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  1. What could possibly go wrong?
  2. You could say that for the entire military, mummys boys in lovely uniforms
  3. You are just repeating what Trump has said. Which is wrong and a lie. For example, France and Germany haven't paid their NATO dues in 20 years. The agreement on NATO dues says that the member states will increase their contributions to 2% of GDP by the year 2025. If you know what year it is, you will understand what this means. Trump preys on the uneducated to spin his distorted facts, which they then believe and repeat without actually knowing the real story. You have just proved it.
  4. This guy reminds me of Kung Canute
  5. Repeat of 2011 Thai flood disaster ruled out

    Despite the reassurance given, I fail to see how the government can give this gurantee Dam levels are at 80% and it's only beginning June. If they release water from the dams to prevent them from overflowing, it's still water that has to flow to the sea right? Add to this the natural water flow from precipitation into same rivers and we start to reach maximum levels. If it continues to rain, as it could quite easily, then we are in a flood situation. Unless they have some more storage hidden somewhere, it's all got to go via the rivers to the sea. So basically they are saying they know it won't rain much into the future. How can they say that? Weather is unpredictable and flooding is a part of life in Thsiland.
  6. Repeat of 2011 Thai flood disaster ruled out

    Yes I remember when Yingluck was blamed for the floods in 2011 I wonder if the PM will take the rap if we have a repeat of that situation?
  7. "Don't I have any chance to speak up?" Er.... well yes PM, you do actually, anywhere and at anytime you are guaranteed blanket media coverage on all networks, not to mention your Friday night monologue. But those pesky people insist on asking awkward questions, It's just not fair.
  8. So you missed out on the dozen or so corrupt predecessors I guess? oh well at least you are secure in your bubble with your rose coloured glasses on
  9. Du uh er... you don't say?
  10. Big C bomb suspects named

    The main issue is the Thai buddhist population in the southern states are really an occupying population which will never be wholeheartedly accepted by the muslims. No matter whether they have considered what life would be like under the control of a hardline muslim government or not, they automatically support the resistance against Thai rule due to their religious beliefs. This is drummed into them from childhood. The Thais are on a loser here, and need to cut them adrift before more lives are lost.
  11. Personally I believe missionaries are just parasites who brainwash their innocent victims who are left with a guilt trip put them all on a plane back to where they came from and go get a real job