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  1. I had been aware of the debate but not taken any interest in it, had a bit of a look over it since and I get your point. Doesn't seem to be much interest in letting it lie though....:)
  2. Nothing bitter or loser-ish about it, just sounds like basic common sense to me.
  3. What is a 'normal' drinker?

    If you came out of that with no permanent damage you are a lucky man. Best wishes with staying off it. That is close to 10 times what I would do in an average week, the hangovers won't let me drink too much.
  4. What is a 'normal' drinker?

    That is some consumption Neeranam. The equivalent of well over a bottle of spirits every day of the week. How long did you drink at that rate for.? Is there any consensus on what is one unit of alcohol.? My understanding is that one single vodka is one unit. So 25 ml at 40%abv makes it 10 ml of alcohol equals one unit. So one 620 ml bottle of normal Thai beer is over 3 units. And didn't the UK sometime recently reduce the recommended max to 14 units. We're all doomed.
  5. Nobbie I like the cut of your jib. Your posts read as though they could have come from me. Not plagiarisng me are you.? :)
  6. It is also extremely easy not to lose everything, in fact most people manage it.
  7. Depends what sort of "company" it was. Not paying him for five months suggests it was possibly some chancer just paying cash in hand. Who would actually keep working for five months without pay anyway.? Only half a story there, it don,t add up. Ah, I have since read an earlier post that says he stopped work when he had a fall at home, and that is when the pay stopped. the problem seems to be no insurance and no savings. Living from one weeks wage packet to another with no back-up is a precarious existence.
  8. How soon after the op. did he die.? A triple by-pass is not a rare operation and I thought had a very high success rate. Very sad anyway.
  9. Nakhon Sawan News

    Ha Ha life for the farang in small town Thailand seems to be pretty much the same all over. Bit of an emptying out here too over the next few weeks, plus we have lost three to "natural causes" over the last year, and possibly two to "nutter causes" only time will tell in the cases of the latter. But same as you mostly very good people. Look on the bright side Fred, you will be home in good time for Songkran and Nakhon Sawan will still be here.
  10. In a place with an estimated minimum 2,000 bars there is always the possibility of a problem in one of them. And minimum possibility of it affecting 99.99% of people there.
  11. Best fruit wine available locally

    Nothing wrong with the Thai produced Mulberry Wine, I forget the brand name on the label but costs either side of 200 baht a bottle from Tesco Lotus and BigC.
  12. Where then?

    And Bangkok.
  13. I was thinking that too. Never been in the place but I assume there are a lot of girls there. In my experience they would not stand by and watch a farang seriously assault one of their number. They would normally attack using anything available as a weapon.