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  1. Have 2 Panasonic ones. both still going strong after 14 years here... both installed the same day when the house was built. The one downstairs used most days for 2-3 hours early evening for 9 or 10 months a year, the one upstairs in the master bedroom used maybe for 6 weeks a year set on 27, but this one stops working every year, fully out of gas, it has also had the fan replaced twice, this year some relay had blown as well as no gas repaired on Tuesday total bill 1.700 baht..... Got him to check the gas on the downstairs one while he was here = fine as it was last year and the year before, it has had to have a bit of gas in twice in 14 years. Cant say it is a real problem, but why dose one run out of gas and the other not ? lack of use ? would running this one say 30 mins every week stop this problem ?
  2. Sportdevil is a bit hit and miss.... worked 2 weeks ago for F1, but often say's 'No stream available' will check later at 14:30 Thai time when practice 1 starts.... some programs are working now, just checked but is only 02:30 in the UK
  3. Never use a VPN and works for me on Kodi but do have to use for a lot of News on websites daily UK newspaper websites... latest to not work correct without is http://www.msn.com/en-gb works this morning but a hit and miss affair, often no pictures or videos so VPN to Germany or Singapore = works
  4. Never cost me anything......... see the local 'headman' go with him to the Town Hall [been on there computer 14 years] takes all of 5 mins to change the date and print, me sign + headman signs, then see Junta for the government Seal
  5. Also only watch Motorsports, cannot miss F1 and found years ago best to have a few different souses ... Have a few direct websites to fall back on [VIPbox. cricfree.tv, foxsports Live, channel 4 UK have some of the races Live etc] but yes in Kodi have UKTurk [will not always work] + Bulldog + Sportsdevil
  6. True fibre 100/30 with free TV PACKAGES.. yes also got on Christmas day, as the deal was 699 baht month for 1 year contract, mine is also Free Home phone calls [never used not had a home phone for at least 7 years , never used the Free TV, as have Kodi for years with everything I want on all my devises, also 100 mins Free mobile phone calls per month..... 4 other houses in the Village also got the same deal/package.... I do not find it any better then the ADSL 15 mb I had for years from them before..... in 2003 TRUE was the only provider in this area.. From Christmas, 1st 3 months always getting cut off for non payment... they do not make it clear or tell you... [same problem with the others here and there all Thai!!] 14 years paid every 3 months in arrears.. this new system Fibre + accounting is you must pay every month in advance.. Due date 25th Bill arrives about 27th if not paid by 1st of the month then the signal is cut = a 30km trip
  7. Only yesterday at the local Village market.. a Toyota Yaris came along side and out got 4 Ladies and 4 teenage girls, cannot see that being any safer than sitting in the back of a extended cab pickup..
  8. not 100% sure but it appears for me that it depends what your using. to me depends what I am using.. eg: have a very old laptop [screen went about 6 years ago] use this in a bedroom.. running XP and Kodi 15 Isengard... my PC is Windows 10 running Kodi 16 Jarvis.... 1x Android box 4,4 Kitkat 1 GB also running Kodi 16 Jarvis. and the newer box 2 GB + 4K running Android 6 Marshmellow and Kodi 17 Krypton.. I can get many different ones on Kodi 17 Krypton, that just do not run on Kodi 15 Isengard. also a little odd can get some on Kodi 16 Jarvis running on my PC, but will not run on Kodi 16 Jarvis on the Android box 4.4 Kitkat every few months have a mess around with Kodi mostly on my PC, If I like something then transfer it to the other devises, but sometimes they will not run on a Android box
  9. '--What's the BMTA planning to do to get other new BMTA NGV buses, if it's not going to use the ones from Bestlin it already has? NADA.' Don't often go to BKK, but had to go to the Eye Hospital [my 4 month check-up] noticed 2 of these Blue 'Bestin' Bus's on ? Service. with red Plates...... so maybe they are using them ? As a PS: same here.. The quotes system seems to be having a nervous breakdown... so just used 'copy & Paste'
  10. So say with the 1,000's of Mini Bus soon to be off the road/For Sale, maybe the extended families and friends pickup will be a old Mini Bus ? As for builders there tools and workers, many other places use 'Crew' Mini Bus
  11. No idea how people manage with small fridges.... have 2........... 1x 33 Q the other 31 Q + a big chest Freezer..... bought 2 x 31 Q Panasonic when arriving here early 2004. here is no different than any other places I have lived in my life, way out in the sticks.
  12. what about the Police Pickups ? are they exempt ? How would the Police set up road blocks to catch all these pickups with no policemen ? around where I live the only Police cars are 2 door Pickups.. Policemen still sitting/standing in the back bed yesterday
  13. Money got to come from somewhere, the Tanks and Subs have to be paid for
  14. Why is a laptops life only 4-5 years ? I know nothing about the inside of a laptop [my PC update myself every 2-3 years] out of interest my AMD Sony laptop bought August 2000, never been repaired or broken down, screen went hazy about 5 years ago, since then used only as a TV box for Kodi..... The other laptop Acer also AMD bought in 2006, again never gone wrong or needed to be looked at.. OK is very slow still running XP compared to my AMD FX 8370 PC, running W10 , but was waiting for the new AMD Ryzen CPU laptops... Never had 'Intel' in all the years [30+] I have had a PC.. so is the life of a Intel PC/Laptop only 4-5 years ?
  15. also watched it live on Sky Sports F1 Also can watch it live - Live Sports in 'Castaway' found long ago best to have a few different places to watch it.. if it is not a good stream on one can switch to another in Kodi