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  1. Tropical Crotch Rot

    So you didn't try Quadriderm...?
  2. Tropical Crotch Rot

    So you didn't try Quadriderm...?
  3. So you have a prob with women but not pedos...........At last a full picture for us all...
  4. Shame you ain't been warned.....
  5. UK - Paying voluntary NI contributions

    The pension claim form has a zillion questions about your employment, from the day you left school plus other stuff so they can calculate what they will give you...Don't know why but I got more than the basic pension and paid class 2 most of my working life with a few years missing.....
  6. Though the bike was a little off centre the pickup bloke was either drunk, smoking a spliff or just nuts.... Fish heads are in order here....
  7. UK - Paying voluntary NI contributions

    I thought so too...
  8. New battery leak? Whats that?

    Dunno, could be.....But a battery is just a box with a required 12.6 volts to work everything, the alternator just puts volts/amps back into the box...