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  1. Ho Lee Mackerel! How did they know he had all these phones? Why would they X-ray luggage in transit?
  2. The oxymoron 'Thai Justice' ranks alongside 'Thai Military Intelligence' (think balloons) and 'Thai Police work' (think protection money.)
  3. Prem bestows scholarships to needy students

    Thanks for your response, JAG. She has worked in a private school for over a year and, as you say, took a pay cut to work in this local authority one. She went for an interview locally where the principal (without principles) was more interested in me - a retired ex-Head of English in UK. She was prepared to give her the job if I would work voluntarily part-time. I agreed then a week later found another candidate had been preferred after an under-desk payment had been made.
  4. Name and shame then potential passengers can make informed choices. Loss of revenue might make the company more responsible.
  5. Prem bestows scholarships to needy students

    I granted two scholarships to my two step-daughters. They attended college and one (so far) has been presented with a Teaching Certificate from the King. She has a job at 9000 per month. She regularly travels the country taking local authority tests (I think.) Can anyone explain the necessity of these tests? Could it be that College Certificates are worthless?
  6. Judging by the fine detail regarding the engine numbers/registration particulars, I decree this investigation 98.5% complete.
  7. Nothing will improve whilst the Thai police view all roads as Toll roads. The only time the BIB break into feverish activity (known as work in other countries) is when they smell money. Tourists in high season = Bonanza.
  8. So who will you put your money on in the great sweepstake for the title 'Most Corrupt Institution in Thailand'? Will it be the Police - clear front runners most weeks? Will the Army forge ahead as they protect an alleged killer? The Monkhood is now making a late bid for this honour, but is it too little, too late?
  9. Bali Hai renovation moving along

    Once finished, it'll all be dug up again to bury power/phone lines.
  10. All thanks to Bill Gates. Next he's going to try to persuade Pattaya police to work after dark in groups of no more than two.
  11. Nongprue removes illegal signs

    A sign blocking the view of speeding traffic down the hill on Sukhumvit near Bang Saray kept mysteriously falling down but only during the hours of darkness. Local police are baffled, so I'm told.
  12. They should study how they do it in Bang Saray; only two steps there - first, on a windy day wait till everyone's washing is out drying; finally set fire to diesel soaked piles and hope the fire brigade are busy elsewhere.
  13. Mr Does - I envy your belief that there is no corruption in City Hall or sundry other local government offices. Obviously you have not fallen foul of it yet. If you owned a Pattaya business; if you ever sought planning permission on housing; if you ever, heaven forbid, get involved in a traffic accident; or if your step-daughter seeks employment as a teacher, you will soon learn that money IS the first thing that comes to many Thai minds and is often the reason they ever think about serious issues.
  14. Using Social Media is bound to get things done.