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  1. So you missed out on the dozen or so corrupt predecessors I guess? oh well at least you are secure in your bubble with your rose coloured glasses on
  2. Du uh er... you don't say?
  3. The main issue is the Thai buddhist population in the southern states are really an occupying population which will never be wholeheartedly accepted by the muslims. No matter whether they have considered what life would be like under the control of a hardline muslim government or not, they automatically support the resistance against Thai rule due to their religious beliefs. This is drummed into them from childhood. The Thais are on a loser here, and need to cut them adrift before more lives are lost.
  4. Personally I believe missionaries are just parasites who brainwash their innocent victims who are left with a guilt trip put them all on a plane back to where they came from and go get a real job
  5. Steven, have you ever heard the term "rose coloured glasses" It means that the glasses makes bad things look good. Were you born with them on, or did you decide at some stage to start wearing them?
  6. This house of cards will all come tumbling down eventually
  7. The irony of his congratulating a democratically elected leader's victory is obviously lost on him
  8. Eventually, maybe in 20 or 30 years, the Thai people will achieve a democracy and rid themselves of all these self-serving parasites who now impose their will on them. There is no place for a country's armed services to govern it, their role is to protect it from foreign attacks. They are not trained or educated and have no mandate to govern, they simply do what serves their own interests. Like buying expensive military equipment and giving themselves pay rises and promotions.
  9. Let's be clear, this is more of the same from this Junta and the families who control it. An unrelenting drive to maintain their ancient privileges and a total disregard for the peasantry. One only has to read the history of Thailand to understand their mind set and see why they will never yield to a democratic system of government. Sakdina continues to live and flourish in the luxury estates of the mega rich and powerful.
  10. sometimes Ezzra, you should just sit looking at the screen and not touch the keyboard
  11. Is there any subject too unimportant, any issue too insignificant that our fearless leader cannot give us the benefit of his wisdom?
  12. Sorry old chap, I got confused with all that rambling, about Mao and Hitler, so this is all about Thaksin being what? a cruel psychopath who took over by revolution or putsch then proceeded to eliminate his opponents by murdering them and oppressing the populace, doing away with democracy, creating a one party state .............. er are you sure you are not referring to the current regime???
  13. yes much better to do away with all personal freedoms seajae and live under the rule of a military junta who can't be criticized and who are above any examination or investigation