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  1. Fairly obvious why there is a need for a conscript army after reading this.
  2. My Thai sister in law is a teacher at a Govt school and it is incredible how many of her colleagues are in serious debt. The ease at which they obtain these loans is amazing but then again nearly all of then have new cars, the latest iPad and iPhone so it must be worth it......just a shame when the time comes to pay up I guess.
  3. edwinchester

    Phuket hit as Chinese cancel room bookings

    Saw it on BBC TV News and it was covered on their website.
  4. I heard Mark Wahlberg will be playing Elon Musk who rescued the boys using his submarine just after it was used by the US Navy to torpedo U571 and seize an Enigma Coding Machine.
  5. Not saying let him go at all. My comment was concerning the death penalty in general. I am saying that if you execute somebody and then later find out that they were innocent of the crime then the guilty party is still free and an innocent man is dead.
  6. Let's hope the small bottle was a vodka miniature so they can definitely pin it on Putin.
  7. He's a pathological liar saying whatever he thinks his intended audience wants to hear and then when the lie is pointed out it suddenly becomes fake news. In a word 'nutjob'.
  8. Yes and thankfully there are never any wrongful convictions in Thailand.
  9. Been in Thailand since 2001 and they were talking about banning motorbikes from the pavements then too.
  10. edwinchester

    Elon Musk 'keen to invest in Thailand': PM Prayut

    Next we'll be hearing Musk's hyperlink will be up and running between Swampy and Pattaya soon.
  11. Slashed her throat with a knife but not charged with attempted murder too? Too much trouble I guess.
  12. edwinchester

    Affordable housing planned: Somkid

    Yet another populist policy from the Thaksin playbook. How long before 'a tablet for every child' surfaces again?
  13. Maybe they can get to watch it on cable.
  14. edwinchester

    12v power supply question

    Thanks for the replies, much appreciated.
  15. edwinchester

    12v power supply question

    Hi, I have just bought a small water pump. It is 12v 18watt. Now my schoolboy science memory tells me that is 1.5amp. Will a 12v 1.5amp power adapter be enough or will it be ok to get say a 3 or 4 amp adapter? Thanks for reading.