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  1. Ah the old 'I really loved her but she provoked me' gambit. Sadly there are way too many here who believe that 'she deserved it' bs just as his neighbour seems to.
  2. edwinchester

    No cold weather for Bangkokians this cold season

    Damn you El Nino, damn you to Hell.
  3. A 13 year old kid should not be dying in the name of sport and entertainment, he had no idea of the risks involved.
  4. I think these are 2 separate incidents, a few hours apart, the 1st involving a senior pilot who failed an alcohol test and the second involving a co pilot, on a different flight, who missed his test.
  5. Looks as though the one who died had already lost control of the situation to me when he hit the guy in the white t-shirt. Would have to see what happened earlier in the curve though to be sure but it looks like he was going way too fast, faster than his friend, and trying to sit the bike back up before he hit him from behind. They were both idiots for racing and unfortunately one paid the ultimate price and the other will have to live with the consequences for the rest of his life. One of the consequences of modifying these bikes to go as fast as possible, in a straight line, is that they become less able to corner as fast. Skinny cheap tyres pumped up to beyond safe psi mean much less grip and I'd wager that was a major contributor to the dead guy losing control.
  6. So are they real physical robots or a computer generated image, not clear in the article?
  7. Are you talking about Govt Insurance or the additional 1st class because it's only Govt Insurance required for the Tax 'square' which is easily got in 5 minutes at DLT offices or testing stations.
  8. Everyday students, always male, are racing home from the local college near us. Police are there to make sure traffic flows smoothly out of and past the college exit but sadly their interest in road safety ends about 50 metres either side of it. It will never change.
  9. edwinchester

    Three arrested over forged state documents

    "An 18 year old Thai agent named only as "Chai" who helped them......" No way is an 18 year old the main man at the top of the tree.
  10. Great to see campaigning for the next election in full swing but can't understand why the other parties aren't getting their messages out.
  11. I live just north of Kan and recently road racing and riding around in gangs is becoming a major problem. One local variation seems to be form a large group and then ride the wrong way down a major road whooping hysterically so the sooner the police get these retards off the road the better.
  12. Hi, I use Forex Factory for an online calendar that lists daily events/news announcements that may influence currencies and am wondering if there is a similar website for the Nasdaq/Nasdaq100. I have looked but with no luck. Thanks for reading.
  13. "They all three deserve to be killed. Either their security should kill them, their driver kill them, or their cook kill them," TLP co-founder Muhammad Afzal Qadri told a protest in Lahore. Depressing that people who aspire to leadership and hold influence are nothing but a murderous barbarian.
  14. Presumably that will include finally getting the election date correct.
  15. It'll never stand up in court.