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  1. Chelsea Fc Thread

    You're becoming tiresome. You're calling me a Yesterday's Man because I called Costa cumbersome and devoid of acceleration, and you think that Conte's Chelsea still need a "steamroller" of a centre forward (your words) and that the "whippet type" (your words although I would have said "greyhound") striker is a thing of the past. First of all let's get something nice and sparkling clear, Conte told Costa last January that he wanted him out and not by text at the end of the season, as you said previously. That was too wish him good luck at his next club but Costa decided to make a drama out of it, the tart. Now let me ask you a couple of questions. Who were statistically the two top strikers in La Liga (last season and five seasons before) and, for that matter, the world? Answer...Christiano Ronaldo and Messi. Most definitely not the crash,bang wallop type of striker you admire. Who were statistically the top two strikers in the Bundersliga last season?...Answer...Lewandoski and Aubameyang. Two strikers who use their pace and tactical awareness of space rather than bully defenders. Who were statistically the two best strikers in Serie A last season ?Answer....Dybala and Immobile. Same comment. Who were statistically the top three strikers in the Premier League last season? Answer....Harry Kane, Lukaku and Sanchez. If you told a Spurs supporter that Kane was a bully of a centre forward, who goes out to intimidate defenders and likes to wind up the opposition, they'd spit in your eye. Lukaku COULD be described as a physical player, but not by me. He uses his acceleration and powerful running off the shoulder of the defender, rather than getting involved in the brawn game. "Whippet" Sanchez is striker who looks for space and, again, uses his acceleration to get away from players. And you think I'm out of touch, you dingo?. What you know about football I've forgotten.
  2. Chelsea Fc Thread

    Not in South London, most of them are smashed to pieces
  3. Chelsea Fc Thread

    You'd find a way to have an argument in a telephone box.
  4. Chelsea Fc Thread

    Yeah, Mickey was a flyweight!
  5. Chelsea Fc Thread

    I should sign up BM, but I get the Chelsea website sent on my google email account which I completely forgot about! I'll look at the game now. Thanks for your opinions on the players mentioned.
  6. Chelsea Fc Thread

    Keith, what do you think of Kenedy after this game? I know the opposition wasn't great.(I didn't get to see the game, too lazy to get up at 2.00 a.m. over here). He's always looked like a player with some pace and skill but his decision making, including getting sent home from China, have been diabolical. Another question, does Musonda need bulking up or is he physically spot on now?
  7. Chelsea Fc Thread

    Are you saying that coaches and their staff, in general, don't make mistakes or just Conte and his team? If it's the former, then you have more faith in their 'spotting potential' abilities than I have. There are loads of cases where youngsters have slipped through the net, even more so at Chelsea where we seem to produce them for the benefit of others. As far as Conte is concerned, he's been a resounding success so far but, he can't be everywhere so the jury's still out on whether his team are capable talent spotters or not. Don't tell me you've never questioned the staff at Spurs over a certain player's potential? Yeah, it's there full time job but they <deleted> up like everybody else. I've looked at, and opined about football since the 1950's, gone to hundreds of matches at home and abroad and I'm not saying I'm the ultimate judge but, I reckon my opinion, for what it's worth, counts. Don't you think yours does? Regarding your previous comment, of course you're right that talent isn't the only prerequisite for success. You also have to have the desire to succeed, hard work, dedication and last but not least, luck in abundance.
  8. Chelsea Fc Thread

    Skype?? I've just got used to using mobile phones!
  9. Chelsea Fc Thread

    See, there you go again.
  10. Chelsea Fc Thread

    Because you're the same. You get to name calling like a spoilt girl when other people don't pander to your opinion. My 'fight fire with fire' comment was my reciprocation of the childish name calling crap with the Willy the Wombat <deleted>. Look, if somebody has a go at me to face, well bring it on but, someone frothing up and punching the hell out of the keys on a computer keyboard to hurl abuse at a faceless individual who you've never met?....that's just ridiculous.
  11. Chelsea Fc Thread

    Blue Muton is quite new here and comes across as someone who one can have a decent debate with. But you, well, you've been around ages but it didn't take me long to suss out what kind of poster you are. I'm not only talking about this post, but others where you delight in digging out a word, extracting a sentence and twisting it to suit your own ends, and finally, a sprinkling of silly, childish emoticons to give it... what?....substance?. Who are you trying to impress? Let's face it, in a discussion with you, no one will ever admit that they're wrong or that you've put forward a valid point, while you have this condescending tone to your posts.
  12. Chelsea Fc Thread

    How is it that, whenever someone disagrees with your opinion and attempts to put a different slant on things, you resort to ridicule, name calling and cynicism? Why can't you have a sensible and constructive discussion instead of trying to take the piss all the time? You and E/S are like two peas in a pod and, the only way to stop him in his tracks is to fight fire with fire unfortunately.
  13. Chelsea Fc Thread

    He is and it's just annoying that he doesn't get more chances.
  14. Chelsea Fc Thread

    How did I know that Willy the Wombat would dive into this discussion?
  15. Chelsea Fc Thread

    Now that Hazard is back, Morata will get the support that Costa enjoyed. Honestly JD, I was never a Costa disciple, even when he was banging them in due, no doubt in my mind, to Hazard, Pedro and Willian teeing him up. He looked too cumbersome, lacked acceleration and it always rankled me that there was someone else, somewhere better than him who we could snap up. I think Morata is that man.