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  1. I believe the only rights you would have to get your child back would be those rights you could enforce under what is called the Hague convention regarding child abduction. This would involve you contacting the British authorities documenting to them that the child was domiciled in the UK until mother without permission took them to Thailand and is now refusing to return them home (the place they were domiciled). The British authorities would then contact the Thai authorities, requesting the Thai authorities do what is necessary to return the children. The Thai authorities would then be required to make sure the children are returned, if the Thai authorities can find the mother and child, and if the mother does not successfully fight the request in the Thai courts. I'm not sure how much effort the Thai authorities would put into tracking down the mother and child, and then returning the child by force. Sounds complicated and risky, does it not? As the first reply indicated: keep your child's passport safe and do whatever you need to do to prevent the child from leaving the UK.
  2. I believe you. The way your post is worded it is obvious it is not an everyday occurrence for you, so the suggestions of dropping into some random bar is boring. You will not find these women there. There certainly are people in the world with enough "game" to compensate for some considerable difference in age or looks, and who can and do approach women they find attractive at the supermarket or in the queue at 7-11. With the age gap closing in on 30+ years, it's gonna be harder of course, but if you in addition have a lot of money ... This not for everyone though, and most of us would probably just give out a "horny weird/creppy guy" vibe if we tried. Practice makes perfect though, if you do not get arrested first. My best guess: from the high-end "gentleman's clubs" in Bangkok. I unfortunately have to say I've never even been in one (not interested in paying for company, though I'd go if a rich Thai friend invited me on his dime ;-), but have read enough and seen enough pictures to get what I /think/ is a fairly correct impression. At these clubs, you and your mates are having a fun evening out, with good music, good food, and drinks. You also pay good money for good looking girls to party with you and your friends. They stand with you and your mates at your table, laugh at your jokes, and keep a decent conversation going. These girls are mostly students or recently graduated students, from decent middle-class families, not hookers, and not going to go home with you that night. They are hired because they look very pretty, are educated, and can entertain their customers by ways other than taking of their own or your clothes. They are not hookers, do not look like hookers, and do not talk like hookers. None of the girls you find in the CM bars would ever get hired at any of these clubs. To frequent these clubs you need to have some money. As each night will be expensive (think prices per night closer to the bill you get at the karaoke scam places, except that at these "gentleman's clubs" the bill is not a scam of course), any girl there will naturally assume you have at least some money, even if not necessarily rich. While you cannot usually pay these girls directly to be your girlfriend, you will get to meet and talk with very pretty and educated girls for an extended amount of time in relaxed settings. So basically it's a way to hang out with girls more pretty and sophisticated than you will normally meet as a low-life farang here in Thailand. Then captivate them with your impressive charm in order to meet privately at some other time, and from then on, progress as on a normal date. From what I've gathered , you will not have much fun going to such a place alone, and you, or at least someone in your group, needs to speak Thai well. Most of the men will be well to do businessmen having a boys night out with some pretty company before they go home to their family.
  3. child abduction

    You were not wrong. See the pinned thread in this forum for more information:
  4. Advice about wedding

    That is a good idea, but unfortunately Thailand is not a signatory to the Hague convention that governs agreements regarding child custody and recognition of foreign court orders regarding this (that is the Hague convention of 1996). Thailand has only signed off on the Hague convention regarding child abduction (Hague convention of 1981), which would not help the op. A court order from the op's country regarding this would thus not have any legal power in Thailand.
  5. child abduction

    Unless the mother willingly agrees to sign over full custody to you, I believe you have no chance with even the best lawyer. Without full custody you cannot relocate the child outside of Thailand against the mother's wish, and it is normally not reasonable or fair for the court to grant you full custody against the mother's wishes so you can putter off to farangland, where the mother may never see her child again. Unless there's something special about mother (drug addict, violent, child abuser, etc.) I think starting a process with a thai lawyer at this point is a waste of money and time. Thailand is a signature to the Hague convention of 1981 regarding child abduction and this is the only judicial avenue I think can help, but as you say, this may take some time (several months at a minimum probably) and the end result is uncertain. Thailand should return the child to the country it was domiciled, but if the mother refuses to co-operate, how much manpower will the Thai authorities use to track the child down and return it by force from it's Thai mother? Regardless of that, if perusing this avenue one must obviously start the process as soon as possible, and this you must do in your home country where the child was domiciled. The longer the child stays away from it's domiciled home, the more the odds will be in favour for letting the child stay where it is now. A bad situation, but unless the mother cooperates I think your only option for returning the the situation to normal in a reasonable amount of time is to return home with the child alone, assuming you can get through passport control. That you do not have the passport the child entered Thailand might be a big issue in this situation, where you want as few raised eyebrows as possible when your are exiting Thailand alone with your child. Even with that passport, you need to be prepared to be asked some questions about where the mother is when you exit Thailand. Especially since it sounds like you and your child's date of entry to Thailand will be different, a competent officer will probably wonder more than a little about the reason for that.
  6. It hardly means that. At any point in the process of making those 6-7 phone calls, the guy might call it quits and pay for an extra night if that is what the hotel staff demand on the phone there and then. If you are staying at an expensive hotel, up to 6,000 as the op indicated, spending a few minutes on the phone for a fairly good chance to save up to 6,000 would be worth it for many. So worst case scenario is that the op ends up doing what seems to be your fairly worthless suggestion to this thread: pay for an extra night. Best case: saves the price of the extra night. And that is by the way, at least one phone call, not at least 6-7 phone calls. Obviously the guy can get lucky on the first call.
  7. Auto Air repair in CM.......where to go?

    Yep, that's what I do. Mr. Ton and Pro Auto is a gem of a shop here in CM. But there's a special kind of satisfaction in getting your hands dirty and working on something like this yourself, a satisfaction that is not related to saving time or money. Cheers to Mr. Cheeryble.
  8. But it does provide a quite good explanation to the OP regarding what has quite likely happened. Thanks to 007 Red for that. It was interesting to read. It would also indicate that trying again, possibly with another airline, will not help, unless there has been so many complaints since the OP's last denied boarding that Thai immigration have become aware of a systemic problem and started to recheck all old entries for correctness by themselves. I suspect 007 Red's suggestion of turning up at immigration in Thailand may be the best way of getting the problem fixed, after entering through a land border where there will presumably be a human who will examine the records of his ban, and not an automated computer system rejecting him. I also like UbonJoe's idea of contacting the local Thai airways office for help as a first try, showing them the old passport too. Would not expect the OP being able to make the local Thai embassy take any interest in such a problem.
  9. No. Yes. Possibly you can ask the court to put your child on the "no exit" list, if you can convince the family court you have good reason to suspect mother will take your daughter away from Thailand and not bring her back. The child should then be blocked from leaving Thailand. Unless you have some strong evidence, I don't think this will happen however. But if you have her passports, this is hopefully not necessary anyway. Not sure what would happen if you turn up in Sweden. You would not be registered there as a father with shared custody, at least not initially, so don't see how you would have any rights to your daughter in Sweden. How would you even prove you are her father? The Hague treaty is the way to handle this I think. If you were Thai, you would open a Hague case from Thailand (not Sweden) citing that the child was domiciled in Thailand until the mother without permission abducted the child to another country. The Swedish authorities should reasonably quickly (in two-three months?) return the child to you in Thailand, by force if mother refuses. They would say mother should bring a case against you in Thailand if she wants full custody and move with the child to Sweden without your permission, and mother may get some legal problems in Sweden due to her actions too (taking the child away to Sweden without permission). But you are not Thai, only your daughter is. I'm not sure if the Thai authorities would help you the same way they would help a Thai parent in this case. Maybe they would, but I'm not sure.
  10. Indeed. A doctor friend of mine says what "really" happened was that this doctor noticed he had forgot the bag on the bus when he got off, started to follow the bus and also called the bus company to alert them that he had forgotten something on the bus and please call the the driver off the bus, ask him to find the bag and take care of it until the passenger has caught up with the bus. For some reason, the driver then opened the backpack to examine the contents. If this story is true, I can't say I would blame the doctor all that much for giving the driver a candybar or two. Rather I'd wonder why the bus driver thought it necessary to examine the bag the passengers bag after being told the passenger was coming to collect it. Did the bus driver even find it necessary to count the money? Doesn't match the story printed her too well, which said the passenger got the bag back at the police station, so I don't know what is true either.
  11. Try salsa kitchen on huay kaew road, opposite the shell station that is 200m up from kad suan kaew in the direction of MAYA. Sometimes they have, sometimes they don't.
  12. Western Boxing in Chiang Mai??

    I disagree with that. Most Muay Thai guys are pretty bad boxers, which is no wonder as they spend 80+ percent of the training time on other things than throwing punches with their hands. The stance of Muay Thai is also very different from boxing. So I don't think attempting to train boxing with muay thai guys is a good idea. I've seen the occasional advertisement for western boxing here in Chiang Mai, but can unfortunately not remember any off-hand at the moment. Possibly it was at Chiang Mai university or at the big 700 years sport centre?
  13. No recommendations for dealers, but I bought an old car (Toyota) some years ago from the owner for about 100,000. I took it to Pro Auto as they had been recommended here (Ton there speaks fluent english and is nice to deal with) and asked them to check things out. Paid a little money for it, which I think they said they would refund me if I later brought the car back to them to fix things. Which I did. Been happy with the service ever since. If I were to buy a second hand car again, from dealer or not dealer, I'd take it to Pro Auto again. Actually now that I think about it I do have a non-firsthand recommendation for dealer: Toyota Sure. These shops sell not too old Toyota cars and at least one mechanic recommended me to go there if I wanted to get a good second hand car, as he thought they did a decent job of checking things out before taking a car in for sale. Since they honour their warranty he said, it'd be in their very best interest to check things properly too of course. I don't think you'll find 100,000B cars there, but maybe you can find a 250,000B car there? I'd take it to Pro Auto too though, just in case. It does not cost much to have them check it and you'll get an independent opinion, assuming Toyota Sure does not mind.
  14. Lost Marriage Cert

    I believe there are two certificates you can get. One is "kor sam" (kor 3), which is the original, fancy one. As far as I know, you cannot get a replacement for this. That is at least what I was told. The second one is "kor song" (kor 2). This you can get at any (?) amphur just by turning up with your passport and asking for it. Some immigration offices ask for this, to show that the marriage is still current, as kor song is provided with the date you ask for it, so should be easy to get. Somebody can get this on your behalf too I think, because somebody offered to get it on my behalf. They asked for my passport (original) in order to get it, but perhaps it's possible without handing out your passport to somebody too. Perhaps the Thai embassy where you are could help too. I'm not aware of any police reports required, and it was certainly not required for "kor song". Will you get a new "kor sam", the fancy one, if you turn up at the amphur with a police report?
  15. Mobile Phone Service Provider

    One thing to note is that when I switched, AIS gave me the opportunity to buy any of several "packages" at half price for the first year. I said I'd think about it later (thought I'd just continue with prepaid, as I used on DTAC) but the AIS staff said the half price offer was only available now when I switched. Buying it later would require paying the standard rate. At that rate, the deal is much better than what I had at DTAC. Maybe DTAC will also offer me to pay half the rate if I switch back to them in a year, when my half-price deal at AIS runs out?