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  1. Having worked as ground crew it can be done but to do so is not a swift action. Is is a deliberate and calculated act. I hope the <deleted> gets everything he deserves for ruining the trips of hundreds of innocent travelers.
  2. So was an actual bomb threat received by the airline/authorities or was this just a precautionary reaction to the discovery of a lost phone?
  3. The balls are there but the mind seems unhinged at best.
  4. Glad you two have a better experience than we have had. Hopefully just a local aberration only we have to put up with. Just frustrating how a local delivery driver can simply refuse to deliver to a home address and expects the customer to drop everything, leave home and collect from him wherever he chooses to park up.
  5. My experience of Kerry is that they give very poor service. Items from Lazada never arriving and when ordered from other firms the driver will make no attempt to deliver to the address but will phone and say they are waiting in the middle of town and if we want the package to meet them there. Complaints seem to fall on deaf ears.
  6. ‘Report all corruption,’ says Phuket Governor

    All officials are reportable but some are more reportable than others.
  7. Agree entirely about cost but as with all new technology price plummets with mass take up.......hopefully. As for the beer mine is an ice cold Leo with my lunch right now :)
  8. Sure you can power your home and fuel your vehicles from propane stored at home but you still have to buy that propane. Imagine the independence generating your own hydrogen from renewables would give you and it doesn't need to be stored as a liquid. The company I mentioned above has a hydrogen generating stack that can pressurise to 350 bar with a 700 bar version in the pipeline. Right now the market is for larger commercial supplies, they're collaborating with Shell I believe and will soon have self generating hydrogen sources at garage/filling stations.
  9. Good post.On an individual/household basis renewables can meet needs although storage is costly. I'm not a fan of battery power due to storage limitations but that has seen large improvements over the years. My great hope is for hydrogen, produced by renewable energy, that can be stored at home, used to power that home and also personal transport. A British company, ITM, presently installs large on-site commercial hydrogen generators and have plans to downsize the equipment for household use. One day it will happen and for the benefit of all I hope sooner rather than later.
  10. Yes, wouldn't it be lovely not having to rely on state supply of your energy needs. The internet is a little different and I'm not clever enough to design my own world wide web so for now will make do with what TOT call broadband.
  11. Ordinary racing style road bike....I supply all the power.
  12. Shooting ‘no accident’ – Kathu Police

    "Police are also contacting the relatives of the alleged shooter to ask him to surrender otherwise an arrest warrant will be issued." The effort put into trying to avoid issuing an arrest warrant for offence after offence is remarkable.
  13. Yes it does and one part of that self sufficiency is energy. Imagine being able to generate your own power supply for use in your own home and in your own vehicle. I'd like to be able to do that generating and storing hydrogen from renewables.
  14. Yes the terrorists are that but to label every Muslim Thai in the south the same is just plain wrong. Same as labelling every Catholic in Northern Ireland a murderer because the IRA were fighting a battle to leave the UK and reunite with the rest of Ireland.
  15. The world started falling apart after 2 Gulf wars and the 9-11 atrocity. During who's administrations did they happen?