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  1. Hi all, I may need to get an intravenous treatment for a diverticulitis that did not go away with oral antibiotics, which usually involves a 4-5 days stay at a hospital. Does anybody have a recommendation for an affordable place in connection with a half-decent gastroenterologist? Anywhere in Bangkok or all the way down the Eastern corridor to Rayong. Sure I could do that at Bumrungrad, BNH or Bangkok hospital, but that would be very pricey and they only offer expensive single rooms, which I definitely don't need. Bangkok Christian comes to my mind, but I haven't found any information about capable gastroenterologists there online. Or Mission hospital? SanPaolo maybe? But they belong to BDMS too, so certainly they won't be cheap. Queen Sirikit hospital Sattahip would be an option too, but they obviously don't have AC, which - due to some other medical condition - is 100% essential for me. Any input would be appreciated .
  2. Any good neurologist at BKK Chulalongkorn?

    I doubt you will be able to get an appointment there quickly. I went there once in 2017, as their semi-private "afterhours-clinic" was recommended by several people, and the earliest appointment with the Doctor (neurologist) of my choice would have been roughly three months later. Also, you better have a good grasp of Thai as very little English is spoken there
  3. I still need to find a reasonable option to transfer small amounts of money the other way - from Thailand to a European bank account
  4. That is something I don't know, as I never had a sputum test done at those labs, but if you call the reputable lifecare-lab in South-Pattaya, they will certainly be able to tell you, and some English is usually spoken. Google them
  5. That fare I saw (just yesterday) was to Frankfurt. It was for a February 2018 itinerary. On skyscanner
  6. I can 100% confirm that, particularly since the consulates are not allowed to issue multiple entry Visas any longer. Luckily I have now reached the "magic age" to apply for the retirement-extension, if I still would be 38 as I was when getting my first non-B multiple back then I would have definitely run out of options
  7. Then fly OMAN AIR, their return fares to Europe are sometimes 17K (and that is not even a promotion then) and they offer 30KG of luggage even when paying that little
  8. he is going 88, actually. And still capable to use his brain properly a lot more than many "I-think-I-know-it-all" Crypto - Millennials
  9. Cost of Taxi from Klang to Thappraya Rd

    I'd say 250 would be the lowest you will be able to negotiate, no matter if yellow-blue/red cab or Sawngthaew. As has been mentioned, the apps offer a much more cheaper option
  10. Rooms under 10,000THB/month in BKK?

    I have lived in BKK at three different places for 13 years until late 2016 and never paid more than 10K for my 3-room Condos (not the newest ones of course, and not in lower Sukhumvit but rather in the suburbs, but still....) the Condo estate along Bangna-Trat road where I lived from 2012-2016 has plenty of studio units of 37sqm renting out between 4.5 and 7 K, depending on condition and furniture. Plus you will pay electricity directly to the local electricity company
  11. Eight injured as Phuket speedboats collide

    yep, we seriously need a crackdown on media that reports shocking things that can hurt the kingdoms tourism-revenue
  12. I was on board of such a Bus with a driver-madman from hell yesterday and seriously sh*t my pants. Though that happened at an approximate speed of 120 km/h on the M7. The company was a big Bus company enjoying a monopoly on a very popular route between the capital and an (in)famous Beachr resort City. Not the first time such thing has happened
  13. I am on long term extension, but they definitely do want such report. At least it was like that in 2017. I saw a Filipino family being fined big bucks when I did my last report of returning to the old address after leaving the kingdom in April 2017. They have a special counter for that. Not sure if that has changed since then. It is maybe not a full TM30, but reporting the return to the old address for sure. They use the old registration form with the barcode on it to update their data on the computer. .
  14. I did fly to Malaysia more than 50 times, mostly from Thailand. In 90% I did not have an onward or return ticket. never ever has a Malaysian airline (MAS, AirAsia, Malindo) asked me for an onward ticket. The only case was when I did fly Royal Jordanian, but when I showed them my MAS ENRICH GOLD card, they accepted to let me board without one. I don't think the Malaysian government applies a "need for return-ticket" policy, at least not for citizens of EU countries. In many cases, the airlines create their own rules.