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  1. Why doesn't Prayuth bring in compulsory child support for all the Thai fathers who walk away from their responsibilities?
  2. And Pattaya Swat are going to check CCTV cameras? Good luck with that one. They don't even work in Sattahip police station where I was forced to pay their latest bribe.
  3. Somebody got rich off this crazy; time-consuming; expensive solution that a full-time traffic cop could have solved,
  4. Where the police turn a blind eye to the violence. One might think they have a vested interest in allowing these illegal meterless taximeters to clog up the roads whilst they wait for their next sucker.
  5. With a corrupt police force who view foreigners as milch cows.
  6. Don't tease, tell me where.
  7. Hint to Pattaya police - see if you can find a CCTV camera that works. Otherwise 5000 is a steep learning curve.
  8. Pattaya policeman had a 'busy day'! I expect collecting all those bribes is wearisome.
  9. As a microcosm of the housing picture our estate has 62 houses with only 2 defaulters on Maintenance fees in the last six years. (Both Thais.) Despite the estate having 1.5 million in the bank; being well run by a Committee of 8 (4 farangs/4 Thais) there are 18 houses up for sale. As police corruption continues to bite, more and more farangs are seeking pastures new.
  10. He is as satisfied as the Health and Safety officers were over London's tower block insulation.
  11. The police will agree a sum that does not necessitate any charges.
  12. Has as much chance as asking the police to stop taking bribes.
  13. Absolutely - I'd hang it above where my fireplace might be in a colder climate.
  14. Why do Thai police wait? Why do they send a telegram in advance of a raid? The rapist has already ignored a summons - why don't the police go round & drag him down to the station by the scrotum.
  15. They're building a new storage facility for all the confiscated drugs to sit in until book-keeping errors allow some seepage. Will a similar one be built to accommodate all these items? How should they dispose of these items?