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  1. How to write Svetlana in Thai ?

    Carl = คาอื ?
  2. Space เว้นวรรค Period จุด Comma จุลภาค Colon ทวิภาค Forward Slash ทับ Open Bracket วงเล็บเปิด Close Bracket วงเล็บปิด Repetition Mark ๆ ไม้ยมก
  3. Valid pronunciations of 'กวน'

    Very simple: ว right between two consonants serves as a อัว vowel, e.g., ขวด, รวย. The top little fish in between is omitted but is necessary for words with no final consonant, e.g., หัว, ตัว.
  4. Thai TV dramas with transcript Thai subs

    Go YouTube and search for ‘toolmorrow’. You will get about ten interesting Thai docu videos or so with Thai subs.
  5. The most sane way to go to the Govt Complex in CW is take the SRT locomotive train to Laksi and then hop into a motorcycle taxi to go there. Cheap and fast. Traffic jams are largely irrelevant. Have to check train timing though.
  6. If one's Common Sense 'amulet' is underused, it loses it's power.
  7. Wanted monk Wiraphon being extradited today

    Why do I have this vision of the Keystone Cops going to the States and doing the extradition?
  8. Can't correctly pronounce the high tone

    While it is true that most Thais use 'start-high-go-higher' for their high tones, foreigners don't have to follow suit—just go plain soprano and you'd be fine.
  9. This story would have topped "Ripley's Believe It Or Not!" chart or "Would Have Been Hilarious If It Weren't So Tragic" list, if such charts or lists exist.
  10. Get a life

    Silence is golden...
  11. แล้วก็… ?
  12. Thai dictionary

    If IOS, download app from www.thai-language.com.
  13. Thai media sources with subtitles

    Try YouTube search with "กินอยู่คือ" or "ครัวหัวหมอ" for starters. These are cooking shows.
  14. Handwriting Font

    I wonder how some of those letters of the Layiji font can be 'wrong for genuine handwriting'. I'm sure there are many styles of 'genuine handwriting' in Thai as in other languages. The font was created by a Thai fontographer. I'll bet my all he knew what he was doing. The way I see it, real Thai handwriting generally do away with the initial loop of each consonant for speed. So I doubt handwritten fonts are suitable for those just starting to write Thai.
  15. I came across this recent local news about a buffalo running amok and fleeing the slaughterhouse, presumably after detecting the stench of death. My heart goes out to this lovable creature. I wonder what generally Thai farmers do to these gentle beasts of burden after they grow too old to work the farm. Sell to slaughterhouses? Let them graze the field for the rest of their lives? Or is there some kind of places where kind human souls set up for these creatures to retire in? Please enlighten me on this.