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  1. I taught a short time in Brunei, admittedly in an International school. I found the students charming & of course with a high level of English competency. The sum total of their ambitions, however, appeared to extend no farther than a job in an office with A/C. Most other jobs were done by imported labour.
  2. Owning a dog is tantamount to admitting your own deficiencies in public; whether it's an emotional thing or pure ignorance. We scoff at the Elizabethans emptying chamber pots out of bedroom windows. In 400 years time dog-owning will appear equally ludicrous. Dogs cause accidents; spread disease (like chamber pots); kill and disfigure children. Working dogs fine; all others should go in the pot.
  3. It's amazing how many farangs commit suicide in Thailand. Even more amazing how many manage it in police 'custody'.
  4. Meanwhile Pattaya police arrested an e-cigarette seller.
  5. What surprises me most is that Pattaya police were working after dark! On a Saturday! Times are getting hard. Now if all bar owners clubbed together to say no more monthly envelopes maybe the BIB would leave town?
  6. Booze-up and brewery spring to mind. Thailand is sinking in a swamp of waste paper and plastic bags. Immigration policies are dependent on how much printer ink/copy paper is used. All senior officers have shares in companies selling these commodities.
  7. The country is run by Facebook. No decision is taken unless it has been brought to the attention of the ruling classes by bad publicity. With the reputation of the police tarnished beyond redemption why is there no decisive strong action? Why is the drunk cop not behind bars?
  8. As nobody listens to his broadcasts, we would not know about this were it not for the above report. Is there a Thai version for the population to read? Oh ....Thais don't read. So he's preaching in a vacuum.
  9. In this case the stupidity was Thannachart Insurance Company. Why would they pay out to two offenders AFTER paying for their medical treatment? It's just bought them a more powerful bike.
  10. Unless the money's right.
  11. False news - Pattaya police don't work Saturdays or after dark.
  12. If, like mine, it was Thannachart, then they were cheerfully pay out huge sums in compensation to two licenceless, underage, speeding boys who lost control and crashed into my stationery car.
  13. 200 baht fine and/or a donation to Secret Policeman's Ball....unless one/both drivers were farang - then that's a whole new ball game.
  14. Stating the bleedin' obvious. Phones are not collected in UK schools- they are told you cannot use them on pain of confiscation. If enforced it works. Shame the Thai police don't realise this about traffic law.... actually all law.
  15. It's coming from the police station.