, they want to check you can discern the colour of traffic lights, so (from memory) they appear to use a modified RED, ORANGE, GREEN Ishihara Circular test plate #45. Unlike the correct use of the Ishihara test plates where the subject is asked to identify the hidden number on the plate, the Pattaya test center simply uses the one plate with the official running the test pointing to an individual color blob and wants the test subject to shout out the colour of the blob. An example of a reverse red/orange/green test plate is given below. If you want to investigate your color blindness further, check out the video stream beginning here
  9. Precisely - invite boat loads more Haitians, El-Salvadorians in. Open the door to Liberia, Somalia, DRC, etc. What could possibly go wrong?
  10. A few years ago... The Chonburi National Insurance Office cancelling my wife's National Insurance benefits and ordered me to sack her from my company that she has worked at for the last 10 years. They informed me that "the wife of a foreigner is not permitted to work in the company employing the foreigner" I thought this ruling strange, so I got my Bangkok Lawyer to ask for a formal clarification notice from the Thailand National Insurance Head office located in the Chaeng Wattana government complex. Not surprisingly, NI (HQ) stated in their official clarification notice that there is "no restriction for employing the wife of a foreigner in the same company". So... Back to the Chonburi National Insurance office to get them to reinstate my wife’s NI status and clear up the mess. However, the Chonburi NI Office big boss decided to stick his heals in a-la "No matter about CW clarification notice - we are Chonburi office - we can do what we want" OK - so back on the phone to my Bangkok legal team - "what’s the best way forward to sort this out" I asked them. The answer 'Take the Chonburi NI office to the labor court for breach of Thai labor law" So, I let the dogs loose and took the Thai NI office to the Chonburi labor court. Lots of feathers were ruffled in the Chonburi NI office by this action, which lead to our company being incessantly audited every week for a month or so by literally mini-bus loads of inspectors from many different government departments - but that's another story. End result - the Chonburi NI office 'settled the case on the Labor Court steps' and reinstated my wife’s NI status. The ruling also overturned the 'sack your wife' instructions, and she was reinstated working back in the company. Total legal costs were TH15K which I thought was not bad. Everything was all settled in under 30 days. Thai Labor courts do not mess about with decisions. They side very much on defending the rights and benefits of Thai workers even to the point of seeing another Thai government department at the behest of a Farang to do so.
  11. I am still trying to understand the Thai Educational system - For what its worth, here is the route I have took... Study like hell (self study, tutor whatever) at least to the point where you can read kinder garden books, sing the alphabet song, national anthem & Royal Song. Enroll in the Free Thai Government Gor.Sor.Nor. (ก.ศ.น.) education system for adults who have not completed formal education. Complete Pratom (junior school), Matiyom(Don&Plai) high school education with Gor.Sor.Nor. so as to obtain formal proof of education certificates. FInaly, sit the Thai university entrance exams (using the eligibility educational certs obtained in Gor.Sor.Nor. Other comments:- I think it unlikely that Thai universities language courses would begin with teaching basic Thai reading and writing skills - since that is taught in infant school. Here is your link to one of the better Thai language courses at the Sirindhorn Thai language institute at Chulalongkorn University - likely Thailand's best university - Yes, all the course information is in Thai language, underlining that folks who study this course are already expected to read Thai. Just one question - Why study Thai language to such a high level? As per the guidance and comments given in many of the posts above, there is no reason at all to do so, unless (I guess) he wants to follow a career that involves being an expert in Thai language, culture & History
  12. My own PR hatched around March/April this year. After PR applications are accepted, all applicants are called back in batches for further assesment interviews. During one such interview for myself, (Thai language... continuous interrogation by different officers 0800-1300, no lunch break) one officer showed me sections from an internal CW rough bound A4 document containing several dozen pages labelled in Thai something line 'Guidance for assessing the suitability of Permanent Residence Applicants' - on the pages showed to me that day was the scoring system for those applying for Thai wife - and how my application now scored acceptable this year since the combination of my marriage to my Thai wife was over 10 years and my bumped up salary was now an acceptable passing score. It's important for all PR applicants to realise, that PR application is different to all other VISA application processes - it's not a 'ticking the boxes' deal at all. The requirements on the PR application guidelines are very much the minimum needed to even chat with the CW PR team and have an application considered. The actual passing grade is very much higher. The CW PR team will make this very clear to you when you attempt to lodge your application with them. See my earlier posts in this forum topic for further info. My lawyers guidance on the assesment scoring system was that 'following recent reviews, the application processes for PR and Citizenship was now very similar(The Thai Citizenship application had been made easier) - so much so, that PR applicants are often advised by the CW PR team to apply for Thai citizenship instead on an 'up to you' basis - I too was advised to apply for citizenship - However, I smiled and said "I don't think I'm good enough yet" the IMMO smiled back...
  13. DROPBOX has been my personal and business cloud storage provider for nearly 10 years. Integration of DROPBOX across all the platforms I use (PC,Mac,Android, IOS) is complete - which makes it easy to use and set up across multiple devices - all versions of DROPBOX have been stable across the multiple platforms during this time - we've had no App crashes or data losses. Our website & NAS servers also integrate backups direct to DROPBOX - its been around for quite a while, and so is well supported by backup systems. For string vest users after free stuff, I found the free version quite limited at only 2 GByte and thus is likely not for you - but this does get continually upgraded as you introduce new users to DROPBOX. Currently we use DROPBOX-Plus - this costs USD99/year (or around $8.25/month) for 1 TByte of storage which seams fare enough. For users requiring more than 1TByte, they have a range of business plans with unlimited storage - though with 1TByte being enough to store more than 200 full resolution DVD's, its difficult to see why anyone other than a power business user would want more than a 1 TByte.
  14. 2 x 11mm cartridge casings found nearby; 2 x dead bodies found nearby. .45ACP will get the job done every time - The 2 victims never stood a chance. RIP to the pair of them. Just what kind of heartless thug kills his own daughter? This animal needs to be caught and sent back to jail asap ... only really for life this time where he belongs.
  15. Drink laws?

    Interesting... Using asthma inhalers can give false positive results in breath tests