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  1. transam

    Recharging aircon

    Couple of easy things to try first.... Take the grill off and blast the condenser (A/C radiator) with an air hose or water hose to remove crap. Make sure you have water dripping under the car from the drain off tube... If the system is too low on gas pressure it will not work at all...B-Quik I think charge 500bht to top up, but a complete evacuation, refill and oil is about 3000bht..
  2. If the part is alloy it is stuffed....Spend some time on the Net...
  3. My point was that advertised HP is just the result of an equation. The thing that does the work in that equation is the torque. A diesel truck is designed for work and so the high torque numbers coming in at low rpm for me is great. No use having to rev the nuts off the thing to do it's job. For instance, my 3.0 Vigo max torque is there from 1400 to 3600 rpm, that is the idea rpm range for a work ride..Especially my auto trans... If I was looking for a ride I would first look at the low rpm torque numbers..
  4. transam

    roojai car insurance

    Read their quote site in English...
  5. Folk look at HP numbers but don't look at torque (grunt) at LOW rpm where a truck wants it....
  6. If this were a first world country the bloke would be in deep doo doo... But lets all be thankful his hi-so job was not sitting behind a desk at immigration...
  7. transam

    Thailand - Not for me

    Many blokes who give up smoking do the same sort of stuff....
  8. transam

    Do Thais know about the blind spot?

    When you go a driving test centre and see what those seated listen too then to me it is clear nobody is taught anything...
  9. Well it could be down to newcomer aliens..