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  1. They can't even clean up the taxi mafia at the airport. I reported a female driver for gouging me for 200 baht for a 500 metre ride. Emailed authorities three weeks ago - naturally no response. Professionalism eh?
  2. Ditto Phuket. Taxi driver female at the airport refused my Tripadvisor map (in Thai) - drove about till she racked up 200 baht. Next day our hotelier took us back to the airport - it took 63 seconds!
  3. I agree with you 100%. If only Thailand had a police force.
  4. Why does Thailand not enforce the use of working and visible lights Particularly on busy roads at night. Sukhumvit Pattaya has great stretches of non-working road lights which coupled with the number of motor-bikes without lights + total absence of police after dark = daily deaths. Local authorities should be sued by victims of this cost-cutting exercise.
  5. Pattaya police are already doing that and minting it in. How about Pattaya meterless taximeters conforming to the national law? Ask the police why the taxi mafia don't obey the law.
  6. This happens to me twice a week on soi 6 but I never complain.
  7. Is there any area of Thai society free from corruption? Until severe punishments are enforced nothing will change.
  8. Man falls to death from condominium in Chon Buri

    Thai male - rejection = face-saving suicide.
  9. Make them walk round all the bars/businesses to collect the monthly bribe money.
  10. Only the army are strong enough but then again they are as deeply enmeshed as the police.
  11. The Thai police force is a cesspit of corruption. They stifle business; commandeer produce; skim profits; intimidate the public; ignore crime when it suits. Thailand will continue on its mediaeval way till someone grasps the nettle.
  12. Do all Thai males suffer from this genetic disorder towards extreme violence?
  13. Police seize the nearest two Burmese workers.