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  1. I reckon the "seriously obese" thing really remains in the farang side of the court chummy....
  2. During my years in LOS I have yet to hear of a bird rejecting any farang whether fat, thin, tanned, untanned, old, young, drinker, tea total, tattooed, shaven, bearded, whatever, until she has been with them a couple of years and got fed up with their "crap"..
  3. I don't need to ask questions, I am well past he 3 years mark regarding a few LOS subjects.... BUT, if you spot Garners Pickled Onions anywhere in LOS I would be delighted to know...
  4. You may have a ploblem when you start talking....
  5. transam

    Are single women in Thailand into make up?

    Sounds like you have a real corker....
  6. If you don't understand my post then perhaps you will not understand anything regarding LOS well after 3 years...
  7. Take you about 3 years to look, listen, and take onboard...
  8. transam

    "Can you support me?"

    Think it's the BigC shades....
  9. transam

    Ride on mower transaxle

    PM member "weegee"......
  10. Seems only those who worry about their cash not in the UK.....
  11. transam

    Nitrogen vs compressed air

    From a knowledgeable guy..... https://blog.tirerack.com/blog/yokohama-s-drives-on-pch-1/why-two-valve-stems-on-kosei-k1-wheel
  12. They haven't the prison space to cope with a DD purge..... They did put the fine for no helmet up to 1000bht, never heard of anyone paying that amount..
  13. transam

    Nitrogen vs compressed air

    Serious users of nitrogen to acquire 99% have wheel rims with two valves, one to put N2 in and blast the air/moisture out of the second (bleed)..