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  1. Hi Everyone, We're looking around for secondary schools for our son who will start next year. Is anybody familiar with Triam Udom Nomklao, which is located on Sukapibarn 3 Road, just east of the Outer Ring Ring Expressway? This is a government school that runs a separate EP program. If anybody has any info on this school, it would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Where Can I Buy Kayak In Thailand

    Sport World usually carries a few kayaks; both single and double models. These kayaks seem to be made from polypropolene plastic like most of today's kayaks and canoes. Sport World stores are in many of the big Bangkok malls. Good luck!
  3. Thai Citizenship

    I guess that's what it takes...plain old persistence. I'm looking at the possibility of getting PR since I will have lived here on the same visa for three years this coming fall. Some have said you need to have worked for three years and paid taxes...others say it has nothing to do with work status and only to do with the fact that you've stayed for three years without breaking the visa. Personal experiences vary so widely it's hard to decide exactly what needs to be done to get PR. Supposedly there is an interview/written test in Thai but then again some have said it's very basic and one guy even had the officer administer the written part orally since he couldn't read Thai! Perhaps the best advice I've seen on here thus far is to simply head down to Immigration, meet with somebody in charge, and present your case to them. The officer in question can then tell you whether or not you should bother trying to apply at that time. Being that I have never met a foreigner with permanent residence, I would probably take this route.
  4. Muay Thai vs Thai Boxing. Different?

    Most Muay Thai events outside Thailand have been modified which means it's not real Muay Thai as things like elbows and flying knees (as chonabot said) have been made illegal. "Kickboxing" is a generic term that sometimes gets confused with Muay Thai. In kickboxing, even knee strikes are often not allowed whereas in K-1 (from Japan), knee strikes are allowed but no elbow techniques are permitted. In MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) competitions like the UFC, Muay Thai plays a vital part of many contestants' training regimes due to its effectiveness in combat, however certain moves are still banned...for example, the downward elbow chop which can be delivered to the top of the head, collar bone, and a host of other targets. Muay Thai has often been seen by Westerners as rather brutal and unfit for the ring but attitudes are fortunately changing and many countries (including the USA) are now allowing Muay Thai events with all the same rules as used here in Thailand.