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  1. It'll take several years for the UK to set up it's own authority and as you say there is absolutely zero movement towards that at present. Yet another one of the consequences conveniently avoided or more likely not even considered before and during the vote.
  2. I'd like to comment but best not to I think.
  3. As you can be prosecuted for failing to render assistance to a person injured by you in an accident I'm calling BS on being lawful to flee the scene and report later.
  4. All the cold hearted <deleted> who refused to stop and offer any help after the initial impact.....unbelievable.
  5. What's needed is far more tents by the side of the road staffed by old ladies and fat men from the local Govt Office watching tv and earning some well deserved overtime pay.
  6. Difficult to understand the Thai property market.....or at least it is for me. Endless projects and most seem to be standing empty or very limited occupancy for years on end.
  7. Amendments must be made before election, says Meechai

    I sense a further delay looming.
  8. I seriously doubt it's being used for sleep or any other prescribed issues. As the street name, Happy 5, suggests it's being used for the happy vibe it gives the taker.
  9. It won't change because the people that have the power to actually do something about the appalling carnage have either no clue of what to do or don't give a shit...I suspect both.
  10. Thai govt asks retailers to slash prices

    How about cutting import tax?
  11. You forgot peladophobic with an irrational pussy complex too.
  12. What were they thinking, this Govt has shown that small farmers are not up their list of priorities?
  13. I'd to talk about the recent events but it would be unwise I think so will leave it at that.
  14. More than a little difference urging people to plant marigolds in honour of the late King and the setting up of a new political party isn't there?
  15. If I hadn't read the covering story I'd assume the cop was trying to kill himself running in front of a fast moving motorbike like that.