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  1. Once a thread goes cold there is never any updates as this country doesn't need bad publicity ☠
  2. I had all music papers western and thai only to be told they were all bogus by the scammers and the local police i now have 2 sets hanging up so maybe ok unless theres a 3rd i wasnt there this time otherwise i would not have paid
  3. this same guy in the red shirt came to my bar on sunday ,i have all the correct docs from being done by the copy right police 4 times all ready 1st time western 2nd time thai music 3rd time videos ,each time payed a fine in the police station ranging from 12-18000baht this lowlife scum bag told my other half that he was the original and all the others were scammers don at the police station they back him up and then they fined me 13000 once more ,yesterday this video was making the rounds on facebook and you tube ,i instructed a lawyer to go to the police station to show video to the police and they said basically my wife as a liar and as she had no proof other than the dodgy reciept she sould go and be more careful in future ,ther were 5-6 other people in the police station all paying the same fine ,luckily for me i wasnt in the bar that night as i would now probably be in jail ..my bar is chiang mai cabaret in anusan market if anyone has any details on the scumbag please let me know because i would love to catch up with him ....