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  1. Anyone have any info if the trk502 will be available in Thailand any time soon?
  2. Used them 3 times over the last couple of months and very happy with their service.
  3. What year?
  4. Whilst there is a free media abroad posting news about Thailand and it's institutions then the Thai media will be tightly controlled so the public only have access to approved content. The problem is, unless the Junta goes the Chinese route e.g. the great firewall, then they are bound to fail. I hope I am wrong but I see even more draconian measures in the future.
  5. I have several Thai friends who have bought into Onecoin and are convinced they will soon be millionaires despite the worlwide warnings, the closed exchange, the lack of public blockchain, the constant closure of bank accounts, the scam deals in their own online market etc etc
  6. Sent out on patrol in a war zone in the back of a pickup. Should be known as 'The Expendables' because the Govt obviously couldn't care less for their safety.
  7. One reason for speculation, or disinformation, or fake news, as authoritarians sometimes call it, is the lack of credible information from official sources other than 'trust me'. Take the disappearing plaque for example. The official silence is deafening so no wonder people speculate on what really happened. It is simply not good enough to say believe us and listen to nobody else.
  8. The Honda crv moved to the right to avoid the lady as she crossed the road. The motorcyclist undertook the crv so was unsighted as to the lady crossing and going too fast with no clear view. The ladies mistake was not continuing to look left, if she had she would have seen the <deleted> motorcyclist.
  9. Pretty meaningless when I'd guess the number of civil servants, judges and soldiers wearing a full face veil to work is next to zero.....or less.
  10. It surprises me that there seems not to exist a Thai version of the 'Star Chamber' when one reads of behaviour like this.
  11. There does seem to be a history of stealing items and replacing with fakes here.
  12. The revolving door that is Thailand's penal system. If this vermin had got the sentence he deserved after his first rape there would be at least 2 women who would have escaped going through the horror that is rape.
  13. Tbh I am very happy with my cbr250r. 45k km's in 5 years and the backlight has been the only problem. Unless I win the lotto my next bike will be a Honda in which case an MV Augusta will be on order before wifey gets a chance to spend it.
  14. Can't remember exactly as it failed over 2 years ago but it was something like 2000 bht to fix.
  15. Similar problem on my cbr250r. LCD display still works but is not backlit. My local Honda dealer told me it was a known fault across many models. Cost to fix was stupid so as I do very little nighttime riding I can live with it.