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  1. When I (English) went to Alabama l had a great time, the only place l went in the USA that made me think a little was playing pool in the Everglades outback, couple of locals thought my waist belt thingy housed a shooter, l said no, my passport...
  2. Online Car spares

    Are you looking for high end replacements as in your photo...?
  3. So the risk was there...
  4. Are you saying there are no armed nutters in Alabama...?
  5. UK pensions

    That is your criteria to cover you then...? You obviously don't know that if a UK expat pensioner in LOS goes for a "holiday" to a country that has UK pension increases he can tell the pension folk and they will upgrade his pension whilst there..
  6. For sure, and mine is.........That's after a few beers and fags though....
  7. We are all different to make our day a happy one. I smoke a few fags too...
  8. UK pensions

    I would suggest "knowingly" fiddling the UK benefit system is a rational fear regardless of age..
  9. UK pensions

    Weeell, I can only say what happened to my chum, he told me they told HIM how long he had been over paid.
  10. UK pensions

    The agent in Pats I used for an old chap I know did ALL the photo coping of passport pages for us..
  11. UK pensions

    One paid the fine to clear it from LOS, one with the medical thing was sorted by post to LOS, the third, don't know as he went back to the UK.
  12. UK pensions

    One I know got a fine of 1000 quid plus pay back cash he should not have received, one did not get fined because he had a medical problem that was proven, bit of a story to that. The third ended back in the UK and l don't know the outcome, we think perhaps grassed up..
  13. UK pensions

    Renewing in LOS, folk who are NOT in the UK..