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  1. Cardiologist needed

    I was able to sort it out as I had an appointment there yesterday. Indeed Dr. Thavorn Khummongkol is "gone", as the reception counter told me. He graduated in 1969 according to another health-tourism website, so it is obvious he retired or whatever "gone" means in that case. To my relief, I was able to see the real Dr. Thavorn Suithichaiyakul. He is working there not only on Saturdays, but several other days as well. I chose to have an appointment on Wednesday, but hen I inquired I could have seen him on Tuesday too. On some days he works at the general medical section, and on some days at the cardiology department (but that should not bother anyone, only that the general section is very busy or some would say a zoo). He recommended I do an EKG stress test and we had to go to the cardiology department for that. My impression was good and his fee was fair, particularly compared to what I paid at Bumrungrad or Bangkok hospital PTY in the past, though he probably gets his cut of the stress test charge which was 3.000 THB as well. The bad thing at BCH is that they are not fully equipped to do all sorts of examination that other big private hospitals can do. I told him I wanted to undergo a specific examination which he recommended too, but he said they cannot do that at BCH. While Dr. Thaworn was 100% fluent in English, most people working there are not, so it definitely helps to have a certain grasp of the Thai language. This is a hospital that sees 99% Thai patients (middle and upper class for sure), so prepare accordingly or ask at the information to see a Doc who can speak English in case you are a walk-in
  2. Russians not paying maintenance fees - legal

    maybe ask one of the reputable real estate agencies ? For example Mr. Heiner at Siam Properties, arguably one of Thailand's most reputable agents. He regularly gives speeches at several of Pattaya's Expat Clubs, for example. I am sure if you ask him nicely, he could name a few reputable no-fuss lawyers: http://www.siamproperties.net/About-Us/2917
  3. Cardiologist needed

    There is a cardiologist at Bangkok Christian called Dr. Thavorn Khummongkol. That is not the same person? That would be odd to have two different "Thavorns" working as cardiologists at BCH. Though as we know, Thailand is the country of copycats.... https://www.bch.in.th/en/doctor-th-4/doctor-en-10/item/622-ent12.html I have actually made an appointment with this Dr. Thavorn due to the recommendations here. But seems I got it wrong ? No profile of a Dr. Taworn Suithichaiyakul on the BCH website
  4. agree, this plan sounds more like a TROLL SYSTEM than a TROLLEY SYSTEM -_-
  5. 'Regency for Expats' medical insurance

    need to know:
  6. Airport Rail Link (again Sorry)

    very simple way to solve all those annoying problems: KICK OUT the highly incompetent SRT from operating the Airport Express, bring in the BTS or MRT company. Ah and yes, of course it needs more trains and carriages. The Airport Express as it is per now is an absolute disgrace for Thailand
  7. Kanair

    an amateurish management can not survive in a highly competitive field such as aviation. NOK stole most of KAN's market share to secondary or tertiary airports with the growth of their ATR-72 fleet
  8. please keep us updated as many TV members are "customers" of the Jomtien office
  9. China Visa

    Chiang Mai consulate was always a lot easier to deal with, in case that's an option for you (though my experience dates 4-5 years back)
  10. Re entry permit at dmk

    Keep in mind the waiting time at the DMK immigration desk (outbound as well as inbound) can be easily an hour or even A LOT more. VERY risky schedule, yours.....
  11. Singapore has a rush-hour fare system and it actually works. Fair enough, me thinks. Though that would not prevent the Taxi-Mafia from applying their own rules in TH
  12. Russians not paying maintenance fees - legal

    I am not aware of any case where this actually happened, but I am aware of many cases where the building went downhill due to unpaid maintenance fees (the Thais aren't a lot better). Any new Condo development should make it a rule that if maintenance fees are not paid for more than a year, a judicial sale will be initiated (and if the owner eventually ays the fees, he has to cover all legal costs as well). As others have mentioned, those maintenance fees/issues are the main reason to NOT buy a Condo here
  13. Pattaya underpass.

    Has been discussed and news posted in several other topics here:
  14. who understands the new BIG C reward system ?

    Yes I know that I get one point per each Baht of purchase. Before they changed the system, the vouchers would be automatically attached to the sales slip which was very convenient. You just had to cut them off.
  15. That is for sure not a "she"