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  1. PC800

    duracell batteries

    I've had decent luck with house brand ALKALINE batteries from both Big C and MR DIY. The last 4-pack of AA at MR DIY I bought, was 45 baht.
  2. PC800

    Jomtien Top Up Machine for Sim Cards

    I got helped by one. 10 baht plus 2 baht...extended 30 days. Outside of a Family Mart. Near Mityon on Theppasit.
  3. PC800

    Jomtien Top Up Machine for Sim Cards

    I have looked but not at 7-11 and Family Mart. I will focus on them. Thanks.
  4. I've been reading about trying to extend the validity period of a low-use AIS Sim card. I have read that you can "top up" for as low as 10 baht at a time, plus 2 baht service charge, which would extend the validity by 30 days. The machines are getting harder to find, but does anyone know of such a machine in Jomtien, or even Pattaya?
  5. I do think there will be changes in the law as electric motorcycles become more prevalent. I doubt that HONDA would announce it's planning to manufacture electric and hybrid Honda PCX motorcycles in the near future if they would be illegal. Maybe some changes in the law are coming.
  6. PC800

    Opera Hotel Bangkok Still Open?

    It closed on November 16th after a 52 year run. I had stayed there for 28 years. I'll miss it and the great people who worked there.
  7. PC800

    Hire Of Thai Traditional Costume

    Easier than pantaloons is a nice Thai Shirt. I was in a wedding and wore this which did not look out of place at all. Upstairs in Mike' Department Store...I forget which level. Not expensive.
  8. It might be the Savannah Sands Condo project by Universal on Soi Wat Boon. I think there was a crane collapse that stopped construction. I think that is the only big project righ ton Soi Wat Boon at present.
  9. PC800

    Rechargeable battery's

    I can't vouch for the size, but a good place to start would be Amorn in the lower level (basement) of Tuk.com on Pattaya Tai. I found a less common size, and they had both batteries and charger for it.
  10. Gary, I am glad you posted this as I have the same problem. The speedometer bar itself is visible, but not the numbers. I brought it to Mityon Honda in Pattaya, and was told it needed a NEW SPEEDOMETER assembly. The "bulbs" are small LED lights on a printed circuit board. Yes, papa al, an experienced scooter tech might be able to fix, but I think it would require soldering bulbs on a board. Anyway, I was told I needed a new speedometer. The cost from Honda: 5,000 baht!!!! I hope someone has a more reasonable solution.
  11. Sheryl, I'll cop to one of yours. I was trying to send a private message that you do a good job moderating the Health section. I couldn't find a way to do it. Thanks.
  12. PC800

    portable solar panel for platelet

    Aliexpress has lots to choose from, but it takes a while to get delivered (usually free). 10-20 days in most case. Solar panels plain, and solar panel backpacks.
  13. PC800

    Does anyone have American Pennies?

    I guess it depends on how many you want/need. I was not trying to play hard to get. If you send me your address in a private message, I'll mail them to you on Monday.
  14. PC800

    Does anyone have American Pennies?

    I have 14 of them, but I am in Pattaya. See if you can get some closer to home, but if you need them, I have them.