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  1. Was it really as long ago as last week that the police were told to stop these reenactments?
  2. They were only old and cracked tiles, the new ones from Homepro will be much nicer.
  3. "A lawyer representing Jenphop simply said he accepted the court’s ruling..............His also filed an appeal." His acceptance of the ruling seems rather short lived.
  4. When rape/sexual assault so often leads to the victim falling in love with her rapist/attacker in Thai soaps small wonder attitudes like this come out.
  5. This is what some farmers did in our village last year. With Govt advice they switched from rice to tapioca.....the price has since collapsed to such an extent they haven't even broken even but lost money. Now is a horrible time to be a farmer.
  6. The popularity and huge rise in price of Bitcoin these last few years is incredible but has also spawned several fake cryptocurrencies that are pure mlm ponzi schemes. Several of my Thai friends have been roped into one of them and stand to lose very large amounts of money. Do your research before investing in any crypto's.
  7. Thailand is awash with firearms and he's a drug dealer so I suspect he has zero difficulty finding himself a gun.
  8. All that talk about 'draining the swamp' during the campaign when he was floating on his own stinking cesspool.
  9. Thai trains are different.
  10. It would, I have my doubts that will happen but live in hope.
  11. Serial liar and the sad fact is that millions of supporters still buy into those lies.
  12. "Pranom will reach her mandatory retirement age at the end of September" Can be conveniently forgotten about in a couple of months then.
  13. Lived here 16 years and seen and heard plenty of stories of dodgy deals at a local level but have never heard of people being forced to vote for anyone other than their own choice.
  14. Police not doing their job yet again....why am I not in the least surprised?
  15. Price of rice at the mill is still low, tapioca is at 800 bht a tonne when 1500 is breakeven, the guy opposite to us has just got 25% of the money he earned last year for his vegetable crop. It is a horrible time to be a farmer and stories such as the op are hard to believe.