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  1. Chelsea Fc Thread

    If it was just black, that may explain why he played <deleted> in Barcelona?
  2. Chelsea Fc Thread

    Yep, Caballero for Postman Pat is nailed on.
  3. Chelsea Fc Thread

    What is a masterclass is how you've managed to get this far without having a brain transplant, <deleted>.
  4. Chelsea Fc Thread

    Yes Keith, Zappacosta is gradually getting to grips with the Premier League. He looks a no nonsense, get-on-with-it type of player with a nice turn of foot. His defending is also improving. Conte is taking his time over Palmieri. He's also shown good pace and trickery down the flanks so, I'm assuming it could be fitness or defensive issues as he looked disciplined in his last game.
  5. Chelsea Fc Thread

    A bit of a scratchy performance against Palace, after we looked like we would steamroller them in the first half. But now, a very important game on Wednesday against Barcelona. I've no worries over Hazard playing well, wherever Conte sticks him in the line up, as he'll be desperate to showcase his talent in the backyard of his potential suitors, and if he can put one over the old enemy, all the better. Our defence worries me as Christensen has started making errors and his confidence has, consequently, been affected. However, these sort of games are what the big players thrive on so I'm hoping he gets back to normality. No doubt that we will be on the back foot for most of the game so, the rapid counter attack will be the game plan. On current form, Morata should have no arguments if Giroud starts as he's looked dangerous.
  6. Liverpool F.c.

    A master of his craft. That cockney accent is the best I've heard on the silver screen.
  7. Liverpool F.c.

    So why didn't they stick Van Dijk on him instead?
  8. Liverpool F.c.

    Nice one...Mike Bassett.
  9. Chelsea Fc Thread

    The plan was correct but the execution was half good and half insipid. Why? Because Cesc Fabregas isn't N'Golo Kante. He would have been key to Conte's plan to nullify their midfield, with his energy and tackling ability, then help to set up the counter but, alas, he was lying on his back in the team coach. And whenever we did get the chance to get forward, our passing or final pass was abysmal with Pedro the guilty party. That was the 'insipid' part because I thought our defending was disciplined and organised in the face of a quick, skilful attack. People talk about the Premier League as the most competitive in the world but, for the first time since we won the title in 2004 -2005, City are absolutely cantering away with it. That's because they're very good and have players that can make the opposition look silly. We have a pragmatic coach who identified the strengths and weakness in the squad very quickly last season (he had to, because he was preoccupied with Italy's national team) and, with organisation and discipline coupled with some flair, we won the League. That hasn't been enough this season because City have that and loads more. Back to the game and, with Fabregas and Drinkwater in midfield, it would have been foolhardy to take City on. Looking at the bench, we could have swopped Alonso for Emerson and Zappacosta for Moses from the start, adding more pace down the flanks but, they still would have had to defend most of the time. What was very disappointing was Conte's reluctance to change things, after we went 1-0 down. We needed a goal back so, give Giroud a good 40 minutes to test their back line and Morata half an hour to get into the game. Neither happened and, with Morata's ludicrous substitution in the last minute, City were content to knock the ball around until Conte made up his mind.
  10. North v South

    As City and Liverpool are alight right now, (in fact City have been all season and I keep waiting for them to hit a brick wall, but it isn't happening and it doesn't seem that it will), United are plodding along in second and the 'South' powerhouses are in a semblance of turmoil, you can't stop talking about yourselves. A far cry from last season when Chelsea and Spurs dominated. However, I'll have a go at picking a team from the South so here goes (4 - 3 -3): Lloris, Azpilicueta....Vertonghen....Alderweireld.....Monreal. Eriksen ......Kante........Dembele Arnautovic........Kane.........Hazard
  11. Chelsea Fc Thread

    Yes mate, I was a bit peeved when Hazard was removed as, out of the two of em, he looked the fresher. What disappointed me more was, when Giroud came on and linked up with Morata , I thought we would test them in the air but it didn't happen. When they fell back protecting their lead, plus bringing on Bailly to bolster their defence, we still tried to work it through the centre where there was no space. Then, of course, there was the goal that never was.
  12. Chelsea Fc Thread

    Steady on chief! I wouldn't go that far!
  13. Chelsea Fc Thread

    Yes Keith, he looks like Mourinho's stuck him on the weights as he's bulked up a lot. What with Pogba as well, they looked like a couple of mountain men patrolling the midfield. Frustration is the emotion I feel, after that game, as I thought we played well, especially in the first half. Morata knuckled down a bit after the break and stayed on his feet, probably after a bollocking from Conte. A bit of insipid defending by Rudiger and Alonso allowed Lukaku (another bulked up giant) to cross the ball for their winner.
  14. Chelsea Fc Thread

    "Underpinned by Conte's tactical nous" was what he said, but the rest of it mirrors my own views on the game. Now, if you choose to take the ESPN report as gospel, that's your lookout. Come on, ye emoticon disciple, let's get down to brass tacks. All these snide little remarks, scouring of posts for a snippet, a syllable or word to suit your own agenda has absolutely nothing to do with discussing the game, which, as far as you're concerned, may as well have been a croquet match, because you have, let's face it, next to zero interest in the events that took place. No, it's a Chelsea thread so, tee hee, let's dive in and extract a phrase or two from a mountain of posts and attempt to take the piss.Something that you're akin to on a regular basis on other threads, I've noticed. Now, we could go on and on and on until the cows come home but my views of the match won't change because of what you say.
  15. Chelsea Fc Thread

    Then there's Phil McNulty's BBC post match report for you.