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  1. Otto Wambier must have turned in his grave.
  2. fire69water

    Thick-skinned In Thai?

    So can I conclude that อย่างหนา, หน้าหนา, หน้าด้าน, ไร้ยางอาย are generally used negatively as in ‘shameless’? To use thick skinned positively in Thai, use ใจเย็น ใจกล้า etc?
  3. fire69water

    Thick-skinned In Thai?

    Shameless is ไร้ยางอาย. Donno what the ‘rubber’ is doing in here.
  4. fire69water

    Thick-skinned In Thai?

    Read somewhere thick-skinned in Thai is yangna. ยางหนา or ยางหน้า? Or something else? Can it be used both positively, as an encouragement, or negatively, as in meaning shameless?
  5. fire69water

    How to write Svetlana in Thai ?

    Carl = คาอื ?
  6. Space เว้นวรรค Period จุด Comma จุลภาค Colon ทวิภาค Forward Slash ทับ Open Bracket วงเล็บเปิด Close Bracket วงเล็บปิด Repetition Mark ๆ ไม้ยมก
  7. fire69water

    Valid pronunciations of 'กวน'

    Very simple: ว right between two consonants serves as a อัว vowel, e.g., ขวด, รวย. The top little fish in between is omitted but is necessary for words with no final consonant, e.g., หัว, ตัว.
  8. fire69water

    Thai TV dramas with transcript Thai subs

    Go YouTube and search for ‘toolmorrow’. You will get about ten interesting Thai docu videos or so with Thai subs.
  9. The most sane way to go to the Govt Complex in CW is take the SRT locomotive train to Laksi and then hop into a motorcycle taxi to go there. Cheap and fast. Traffic jams are largely irrelevant. Have to check train timing though.
  10. If one's Common Sense 'amulet' is underused, it loses it's power.
  11. fire69water

    Wanted monk Wiraphon being extradited today

    Why do I have this vision of the Keystone Cops going to the States and doing the extradition?
  12. fire69water

    Can't correctly pronounce the high tone

    While it is true that most Thais use 'start-high-go-higher' for their high tones, foreigners don't have to follow suit—just go plain soprano and you'd be fine.
  13. This story would have topped "Ripley's Believe It Or Not!" chart or "Would Have Been Hilarious If It Weren't So Tragic" list, if such charts or lists exist.
  14. fire69water

    Get a life

    Silence is golden...
  15. แล้วก็… ?