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  1. rott

    Really? Snowy?

    Happy to see these positive posts, been away for a few days and planning to have a few in the bar on Friday night but didn't see any today in BigC or the nearby wholesaler and was wondering if it had been withdrawn already. Hope the bar is still stocking them, haven't been in 7 so don't know the score there.
  2. rott

    Really? Snowy?

    Strange post from the OP. If you don't like it don't drink it. I have had a few and it seemed Ok to me, a bit different but no problem. Possibly it will confuse people because it is not fizzy, flavour free and translucent.
  3. I was wondering that too. Does it show the location of the accident.? The tambon etc address means nothing to me and I am sure it did not happen near Wat Kiriwong.
  4. No, people still use the term third world and it does not make them racist. It refers to countries that keep themselves down by rampant and blatant corruption, which leads to inequality and inefficiency.
  5. rott

    Pattaya Trip, First for Ten Years

    Possibly you have the Vatican and Sodom the wrong way around. Possibly not. But Pattaya is still not mainly gay.
  6. Ferlung.......I love all the different spellings, wonder how many different pronunciations there are.
  7. rott

    The 2018 Pattaya Songkran FAQ (long)

    If you are leaving after a few days why do you need to register.? At the airport you will go through immigration the same as everyone else. Stop worrying. And by the way how is your mate from the other forum.?
  8. Well by the sound of things he can neither take it nor leave it. After being a heavy drinker for a long spell suddenly cutting it dead is realistically going to prompt a response from the body, the vital organs and the "system" whatever exactly that is. I hope that the problem was this bodily response and nothing worse.
  9. So what happened to him then.?
  10. rott

    Not drinking

    I think the thread is "Not Drinking" and I wasn't going to tonight (this week in fact) but sod it I am going down the road to have a few large Leo and a pad pak ruam moo. And the two jokers who were so incensed by my comments on grammar recently that they reported me, I wonder what they would make of the display sizes on here a short while ago.
  11. rott

    Not drinking

    That is interesting. Which alcohol free beers, where from and what price.? Any low alcohol beers.? On the subject of low(er) alcohol beers, Est.33/Singha have introduced Snowy -- 4% abv, per can of 490ml it costs THB55 in 7 and THB80 in the one bar I know that stocks it.
  12. True but when you are faced with someone who is stupidly drunk several times a week, if not exactly daily, and obviously damaging his body and/or his life it is difficult to think anything else.
  13. Grammar Police actually brings an interesting analogy with Traffic Police. People drive cars in the main to get from A to B and not for the sheer pleasure of it. Driving is governed by rules and by the correct way of doing things. Likewise people come on a forum not to exercise their grammar but to get their point across. But there is so much incorrect grammar on here is it fair to let people remain unaware of their faults and not give them the opportunity to correct them.? TVF could do so much for literacy if only they could see it. (This is of course not a criticism of moderation).
  14. rott

    The 2018 Pattaya Songkran FAQ (long)

    I am now informed that Chumphon Songkran is three or four days but Koh Tao is only one day due to the local water situation.