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  1. Absolutely............You can't get better than that...Plus that's why l have no neighbours...
  2. But I don't have any of those..Drat.....But I do like a beer, will that count....
  3. Would love to try one of these offerings from Wendy's....Have you...?
  5. Been with AA ten years, talked to the owner about stuff...No prpbs at all... But then he did like my rendition of "My Way"....
  6. RIP chap..... I told Mrs.Trans that if I pop off before her and you see ANYONE with an iPhone just dribbling to make a Facebook hit, tell them to <deleted!> off and throw a chair at them...
  7. If you have a problem with them ask to speak with the boss, he is a farang...
  8. I have had rats chew wiring under the Vigo hood, if they could have got in the ride they would have for sure...
  9. OP, you either want a chat forum or you don't. If we all sat here like a classroom full of kids frightened of the teacher then what would happen. Folk who join forums are not vetted to see if they are crackers, permanent chip on there shoulder or even if they are liars.. In most cases your "warriors" are sussed and l reckon feel a bit daft after replies. Keyboard forums are just banter places, take it or leave it. I personally enjoy reading some daft stuff from folk, makes the reading more interesting, the only thing l don't like is posters telling blatant lies about another, and yes we have had those here, thankfully they have been dispatched, odd balls....Sorry, what was the topic again.........
  10. My chum in the UK is restoring one as we speak, a nice one in the UK could be worth 150,000+ UK pounds....