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  1. Police only do this after a full financial statement has been made.
  2. 'Me and my Chinese friend went on holiday to Thailand. We took a boat trip during stormy weather. I have not seen my friend since.' I claim the 200,000 baht prize.
  3. Meanwhile on the roads over sixty people are killed DAILY (some of them tourists) because there is no policing. Any comment on that Mr Weerasak?
  4. They soon will be. No Governmental warnings like 'Wear white at night;' 'No lights, no brain;' 'Loud music damages your hearing and that of others'; 'taking the silencer off your bike wastes fuel and lets the police hear you coming'.
  5. I'm 75 and frequently get the urge to beat up the drivers of cars inflicting their choice of music on the hundred other cars waiting at traffic lights.
  6. Maybe she sold dolls? She went out to work at 9pm on Saturday night?
  7. Smoke and mirrors. There's a thriving trade here much of it condoned by those responsible for the tough policies.
  8. It's nothing to do with being a teacher; lots of people here are in debt across a variety of professions. It's to do with honour. If you borrow, it's the honourable thing to pay back your debt.
  9. 1 No noticeable improvement; 2 Inequality gap in terms of wealth/application of law yawns wider than ever; 3 Prawit! 4 Evidence? 5 ECC seems a good idea; 6 No public participation allowed except in groups of five. 1 out of 6
  10. Take his mask off, I want to compare photographs; he's certainly less portly than the PM.
  11. In Monopoly's Community Chest there's always a Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card. Watch this space.
  12. I like Pattaya. I don't want lots of tourists cluttering up the roads; polluting the sea; keeping meterless taximeters in business; providing sustenance for the Bandits-in-Brown. The monthly floods will take care of this new sand and stop floods of new tourists.
  13. Willis can't do an English accent.