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  1. Yeah, you're right. Plain dumb, that's me. Daikin or Samsung inverter, never no more anyone inverter.
  2. Make a Thai woman mad and you will have a big problem on your hands. Their brains short circuits and they do the first thing what comes to their mind which can be anything. This applies to all Thai women, HiSo, LowSo, rich or poor. Unpredictable.
  3. I for one will have nothing to do with anything Samsung. Never, ever.
  4. Well, I had a window rotary air-con in my bedroom, (Singer) for 25yrs and used every night. Never had a problem but because of age and rust it finally took its last breath. Bought an Samsung Inverter which went belly up 2 yrs old. Guarantee? Only on the mechanical parts and not on the printed cards which are the problem. Repair costs baht 6000-. even the repairman said that Inverters were no good for Thailand. So now I have 2 LGs no inverter and no problems, one of them is allready about 7 yrs old. Google "inverter air-con thailand" or something like that and you will see thousands of comments, all of them negative. Wish you luck with using anything Inverter, you will need it and a bag of money for repair costs.
  5. Inverters, be it air-cons, washing machines or refrigerators are no good in Thailand. What with blackouts, brownouts and surges in the electricity. Surge protectors do not help much. I had an Samsung Air-con Inverter which called it quits because of that. Shifted it out for a LG non-inverter and no more problems.
  6. Time to evacuate Asia ?

    Which one you talking about? Trump or Kim?
  7. Trump fan, huh? The world is holding its breath for what this nutcase decides to do. Here is a good read about what will happen in case of a nuclear war. It's a book, "On the beach", find it on Google if there still is time. Or find some info about Hiroshima and Nagasaki, WWII.
  8. I agree with poster dunroaming, Kim boy will not be the first to fire a shot. He is nuts but so is Trump. Trump is the more dangerous one and itching to push the red button just to see what will happen. Stamping his foot like a preschooler in a fight.
  9. How long do airconditioners last

    Inverters, be it air-cons, refrigerators or washing machines are no good for Thailand. These things depend on a steady voltage and this being Thailand with her electricity black and brown outs and stoppages it just won't work. I had an inverter air-con which broke down and total loss in about 3 years. Repairs 2x before that and even the repairman told me that inverters were no good in Thailand. Shifted the thing out for an LG air-con no inverter. Had a window air-con unit before that which was used every night for 25 yrs and never a repair. Finally broke down.
  10. He tried to murder Israeliers. Because he got lucky and only got wounded (his mate got shot dead, luckily) that makes him no threat? He was a murderer and got what was coming to him. Most of Israel backs Azaria and the Prime Minister will do everything possible to get him a pardon. About Azaria? I would have done the same. You don't get it, huh? And it is you who are twisting the facts.
  11. Exactly, tried to stab a soldier. No threat? The f..... still had his knife on him and would have used it if taken care of. Well, he got taken care of.
  12. Time to pull up stakes and look for greener pastures. What a joke this place is getting to be. Gone is the easy going Thai life style.
  13. Is a Thai DL considered ID?

    What does it says?. It says Drivers License not Identification Card. So a drivers license is not an ID card and will not be considered as one.
  14. Thai wife problems