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  1. soundman

    Suan Sawarn

    Several posts from the last 24 hours have been removed for being non-sensical, contemplating suicide and flaming. Please debate in a civil manner and respect other's rights to their opininions. If you have nothing useful to add to the topic, do not post.
  2. soundman

    Govt Faces No-confidence

    Easiest way to get rid of somebody without looking like the bad guy yourself. Just bait a man with a hot temper and a mouth that is in overdrive while the brain is in 1st gear and he will dig his own grave. This "tough guy" image that people like Samak & Chalerm portray will be their un-doings.
  3. soundman

    Govt Faces No-confidence

    Heaven forbid. Police state for sure.
  4. soundman

    Next One.............fc Party

    Pigs, kegs...... the only frickin thing that is missing is the jugs.
  5. soundman

    Bangkok To Promote Bike Riding To Save Energy

    Always full of good ideas with absolutely no thought given to implemetation or public acceptance. Personal PR stunt on the tax payers Baht at best.
  6. soundman


    There must be quite a bit of duty on handguns ,(or big margins) The S&W model 385 in .357 magnum sells for $800 US in the states. The .357 magnum is a good choice in a revolver as it gives the option of using the magnum shell or the more user friendly .38 if a woman is firing it. Imported guns are very expensive in Thailand. Lots of tax. The prices above sound in the ballpark according to the gun magazines I have read. however If you are police, or a member of the armed services you are entitled to a 60% (I think) discount off the price of the firearm. Cheers, Soundman.
  7. soundman


    A foreigner (farang ) can apply for a firearm license & legally own a gun in Thailand. Not hard at all if you fit the criteria which I believe is to be over 30 years old, be on yearly visa extension & can prove that you carry over 1,000,000 Baht in cash for whatever purpose, say business takings, or have been the victim of house burglary. AKAIK a license will not be granted to a foreigner for recreational use of a firearm. Cheers, Soundman.
  8. Last year I went to do my first 90day report. It was nearly 400 days overdue, aroiund 490 days after my last entry into the kingdom. The 90days staff at Suan Phlu weren't even angry. Nett result 2000B fine and a stamp in my passport saying I was late on 90 day report. Done both last year's and this year's yearly extension & the "late 90 day stamp" has never even been mentioned, so I don't think you lose any "brownie" points for a little miss-demeanor like that. Cheers, Soundman.
  9. soundman

    Pcb Boards

    Sea Gate Circuit - 02 22105461 also Thai Thumb Microline and many others. Buy a copy of "Electronic Handbook", "Sound and Stage", "Semiconductor Journal" magazines & there are many companies advertised. Cheers, Soundman.
  10. soundman

    German Teacher Burned Himself

    No problems at all. We all had first postings! Its in a more appropriate section now. I have just gone back and had another look at the article and it appears that a German national, who had been in Thailand for a few months, was unsuccessful at obtaining a job as an English teacher, and, according to the report, blew/burnt himself to death. Terrible. Soundman.
  11. soundman

    German Teacher Burned Himself

    Yes, somebody did indeed self immolate, apparently opened the gas tank and lit it with a lighter causing an explosion. Just wondering why this has been posted in the business section? Mods - maybe move to General?