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  1. As you agree with darkside.dog possibly you could give examples of this "continuous flak" that he says we receive and this "bad reputation" he claims we all have. I have no experience of either.
  2. Never realised "the rest of us" had a bad reputation. Who exactly holds this opinion? The average Thai on the Banglampu omnibus does not seem bothered.
  3. Well done Russell, good to see you do not miss a chance to pass a snide comment about Brits.
  4. If the matter is not resolved by this time next month somebody could organise a mass picket of the Ploenchit Fair. That'd show 'em.
  5. rott

    What happened to Silom bars: all closing?

    Jools was in Soi 4, next corner to The Tavern (it is now a 7eleven). Bobbys had a few locations Silom but long, long gone. Jools actually relocated to the Khao San area but dont think many customers relocated with them.
  6. rott

    What happened to Silom bars: all closing?

    Yes isn't it wonderful that Silom now has Hooters, Paddy Fields and Shennanigans so that people can travel half way around the world and not realise they've left home. Anyone here actually tried a Bangkok bar while they existed? Sadly Bobbys Arms and Jools are gone now as is Washington Sq. But have a look and a few drinks in the Madrid, Crystal Palace, Crown Royal and others around there before settling for the plastic non-imitation of the current garbage. The likes of Hanrahans have as much alehouse atmosphere of a Woollys caff of old. Let's all drink to the death of Bangkok, that is what you lot are doing.
  7. rott

    What happened to Silom bars: all closing?

    Wonderful. Carry on Mr Multicultural, internationalist, world traveller.
  8. rott

    Pattaya sweeps homeless off Jomtien Beach

    Why come to Thailand and live in a place like that? Why not move? Or are you exaggerating? 8 families in a 10 sq m box? How do you know exactly 8 families, can you identify each individual?
  9. rott

    Pattaya sweeps homeless off Jomtien Beach

    A very, very bad place. To come to Thailand to a neighbourhood where people live 8 families to a 10 sq m box? Where did you come from? Or is there some exaggeration there.
  10. Never used a card/atm myself but according to daytodaydata who monitor exhange rates, the atm rate is the TT rate less the charge. And the cash rate differs sharply between banks and bureau de change.
  11. As stevemac would say "eh". Anyway off to read up on lossy compression of information. Happy Sunday wherever you are.
  12. You mean from people who think they can spell?.
  13. Snotty-mouthed individual. And at.least get the words right.
  14. rott

    Small AA Group - Tradition 3

    I have seen it stated on here that having three drinks a day shows alcohol dependency.
  15. I do not want to repeat his long post again but what can he tell us about this African diaspora in Chantaburi. I never knew there was one.