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  1. I wish I had the courage to do that. Wiping out a dozen bikes AND a coach severely incapacitated is a win-win situation.
  2. Justice Thai style - 'Innocent till proven poor.'
  3. Pattaya’s ban on tour bus vendors a failure

    Especially if they are the ones doing the 'organising'.
  4. It should read 'Cop priorities.'
  5. U.S. doubles troops in Cobra Gold 2018

    Here here. I've gone from 'hansum man' to 'granddad' since the GIs arrived.
  6. Condo owners learn how to enforce rules

    Surprised they could find three lawyers agreeing on what the rules are. Every dealing I've had with a Thai lawyer in the last twelve years has been unsatisfactory. Their advice varies according to the moon. The only constant is the price.
  7. Smoking ban PR effort moves to Pattaya Beach

    And allow dogs to circulate their bacteria among the diners. I take my custom elsewhere if there's a dog visible. I don't mind them in the kitchens of Indian restaurants though as was reported last week.
  8. Russian hit-and-run suspect deported

    Another couple of thousand to go.
  9. Mainly from the office in charge of this project. The will to complete the job is missing or they are being paid by the hour.
  10. Nongprue to rip up Pattanakarn Road in July

    But only from members of his immediate family.
  11. The hotel will immediately sue all the patients for loss of business; over-use of toilet facilities and bringing its reputation into disrepute.
  12. Government defends its corruption-fighting record

    Until Prayuth takes on the police Thailand will always figure highly in the corruption table. The RTP makes Thailand look like a banana republic in the eyes of the world.
  13. Equitable Education bill gets nod

    To join the police force.
  14. So a charge of causing cruelty to animals is dropped in favour of possessing illegal guns? I bet he's laughing his head off in Dubai.
  15. So the DNA proved he cocked the rifle (pun intended) then he handed the gun to one of his henchmen to fire it? Talk about innocent till proven poor!