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  1. it was true ! which prompted this immigration meeting in the imperial mea ping hotel which lots of ferangs attended ( including me ) to talk about what we could ( as ferangs / forergners ) or not do without a work permit in thailand on the 7th june 11 dave2
  2. yes i did ... the cost of the first card is about 150 baht ish so i had about 850 baht ish credit so i was happy not having to queue every time i got on or off the bts coz i use it a lot when im in bangkok just tap the card on the top of the gate to get on the same off .... and it automaticly takes off what youve spent no queueing waiting or getting change for the ticket machines so i can get to caturday cat cafe quicker from asok .. heaven :) dave2
  3. thats what ive been doing up till now but ohh dear according to the rules of 16 april 16 i shouldnt even have one it says .. senior rabbit cards can only be used by thai senior citizens aged 60 years and over according to date of birth as shown on citizens id ( must state year of birth as 1956 or before ) which must be presented upon request by bts staff ! when i asked for one at asok she asked me for id so i gave her my thai driving licence and 60 seconds later she gave me a senior rabbit card loaded with the 1000 baht i had given her ! maybe the rules have changed now ? dave2 ps .. im going to england in a few weeks so ill ask about it when i get down to bangkok
  4. that was probably me after i came back from manila ! ive just come back from hong kong a week ago and i did my tm 30 at promenada this time coz i thought at the airport one would be a no no by now ? .... so i never went there :) dave2
  5. you have a garage ? i just leave all of mine outside :) just joshin .. dave2
  6. ohh #### so i guess me using it in bucharest romania is out then ? just joshin .. dave2
  7. ive got a rabbit card for the bts when im in bk but ive no idea if i could use it in a mc donalds in chiang mai ? dave2
  8. i saw it a few times but never saw it open and didnt know it had closed dave2
  9. hes right ! no water tanks no water machines like previous years nothing there this morning ! dave2
  10. like all these ? dave2 ....off to hong kong for a week :)
  11. here ya go .... pic taken last night :) dave2
  12. sorted :) im off to see the shop cats of sai ying pun in hong kong for a week :) ohh and by the way the pharmacy opposite lucky bar is closing for three days so if your getting short of any meds ... get them now ! as others may close as well ? dave2
  13. dont be silly they wouldnt allow rif raf like them in the red lion :) and chiangmaijoe im far from an angry old man coz i can have anything i want and go anywhere i want without even thinking about it :) but the numb nuts group in the pics who i didnt want to get near were well out of order to the chinese tourists ! dave2
  14. already sorted weeks ago ! dave2
  15. your joking right ? ohhh dear another newbie keyboard warrier whos not thinking things through how sad you want a 67 year old weedy old man who doesnt like thai hospital food ( been there done that for a week ... yuk ) and has a ticket to hong kong and a hotel booked on the 22 nd to politely inform a group of possibly drunk young men who are built like brick s###hoses that they are doing wrong and might pizz a few of the locals off by their behavior and advise them to stop it ? are you serious ? ...i have all the time in the world ...but im not stupid ! dave2 ps ... you stop to help at thai accidents ? . oh dear oh dear oh dear