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  1. gobs

    Two Khatoeys Pull The 'under-the-bed-scam'

    Surrealist story!.. And (over, if can be) surrealist picture!.. It sounds, and looks, like a bad joke TV-movie in Farangland... Incredible Thailand...
  2. I agree with Naklang: In Europe (UE), tourism for family in Thailand begins to be a "has been" destination. Many more attractive and cheaper places, manytimes nearer, are becoming "en vogue"... Maybe Thailand AND airways companies have to worry about this... Note, just to be clear: I'm settled in LOS, and nothing seems "has been" to me here
  3. gobs


    Hi all, For my part I play a string guitar Yamaha, and an electric one Ibanez Hollow body (jazzy sound...). With these two toys I'm very pleased. I agree: Yamaha is a good and cheap brand... But... As I'm not a native english speaker, what are saddle, nuts and bones? Modifying my guitars may improve their sounds as well... But I don't "understand" in doing what Thanks to all Gobs
  4. gobs

    Gt-rider Forum

    I'm not a manager from GT-rider, but I just come now from it, and had no problem... What it can be is that "they" deeply modified "their" site one or two months ago, and I remember I had to do something a little special to log in when the new site re-open... But I don't even remember what it was in this time... Try it again, or change your ID and PW... Cheers
  5. Yes Annabel, Ambassy or consulate must certify your monthly income level... It can go for a combination bank deposit/monthly income... Ask to immigration office (near the airport) for confirmation and more. Officers are very friendly and helpful... Well for me it always happent! Good luck!
  6. gobs

    Quality Of Cd-r (or Cd-rw)?..

    Thanks for the link, JSixpack! Very interesting and answers to many questions... And thanks to all, maybe I tell my friend to avoid PRINCO... Or a next time I give him some SONY or TDK CD-Rs... Cheers, Gobs
  7. Hi friends! A thai friend of mine made me two CD-R of thai songs from his computer... Very friendly and interesting... Unfortunately, after some 6 or 10 playings, there are scratches, lacks and "jumps" on these CDs! And more I listen to them, more it seems it's worse... These CD-Rs are from a "first-price" brand: PRINCO. For my part I use, on my computer, to burn CDs from "real" brands like TDK or SONY... And after many, many playings, I never had a problem... Are there such differences between CD-Rs brands? The standards of manufacturing are they identical? Can it be the quality of the "burner"? Brand, reliability?.. Further more, can someone (in brief I guess ) explain to me the principle of the burning of a CD-R, and "how" is built the disc itself... Thanks Gobs
  8. gobs

    Best Town Bike

    HONDA XR 250! And definitely... High (you have a good sight on the traffic), light (easy to corner), slim (you can ride between cars) and "powerful enough" at the green light... I own too a HONDA CB1 400, but no matter, not so easy to "manage" in the traffic... OK, say same-same (but different!) for all trailers SUZUKAWAYAHM. DRZ 400 not so "easy" IMO... Cheers