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  1. Chelsea Fc Thread

    A nice comfortable evening's work by the team. Delighted to see Willian get a couple which should help his confidence, the first finishing off a sublime move. We're through but, Atletico winning against Roma means they'll be up for the fight against us at the Bridge, although a win is a must for them.
  2. Chelsea Fc Thread

    It's hard to fathom what Emanolo's imput to the club was and what he was responsible for! So much so, that Chelsea are said to be thinking of leaving the position vacant for the foreseeable future.
  3. The one saving grace for Moyes is that he has got some talented players to work with, in attack and midfield. If he can get them on his side, he's got half a chance. The centre of the defence, however, is a nightmare. It's old and it's slow.
  4. A poor appointment, typified by the 'faith' Sullivan and Gold have in him with the 6 month contract. If I was a West Ham player, I would view this 'stop gap' solution as underwhelming.
  5. Chelsea Fc Thread

    The one worrying moment for me? Conte substitutes Rudiger for Zappacosta. Good, Rudiger right wing back, that's what I would have done. Wait! Rudiger's going to right back and Azpilicueta is pushed forward to bloody right wing back! No! Why change it? Leave it as it is Conte! Strewth, how we've missed Kante. He, Morata and Hazard were immense with Bakayoko, Christensen and Azpilicueta not that far behind. Without Mkhitaryan firing, United offered no creativity in midfield and were pretty dire on the night, although when Fellaini came on, with arms flailing and looking like a whirling dervish, we did struggle with the high balls.
  6. Chelsea Fc Thread

    Prior to the 3-0 Roma defeat, our heaviest loss was the 3-0 against Arsenal last season. After that, Conte freshened things up and decided on a back three which left Ivanovic sitting on the bench. The rest is history with the team going on a 13 game unbeaten run. Three games into that run, we faced United and pissed all over them. It shows that those players have the character to bounce back from adversity but it's up to Conte to give them the impetus.
  7. Chelsea Fc Thread

    I totally agree regarding team selection Keith. It hasn't worked before so why does he keep starting the Bakayoko/Fabregas midfield combo and Azpilicueta at right wing back? Especially in the Champions League where you can't, under any circumstances, carry passengers. I thought certain players like Alonso, Morata and Rudiger would enjoy the chance of returning to Italy to "woof it up 'em" but that didn't materialise. A diabolical decision by Rudiger to leave that ball instead of hoofing it clear. Did he get a call from Courtois? Our best player was Hazard until that c**t trod on his ankle which ruined his pace and invention for the rest of the game. A thoroughly disappointing performance against a team who are no great shakes, as far as I'm concerned.
  8. Chelsea Fc Thread

    Forever the fashion guru, JD.
  9. Chelsea Fc Thread

    We should have pissed up against a Bournemouth side that were devoid of any ambition except to survive, and only decided to press when they went a goal down. Our back three will rarely have an easier afternoon. Hazard was different class and made room for others to exploit. Although he missed a sitter, Morata held the ball up well against a packed defence. He's not going to score in every game as some people, especially on other forums, think he should do. There isn't a striker in history that is that consistent. As long as he's working for the side, I'm more than happy with his performances so far.
  10. Chelsea Fc Thread

    N'Golo Kante back training and looking like he'll be in the squad tomorrow. What with Drinkwater's impressive debut last Wednesday, we'll have more than enough midfielders to shake a stick at, against the Cherries. You've got to hand it to our medical staff. They were superb last season and have been good this season.
  11. Chelsea Fc Thread

    Bournemouth next lads (and the wombat). An improving side who are a bit more resilient defensively this season than last, mainly due to Ake. They've got Middlesbrough at home tonight,so it will be worth checking their line up to see if Howe is taking the EFL Cup seriously.
  12. Chelsea Fc Thread

    Yes, he's very low key. So much so that, when he gets fouled, and because he doesn't remonstrate with referees as much as other players, he doesn't get the decision as often as he should.
  13. Chelsea Fc Thread

    Or someone is desperate to lay Watford at silly prices. I bet Ladbrokes are ducking under.
  14. Chelsea Fc Thread

    I thought I'd take a look at the replay of the Roma v Napoli game. Roma are a big and physical side without much pace although Perotti looked to have some foot on the left. Peres got forward on the right a couple of times as did Pellegrini. Under came on as substitute and looked quick. Dzeko looked ponderous as usual but was a danger in the air. I was impressed with Nainggolan in midfield. Strong, no nonsense in the tackle with an eye for a pass. What stood out was that, whenever Dries Mertens got the ball and ran at the cumbersome Roma defence, they shit their pants so, if Hazard is on form, he should enjoy himself. Fazio, who had an uninspiring spell at Spurs, came on as substitute for the injured Manolas.
  15. Chelsea Fc Thread

    Apologies accepted.