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  1. Wheelchair accessible means food carts blocking the way.Happened in Jakarta until the army moved in with cranes and jettisoned all the vendors stuff by dropping it on the road and arrested all the vendors,
  2. Did youorder the code red. What is code? What is red?
  3. ronrat

    Bagpiper Required

    The RBL can be contacted at Tropical bar in Khao Noi. Bert Elson should be able to find you the name of the piper there.. It is a nice bar to visit and reasobale food as ell. It is on the right just before the turnoff to the temple.
  4. ronrat

    Alec Baldwin Joins Joker

    You are an <deleted> Alec baldwin
  5. It happened to us as we moved out early because the water pump broke and he wanted 30000 baht to fix (new about 5000). Thai lady next door told the GF that he and the owner did stuff all the time and hence the previous tenant moved out BUT left all his crockery, bedding and cutlery etc and went back to Russia. We got told wee would not get a deposit back so we took all the Russians bloke stuff with us, had the cable tv disconnected and internet stuff, the GF refused to clean the place and wer paid no electric or water bills. They never rang us but one of the neighbours said it cost them a bomb to replace everything they should have fixed and it was vacant for over 6 months. The new place we are in we asked to put things in and told the landlord we would leave them there and he was happy. In fact he came around to help us build something to keep the dog in and anything that needs fixing is seen to straight away, usually that day.
  6. Anyone paying 10 bucks for a beer in Melbourne is clearly going to some hipster wankfest joint. And paying that much for rent would suggest that as well. I lived for 30 years without a car in Melbourne.
  7. I might have known the twitter idiots would come out and promote there own causes, Who cares,
  8. An exQLD copper as PM. Bloody hell.
  9. It was originally designed for the Simgaporeans and Australians to practice with Rapier and other surface to air defence weapons. the RAAF pilots wil sleep under the stars, 5 stars
  10. Buy it the day before and put in the fridge. Not really all that hard.
  11. I was there am few months ago and had to take a ticket although I was the only person there and waited 10 minutes to be served. If I make an appointment and get there early or late what happens. I normally take a Bus from Pattya and then 2 trains and a walk,
  12. Not entirely true. If you are registered you have to either apply for a postal vote or get your name crossed off. You can write get stuffed on the ballot paper or leave it blank. i am not registered so don't have to.
  13. It would be a smart gesture for a resort somewhere to offer to pay for the rescuers partners to come to Thailand and give them a 14 day holiday at the resort including meals. Free publicity that would would be world wide. Make their bar bill disappear as well. Plus internal flights and transfers.