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  1. Lung transplant in Bangkok?

    I believe your best bet would be to inquire at the university hospitals, such as Chula, Siriraj (Mahidol) and Ramathibodi. That way, you would get access to the best Doctors the country has to offer. Siriraj has a private hospital section, the Doctors and some of the reception staff will speak English. http://www.siphhospital.com/en/home Chula has a private clinic too, but probably not suitable in your case. Ramathibodi has one too as Sheryl has posted recently, though I have never used them. Go to Siriraj in person as they will never reply to emails. Bumrungrad has some excellent surgeons too, but they come with a price tag. Avoid by all means a certain hospital in Phetburi Soi 47. If money is no concern, go to Singapore. If money is a major concern, try to google for a place to do that in India
  2. there is more than one company, one is called LOMA TAXI COOPERATIVE, the other(s) I forgot. But I have no doubt the Baht-Bus "cooperative" is behind them, and as we know, virtually all local transport in TH out of Bangkok is controlled by the BIB and some VIP's. Then, recently, a much-beloved cooperative called GRAB and UBER appeared
  3. If a Russian or Chinese tourist agrees to pay the demanded 1.000 Baht from Tesco North Pattaya to Walking Street then this "turns them on".....
  4. Safety in KL

    not really. I actually avoid KL Chinatown like the plague. BKK Chinatown is authentic (though due to the hordes of visiting Chinese mainlanders who don't have authentic Chinatowns any longer in the big cities of their home country, this is on the way to become a tourist trap too), KL Chinatown is not. Chinatown KL is centered around the (in)famous Petaling street, which is a tourist trap and endless lines with scores of stalls selling fake shirts and watches (only in 2014 when I wanted to buy a fake ADIDAS shirt of my home country for the football WC, then suddenly none was available - adidas and competitors had sent a secret police force and all fake products vanished)
  5. Safety in KL

    Susan you posted a LOL smiley here..... have you been to KL now and did you make different experiences than what I have described? Just curious....
  6. Endocrinologist in Pattaya ?

    yes where is the feedback please? {-_-}
  7. the lumbar puncture is for suspected dormant / latent bacteria that could have made it to my brain via the blood/brain barrier after some sort of abscesses above the eye/nose and causing havoc there. It is a complicated case and so far, no Doc has been able to determine what the problem could be. I thought the cost would not be more than a CT/MRI scan for example, as the procedure only takes 15 minutes or so (sure you need to have a rest and being monitored after in a day room), but I was wrong. It is extremely expensive (quoted by a very expensive hospital, though)
  8. I am aware that virtually all such hospitals do have interpreters who can follow you round, but I guess their services will be added to the bill, which means you could actually go to an expensive hospital in BKK (Bumrungrad, BNH), in the first place, as almost everyone at those places speaks English. Or am I wrong?
  9. Hi all, in order to avoid travelling to BKK every know and then, I am curious to know of member's experiences at the forementioned hospitals, particularly the neurology department. Not interested in BPH's neurology department, as I had a very poor experience there (though by all fairness, they have good Docs in other departments, like Cardiology or Urology). Phyathai even advertises neurological treatment (mostly stroke prevention etc) in the "Pattaya business supplement" and have an English native speaker as contact person, so this could suggest they have skilled neurologists there. Is that the case and can anyone comment? Same for Sirikit Naval Sattahip, do they have a neurology department there and if so, are the Docs skilled? It could be I need to undergo a lumbar puncture (only if the Doc says it is needed, of course) which is very very pricey in any of the private hospitals, and 20K less or so would make a big difference to me. Looking forward to any comments on those two places, thanks
  10. Recommendations to get INR blood tests in BKK

    not exactly next to a BTS stop, but not too far from MRT Ratchadaphisek or Lat Phrao. Prices are very low compared to any hospital. You just go there and they will email you the result a few hours later. I used them many times for several blood tests / markers Full blood count costs just 100 Baht (it was 60 Baht until earlier this year) https://www.brianet.com/en/
  11. Cardiologist needed

    I was able to sort it out as I had an appointment there yesterday. Indeed Dr. Thavorn Khummongkol is "gone", as the reception counter told me. He graduated in 1969 according to another health-tourism website, so it is obvious he retired or whatever "gone" means in that case. To my relief, I was able to see the real Dr. Thavorn Suithichaiyakul. He is working there not only on Saturdays, but several other days as well. I chose to have an appointment on Wednesday, but hen I inquired I could have seen him on Tuesday too. On some days he works at the general medical section, and on some days at the cardiology department (but that should not bother anyone, only that the general section is very busy or some would say a zoo). He recommended I do an EKG stress test and we had to go to the cardiology department for that. My impression was good and his fee was fair, particularly compared to what I paid at Bumrungrad or Bangkok hospital PTY in the past, though he probably gets his cut of the stress test charge which was 3.000 THB as well. The bad thing at BCH is that they are not fully equipped to do all sorts of examination that other big private hospitals can do. I told him I wanted to undergo a specific examination which he recommended too, but he said they cannot do that at BCH. While Dr. Thaworn was 100% fluent in English, most people working there are not, so it definitely helps to have a certain grasp of the Thai language. This is a hospital that sees 99% Thai patients (middle and upper class for sure), so prepare accordingly or ask at the information to see a Doc who can speak English in case you are a walk-in
  12. Russians not paying maintenance fees - legal

    maybe ask one of the reputable real estate agencies ? For example Mr. Heiner at Siam Properties, arguably one of Thailand's most reputable agents. He regularly gives speeches at several of Pattaya's Expat Clubs, for example. I am sure if you ask him nicely, he could name a few reputable no-fuss lawyers: http://www.siamproperties.net/About-Us/2917
  13. Cardiologist needed

    There is a cardiologist at Bangkok Christian called Dr. Thavorn Khummongkol. That is not the same person? That would be odd to have two different "Thavorns" working as cardiologists at BCH. Though as we know, Thailand is the country of copycats.... https://www.bch.in.th/en/doctor-th-4/doctor-en-10/item/622-ent12.html I have actually made an appointment with this Dr. Thavorn due to the recommendations here. But seems I got it wrong ? No profile of a Dr. Taworn Suithichaiyakul on the BCH website
  14. agree, this plan sounds more like a TROLL SYSTEM than a TROLLEY SYSTEM -_-
  15. 'Regency for Expats' medical insurance

    need to know: