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  1. Read John Grisham's novel, " A Time To Kill ".
  2. Germany a friend of Israel? Joke of the day.
  3. It is! I experienced the 2nd WW in Europe, (yes, I am that old) as a very young boy and hearing this people talk like that makes me puke. The Germans ( Germanen) are an warrior tribe and will always look for expansion by force or other means.
  4. That's telling him! Very good.
  5. I think you are right as I am living some kilometres " downstream" from MapThaPhut, which is a large industrial area with refineries and all kinds of industries. Most, if not all, dirty.
  6. Well, I live in a coastal town and the air here is also dirty. After a good rain shower, couple or 3 days the cemented ground outside my house is black and I have to use a power washer to clean it. When my daughter was still a toddler she liked to dance in the rain which I allowed her. My Thai wife, seeing this, read me the riot act and gave my daughter a good scrubbing in the shower. Told me to never ever do this again because she , our daughter, would get very sick at which, as said before, I had to laugh. I know better now after getting sick of walking in the rain and not taking a shower. Ah well, paradise right?
  7. New Year's Resolutions

    My New Year's Resolution. Breaking traffic laws as much as I get away with. When in Rome do as the Romans.
  8. Unpoluted places in Thailand don't exist. The locals take a shower directly after walking in the rain, me too. Acid rain or whatever it is called. I used to laugh about it but after getting sick of walking in the Thai rain I know better.
  9. No,it's not (insane that is). A loaded pick-up truck is recommended to have a rear tyre pressure of 60 psi. As the driver probably is loading and unloading his truck throughout the day will he keep the max tyre pressure all day.
  10. Putting down people seems to be one of your favorite pastimes.
  11. Yes, in Thailand there is. Nothing is grounded in Thailand and so I don't want anything electric in my bathroom. I have the same gas heater for about 30, yes thirty, years and a gasbottle outside my bathroom, working fine. Granted, one has to be carefull with gas too.
  12. You're so right about that. My 20 year old son, who drives everyday to school, 20 come and 20 go, got nicked 2 times. 1st time by a pick-up and yesterday, naturally, by a %$#@! passenger van BKK-Rayong. That van swerved suddenly to the left and stopped and hit the front wheel of his motorcycle. Game home with lacerations etc, he is insured so the hospital billed the insurer. The pick-up and van drivers? Speeding away what is normal here. He is a carefull driver, not speeding and keeping to the left side of the road by max 80 km/hr. So it is not always the motorcycle driver who is at fault.
  13. Like what "important information"? You got shafted by a Thai bargirl? That's why all bargirls no good?
  14. How bad is the traffic on January 1st and 2nd?

    Like any other Bangkok traffic day, BAD!