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  1. Lazada canceled my order why?

    Bought loads of stuff from Lazada, never had a problem... 15:00 [3pm] Thursday ordered a new Laser printer, it arrived yesterday just before noon.. next day delivered can not be bad, as I live out in the sticks Lazada is ideal service + delivered to your door and often cheaper. Normally always search 'Local' = is in/from Thailand, if no item then untick this option, the odd few items not here then states shipped from overseas and normally arrives within a week.
  2. we have created a generation of zombies

    No idea what it has to do with young people, must go into Bangkok to the Hospital at least 4x a year, stopped driving in and now use Purple Line and Metro, appear to me that any age group are glued to the smart phones/i-pads
  3. Last time returned to UK was 2003........ since then more and more friends have died even younger friends and Cousins so even less likely to ever visit, were all older and moved on
  4. 1TB USB Thumb Drive – Whats the catch

    The other problem with Lazada and stuff from China ' No Warranty ' as I said was looking for a 16 GB and a 32 GB flash drive, bought both 168 baht and 320 baht + both with 3 year warranty.. even another case 12" Fan came with 1 yr warranty.
  5. 1TB USB Thumb Drive – Whats the catch

    on Lazada on the left hand side are boxes you can tick........ -Location- I always click 'Local' also click 'Cash on Delivery'
  6. 1TB USB Thumb Drive – Whats the catch

    Buying anything on Lazada I look at the seller ratings.. most of these so called '1 TB Flash drive' [+ other unbelievable cheap items] seller are from China and there rating is around 40, whereas those normal sized Flash drives ones sold in stock in Thailand . the sellers rating is 90 something.. may indicate something ??
  7. 1TB USB Thumb Drive – Whats the catch

    Why pay so much ?? another from China is cheaper at only 311 baht.... https://www.lazada.co.th/keven-store/?spm=a2o4m.prod.0.0.43c454247m1hQv only looking yesterday wanted a 16GB for the Android Box, and another 32GB for PC........... noticed 256 GB was 2,790 baht.. Edit: that was at the 'Advice' PC shop
  8. Kodi and No Limits on TV box

    You don't need Kodi for www.firstonetv.net/Live/United-Kingdom you do not need a VPN. or more basic UK also fine https://easyview.eu/ + you do not need a VPN.. On Kodi use a lot 'Made in Canada' Live UK TV + also has many Live Sports
  9. Kodi

    Many thanks, so will review again in 2019
  10. Kodi

    No idea testing on http://speedtest.adslthailand.com/ = down 107.2 MB/s [Average 106]...... UP = 43.53 Testing on http://testmy.net/results = down 39.8 MB/s I did find when I bought the newer 2 GB Box and put Kodi on, it did run a lot better, then the older 1 GB box.. Not bothered to much about heat. as have a small electric fan on the box
  11. Kodi

    Thanks for that, had no idea about Kodi 18.... just thought it would be better on my 64 bit Windows PC.... maybe by the time it is realest there will be more addons ? guess time will tell... 'Kodi 64 bit version has been available since RC 17.0' Yes but not that many Boxes about... likewise not many with DDR4 Ram with 3 or 4 GB, still 100;s with 1 and 2 GB. I have Kodi 17.6 on PC, old laptop still have 14.2, on the main box still have Jarvis 16, on older box 15 the last 3 it is pot luck what works or vanished.......... on my main box have 2GB Ram so will get around to installing Kodi 17.6....
  12. Kodi and No Limits on TV box

    Just a thought.. Has your box 2GB of Ram ? don't think it will run without it.
  13. Kodi

    If your going to use Kodi remember they are always updating, the last and final one is "Krypton" 17.6, have it + runs great, just around the corner is "Leia" 18 [is in beta version for past few months, this will have a 64 bit version]... as for a Android Box to keep up you would need Android 7.1 Octa core, 64 bit CPU, 4GB Ram, 32 GB Storage = plenty about.. the New one is Android 8 Oreo If you get your box to work, Android 4.4 you need Kodi 15, or you could maybe try a 'Fork' never used so no idea..... https://kod1help.com/kodi-17-krypton-fork-for-android-4-4-2 Myself bought early last year Android 6 'marshmallow' found the TV programmes run better with 2 GB ram, over the old box with only 1 GB ram.. Guess this year sometime will buy the Android 8 Oreo. 64 bit CPU, 4GB Ram, TV Box running Android 6 with 2 GB cost around 1,500 baht for a known named one.
  14. Mass Transit

    Many thanks for the tip of reduced fare on MRT lines.. came back from Red Cross Hospital {Rama 4} this afternoon, Going to the ticket window to pay, just said age = got 1x disc all the way to Bang Yai [Metro + Purple Line] for 35 baht.. Now the Metro pops up out of the ground and meets the Purple line + there is a lift = easy and for 35 baht all the way guess will not be driving there anymore.
  15. Damaged roads are being repaired to prevent accidents.......... !! so if so many road are repaired = better roads = can drive even faster............ just where does to prevent accidents come into this ?