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  1. I would suggest to choose next time another bar ... However, I have to admit, in an Isaan village, Nana Plaza or Walking Street, it might be difficult to find a good bartendy ;-)
  2. ... like to play with those big, bad guys, don't you ?
  3. Be sure - they will manage to screw up this one also !
  4. Nothing extraordinary in Pattaya. The tensions they have in their home countries, they are also bringing to Pattaya. Add in to that: there's a virtual huge desert nomad tent over Pattaya - obscuring from Allah that they aren't only drinking alcohol by medical reasons, but huge quantities for recreational use. ... so - not accustomed to alcohol - scenes like that can be observed regularily, though most times near their watering holes.
  5. Now??? You must be kidding! It is flooded wit Arabs and Indians of all age groups.
  6. I assume, the majority of ThaiVisa members won't be affected by this new rule in any way... It is for: "special economic zones of the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC)" and the intention is to attract investors in these zones, who are then also allowed to set up 90 year leases for residential housing near those factories. Welcome China ! ;-)
  7. ... and that's the decisive question: "Forever" ? What, if another drawdown like 2008 happens?
  8. "They" invested ? Are you sure?
  9. Not necessarily funny, the IO might assume both versions.... From what I have seen on numerous occasions - in Singapore you could be sure about that, if presenting such a visa history.
  10. IMHO that "de facto proof you are working" depends also on the language school, you are attending. - In case, it is one of the infamous ones, eg. the one starting with "W", I assume you are right. However, if one selects one of those institutions, whose primary interest is not to get as many paying students as possible via ED Visa, but primarily to teach Thai, it is for sure different. ( Institutions like CMU, Payap, AUA, ... come to mind.) However, I admit, this more than unlikely an alternative for the OP as she intends to work in Thailand: "I like cities, big cities that gives you opportunity to build of future and make money." ... I am sure, the next (and maybe, this time definitive) crackdown on the "co-working" spaces will come. Just too many "digital nomads" abusing the system and working illegally in Thailand with limited spending.
  11. If you see his body: just another guy on steroids... There are a lot of these in Pattaya. Experienced that myself with a nice guy, who couldn't kill a fly. 3 months into taking anabolics, he became a dangerous, aggressive a..hole. eg.
  12. ... well, I don't understand, what this Songkran fuss is all about. According to WHO statistics, Thailand had in 2013 24.237 fatal casualties - that's 66.4 per day ! So a Songkran day in 2016 (4d at 259 = 64.75) and even more in 2017 (4d at 226 = 56.4) was already less dangerous than an average day in 2013 ?
  13. Police making their own "laws" ??? "The bar was also lowered on the legally acceptable level of blood alcohol for motorists, from the current 50mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood to no higher than 20mg, he said. " and even more ridiculous: "Police suggested three guidelines: ... And third, that trucks allowed to carry passengers in the cargo bed must drive at less than 80 kph in municipal areas." ... I always thought, the law says 60 km/h in municipal areas ???
  14. you aren't by chance a bar or restaurant owner ? ;-)
  15. Yes, of cause: Do exactly that, what people are supposed to do according to the British press ;-) - seems, they don't take the conversion into a family beach resort to serious LOL