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  1. rott

    Nakhon Sawan News

    All gone very quiet on here again, doesn't seem that long since we were getting all hot and bothered about the name or was it who to include or exclude. I get very confused these days.
  2. Bruce nobody on here knows any bar girls, I am surprised that you felt it needed saying.
  3. Sorry NL (and the eight likers) but the immaculate conception has got nothing to do with the virgin birth.
  4. At that time and after, this was standard practice by the RC Church for anyone possessing a Bible in English. To quote Hilary Mantel, "Moore was not slow to use the rack and the rope" and therefore little deserving of sympathy.
  5. You do have a point. I had been reading an account from one of Fletcher's victims who said that when, as a twelve year old, Fletcher subjected him to anal intercourse "he had never felt pain like it in his life". So when I read about "the whole of society being complicit", yes I kicked off a bit. The end of your post does provide some balance.
  6. JAG if you read anything about it you will see that they were a very reluctant party. I am not extending anything to the RC community, to use a hackneyed saying some of my best friends are RC. In fact I was drinking with one last night. These acts (i.e. the cover-up) represent exactly what this organisation has achieved in what you claim is two millennia. History tells us differently but still. In the early days of Christianity people died willingly for their faith and nowadays this has changed to people using their faith to escape punishment for their crimes.
  7. And how was he treated by the RC Church? Harshly or leniently? Was it them who reported the matter to the police or did they want it hushed up for the good name of the church?
  8. He was part of a systemic cover up. He thought he was above the law. He thought they all were. And you are as sick as him and all the paedos who were allowed to continue destroying lives.
  9. No reply from the bead-rattling community.
  10. My experience includes seeing ubonjoe repeatedly requesting people to use the correct terminology and repeatedly stating that there is no such thing as a retirement visa. Over the years it seems that the know nothings (who think they know it all) have worn him down. Possibly one reason why visa agents advertise "retirement visas" is if that is what the other agent offers he has to do the same. Also they are dealing with many who have English as a second or third language and it is easier for them to understand. "Dumbing down" is the term. But whatever it is that they advertise, what is available is an extension of stay not a visa.
  11. You call it "a visa issued for retirement", but it is not a visa it is an extension. The visa is the.Non-Imm "O". Not joining in the I have more experience than you game, but my experience does include seeing ubonjoe repeatedly informing people that there is no such thing.as a retirement visa. Eventually the know-nothings seem to have worn out his patience.
  12. Not in my experience. Most use the correct term retirement extension.
  13. rott

    Vitamin C.

    You missed apples. But I would like to see an answer to your question:- why would anybody here need a vit C supplement?
  14. Smug statement. Unlike you and unworthy of you WG.