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  1. Phuket Poll: Should Thailand build the Kra Canal?

    Singapore and Malaysia would have no strategic importance. Just think of the advantages to have direct access to the Pacific Ocean and cut 5-6 days off of the shipping time. Makes Ya think! Would not even need proposed rail links. Would not even need a port in Singapore any longer! Plus the pirates would loose targets.
  2. What will you do when the lights go out! We need these Coal Fired power plants, so get on with it, technology will sort out most of the pollution problems.
  3. It is happening again, the squirrels are disappearing from Samui. I live in a large coconut plantation and after the last big die off of coconut trees it was determined that the absence of "Natural Enemy" of the larva that was killing the trees were disappearing on the island. When the squirrels were reintroduced to our island the dying of of the Coconut trees slowed down and seemed to stop. What happened to the squirrels (this subject was covered on this forum 5 or 6 years ago. Over the last 6 months the squirrels have disappeared again. I use to observe 10 to 20 squirrels a day in my yard, whole families playing and transiting our property and all over the coconut trees. About 2 months ago the Squirrels disappeared! I have also noted that many coconut trees have a orange band around them indicating that chemical have been used on the tree. Bring the Squirrels back. As we know people have short memories. It was band to harm these creatures but now no one seems to care. The chemicals used will eventually taint the reputation of the coconut industry.
  4. Another smokescreen to hide the truth of what is happening. Most of us can see through this B.S. and move on to the important issue they don't want us to know.
  5. Solar cells are still very inefficient to provide a economical option. Power is CHEAP here in Thailand, as long as the cost is so low there is no intensive to invest in more costly and maintenance intensive technology. Pay back , yes we design and manufacture Solar systems, but they are a "protection" from power fluctuation and failures in 80% of the cases. There is also a limit as to how big a system can be for your installation. There is no working plan to buy back excessive power you may generate. ROI is very low, but as a protection or back up the systems work as designed.
  6. To far the cost of the transmission lines would be a big additional cost and maintenance headache. just ask Australia, power plant cheap, coal plentiful cost of getting power to the customer is the problem. Laos and Cambodia supply a lot of power to Thailand. Many gas fired plants were scheduled to be built. A dedicated pipeline was built across Burma to Thailand to deliver Natural Gas, the plants were never built but Thailand still pays for the gas it does not use under the contract with BP.
  7. I see you have never been there or done that! Geopolitics my ass, when they come for you and yours it will be interesting to see who saves you and yours! More interestingly will be who comes when you need them. The world is a dangerous place!
  8. I defer to those of you who have lost parents, brothers, sisters defending "Our Freedom", yes the freedom of the world. No one cares anymore, no one knows the history of the sacrifices made to give you the freedoms you enjoy today. When the next conflict comes and it will you will again call on those brave men and women to protect Your Freedom even at the costs of their own lives.
  9. One of the hardest fought battles of WW2, we lost a lot of men taking Okinawa. Bottom line We WON , You LOST, we own that island forever and I would fight for it again if necessary. Not even part of Japan , during the war just another road block to delay the coming defeat. Asian You Lost, We whipped your ass, get over it. Read the surrender paper WE OWN YOU!
  10. I have been registered Under the "Thai American Treaty of Amity" since 1992. Treaty is between His Majesty "The King of Thailand"and The President of the United States, Lindon B Johnson. I have never had any problems with the Thailand complying fully with the terms of this treaty.
  11. You sold these items to the "tourists" they paid you and they didn't eat the packaging, they left that behind. Your job now is to properly dispose of the waste left behind!
  12. My observation over the last few months. The Tour companies arrange everything, hotel, local tours, big buffet food tables, Big shopping center tours, everything is taken care of. One exception may be 7-11 and Family Marts as they seem to need a lot of snacks. With the arrangement like above less than 30-40% of local Thai businesses benefit from these "Tour Groups", just look around do you see any on their own? Oh you may see a group , but most likely they have been bused to a place to shop and are on a schedule via their tour group bus. This leaves well over 50% of the businesses on Samui who gain basically nothing from this tourist boom. A perfect example is Natorn, tour buses are waiting at the pier to whisk the New arrivals on their per booked tours and hotels. Just take a look around they don't travel in hordes any longer, they are in organized groups. The locals, with few exceptions see none of this business just the big hotels and tour organizer. Need proof just come to Natorn, even when a cruse ship comes in they are whisked away in prearranged buses and vans waiting for them as the tour ?? has already been arranged on the ship.
  13. And when the bubble bursts, Thailand will be left with a mess. Like locusts consume everything than move on, until the next time! They will go home and not look back. The Thai's will be left "fix" the special concessions from the past boom. Probably a lot of "special" holes to plug to prevent the problems we are having now with undesirables allowed here in Thailand.
  14. So being legal, paying taxes, jumping through government hoops at every turn, teaching my Thai Employees proper engineering skills. I could go on, but Evidently it was all for nothing when I could have done everything from NaNa Plaza (1984) and never needed to worry about being legal. More difficult then due to technology limitations at the time. Visa extensions just a shout away, easy and cheap. After I did things by the rules every thing became a nightmare, book keeper, immigration, labor, office, being scammed by book keepers was popular back than also. After over 40 years I think back and i would have been better off being illegal, liegal they can trace you, scam you, intimidate you, threaten you. Why you are easy to find and they can always find a problem. This got better when they were required to have a warrant, not to just barge in and search your place of business. To bad as I had High Hopes for Thailand in those days, never happened and appears it never will. And no one seems care anymore.
  15. Why are Thai public hospitals so crowded?

    I find the service greatly improved in the last year or so. to many patients and not enough staff , but they get the job done!