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  1. Mark79

    Marriage certificate

    I got married at Hua Hin Amphur Sept 2016. We needed 2x Thai witnesses present. We went all prepared on the Wednesday but were told we needed to make an appointment so had to come back on the Friday. All was done there and then on the Friday and certificates issued on the day. They issued a new ID card for my wife with the title Mrs and my 2nd name, they also issued me one of the Farrang ID cards whilst we were there. All was done very fast and we were in and out less an hour.
  2. Thanks for the link Joe, clarified my question. I had read that topic a while back but didn't see the recent posts addressing the exact question I had.
  3. I have just been doing my 1yr Extension of stay based upon marriage and getting fed up with all the jumping through hoops! I am seriously considering the Thai Elite route next year. With Thai Elite perks does anyone know what happens when traveling on holiday with a Thai wife? Can she still pass through immigration with you, ride on the golf buggy from the plane etc?
  4. Thanks for the replies, looks like I will need to get our documents translated to English before we go for the visa application. Sounds good advice to include the medical insurance statement on my introduction letter too. I had read the pinned topic and found the info very useful, not so clear cut about the reason to return so fingers crossed the ECO agrees we have a life together in Thailand. My wife does not work and I support everything financially. My employment is offshore working 2 months at sea followed by 2 months holiday where I live in Thailand. Unfortunately I will just be arriving on a Visa Exempt entry this trip in December but will show history of my other visas and evidence that I have spent 6 months per year in Thailand for the last 12 years +. Cheers, Mark
  5. I plan to take my Thai wife on holiday to the UK in February for a few weeks and have filled in the online application and booked a visa appointment on the 28th December in BKK. We have not had our Thai marriage certificates or her name change certificate translated or registered at the UK embassy, is this needed? She does have a new Thai passport as a Mrs and with my 2nd name. For the reason to return to Thailand I was hoping it would be enough evidence to show that she has blue book and land chanote in her name and I have yellow book showing that we live together here in Thailand and I financially support everything. I have already booked return flights too. I was going to get my Mum to write a letter saying we will be staying at her home in the UK along with some hotel bookings. I will write a letter from myself stating that I will cover all costs backed up with Bank Statements from UK and Offshore accounts, Thai bank Book, offshore payslips, and permanent employment contract from the ship where I work. I will also submit my passport (although no Thai visa at the moment), some photos together at home in Thailand and on a holiday to Hong Kong. Any recent experiences or advice of what to submit as evidence would be much appreciated.
  6. I Just got married at the Amphoe in Hua Hin last week. My wife is originally from Buriram but she already changed her ID to Hua Hin and house book when we bought a house here a few years back. The Amphoe said she could choose to keep her second name or change to mine, same with the title of miss or mrs. We chose to change to mrs and use my second name for her. They issued a new ID card for her and changed her name in the blue house book there and then. They also issued me one of the farrang ID cards whilst we were there. Just Driving Licenses, Passport and bank cards left to change.
  7. Mark79

    non imm o hull

    The single entry Non Imm O gives you a 90 day stamp, this can then be extended for 1 year at immigration office in Thailand if you meet the requirements. This can only be done in the last month of your 90 day stay though and I work at sea 8 weeks on / 8 weeks off. Looks like with recent instructions the Multi entry O visa based on retirement will no longer be issued at Hull or any other UK consulate either, only the Embassy in London will issue Multi Entry Non Imm Visas.
  8. Mark79

    non imm o hull

    I Just had a reply from Glasgow Consulate who informed me that all consulates in the UK have been instructed by the embassy that they can no longer issue multi entry non immigrant visas, all multi entry non imm's have to be done at the Thai Embassy in London. They will issue single entry non immigrant visas, but even this needs approval from the Embassy. Certainly does seem to be getting harder! I have just got married and was looking forward to getting a non o visa instead of messing around with tourist visas! Looks like I will have to plan another visit to the UK allowing more time to acquire the visa with a trip to London, or possibly by post at London?
  9. I have had a reply from Kaya at Glasgow Thai Consulate, but no reply from Hull yet. Glasgow informed me that just recently they had instruction from the Embassy that no consulate in the UK can issue multi entry non immigrant visas. Singe entry Non Immigrant visas can be issued by the consulates but the applications must be approved by the Embassy, documents can be emailed in advance and the single entry visa issued on the day you visit the consulate. Looks like I will have to get a single entry visa for now and make plans to visit London when time allows or Savannakhet.
  10. Mark79

    non imm o hull

    I had planned getting a "non imm o visa" based on marriage in December from Hull and noticed on their Extra Evidence For Non Immigrant Visas 2016 download they state that; "Only a single entry visa may be granted in these circumstances. Applicant will need to arrange Extension of Stay as necessary in Thailand." I emailed Hull Consulate 2 days ago to see if documents can be emailed to them and then visa granted from Embassy in London but had no reply yet.
  11. That might work out perfect, I could email off all of my documents the week before, even send originals (excluding passport). I emailed Hull Consulate yesterday to see if there was any possible way to obtain the visa in such a short time but had no reply yet.
  12. Thanks for the info, Glasgow is a lot more convenient for me than London. I take it you visited the consul in Person? Think I have left myself a bit short on time to obtain the multi entry non o as I will be in the UK on 17th December, the 19th Dec is the Monday and I have a ticket booked back to Thailand on the 20th.
  13. Thanks for the replies. I see what Ubonjoe means, getting a single entry non o visa in a neighboring country before I am due to leave Thailand (say Feb 2017 sometime), then getting a re-entry permit issued for my 90 day stamp, returning to Thailand after my 8 weeks at sea (April 17) and then getting the 1 year extension of stay based upon my 90 stamp issued in February with re-entry permit. This could actually work for me. Or just a multi entry non o from Savannakhet would work fine too. I shall still see if possible in the UK, but if not at least I have some other options. It would be nice to get back into the system of 1yr Extensions, once the first one is done the following years should be easy....unless more rules change!
  14. Hi All, Has anyone successfully obtained a Multi Entry Non Immigrant O Visa based on marriage from the UK lately? I have recently married a Thai national and plan on applying for a visa next time I am in the UK. I work at sea 8 weeks work followed by 8 weeks holiday, as I am only ever in country for 8 weeks at a time I don't think I will be able to obtain a 1 year extension of stay based upon marriage given that you can only apply in the last month of your 90 day entry. I had planned to drive to Hull Consulate to get the Multi entry visa in person but have just read that they only issue single entry now . I will only be in the UK between 18th and 20th December between leaving a ship in Europe and flying back to Thailand. Possibly London still issue multi entry? Has anyone obtained a 1 year extension of stay with multi re-entry permit without being in the country for over 2 months? Cheers, Mark
  15. Mark79

    Where can I get a cast iron skillet in Bangkok?

    Passion Delivery have them; http://www.passiondelivery.com/collections/cast-iron-cookware