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  1. Ah! Oh! Errrr... Yes I completely missed your point, my bad. And now that I understand it, this may explain why my wife five years ago got a 6 years extension. As her birth date is on the 8th of August and mine on the 14th, five years ago we decided to apply for our 5 years to 5 years renewals both on the 10th of August (bills still in some folder here at home). As she applied 2 days after the expiring date she got a 6 years extension (less 2 days) until the 8th of August 2018, while I being 4 days before I only got a "regular" 5 years extension until the 14th of August 2017. Great you made this point clearer to me CMBob. It well may explain the above... Thanks for that.
  2. My previous post above from July 27th could "drive" into big mistakes, sorry. So, please forget it, and as posted earlier by eyecatcher here is an official copy of the papers needed to apply for a 5 years to 5 years Driving Licence extension for foreigners: As I had time yesterday, I asked and was explained by a lady officer the difference between Thai citizens and foreigners: Thai citizens have just to bring their ID card and their previous DL card(s). For Thai citizens a medical certificate is only mandatory for the first one year DL and the one year to 5 years renewal. After that no more medical certificate needed… As well, for Thai citizens the time frame is 90 days before or after the expiring date. After that and up to one year only a special fee will be applied. After the one year expired Thai citizens have to go through a new but usual “theoretical signs and driving rules exam” (videos, dias and questions), the initial one being cancelled. If two years more then you go back to zero (exam + driving test)... I asked the lady if the delays (90 days after the expiring date, one year, and so on) applied for foreigners. She answered a not so confident “yes” after a moment of hesitation. Like if she were not so sure. So not sure myself either, but… As well she told me they processed about 500 application forms a day, including new DLs and DL extensions. Sure, that’s a lot!
  3. Hi all, My turn for a report for my 5 years to 5 years DL extensions (car + motorbike) yesterday Thursday the 3rd of August… Previously, Residence Certificate from Immigration Office at Promenada, first floor room 7, done last Monday the 31st of July. Got it on Tuesday (so the next day) for 500 Bahts. A breeze... Thinking all going rather efficiently from the recent above reports, I first quietly went to the Chiang Mai Klaimor Hospital (on the Hang Dong road about half way to the Transport Office from Airport Plazza) for my medical certificate (5 diseases DL medical check) at 10.30. No long queuing, efficient and kind staff, easy process. For foreigners 150 Bahts (80 Baths for Thais). Out at about 11 and something. Another breeze... Time for lunch and coffee. Great breeze... Then slightly before 1pm I arrived at the Transport Office with a confident smile. But there, end of the breezing time: the DL registering central computer was failing from time to time, extending processing and queuing (an apologizing sign on the information desk for the new commers). Sometimes during 5-10 minutes everything stops: no one was able to be called and/or processed… At least, at 1.30 I was handled a queue card, did the Color Test, then all the foreigners (about 12) were sent to the video room for the famous one hour training video. No luck… A little after 2.30 got back all my due papers and a new queue card for payment then picture and DL card delivery. Got the number 347 while at the time the number 208 was processed. Sigh… At 5 and something my number was called. But because of some computer problem, as others experimented previously, the payment process was very slow though the lady officer was very kind and patient. Then picture and DL card delivery in a rush, staff beginning to be in a tired and “nervous” mood, but always kind and efficient… Finally out with my 2 DL cards at about 5.30 pm... To put it short it has been a global 4 hours process at the Transport Office alone, including a near 3 hours queuing time. At least I’m now quiet for the next 5 years!
  4. Hi CM bob, Thanks for your input. But maybe things have changed or evolved... I did yesterday, the 3rd of August, my 5 years to 5 years DL extensions (report below) with a 14th August expiring date (in fact my birth date), and my new DL cards show now the 14th of August 2022 as the new expiring date (not the 3rd). So I think there is no more "prejudice" doing it before in the 90 days time frame... Well, I suppose
  5. Hi, I was a bit surprised with what you say here... I already applied 2 times for a 5 years driver licence (car + motorbike) and each time I’ve been told “better to do it a little after the due date has expired” (but no explanation, just no worry). Have things changed? As I and my wife have to renew our 5 Years DL next month, my wife called the Transport office this morning (Hang Dong road). - Answer from the lady officer: You have a 3 months window before and after the expiring date. Up to you to choose, no problem… If more than 3 months after the due date, you don’t have you DL cancelled and you don’t have to go back from zero. You just have to pay a “special fee” (didn’t tell the amount)… - Asking how long before the due date the medical certificate must be issued, answer from the same lady officer: If you are going to apply for renewing a 5 years DL you don’t need a medical certificate. The medical certificate is only mandatory for the first one year DL, then the first 5 Years DL. After that, the medical certificate is no more needed… Ah-ah-ah! A bit confusing, isn’t it? Oh well… Better to take it easy... BTW thanks all for your reports.
  6. Help with finding Licorice in CM

    Yeah I remember all sorts of licorice candies at the bakery down my street when I was a kid. At least a dozen of different sorts and at a very cheap price. And many kids wandering around the shop...
  7. Help with finding Licorice in CM

    These lozenges on the left are licorice too, but are quite softer in taste ( and very low sugar) and a bit salted in mouth. IIRC, in those days it was said to be a candy " to help digestion"... I'm a fan of these "traditional" rolls too. When I was a kid I remember I unrolled it all and ate it while hanging down from my mouth with big suction sounds: slurp, sluuuuurp... Strong eyes from my mother then...
  8. Help with finding Licorice in CM

    Yes it's licorice with a sweet and crunchy "dragee coating". taste is more "raised" than the licorice rolls. Not so good for the teeth I suppose, but so... aaaaahhhhh... yummy!
  9. Help with finding Licorice in CM

    Ah-ah-ah! Just to make you salivating, Billy... Purchased this morning from Big C Extra on the highway to Lampun near Index Mall. 80 Bahts/pack. Located in the candies/biscuits area... Yum-yum!
  10. Thanks kimamey... Ok, needing a WP means working for a company/business not in my own name. Mmmmh, I've the feeling that's going round in circles Thanks anyway. I've to think more into this...
  11. I just read elsewhere a foreigner is allowed to work in Thailand if under marriage visa. Could you confirm this, please? In my case above (the book), do I need a work-permit as well? Thanks in advance...
  12. Thanks Tim for your input. But I'm not so sure: this book I'm thinking about would be a pics/photographies book, as it could be drawings or paintings. Near no text, only maybe some short captions under the pics...
  13. Sorry guys, but Yahoo sent all my ThaiVisa related messages to the SPAM folder. And just today cleaning the said folder I found them among dozens of true SPAMs First time for me. Don't know what happened... Well, thanks to all here. I understand better now... Previously I thought a WP was required, but of course I'ld not work for any company. As well as I have some thai friends here maybe just going the way elviajero suggests is the option... Further more, setting a business and leaving now my retirement visa status wouldn't be so realistic just for such a "trivial job"... Again thanks and sorry for any inconvenience for this late answer. Cheers
  14. Hi all, I've been living in CNX since 12 years on a retirement visa status. I've the idea (only the idea for now): 1) To edit in my name a photography book about CNX for sale here in LOS. 2) To print and sale in LOS my own pics. I'm not good at all about all these visas and permits rules, so please: Do I need a work permit? Whether yes have I to change my visa status? In simple words: how this kind of job/situation would "work" for a foreigner regarding the law? Thanks in advance for your time and comments.
  15. Old Volks Beetle restorer

    Wow! That's a nice bug... Finally you've got what you were expecting for: great job! Of course, stock VWs are not modern cars, but with more use you'll get accustomed to her and you'll enjoy the drive. Low power and low torque, it's a state of mind by itself: a cool and fun drive but never in a rush. Don't drive her as you'ld do with a modern Honda, Toyota, Ford or whatever. Just relax and enjoy... AC by itself consumes a lot of power. Just one time try her with AC disconnected and you'll feel the big difference... If you want more power and/or more torque, you'll have to go for an engine rebuild. From memories, you can get about 70 to 80 HP from stock engine but with bigger cylinders and 2 carbs for example. 1741cc engines have a good reputation for daily use and are reliable enough. There are full kits ready to mount for that... About seat belts I think you can easily get them in LOS. There are "hidden brackets" in place and ready to fit in the stock body interior... Use her, drive her as she required to be, and through 2 to 3 weeks you'll get a big smile on your face! Good luck.