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  1. I have been to Clacton.......My Pontiac, far short of perfect, but l was getting there...
  2. Weeell, l do find it ludicrous when folk trash a nationality when l for one cannot think of one perfect one... Just wish these folk would tell us where their perfect one was.... Easy really but they never reply....
  3. We are not all from Clacton chum.... But please tell where you are from and all age groups are..... Lets here where....?
  4. Air Bag Problem.

    For sure I don't know if the lads ride has been fixed by Honda, BUT, if I had not said to the lad and mum..."TAKE THE CAR BACK'.....grrrrr....They would have been perfectly OK with the dash warning light being on...
  5. Air Bag Problem.

    Cost him nothing cos he had just bought it with a ploblem..Whether they took it to Honda OR fooled with the wiring I don't know.. There is a "fix" on YouTube with a bit of wire to show how to turn the warning light off...
  6. Air Bag Problem.

    Our lad just bought a s/h 2010 Civic, l noticed the airbag light was on, did a search and his ride was on the naughty list but seems the previous owner ignored it. Took it back to the dealer, they had it two days to get it fixed.
  7. new car

    It doesn't matter what other countries do, it matters what the LOS Guv does to prevent dodgy plates. As I said, plates without the Guv stamp are illegal and will have a prob with the BiB..
  8. new car

    The guv issued plates have Guv seal logo pressed into the corner of the plate so naughty folk can't fabricate their own for naughty purposes. A plate without the logo is illegal. A main agent has employees that "could" fabricate dodgy plates on the side...
  9. Air Bag Problem.

    Isuzu has had recalls for airbags. That warning light is to tell you something is wrong. Take it to an Isuzu main agent, your ride could be on the recall list and cost you nothing. You don't want that thing blowing up in your face...
  10. Shirtless Farangs

    Thank you, I do try....