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  1. Thailand does not tax retirement income. Be it Thai or foreign.
  2. Are there caves in the Netherlands? I think you have zero, nada, niente experience. Learning kids diving in youre swimming pool? Does'nt count to cave diving.
  3. To her it's just a good paying job and she does what to boss tel her to do and say. Otherwise it's "you are fired"
  4. Hitler did the same with the Jews (separating families) before and during WW II.
  5. Not only Thais. You find them all over the world in every country. I personally know some one in Europe who gambled away in exess of Euro 800000-. Was all money from an inheritance.
  6. Are you watching that video from beginning to end.? I don't and take a nap while sitting there. I drive a car and MC here in Thailand on a daily basis for over 40 yrs and don't need a stupid video to tell me how to drive a car. Had my first car drivers license in 1976 and never bothered to get a MC license.
  7. Well I live here for over 40 yrs. In that time I have met a lot of Thais who spoke English fluently. Included song-thaw drivers and tuk-tuk drivers who spoke, read and write English. Also Thais who spoke passable English. Daughter of my neighbor speaks read and write English fluently as do another neigbor of mine. Many of them went to University and could'nt find a job so found another occupation. Thai IT store where I shop the owner speaks good English. You should go and talk more with bar girls.
  8. They do not. Happened to me. Show original passport.
  9. Because when you get a new passport you also have a new passport number and the passport nr on your DL is then invalid. That's the reason.
  10. Go ahead. Don't forget to film it and place it on you tube.
  11. Up to you what you think. Make one really mad and see what happens.
  12. All Thai women are like that when mad, Hi-So or Low-So. Indonesian, Philippinas etc the same. Grabbing a knife and stabbing you when mad. The Thai male does'nt wait to get stabbed and floor them right away. Years ago an Indonesian friend of mine warned me to never dare an Asian armed with a knife. Be it woman or man.
  13. Not allways. In 1976 I came here on a 60 days tourist visa and I gould get an extension by going to my Embassy (which I did) and getting them to write a letter (which was free) asking Immigration to give me an extension of three months on my Tourist Visa. Immigration at soi Suan Plu stamped my pasport for three more months so I was here for 5 months on a Tourist Visa. After one of the countless coups did Pa Prem away with all that. He stayed on for 8 years and did not like foreigners and made a lot of new Immigration rules.
  14. bandito

    if anyone attacks my dog

    That what you say. Does the dog know he/she does'nt bite?