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  1. A few years ago, my family in the UK had problems with an insurance company not paying up for a household flood after an extended trip to Thailand. The insurance company screwed them around for years, basically refusing to pay up what the policy was suppposed to cover. Then one day, the local consumer protection agency(UK) told them to conplain to the FINANCIAL OMBUDSMAN SERVICE(UK) On registering a complaint with the financial ombudsman, the insurance company called back to settle the claim immediately(within 24 hours) ... as long as my family immediately cancelled their complaint to the insurance ombudsman. My family refused to cancel the complaint until full payment had been made - this took only a couple a week or two to sort out after years of refusals to pay. This is the approach I recommend in this instance to the poor girls families - report the fraudulent insurance company to the financial ombudsman for immediately action and resolution of your claim. Good luck to her!