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  1. When I worked in Defence im Australia we loaned some equipment to the coppers to track a pedo from the remote west of NSW to the airport. He had never committed anything in Australia but was a frequent visitor to Se Asia. The allowed him to board a plane to Vietnam then after it was in the air notified the Vietnamese police. He had not committed an offence there either as he had never been there but within 24 hours of arrival they caught him with a 12 year old girl in his room and it was Gary Glitter time. He had never taken Australian Citizenship and was travelling on a Croatian passport. His family in Australia had disowned him years earlier and refused to help. Guess he is still banged up in a Viet jail.
  2. More importantly those involved in simulation a fancy name for blatant cheating will sees divers hopefully red carded and miss a few games. Italy won a world cup on getting the 3 points against Australia when the squeezer dived. Now he would be sent off and miss the crucial semis. About time. Most other sports have it for years.
  3. ronrat

    Tourist Visa in Jakarta

    They used to only take USD or Rupiah but I think they take credit cards now. What is worse was the ATM were on the other side. But take as much currency as you can because Indo ATMs can sometimes only give you a small amount. You will need small amounts of rupiah anyway because there ate toll bopths every where from the airport. No need for one but I guess every General put one in. And take only Bluebird or silverbird taxis from the airport. They are owned by the powers to be robbing them or the passengers.is a death sentence for Indos.
  4. Borneo and visit the rain forests, while we still have them. Some great beaches and cheap to get there on Air asia.
  5. Someyhing wrong when people become "celebrities: by making coffee and writing your name on a paper cup and charge you 5 bucks for it and somehow think they deserve a tip.
  6. ronrat

    Sunday Roast

    Murphys Irish bar on khao noi. Has a free swimming pool.you can get a pint of Guiness and the owner has a few small kids and they play there. Has a good sunday roast. Good family fun bar.
  7. ronrat

    Visa Overstay

    The time stamp was probably done for 7 days and she couldn't be bothered changing it back for one stamp.
  8. Wouldn't happen to me. It would bounce.
  9. ronrat

    New rentig laws

    The money has been spent.
  10. ronrat

    Caught stealing

    kick the little prick to the kerb. They take the piss. before you know he will be taking the motorbije (or the car),, "borrowing" mpney and treating you like a an ATM.
  11. Of couse it is not her fault. Too busy with her own Twatter or Facebook to know her own kid has pissed off. Dick head
  12. Shouldn't he be pointing at the sea towards an imaginery shark.
  13. My girlfrends 16 year old neice and her 13 year old son go to high school in Wang Nam yen and I can guess at least Belli knows the victims. I was driving through that way about 2 months ago and no way could an experience rally driver even think of going at 170kms an hour. RIP
  14. If convicted he will automatically have his passport cancelled. He will also if ever released have some sort of monitoring system. He will die in prison in all likelihood. He will wind up in the pedo prison but he aint going anywhere. If he somehow gets released he will not be allowed to live near schools, child minding centres etc and he will have no assets. He will better off topping himself.