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  1. Like what "important information"? You got shafted by a Thai bargirl? That's why all bargirls no good?
  2. How bad is the traffic on January 1st and 2nd?

    Like any other Bangkok traffic day, BAD!
  3. Wrong, You're working and on your own property or not makes no difference. You can get an exemption at the relevant department and have to state what you will do (on your property)and how long time it will take and you will get a permit for this. I settled here in 1976 and the Law was already in place that time. That said, I don't nobody who ever did apply. Me? I just do what I want to do, is it painting or any other thing in full view.
  4. Well, I am married to a Thai bargirl for about 30 years and never regretted it. Have son and daughter with her and she is 20 years my junior. Everything is in her name too. Happy times are here again.
  5. The Thai Drivers License is NOT an official ID card. You are wrong. Try to open a bank account with it, among other things.
  6. Nothing ever will change, not with any punishment or other. It's in the genes and totally acceptable in Thailand. Instead of fighting this, use it. Roll with the ball so to speak.
  7. Good to know you know shit from clay which I doubt. Reason dogs attack you is you probably smell bad.
  8. The Turks invented scamming. I remember signing off a Norwegian ship in Turkey (forgot the year, long time ago) In a night club after paying my bill another waiter came with a new bill and demanded payment, which I refused. About 4 big Turks blocked the exit door and I told them that if they would'nt let me pass they got a fight on their hands. Nothing happened and they let me out. The next morning I went out and in the shop I pointed to a can of shaving foam, paid and left. In my hotel I discovered that the can was empty, went back to the shop and the reply was that I said I wanted that specific can, funny and I had to laugh. Next day I went to the airport in Istanbul and after coming home I discovered that my baggage was opened and there were two cartons of Marlboros missing.
  9. Stupid comment of you. My son, when he was 3 years old, got attacked and bitten by a dog here in Thailand. The result is that he hates dogs and is scared of them. Big man now.
  10. Newborn found abandoned on roadside stall

    This is Thailand and not your nanny state where the Government is bending over backwards to provide the Mother with cash and other incentives. What the poster billd766 said "Try walking a mile in the shoes of the mother" you should do. Do you know what it is like to be poor? Apparently not. As an aside the same thing happened to me. I came here in november 1976 and bought a Willys Jeep which I parked out on the street at Lat Phrao in Bangkok. There were not many Farangs in Thailand at the time so everyone knew where the farang was living. In the morning I found a baby on the cover of the engine compartment of my car. Called the police who send a lone officer who told me "you can keep it" which I declined. A Thai neighbor took care of it and that was that. I never did and still not do condemn her who did.
  11. Yeah, like blowing there heads off with a shotgun.
  12. No shortage of snitches here. Something what the former USSR and now North Korea are good in doing. Giving financial incentives for spying on their own people. Bah!