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  1. No way will the military want an end to conscription.....the Generals will out number the lower ranks.
  2. Three girls wounded by stray bullets in Nakhon Nayok

    Last village wedding I attended had plenty of guys firing guns. Drunk to a man and all of the weapons were unlicensed. Absolute idiots.
  3. All watching the 1st FA Cup semi final.
  4. This is nothing but a tax grab, bet those who run the local mafia lotto's are looking forward to increased profits. Edit 555 Beat me too it terryp
  5. PM Prayut defends role for Kunplome brothers

    For the record I hold all the Taksin Govts and the one imposed by the military in equal contempt, all of them rotten to the core imho. How do you feel about the current PM seeking advice from such a family and giving them positions of power again when all the time he preaches morality and anti corruption? These are the only people he feels he can learn politics from......think about that.
  6. PM Prayut defends role for Kunplome brothers

    Choosing members of this particular family to advise the PM on politics shows exactly the sort of regime he has in mind for the future. All the Junta lovers should hang their heads in shame.
  7. In for a nice surprise at Swampy on the way home if they make it that far.
  8. How about a referendum on whether the British public should have a vote on the final Brexit deal?
  9. Ambulance drama: Red car driver apologizes to society

    Filming a crime in progress is perfectly legal. What appears to be illegal is publishing the footage online. One may wish to believe that is absolute madness but I won't for fear of defaming Thailand's Judiciary.
  10. Road deaths, injuries up for first 2 days of Songkran

    60,000 drinks arrested in just two days is an absolutely staggering number and shows that drivers just don't give a <deleted> about other road users. Whoever is is charge should hang their head in shame and resign because it's obvious they have no idea how to deal with the problem.
  11. Really wish I could comment but will have to bite my tongue on this one.
  12. Democrats will ‘differ’ from junta: Abhisit

    He has his work cut out. Dems and the Junta parties will share the same voters the Dems had previously. Hard to see many PT voters switching sides. Easy win for PT is my prediction followed by judicial coup within 4 years for not following the 20 year roadmap.
  13. Summer storms warning in effect in 4 regions

    Just north of Kanchanaburi and got woken at 4am today by a big storm.....still raining.
  14. Phuket Gov warns of possibility of drought

    If only the hot dry season weren't so unpredictable.
  15. Why not? Bangladesh stands at the head of the queue to be obliterated by any rise in sea levels so hopefully the right people are there to monitor the coming changes.