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  1. Pretty obvious from the pics that the seats came away on impact and were totally unfit for purpose.
  2. I'm sure it will be successful in 3 or 4 months time.
  3. If picking a few wild mushrooms in a National Park gets a 10+ year sentence I wonder what sort of prison term killing protected species of animals attracts?
  4. Nah....it obviously kills brain cells.
  5. I'm beginning to understand now what Prayut was explaining when he talked about Thai Democracy the other week.
  6. Phuket airport GM addresses hours-long queues

    If only 'high season' didn't creep up unnoticed every year.
  7. There is absolutely no threat to Thailand other than from Thais themselves. Some would suspect preparation in case of civil disobedience.
  8. Freon the news report.... "Sources at Lumpini police station told Thai PBS reporters that the accused officer, who has now been sacked pending the investigation, had been known well by his colleagues of his misbehaviour. He has been removed from drug investigation duty to traffic instead following several complaints." One wonders why his colleagues didn't do something if he was known to be a bad cop but I guess the answer to that is blazingly obvious.
  9. Beware: No e-cigarettes in Thailand

    Dear valued tourist, we would like to inform you that for health reasons the use of e-cigarettes is banned in the Kingdom. Please be informed that the Thai Tobacco Monopoly will be happy to meet all your tobacco requirements.
  10. Local ambition with global significance

    How about hydrogen fuel cell ev's? No need for thousands of charging points and the fuel tank can be filled as quickly as a petrol or diesel vehicle and the range will be significantly better than battery only.
  11. One wonders why no plans were already in place leading up to the expiry of the license?
  12. Air pollution illnesses to be studied

    Entirely agree. Here in Kanchanaburi the air quality is awful this time of year added to by the sugar cane burn that dumps ash everywhere for three months. I guess nobody with the power to do something about the 10's of thousands of annual respiratory related deaths cares enough to actually do something about it.
  13. Bosses call for U-turn on wage rises

    Yeah, got to keep those earning a pittance firmly in their place.
  14. Thanks for the reply and info. A recent visa application for my parents in law showed me they are a little slow replying to emails so as it was the weekend and Trendy wouldn't be replying anyway, I thought I'd ask for recent experience as don't want any delays having my dates knocked back. Reading the above replys hopefully I'll get something soon anyway.
  15. Chuan for prime minister?

    Is it not painfully obvious that these dinosaurs are the root of Thailand's political turmoil? Oh for some fresh untainted blood to clean out the system.