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  1. Has anyone told the OP yet about the "UK top model" mistake...?
  2. She can do it back in Blighty on designated beaches where it is legal, but the bird hasn't the sense to look about legality in other countries..
  3. GB would have lost the war without the USA help...BIG help...That is fact.
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Audie_Murphy
  5. Did your forefathers send scraps to the native Indians of which the country belonged...?
  6. No, just another bloke who can't do anything without an iPhone in his hand......
  7. GB would not have won the war without the USA.... Marion would have said nothing as he was never involved with the war..
  8. So you want the Queen of England to pick up a shovel because you do not have the knowledge or ability to know what she actually does....Oh dear oh dear...
  9. Well some folk do earn a good living sat at a keyboard...Oh, lets not forget politicians eh...
  10. How much did you folk pay the native red Indians....? Did you put them on reservations...?