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  1. Dash cams will soon replace the police. The guilty will be tried in the Court of Facebook. Punishment will be Great Loss of Face.
  2. Only those towns without a police force. I can't think of any at the moment.
  3. This is a gang of idiots to allpow themselves to be caught by Pattaya's BIB! Did they, perhaps steal a policeman's bike? That's the only reason I can think that would stir the Kwaistone cops into action.
  4. See Mid-week rant against us keyboard warriors.
  5. It's not been a good day for RTP - this + Jenphop case + + + + ?
  6. Disband the RTP - they 'serve and protect' themselves; the rich; the famous; the guilty and anyone/thing else when there is money in it.
  7. When it goes dark, Pattaya police clock off for the night (& most of the next day.)
  8. To avoid Songkran madness I visited the above island. Here are some travel tips to be aware of: you and your wife need a visa ($50) obtainable in advance. In Thailand I avoid the underhand ++ establishments as it's just an underhand gouging of customers. In Sri Lanka, it is impossible to avoid in tourist areas. Irrespective of the poor service, you are charged 10% AND a further 17% in taxes = 27% more than the printed price! Alcohol (even the local brands) is very expensive - we were charged the equivalent of 9 UKP for 2 gins and one tonic in a non-descript hotel; more in up-market hotels. You can only buy liquor in special shops which have prison bars to prevent robberies. The final insult to Sri Lanka and its tourists came at the airport in Colombo. I had carefully conserved my rupees to buy duty free on my way back to Thailand. You cannot use Sri Lankan currency in Sri Lanka's capital's airport!!! They accept only $s! You cannot get a decent coffee. The food is bland. The scenery was nice with lots of wild life which you could view by paying a premium.
  9. The problem exists because colleges are allowed to take on as many students as they can accommodate to collect extortionate fees for second rate tuition culminating in a worthless diploma. The result is a glut of applications which ultimately is dependent on how many are willing to pay principals without principles an under the table bribe. I know because I wouldn't; both my step-daughters are are away for long weekends requiring accommodation/travel costs in different cities.
  10. Makes a change from abducting and raping young girls.
  11. You get to vote here as soon as you accept 500 bribe.
  12. Is this the reason Thailand is buying subs and tanks? Are we about to invade N Korea?
  13. She'll have a headache. Correction only farang robots get those.