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  1. soundman

    Hooters Bangkok to open this month

    The lady on the left is authentic. She is the mother of my good friends daughter, who is 14 years old. She also appears to have only one leg. God, you must be right about that, I count only 11 feet. I'm catching up with her the week after next. It will be interesting to see a legless hooter.
  2. soundman

    Low priced hospital to perform check on me?

    Posts removed for bickering. Try to post sensibly please.
  3. soundman

    Hooters Bangkok to open this month

    The lady on the left is authentic. She is the mother of my good friends daughter, who is 14 years old.
  4. Enough piss taking at the OP's expense. I am sure he has a few serious suggestions to save his bacon. Closed before the topic derails even further.
  5. Wonder what their policy is on; a)intercepting & b)scuttling dodgy people smugglers boats?
  6. soundman

    Everything closed tonight? 31st July.

    Defamatory post and reply removed. Try to be sensible when posting please.
  7. soundman

    Large mens socks.. where/

    Tesco does not stock sized socks, never has, all theirs are free-size stretch which are no good if your foot size is at the limit of the stretch. I wouldn't know, I am not a sock specialist and never intend to be, but my feet are the same size as the OP's and as he wants some: just as I have been buying from Tesco for a decade.
  8. soundman

    Large mens socks.. where/

    Any Tesco Lotus. I bought socks in that size range for years.
  9. If this topic is not a troll it is already headed downhill with flames and other inflammatory posts and I am closing it before it gets out of control. To the op, in case you are not a troll, going barefooted around Bkk would be considered extremely disrespectful in many instances, or you would just look like what you might call a "bum". If you want to be a monk, go and do some research in other parts of this forum. Closed.
  10. soundman

    Attacked, mugged something

    Sorry for the OP's misfortune, however, I think this is a story many on this forum can relate to. Bumps, bruises, lost phones or forgetting where you are staying are common occurrences when walking around like a three legged monkey in the early hours of the morning in and around the Sukhumvit entertainment areas.
  11. This topic is passed it's use by date. Thanks for the useful contributions, however, too many troll posts are being removed. Closed.
  12. soundman

    Searching for "Steve" Akos Istvan Trimola

    Sorry, no searching for people, no matter how well you know them. Closed.
  13. Drop the bickering thanks guys and back on topic please.
  14. I am going to move this to the visas/work permit forum as I think the most knowledgeable people will see it there. Moved.
  15. Please advertise stuff for sale in Thai Visa classifieds. Here.