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  1. Some math for you... According to the OP, 260,000 tons of plastic & Electronic waste were imported in the first 5 months of 2018 (January to end of May is 151 days) The represents a daily influx of 260,000/151 = 1,722 tons A 40ft shipping container can hold 27.6 ton ( Ref: http://www.dsv.com/sea-freight/sea-container-description/dry-container ) So the daily influx represents 1,722/27.6 = 62.4 containers. This is a tiny number of containers from the thousands being moved on & off ships every day throughout Thailand. Bear in mind, that a single container ship can transport thousands of containers. (Ref: https://data.worldbank.org/indicator/IS.SHP.GOOD.TU?year_high_desc=true) In 2014 and 2015, the United Kingdom alone exported 500,000 tonnes of plastic waster to China and Hong Kong out of 800,000 tons of waste exported world wide. Thus the United Kingdom alone exported 208,000 tons of waste to China & Hong Kong, who are no accepting waste (Ref: https://www.bbc.com/news/business-42456584_ Thus the figures quoted in the article posted by the OP are reasonable and within the the bounds of figures published by government sources.
  2. Sorry chap - Thai courts don't award court costs...
  3. The problem here is the very small amount of money you want to send overseas... It's going to get swamped in transfer and admin charges which will almost certainly be of the same magnitude as the amount being transferred if using banks, Western Union, etc. The best way likely, is to get the receiver to open their own PAYPAL account. Get them to send you a PAYPALME payment request. You send them the amount invoiced using your credit card, then 'Jobs-a-good-un' If you're in Pattaya, bring round the sausage and mash, plus a beer, and I'll send them the cash to them by PAYPAL for you. Cheers.
  4. I dunno about the KBank debit card, but I have used the KBank CREDIT card with PAYPAL since they were permitted to operate here in LOS donkeys years ago. No have issues whatsoever, apart form the PAYPAL's pricey commissions and nasty exchange rates when receiving payments from clients. By approaching the correct KBank(You'll need to approach a local head office, not a branch, since the branches don't know sh1t...), anyone with a WP and a security deposit can obtain a KBank credit card. I got mine from Kasikorn Bank South Pattaya office after the bank manager explained to local business folks how to apply for one. As a general rule, debit cards are not permitted for international web based business, PAYPAL, whatever - bite the bullet and get the credit card - its worth the trouble.
  5. Hi LolaS, Although an initial quite specific location of work address and duties description must be in your work permit, the Thai work permit allows you to add additional places of work , that can sometimes not be specifically defined due to the nature of the work duties. The same goes for additional duties - these can also be added. The description of additional location(s) and even the duties carried out at the additional locations can be of a quite broad nature. Here's a few I've used successfully in the past that have been added to old work permits used in both Chonburi and Surathani provinces. For instance:- 'Teaching water sports in the Gulf of Siam' Non specific location covering a massive geographical location. Non specific duties covering a wide range of water sports activities 'Teaching water sports in hotel swimming pools' Non specific location covering all hotel in Thailand. Non specific duties covering a wide range of water sports activities So how about you have added to your work permit as an additional location... Lecturing students in University conference rooms Non specific university location Non specific duties covering a wide range of water sports activities Should be easy to get implemented. Hope this info helps
  6. Err No. I am aware of a couple of at least a couple of close business friends living here on extensions to their visas based on work permits here in Pattaya, who have had their work permits cancelled and then had Chonburi immigration turning up knocking on their doors at their registered address within a few days. You will find that there has been a big push to unify/centralize most government databases during the last decade. An assumption that one part of Thai bureaucracy doesn't know what the other half is doing could be a costly mistake. In another similar related incident, an old friend 'lost' his driving license - and so after a few months, he reported it lost at a local police station and requested a replacement. Sadly, he hadn't lost it, Pattaya police had confiscated it at a road side check and he had forgotten to go in, pay the fine and collect it. So... When he went to the driving license center to apply for his replacement driving license, after filling in the forms and handing them into the admin clerk, his name came up flagged on the computer, he was arrested on the spot and thrown in jail on a quite serious criminal fraud charge. I know since I carried out the court translation work. How did the driving license center know? The police had entered it on their own central database that was linked to the driving license database through the Thai government central database (This is now being extended to cover all ASEAN countries. Think INTERPOL but an ASEAN version of it) Moral of story:- Don't assume Thai ministries are stupid and don't talk to each other. Don't consider for a moment that being caught on overstay is a trivial event that can be simply sorted out at the airport - spot checks on the roads are everywhere nowadays. Seriously, you do not want to see the inside of IDC or any Thai jail. IDC?... http://www.roadjunky.com/1108/immigration-jail-in-bangkok-thailand/
  7. The normal rule is that the safe should cost at least 10% of the cost of the valuables you are trying to protect I will hazard a wild guess that the carpet chewers were not aware of this rule, since they should have been stashing the motherload in one of these... http://www.srisopon.com/details/chubbsafes/kingcobra.html Just sayin na'
  8. I was just looking for health insurance myself yesterday - I came up with this local website that will even do you an online quote. Covers up to 90 years old... https://misterprakan.com/en/health/health-insurance-thailand
  9. Initially, I thought that the OP's article had a typo in it - but there is no typo. Instead, I learnt a new word today - and now I would like to unlearn it... "suffered catastrophic injuries, including his right leg being degloved"
  10. SteveB2

    Permanent Residency

    Much of the published requirements for PR are laughably inadequate with what the PR team actually considers as 'The Right Stuff' for potential PR holders. IMHO, the best start to understanding the big picture of what is really involved in a successfull Thai PR application is contained in the ThaiVisa article below. Read through Camerata's Guide from beginning to end to best understand how things have changed over the last decade - much of what is written on the web (even on Thai Immigration's own web site) is now hopelessly out of date.
  11. Here's the link to the Thai Citizenship points scoring system It should go without saying that things can change without notice, and that every Thai official can ask for additional supporting documentation to support your application. Thai Nationality Application eng.pdf
  12. The application processes for Thai citizenship and Permanent Residency are now so similar, that the Thai citizenship points scoring system is a good place to start and from what I remember glancing over the pages of the PR scoring system booklet put in front of me, it appears to be almost identical. The Thai Citizenship scoring system is given below:- Quoting Arkady
  13. I was informed by the CW PR team that 80K per year is the lowest possible salary to get an application even considered. Understand that your PR application will then have to pass a secret scoring system. An 80K monthly salary and would grant you just 1 out of 5 possible points used in the scoring system to assess PR applicants. If possible, at least start paying tax at a more 'desirable to Thailand' salary level. How much? 200K /month Hints/Why:- Consider the new Thailand Professional visa just introduced that has a 200,000 Baht monthly salary entry level or about USD75,000 annual salary. USD75K would just about be considered a starter salary for a professional worker in the USA About 5,000 applicants are expected to apply for this new visa type Ref: http://www.businessinsider.com/highest-paying-jobs-in-america-2017-3/#-15 Compare this with the minimum 80K/month PR application requirement. That is just USD2,500/month, USD30,000/year salary. USD2,500/month is really low end. Not the rare breed that the PR team has in mind or PR holders. Sometimes less than a hundred PR applicants are approved per year. Ref: http://www.foxbusiness.com/features/2015/07/09/average-salaries-for-americans-median-salaries-for-common-jobs.html I was informed to my face directly by a member of the CW PR team that applicants with such a low monthly salary will definitely have problems passing the application scoring test - your application scoring would have to be brilliant in all other areas so as to score enough points to pass muster - such as having lived and worked full time in Thailand 15 years or more, Married to a Thai for more than 10 years, Supporting Thai children of the marriage , Master degree or higher education, fluent read/write in Thai language... and other (cough, cough ) requirements.
  14. True enough... Having been through this before, once the tourist has left LOS the chances of recovering any monies owed to you by your client if they won't pay or refuses to pay is very small. Quite simply, Thailand is not a member of any automatic international multi-jurisdiction agreements that permit the collection of monies from a debtor resident in Europe/USA/Australia/(any western country) based on a court judgment for a theft that took place here in Thailand, and vice versa. However, from experience, there was no charge in getting the arrest warrant issued for the dirty bag who didn't pay their bill. Granted it took quite a few visits to Police HQ and rock solid evidence to get sorted out. (Video clips of date stamped guests check in, check out, bar video, staff present, witnesses, etc. The more evidence the better) Once issued, the warrant for arrest due to an alleged theft (quite a serious offence here in Thailand if it involves more than a few thousand Baht) will hang around over the debtors head like the sword of Damocles for a decade. They won't know what hit them next time they land at Swampy. In the end, a crime like this should not go unpunished - believe me, you'll sleep better at night having a copy of the debtors arrest warrant framed, on the wall, next to the cashiers desk in your business premises.
  15. As Ubonjoe said, an arrest warrant is usually required to be issued in order to stop someone leaving the country. I helped a friend process such a claim of theft through the local police some years ago - once in place, my friends arrest warrant had an automatic validity of 10 years! However, You do need to have all your ducks in a line with indisputable rock solid evidence before approaching the police to get involved with creating your time and paperwork vampire. So, if you chose to go ahead with applying for the arrest warrant, then go to the main police station to lodge the complaint - take the most high ranking, well respected Samui Islander that you know with you to help with translation and face. The main problem is that the process takes time - if the tourist leaves your hotel, then goes straight to the airport and flies out the country that day, then it's unlikely you'll have time to get the arrest warrant in the system before they have fled the country. Consider several major high profile cases involving prominent politicians (Thaksin, Yingluck, Red-Bull's son Boss, Edward Snowden, etc.) all managed to flee the country before effective arrest warrants were in place to stop them leaving at an international airport - even the US government was ineffective in stopping Edward Snowden from leaving Hong Kong. Timing is everything. Then you have Thailand's notoriously porous border, and other options open to the super rich (private yacht, private plane, etc.) - If someone knows that a warrant has been issued, there are many ways to leave LOS - though it’s unlikely a scabby back-packer has either have the means or the where withal to do any of the above.