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  1. Bought lots of different of things, never a problem, COD or paying 1st at 7/11...... 2 different items last year was unsure of the size [knee brace and electric foot massage] both time in phoning Lazada the lady was very helpful also gave the address of both so I could go and see for myself.......... 1x was at a Warehouse in south Bangkok, they were expecting me and after trying, paid and took home... the knee brace was at Robinson's... likewise after trying on, paid and took home another point was looking for a PSU for my PC, the same one was cheaper at 'Advise' online store than buying from Lazada, so worth checking your getting the best deal. Likewise keep looking on lazada often the same item is listed many times with different prices..
  2. Always best to have more than one Bank account, then the 'Extension' fund never get used
  3. not been out much ? For Sale at moment https://www.one2car.com/รถ-สำหรับ-ขาย/alfa-romeo seen a few about and much older ones, believe there is a owners club and owner meetings here.
  4. rogue operators ? Guess not but did see something odd this week... Grey Toyota Commuter came down the Village on Monday, I thought it was a panel Van but no was a Mini Bus with same colour grey tints, out got a child from school, other kids were in there also............... Odd was the number plate as green letters.. Wednesday lunch time went to a bigger Village and they have Mini shed/Bus yard with Mini Bus running to Bangkok, the same or another Grey Toyota Commuter Van was there, Passengers getting on paying the Driver. as I was having Lunch the van stopped outside for 2 more passengers.. 100% the plates white were green letters same as my Pickup.. Never seen before as all the Toyota Commuter Van at this place are white with Yellow public service number plates.. ?? something New ?
  5. Yes there will always be renter/ buyer dispute....... For me there was no question what it was going to be.. Partner bought the land, house was built and we moved in simple.. Detached house. out in the sticks in a small Village that was 13 years ago next week... Dread to think how much rent would have paid in all that time, at least 5 time what the land and house cost to build, and have nothing to show for it..
  6. over the many years here, it would appear most drivers take no notice of a emergency vehicles with siren and flashing lights... If the ambulance driver was Thai he should have understood this and slowed a lot more, expecting the Pickup to take no notice of his flashing light and siren. The pickup could just as easily be another emergency vehicle
  7. https://www.advice.co.th/product/external-harddisk They have a few and different sizes of Western Digital My Book from 3 TB - 8 TB
  8. Are you trying to get CTH TV programs ?? there are NO programs as it has gone bust.. see http://www.cth.co.th/
  9. maybe got it wrong .... is the OP post saying 17 referring to a 17" laptop ? or was it meant to be a i7 CPU ? as 'RichCor' posts are all 15" Laptops.... guess I miss understood what the 17 was.. as I was only looking the other day what 17" laptops where here... not many
  10. ?? http://www.invadeit.co.th/product/notebooks-laptops/asus/rog-g752vm-gc022t-grey-p029525/ Appears not the exact same spec , so maybe same price/spec.. or could be more expensive in Malaysia http://www.techhypermart.com/notebooks/asus.html?cpu_series=3550&nb_display=404
  11. No one was hurt............ unlike the 3 killed in the UK this week when a crane fell over
  12. Are you sure it is the same speed/price ? Last November AIS offered 100 Mbps Fibre Optic to me [have mobile phone x2 since 2003] went with TRUE as they were the only option in the Village when the house was built in 2003/4.... changed to Fibre Optic 100 Mbps before Christmas + free home phone calls [have not a home phone] Free 100 baht mobile calls per month + TRUE IPTV box Free [never watched] + Fibre Optic Router Free... cost 690 baht per month.... 12 month contract..................NOTE: At moment TRUE are offering Fibre Optic 200 Mbps for 790 baht per month.. As per Topic... rain and loss of internet... not anymore since Fibre Optic installed..
  13. Wholesale Pharmacy.. Metformin made by T.O. Chemicals, Thailand.. about 2 years ago used to be 146 baht.. look for a Thai Pharmacy that have big bottles, many sell 500 mg tables for around 180 - 200 baht for 500 tub... as said bought 6 weeks ago EXP date: 18/19/2019, will be gone long before then. Hospital I use the Red Cross Hospital. theirs are called Miformin, made by Greater Pharma Manufacturing Co Ltd, Thailand.. the present box just come to the end EXP date 27/12/2021... http://www.greaterpharma.com/product/products.php The wholesale Pharmacy is a long drive for me + nowhere to park + small shop with many people waiting most are Drs or there agents, sometimes Hospital van pull up and load boxes, there open from 10:30 to 16:00 [4pm] Monday to Friday only.. never waited less than 1 hour, [often others in the Village will ask for different medications so the normal spend there is 4,000 + baht] so if don't need a lot will buy on my 90 day Diabetic Dr Visit at the Red Cross Hospital Edit: went into Farcino in Bang Yai, almost died at there prices... I use 'Coxiup' for bad knee joints.. 675 baht, just round the corner in a proper Thai Pharmacy is 328 baht !!! same package and contents.
  14. Sadly for the Race for me this stream was constant buffering........ Made in Canada the same was also bad, as were a few others.... ended up with a so so stream from Sports-devil and not in HD at least no buffering