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  1. edwinchester

    Burning sugarcane stalks contributes to smog: activists

    Farmers do get paid more for unburnt cane. As above the problem is that many labourers refuse to cut unburnt cane because it takes longer. Burning is illegal in Thailand but for some reason buying burnt cane is not. Make it illegal to buy burnt cane and the problem would disappear overnight.
  2. Usual Suspects springs to mind looking at that party photo.
  3. edwinchester

    Burning sugarcane stalks contributes to smog: activists

    Spot on and saves me having to write a lengthy post 555. Only thing I'd disagree with is getting paid less for machine cut cane. Wifeys friend has over 30 Rai of cane and says no difference between it and unburnt hand cut. Air quality here in our part of Kanchanaburi is particular bad this morning. Thai 'snow' everywhere and after a short walk in the garden my throat was rasping and eyes watering. Wish the people with the power to sort the problem actually gave a shit about it.
  4. Lemmings springs to mind. I once saw a motorcycle taxi do this in Kanchanaburi....didn't tell the passenger he was going to duck under the wire barrier and the young girl was nearly garrotted as she was dragged off the back of the bike. Morons the lot of them.
  5. edwinchester

    Woman’s body found in cupboard in Chon Buri river

    Thai rivers are different.