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  1. Or drive unlicensed and wear a helmet. Fat chance
  2. Could you use a courier service if you can do without your passport for a few days or even a minivan service.
  3. Thanks. I have a laminated copy of my passport hadn;t got round to updating it because I was going to do it next week as my landlord has a copy shop and they do it for me for 20 baht. As it dries out we can make out the main page and visa stamp. When it fully dries I will see if the unused re entry stamp is visible. The TM7 won;t be a problem. No I didn;t yell. My fault for leaving it my pocket and she has offered to sell some gold for the cost of replacing it. The website mentions nothing about damaged passport and says you have to go to Bangkok to pick it up. And when I tried emailing it throws something up that doesn;t work. And last time I went to the embassy I was the only client there. I was told to take a number and waited 15 minutes before they saw and charged me an a heap of money to witness my stat dec. It wasn't lunch time so what were they doing?
  4. Went to hospital (Pattaya City) Saturday and after 5 hours waiting for blood tests results came home and had a snooze. Forgot to take passport out of zipped pocket. The girlfriend normally goes through my pockets before washing. Last night she she didn;t and when I got home from a nearby bar after farewelling some Aussies she was in tears. Passport is now a a sodden lump of paper and plastic. In it was my TM 7, retirement extension until may and a reentry visa I had got last month as my Mum will knee replacement surgery next year and I will have to go back. Anyone had experience as to what is required to get all the stamps back and what the Australian embassy will require. They are shut today so can't ring the useless bludgers. All I can work out is I will have to Bangkok and pay 8800 baht for a new one. And make an appointment.
  5. Cambodia has had this for at least 5 years. Like all these things a heap of fact finding missions to Europe and the USA etc for some high ranking officials and well paid consultants when they could have spent 2 days in Phnom Pehn for very little cost 2 ost.
  6. Shoot Dymock and Harry for stupid beards.
  7. There was guesthouse in Phnom Pehn that had a negative review because he aledgedly had underage girl prostitutes visiting all the time. Problem was that he had been closed for months for renovations and the reviewer had never stayed there. The forum refused to remove the post. So he did some investigation and found the reviewer was a NGO worker who was based in the USA so he sued. Got enough to pay for his renovations because the reviewer was dead to rights and could not substantiate one iota of her claims. In fact was not even in Cambodia when she said she stayed there.
  8. The dropkick employer needs to be named and shamed and boycotted.
  9. ronrat

    Brit charged for having sex with four boys

    If he gets out he could be in trouble when he gets deported back to the UK. He certainly won't be teaching. I dare say his passport will be toast and by then they will have sorted out Brexit.
  10. A mototaxi rider found my wallet last year in Soi 8 Pattaya and I got it all back the next with 10000 baht in cash and my credit card etc. ll he accepted was a small toy koala for his newborn granddaughter and a few baby clothes I had brought over to donate to charity. And a coke.
  11. Same as Indonesia. I have seen 2 bill board posters on a ladder 8 metres above a busy road with traffic whizzing about it. no helmets, harnesses or safety boots. If they introduced western OH an S standards the building industry would be crippled and the most sought after position would be work safety inspector. They would be millionaires in the first week with tea money.
  12. A friend of mine has a bar in a soi off swcond road in Pattaya that is open fronted. he is seriously thinking of closing his bar altogether. His reasoning is this. Marauding gangs of shitfaced and shirtlless falangs of the football hooligan type a. Destroy all his outdoor plants b. Fire water cannons into his bar wetting his pool table, cues etc plus potentially his expensive Tv, sound and computer systems C. His staff and customers are continually drenched with dirty water d. Most of his custom is from expats who leave the city e. People can't smoke out the front or eat or drink f. Food vendors go home because they can't set up. On top of that people lose glasses, contacts and jewelry If anything Songkran has a negative effect on tourism. I don't know the answers but I suggest a few. Anyone caught using water cannons of the back of a baht bus or similar into property or moving vehicles. Driver and all occupants arrested and locked up.Any falangs found guilty deported immediately, including those on education visas. Vehicle and equipment impounded for 7 days. (I mean one clown on a Pattaya forum was trying to hire a water tanker) Anyone caught throwing water outside the normal times and 3 days whatever be charged with assault and if falang bye bye. We take you hotel. Pack your bag, visa cancelled. A bit of bad press in europe about some gutless <deleted> being permantly banned from Thailand and banged up for being party to hosing a motorcyclist to death might stop some of it. Or the airlines having to put on extra flights because 1000 dickheads are sent home never to return. It is only a matter of time until someone starts using a gun or knife to gain retribution when his family have there night ruined and a child is hurt by a a few thugs pissed to the eyeballs and using sewerage water. The bars who encourage it by providing water in drums should be held responsible by surrounding businesses. Although judging by my mates sentiments many bars will shut down for a week, the girls go home and the lager louts will less places to drink and less girls to choose from.
  13. ronrat

    Phuket Sets Safety Plans For Songkran

    All falang who engage in stupid acts such as water canons on motorcyclists charged, jailed and then deported for good.That includes expats and bar owners.
  14. When I was diving I heard that here was a push put in permanent buoys and markers by the use of anchored points in the reefs and that would restrict the recreational diving to only those sites. This would reduce the damage caused by boat anchors and divers and leave areas pristine. Go to Fiji and dive and you will be lucky to see a piece of rubbish. The asians seem hell bent on destroying the total environment. In Australia and Fiji there is always a dedicated rubbish collection on any dive boat.