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    night market Thepprasit 2nd hand clothes

    They r incredibly SPOILT and showered with $$$$$$ and only laugh at such items. A LOCAL charity, not run by farang, or a trusted Wat would be more appreciative, me thinks. But where?

    night market Thepprasit 2nd hand clothes

    Okay so if I can not sell it for even 50 Satang, can anyone at least advise me who or which charity in Pattaya would be interested in the stuff? It is around 40 shirts, after all

    Taxi tipping to/from airport

    Agree, a SET price certainly does not usually require a tip. But those who agree on set prices when using metered cabs are stupid anyway (at least in BKK, in PTY there is no escape from that) But it is a different case on those BKK - PTY shuttles as I believe that in many cases the driver does not even own the car and is being paid near to nothing

    Taxi tipping to/from airport

    It is a difference if you just use a regular cab in BKK on a 15 Minutes ride or use a pre-booked (private) car with driver for a trip that will take the driver 4 hrs until he is back home. I believe many of those drivers don't actually own the car they are driving. In such cases, 100 Baht and not less is certainly appropriate. And I am not an enthusiastic tipper at all, as I hail from a country where people get a salary/wage for their work. In BKK, I just round up the fare if the driver was okay. From 73 to 80 Baht, or from 89 too 100, for example. Thai people don't tip regular cabs at all ! I tip more (20-30 when going to DMK or BKK airport, as it is usually a long distance and the driver may not get a fare back (particularly at Swampy)

    Buying spare HD (internal) - where ?

    Thanks, I did not know that ZEER is such a massive IT Monster. Certainly worth a try then, not only for that HD. The problem of course is which shops you can actually trust
  6. Probably too many local and well-connected operators running REALLY substandard businesses have complained, as properly managed operations affected their bottom line. Competition is not something that is appreciated in the kingdom (see TAXI topics and the likes)
  7. Can anyone give a recommendation where I can buy an inexpensive spare HD (160GB is enough) for an older laptop (Lenovo Thinkpad)? I want to use it as a backup device, but the HD is now faulty after many years. I do not want to order online, I want to buy it in a physical shop, where they (or the shop next door) hopefully installs the HD for me incl a genuine OS. Fortune or dodgy Pantip comes to my mind, but which shop there does sell such items and can be trusted? Any other stand-alone location in BKK or PTY would be fine too. Thanks
  8. why does ANYONE actually care? It's none of anyone else' business. Let people live the way they want!

    The 2018 Pattaya Songkran FAQ (long)

    not crowded at all, because people have been able to go shopping undisturbed (and DRY) during the past few days. I went to Hypermarkets twice and did not see a single water canon or pick up with revelers along Sukhumvit, though I avoided April 18/19 (noticed a lot of Songkhran activity on the 18th from my high-floor balcony)
  10. Those areas are very familiar to me and I too never ever had problems with cabs in those areas, but I did have on very rare occasions when I needed a ride back home from lower Sukhumvit in the wee hours (during WC 2014 for example)

    Gunmen shoot dead Palestinian lecturer in Malaysia

    The Malaysian government has zero tolerance when it comes to extremism and is hunting down extremists and hate-preachers themselves. Not likely this case will be solved ever
  12. please don't apply these sick and perverted US tipping standards to anywhere else on this planet
  13. actually that pharmacy at the entrance of BigC Pattaya Tai after you get off the moving walkway is P and F of which Jingthing said is supposedly cheaper. Or it might be a copycat. Latest price observation: AMOKSIKLAV anti-biotic drug in BKK 199 Baht at Fascino PTY 220 Baht at BOOTS pharmacy in PTY 250 Baht
  14. Myanmar is close to Thailand and still offers some unique cultural experiences when mingling with the incredibly friendly locals off the beaten path, though I do not like what happens there (again) recently and haven't been there for a few years. Colombia is fantastic too and quite safe nowadays, those folks have such an incredible vibrant lust for life. In 2001, I was wondering if I should move to TH or CO, and as of 2018, I believe I made the wrong decision
  15. Hi all, does anybody know if those vendors at the Thepprasit night market that sell 2nd hand clothes do BUY clothes (shirts) too? If so, has anyone tried to sell to them before ? Thanks