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  1. edwinchester

    Israeli tourist injured after attack by Krabi teenager

    For a journalist to totally not know the meaning of the word 'teenager' does seem a big deal to me but then again I studied journalism in the UK.
  2. edwinchester

    Israeli tourist injured after attack by Krabi teenager

    Since when has a teenager been 24 years old or were they writing about his mental development of 13?
  3. "Trade wars are good and easy to win"
  4. edwinchester

    Herbal ‘doctor’ ramps up production line

    My father in law was recently diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Until recently he was being treated for free at a Government hospital. When he told them that he was also taking an alternative therapy, not that in the op I should add, his Govt treatment was withdrawn. I have to wonder how many others find themselves in the same boat after being talked into taking controversial therapies.
  5. What a joyless humourless life Pol Col Krissana Patanacharoen must lead. I await the imminent announcement of a crackdown on all Thai TV slapstick.
  6. edwinchester

    F1 2018

    Awesome controlled race by Hamilton and Mercedes. Fiat seem to be imploding again both tactically and with Vettel sounding ever more desperate.
  7. Very special custom....only available in Thailand.
  8. "Police said the six rangers were patrolling on three motorcycles...." Shame that the billions of baht creamed off by the military isn't actually spent on equipment designed to save those facing the most risk.
  9. Hopefully the farmers will be compensated for their sacrifice so Bangkok can survive another year.
  10. "Barriers were supposed to be protecting the hole but they had been washed away...." Why does this not surprise me in the slightest?
  11. Yeah, 'wobbled' would be more apt.
  12. edwinchester

    As debt levels rise, more Thais struggle to keep up

    Out here in the village people are really struggling with the low across the board agricultural returns. Most have resorted to putting what land they have with the bank in return for cash to see them through. The ease with which the bank hands the money over is both remarkable and disturbing with no questions asked about the ability to repay. I can see alot of people losing their family land plots if the economy and prices paid to the farmers does not pick up very soon.
  13. No surprise, the warnings were there in the lead up to the referendum but we're rubbished by the leave supporters.
  14. Heavily overcast in this part of Kanchanaburi for weeks but I can count the number of days of meaningful rain on one finger! Still using our garden and vegetable patch sprinklers every day so will be nice to get some real rain if only to replenish our storage ponds.