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  1. Also my experience. UBER s.cks in CM, tried it 4 months ago - asking me to book 24h in advance, never again ... and deleted the app. ( Have to confess, I am also not so keen to support Kalanick and alikes...) GRAB works well in CM, responsive, acceptable pricing. ... In the meantime, the GF is using them also.
  2. China, how that??? ... the Maglev in Shanghai was built by Siemens and ThyssenKrupp, german companies.
  3. Well, if they do not extend the conditions that offers absolutely no benefit for me: 1) only bank account based (no option based on income like retirement visa). - I will not "park" 80.000 € in a country, which in 1997 led the Asia crisis and where the Thai Banks -practically the same as now, but with other names- went bancrupt. And the Baht is IMO again over-valued. - The political landscape not stabilized, because the underlying real issues are not finally solved. - A country, constantly changing the rules applied for foreigners. 2) An insurance which is not worth its money - I have already a very good coverage by an european insurance - The Thai coverage is ridiculously low. - So, practically, the insurance is not worth the paper, it is printed on. If they want to support the lobbyists from Thai banks and Thai insurances: up to them, but not with me. I assume, the last word about the "old" retirement visa is still not written ... -> it's time to travel more intensively and explore alternative options.
  4. ... reminds me of 2 rules from those years long gone: 1) Check the seal, if there isn't any - don't drink the water, someone might have tried to improve his profit by filling the used bottle with tap water 2) Check the ice cubes in your drink - someone might have spared the cost for the ice factory and made it DIY-style with tap water in his freezer
  5. Yes, of cause: the wonderful, safe south - but the terrible Pattaya and Chiang Mai... Why that fingerpointing on other provinces, instead of a coordinated effort? -I always thought, it's the RTP-Royal Thai Police and not a RPP-Royal Phuket Police? I would consider paedophilia as one of the worst problems in our world. However, their focus on tourists appears me to neglect the real roots of the problem. The NGO involvement does not seem to help, their funding and consequently their targeting in mainly concentrated on Westerners. Mae Hong Son was involving only Thai, or am I wrong? Maybe, the reason for that is that I'm not in their "target group", however: in 14 years, I was not even once offered a child in Phuket, Pattaya or Chiang Mai - so are "the tourists" the real problem?
  6. Unfortunately, that is only half of the full truth: The No Fees for ATM are only applied in the same city. Should you use it in another city, you have to pay a fee -however far lower than the ATM fees for foreign CCs-.
  7. just as a comparison: Novarsc 5mg, 30 tablets : 750 THB at Fascino Pharmacy
  8. Wrong. 1st: he is a Thai gay. 2nd: the other guy blocked his way and even smashed his leg. Actually, based on his accent, I assume, he is not from the PRC, more likely a "native Australian" or Hongkongnese. And yes, I also have sometimes problems to control my temper, based on what I often experience here in CM from those 2 groups (and also PRC Chinese). I can at least somewhat understand the Thai - who is a middle class Thai, even if using the word "ii-sat" - expecting some courtesy and politeness, as usual among his peers.
  9. Totally different experience here in CM. UBER is crap, asking for booking one day ahead. GRAB is working so great, that the GF is now using nothing else - despite being quite hesitant before.
  10. ... one shouldn't forget the source of this mess: the Shadowbroker dump from NSA exploits
  11. Microsoft issued recently a security update for the SMB of Windows XP ...
  12. maybe, the standard procedure might help him: a Wai and becoming a monk for a few days ;-)
  13. With the increased traffic density on Thailands streets nowadays, even at night one won't manage anymore to drive at, let's say, 160-170 km/h to achieve a 150 average, just too many obstacles and other drivers slowing you down. From my experience on German Autobahns: to achieve a 150 km/h average over such a long distance, you have to constantly strive to drive you car with 200 km/h, because road construction, trucks and other slow drivers overtaking, etc. ... are constantly decreasing your average. Good luck trying that for 8 hours on Thai roads!
  14. Actually, whenever I've seen a Beg Packer in CM, it's more likely he gets money from the Thai, than from Farang.
  15. I would suggest to choose next time another bar ... However, I have to admit, in an Isaan village, Nana Plaza or Walking Street, it might be difficult to find a good bartendy ;-)