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  1. Newborn found abandoned on roadside stall

    This is Thailand and not your nanny state where the Government is bending over backwards to provide the Mother with cash and other incentives. What the poster billd766 said "Try walking a mile in the shoes of the mother" you should do. Do you know what it is like to be poor? Apparently not. As an aside the same thing happened to me. I came here in november 1976 and bought a Willys Jeep which I parked out on the street at Lat Phrao in Bangkok. There were not many Farangs in Thailand at the time so everyone knew where the farang was living. In the morning I found a baby on the cover of the engine compartment of my car. Called the police who send a lone officer who told me "you can keep it" which I declined. A Thai neighbor took care of it and that was that. I never did and still not do condemn her who did.
  2. Yeah, like blowing there heads off with a shotgun.
  3. No shortage of snitches here. Something what the former USSR and now North Korea are good in doing. Giving financial incentives for spying on their own people. Bah!
  4. Acrimonious Divorce

    Cranky Old Bugger, exactly what you are. If there is one who lives in la-la land it's you. You think you know it all but in reality you know nothing, meaning about life here in Thailand.
  5. Acrimonious Divorce

    Being a Farang has nothing to do with this. Urban Legend that Farangs have no rights. In Thailand you don't have to tell the person youre sueing that you go to court. It was a bonus for her that you left Thailand for whatever reason. I divorced my first Thai wife bargirl and she got left with nothing, nada, niente. Thai Lawyer told her she could get a bus ticket home which drove her up the wall. Story is longer but I get tired to read all the time that Farangs have no rights here. Stop telling this as it is not true.
  6. Yeah, you're right. Plain dumb, that's me. Daikin or Samsung inverter, never no more anyone inverter.
  7. Make a Thai woman mad and you will have a big problem on your hands. Their brains short circuits and they do the first thing what comes to their mind which can be anything. This applies to all Thai women, HiSo, LowSo, rich or poor. Unpredictable.
  8. I for one will have nothing to do with anything Samsung. Never, ever.
  9. Well, I had a window rotary air-con in my bedroom, (Singer) for 25yrs and used every night. Never had a problem but because of age and rust it finally took its last breath. Bought an Samsung Inverter which went belly up 2 yrs old. Guarantee? Only on the mechanical parts and not on the printed cards which are the problem. Repair costs baht 6000-. even the repairman said that Inverters were no good for Thailand. So now I have 2 LGs no inverter and no problems, one of them is allready about 7 yrs old. Google "inverter air-con thailand" or something like that and you will see thousands of comments, all of them negative. Wish you luck with using anything Inverter, you will need it and a bag of money for repair costs.
  10. Inverters, be it air-cons, washing machines or refrigerators are no good in Thailand. What with blackouts, brownouts and surges in the electricity. Surge protectors do not help much. I had an Samsung Air-con Inverter which called it quits because of that. Shifted it out for a LG non-inverter and no more problems.
  11. Time to evacuate Asia ?

    Which one you talking about? Trump or Kim?
  12. Trump fan, huh? The world is holding its breath for what this nutcase decides to do. Here is a good read about what will happen in case of a nuclear war. It's a book, "On the beach", find it on Google if there still is time. Or find some info about Hiroshima and Nagasaki, WWII.
  13. I agree with poster dunroaming, Kim boy will not be the first to fire a shot. He is nuts but so is Trump. Trump is the more dangerous one and itching to push the red button just to see what will happen. Stamping his foot like a preschooler in a fight.