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  1. You must be president of the Diego Costa Appreciation Society. He's put in a good performance in half a game since the January transfer window and you STILL think he's above any sort of criticism?
  2. Conte must have given Costa countless bollockings at previous half time rants, so it couldn't have been that, that forced an attitude change. The cynic in me supposes that, at half time, he was given the news that he was definitely on his way to China.
  3. I didn't get to see the second half as there was a power cut in our village. Good, quick football from both teams and a vital goal by Cahill just before half time. Hazard and Kante were outstanding while Costa was awful. Second half summary please lads?
  4. That's a pretty safe bet BB.
  5. That was a match and a half. Spurs are a big, strong, athletic and skilful side so our defence had to be strong to get a result. It was, with Luiz, Ake and Azpilicueta outstanding. Add to that the industry of the midfield and front line and it was a perfect counter attacking team performance. Batshuayi did well considering the occasion. That will give him the confidence to kick on. The pace of the game left Matic and Alonso floundering a bit but they coped better as the game progressed and slowed. The double is well and truly on, lads!
  6. They ought to ban the Japanese fighter, because he's not worth a cup of tea either.
  7. He didn't come across to me as a 'worrier'.
  8. He spent more time on his arse than he did on his feet.
  9. Replacing him by switching Moses to the left certainly wasn't the answer. He was like a fish out of water.
  10. News that John Terry is to leave at the end of the season is no surprise but, to replace a captain, defender and footballer of his magnitude at the club, will be an impossibility.
  11. We looked and played like a team that is feeling the pressure. Even Conte couldn't muster his usual enthusiasm on the line. The first half was the worst we've played for ages, Kante being the only exception. Without his industry, we would have been in deeper trouble.
  12. Lately, it's like playing with ten men when he's in the side. A waste of space.
  13. Loads of imponderables in this game. Vital that we get something though.
  14. Oldgit story so far...fell out of the traps, showed bundles of middle pace to take a clear lead turning for home, faded badly in the home straight. I've hit a brick wall. Be lucky to finish fifth.
  15. It's not over 'til the fat bloke sings.