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  1. Andrew Flintoff?
  2. Bloody chickens!
  3. Fanfare of trumpets! Sky sources have announced that Chelsea are "in talks to sign Tiemoue Bakayoko and Alex Sandro". Well, we've been in talks for weeks to sign these two but, given the excitement in the Sky studios, it looks like that their signatures will be penned very, very soon. From what I've seen, they will be excellent additions to the squad. If we can get Thomas Lemar and Douglas Costa as well this transfer window, I'll be ecstatic.
  4. I'll wager the reason this highly combustible cladding and insulation was installed was: 1) It was cheaper than Rockwool Rockclad. 2) It was on the OUTSIDE of the building. Surely, if a fire starts there, it can be contained, they thought? But, with all the different agencies involved in the construction of this stuff throughout London, not one forsaw the catastrophic and fatal consequencies of a fire starting within the block and spreading through the windows, etc. to feed the tacky, ignitible crap, they sanctioned, outside.
  5. Yet Rockwool Rockclad was in the original specification in 2012. This ,according to the specification has "a high level of fire resistance and complies with European fire safety regulations." It appears that the this cheap and nasty polystyrene, and highly flammable' insulation has been included in the meantime. What with the gap between the existing structure and the cladding causing a 'chimney effect' allowing the fire to take hold very quickly and spread rapidly up the building, this was a disastrous and fatal decision. The question now arises, did the main contractor take it on himself to make this decision? Did the consultant or the architect give the green light? Did the local council sanction the change because they were trying to save money?
  6. No chance of me ever getting that. I was a 'Swivel eyed Smith, the goalie's nightmare' man.
  7. Ron Yeates.
  8. Yeah, yeah alright, don't rub it in!
  9. Normally, I can't remember what I did yesterday but I'll have a go. Gordon Banks..Leicester. Jack Charlton...Dirty Leeds. Jimmy Armfield...Blackpool. Ray Wilson...Everton. Bobby Charlton and Nobby Stiles...Man. Utd. Alan Ball...Everton. Martin Peters and Geoff Hurst... Yer 'Ammers. Roger Hunt... gawd knows, Sunderland?. Brian Labone...Everton.
  10. Bobby Smith
  11. If it's true Wil', he is a manager that puts the club's interest above any individual and sends a signal to other squad members that he's someone not to be trifled with.
  12. According to Costa, Conte has sent him a text saying that "he is no longer in his plans" for the coming season. I wouldn't have thought that sending a text was Conte's style but, it appears to me that Costa 's flirtation with joining a club in the Chinese League in January, was too much for him to bear. He waited until the season was over, then f****d him off. It now looks odds on Lukaku is returning.
  13. It seems Puel hasn't been sacked yet and it was just speculation by some two bob sensationalistic reporters.
  14. John Duncan
  15. I thought it was Frank Carson. Played for Carlisle United and Lincoln City just after the First World War.