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  1. The 'bleeding from their ears and noses' symptoms is more indicative of a sudden decompression incident. There are no reliable symptoms for hypoxia caused by incorrect cabin pressurization from take off through to climb out - the many examples of where this occurs result in the flight crew simply becoming progressively more unaware and confused - then falling asleep, followed by death.
  2. Occasionally, pilots miss the checks amidst the confusion of trying to work out why a 'general alarm is sounding' - the result is usually a disaster. Although laughable, the pilots (who have there own oxygen masks) should have passenger style oxygen masks drop from the ceiling automatically just as it does for the passengers - Just to highlight to them that among all the alarms going off that there is a cabin pressure problem which needs their immediate attention. Here's some examples. Consider... and...
  3. Sweden - I shake my head - What a mess! Why are so many of those vicious miscreants still permitted to stay in the country in contravention of the main international law governing refugees ( 1951 Refugee Convention.) The majority of the nations in the world have signed this treaty (and/or its 1967 Protocol); notable exceptions include most of the Middle East, and most of South and Southeast Asia. So no surprises as to why Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, etc have not accepted any Syrian refugees, apart from the fact that they rightfully worry about the security implications of accepting hundreds of thousands of mostly military age young men into their midst. Why are the Swedish 'refugees' in contravention of the UN Refugee Convention? Easy...(read on) <QUOTE> The Contracting States shall not impose penalties, on account of their illegal entry or presence, on refugees who, coming directly from a territory where their life or freedom was threatened in the sense of article 1, enter or are present in their territory without authorization, provided they present themselves without delay to the authorities and show good cause for their illegal entry or presence. The Contracting States shall not expel a refugee lawfully in their territory save on grounds of national security or public order. <END QUOTE> Whole districts of Swedish cities have become no go areas due to 'national security or public order' problems directly caused by non assimilating refugees who have not been rightfully ejected by the utterly useless Swedish government. Here's whats happening there:-
  4. Interesting... (see graphic) Ref: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Economic_integration Everything up to the 'common market' sounds like a great idea.
  5. During a recent driving license test at the Thai DL Center, all applicants had to watch a RTA 'snuff movie' It lasted for a couple of hours. During the presentation, deaths on Thai roads were analysed and the following figures were released to the DL applicants for their consideration:- Cause of death on Thai roads (in order of highest cause of deaths:- 1. Driving too fast 2. Not obeying the highway code/traffic law 3. Drink & driving What is interesting, is that in the video presenation I watched, drinking & driving represented only 10% of all RTA deaths. By far the biggest culprit is what was seen in the OP's post - driving too fast & not obeying the highway code/stopping at a red light. Crazy stuff ?
  6. The EU... So predictable! Oh dear, the popular vote didn't go the right way. Better get the Peasants to vote again ?
  7. SteveB2

    Safe or not?

    The latest PEA wiring regulations call for neutral to be bonded to a nearby earth rod(of specified dimensions, material, depth using large size #10 bonding wire) at every household distribution Board.
  8. SteveB2

    Safe or not?

    Thai single phase/household electric meter connections are as follows:- [LIVE IN]---[NEUTRAL IN] ---[NEUTRAL OUT]---[LIVE OUT] In this instance then, The PEA supply comes in on the left left hand side pair. (black wires) The User supply goes out on the right hand side pair (blue wires)
  9. What BREXIT meant was made crystal clear to the electorate... For those who are interested in how it happened, this short 15 minute documentary explains all - in particular why 'Project Fear' didn't work and why making EU economic arguments with Brexiters is utterly pointless.
  10. More project fear nonsense... It never ends, and is irrelevant to why folks voted to leave...
  11. I got a good laugh reading all the BS economic reasons being disseminated and argued over here. Why? - Because it's hilarious that so many people bother to waste time on such a frivolous side issue. It can only be because they just don't understand why the UK voted leave. I'll give you a clue - it wasn't because of economic reasons - now 'get over it' Here's Tony Benn's explanation - and he absolutely is spot on.
  12. IMHO, a good start would be contact a Bangkok Legal company who specializes in PR applications - they were an invaluable help in hatching my own PR issued last year. PM me for details. The PR-Team's paperwork demands are incessant - it's pretty much impossible to hold down a 9-5 job and take care of it all yourself. A really important thing to take on board when considering any PR application, is that the published requirements represent the barest minimum for allowing your application to be even considered by the CW PR team. However, in practice, all PR applications are vetted against a complex scoring scheme similar to that published for Thai Citizenship applications. From your OP, you have so many sections that will score near minimum, that I don't think your total score will achieve the required 50 minimum points needed for a successful application. Consider:- An 80K minimum salary would give minimum scoring in the salary scoring section. 200K/month would be good. 300K+ a month would be even better. Tax needs to be paid on this level every month for at least the last 3 years No University degree would be close to minimum scoring in that section. This is not something you can easily rectify. The PR group see (minimum)University degree educated folk as 'desirable applicants' a Phd would score even higher. Plainly, you'll need to score brilliant in other areas to correct this and other shortcomings. I'm not sure that would be possible in this instance. Just 3.5 years in Thailand - would be close to minimum scoring in that section. This can only be rectified by spending more time working and living here in Thailand paying tax and keeping your nose clean. Most of the PR holders I know here in LOS have spent more than a decade here (TBH, more like 20 years...) before their PR applications were successful Are your married? Do you have kids with a Thai Partner? Marriage to a Thai and biological related(DNA tested) kids in a long stable marriage over here would help The more years of marriage the better More than 10 years marriage and 20+ years working in Thailand gave me the extra points needed in my case after 4 years of unsuccessful PR applications. I still have a copy of Arkady's post on the 2010 PR scoring system from a few years ago - it's worth reading again in this context even if a few of the grading points are a little bit out of date. Quoting Arkady <Start Quote> <End Quote>
  13. SteveB2

    Divorce and property abroad

    Nah. Been there and done it - The process works like a charm. Consider... that nowadays, these financial forensic scientists you mentioned spend all there times sitting in front of computers searching through databases trying to trace stuff - They don't travel anywhere unless someone is paying their expenses up front. Plus, I haven't found a single computer program or financial peaked hat anywhere in the world that can see the money I have in my pocket or in the desk draw right now. Not even FINCEN can do that - I worked against that clockwork orange a few years ago moving properly earned legal 'white' money through nasty jurisdictions hell bent on confiscating one's hard earned gains for no good reason. In the end, it appears that all the worlds financial control mechanisms set up to catch dodgy drugs money and money laundering only end up only catching thousands of 'Jenny Homemaker & Johney Wageslips' trying to save a bit of cash off the books for their retirement or a holiday. They never catch the real financial fraudster kingpins. They know the system inside out and get away with defrauding thousands of people. The system is quite unfair.
  14. SteveB2

    Divorce and property abroad

    Gentlemen. You're thinking way too complicated here... This is a war you are getting into - don't expect the other side to play nice. Most women under the advice of their lawyers and schooled by their friends will be plotting to bleed you dry in any way they can. This is truly a 'burn your bridges' event. There's no going back. Do not expect any kindness to be shown by the other side at all. In which instance, below is the correct procedure to follow in most countries to end up with a solution that you control at all times. There's nothing illegal here. Read on. Immediately have a meeting with and retain a high end lawyer to handle your divorce paperwork in you’re soon to be x-wife's country of residence... In the capital city. Specializing in divorce. Nowhere near your x-home town where the missus lives. Leave the lawyer with at least USD1,000 to cover any admin duties you may wish them to carry out. You're not planning any court appearance of course. Quietly liquidize everything into cash. Take loans out or lease out stuff you can't liquidize (cars, boats, land, property, whatever) and turn into cash. Drain all your bank accounts down into cash. Do the same both here and in your home country. Discover independent safety deposit boxes. Obviously choose a secure discrete provider who's been in business for a century or so. Move the cash somewhere safe offshore. Maintain proof of the cash withdrawals in case you need to show 'proof of source' High end bankers/Xpat financial planners can help with this type of planning - It’s a very common request. Finally, plan an extended holiday in a country outside the jurisdiction you wife lives in Move to the new country Immediately trigger the divorce via the high end lawyer retained in your x-wife’s country. Your new country of temporary residence should be somewhere on the other side of the world. Plan on being there around 6-9 months at least. New facebook and social media ID for the new you. This new country should have other countries bordering that are desirable to holiday in too. Go cash only (no credit cards) so as to not leave an electronic trail. Continue to answer any court letters via your lawyer (nothing direct from yourself) with ref to the divorce procedures. Ensure the court understands that you are hard up and are living with friends That you don't have any money for an air ticket or anywhere to stay near the court. They are not going to pay for you to travel so as to attend a civil proceeding... of course Any lawyers on your wife's side quickly loose interest since there is nothing to go after. Finally, once it has all blown through and the divorce is finalized, then for at least a year or so... Avoid returning to the country where your x-missus lives Avoid contact with anyone she knows. I hope this advice helps. Worked like a charm for me. Cheers.
  15. OK - so let me get this right... After 40 years of experiencing the joys of propping up the EEC, the UK voted against an authoritarian superstate dominated by Germany. it's inevitable and obvious that comparisons will be made to the axis powers. Get over it.