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  1. Santitam accommodation recommendations

    there are :) but why stop in santitam ? .. they are everywhere ! dave2 ps .. bill97 ... i spent a week at the best western hotel in hong kong to escape songkran this year ... very nice :)
  2. elvis maralyn and who ?

    wow thanks for all the info paul :) your a star and made my day ! dave2
  3. elvis maralyn and who ?

    you might be right but i thought there might have been some other reason ? at least i know who the other two are now thanks people .. dave2
  4. elvis maralyn and who ?

    ok great ... three people say bogart and james dean :) but is there .... what is the conection between them and elvis and maralyn ? theres got to be a reason they are all in both of the pictures but ive no idea why ? dave2
  5. about ten years ago a started collecting pictures of elvis and maralyn monroe for the fun of it :) ive got quite a few from lots of different places and tonight i found two more in tip top bar near wat yang kuang ! obviously elvis and maralyn are in there but who are the other two men in the picture playing pool and at the bar anyone know ? dave2
  6. Hard Rock Cafe opened.

    i doubt it i had a small chang in hooters on beach road pattaya in march that was 150 baht and a small beer in the hard rock cafe in kuala lumpur last xmas was about 192 baht but an even bigger ttpiz was getting charged 60 baht for a coke in a girly bar on loi kroh road chiang mai on monday dave2 wont be going in there again !
  7. jeez what a queen over nothing hes on the left ! dave2
  8. Chuvit Garden near Asoke

    i always go to a lot of the parks when im in bangkok ! but im looking for moniter lizards :) dave2
  9. hes right ! there are no safety gates at the swampy station but the guards get their whistles out quickly if anyone goes near the yellow line :) dave2
  10. Down Under bar and bistro closed?

    i had a wander round the night bazzar today to see the cats there and the down under bar was alive well full of australians and open :) and almost opposite is the new players music bar in exactly the same place it was in may 2014 dave2
  11. Signage-laser cut acrylic

    no but there are at least 3 sign making shops on both sides of this street by the three kings monument :) dave2
  12. New Dutch Herring Party 2017

    here ya go :) dave2
  13. Place to use laptop - Tapai Gate

    camp coffee shop / co working space on the cinema floor of maya mall do this but they give you two hours of internet time ! dave2
  14. One off t-shirt printing

    here ya go :) dave2