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  1. Rechargeable battery's

    I can't vouch for the size, but a good place to start would be Amorn in the lower level (basement) of Tuk.com on Pattaya Tai. I found a less common size, and they had both batteries and charger for it.
  2. Gary, I am glad you posted this as I have the same problem. The speedometer bar itself is visible, but not the numbers. I brought it to Mityon Honda in Pattaya, and was told it needed a NEW SPEEDOMETER assembly. The "bulbs" are small LED lights on a printed circuit board. Yes, papa al, an experienced scooter tech might be able to fix, but I think it would require soldering bulbs on a board. Anyway, I was told I needed a new speedometer. The cost from Honda: 5,000 baht!!!! I hope someone has a more reasonable solution.
  3. Sheryl, I'll cop to one of yours. I was trying to send a private message that you do a good job moderating the Health section. I couldn't find a way to do it. Thanks.
  4. portable solar panel for platelet

    Aliexpress has lots to choose from, but it takes a while to get delivered (usually free). 10-20 days in most case. Solar panels plain, and solar panel backpacks.