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  1. Wasn't there a report these last couple of days that Southern separatists planned a hospital attack in BKK? Also yesterday the Malaysian PM said the BRN were responsible.
  2. Won't be long before it's time to do what the Burmese did and relocate to a shiny new capital city somewhere else.
  3. How about a massive dome over Bangkok?
  4. May explain why it was soldiers on the raid and not police.
  5. Think you're confusing the PM with somebody else.
  6. So, you're incapable of criminality during pregnancy.....interesting.
  7. If enough people sign-up to visit our village I may do a limited edition batch of my own divine wind.
  8. Thai 15% is different.
  9. Can recommend Riverfront Hotel too. Excellent value and a nice varied buffet breakfast.
  10. "So he told the news media that he is consulting a lawyer to see what he can do about it." Jeebus wept.
  11. Hard to believe farmers debt problems will be solved anytime soon. I know several farmers who owe large sums of money, between 500k and a million bht and when you earn maybe 10k a month those sorts of debts have a habit of getting larger not smaller.
  12. Thai people must be richer than Aussie's so can afford a higher price.
  13. Hazing is an excuse, I'd call it bullying at best.
  14. "At first, police could not collect evidence at the scene because there were a lot of people walking in an out of the building." Absolute clowns, gobsmacked that they would even admit this but the fact they have shows how incompetent they are. Area should have been cordoned off immediately but congratulations on giving any defence lawyer the perfect opportunity to argue a contaminated crime scene.
  15. Traffic was still backed up past the Southern Bus Station going into BKK from the west at 10 am this morning. Improvement my hairy a**.