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  1. I have been looking for a person, preferably Thai who would like to learn the electrical trade. I can not find one person here on Samui. No one wants to work!
  2. "Every" country has a patrol car at the road block, check point with a computer that can check anything on line, facial recognition, passport or ID number. In fact in most countries every patrol car is equipped with these basic NCIS computers. Have been for years, they even work when the vehicle is moving, but they do keep a record of what is requested and usually want answers to why quires were made and the disposition of the request.
  3. Need advice on how to handle the press, just call Dr Mahatier in Malaysia. His method worked for years and still is!
  4. This is why they have Private Investigators, hire a local U.K. P.I. and he will get you all the information you require. This seems like a no brainer. If possible keep it discreet there are P.I.'s that can find out anything about anyone, just don't ask them to revel their sources. Any one can get this done, but best done in the U.K. so no data trace, in-person best way.
  5. ksamuiguy

    Dangerous Extortion Threat in Samui

    Protron is a secure encrypted site, did you put it out there for everyone to see? it is possible for Protron to trace the sender, why not check with them.
  6. ksamuiguy

    Siemens touts gas turbine edge for Thailand

    Not for a long time, Thailand need Engineers, but no one wants to attend that tough curriculum. So Farangs will be needed to design, install and maintain these plants into the future and beyond if the past is any indication. Gas should be plentiful The gas line from Burma has a lot. Thailand pays for but never uses! Gas Turbine power plants in Thailand, how many Farangs are needed to keep these plants running I wonder!
  7. No one wants to pay the monthly premium for Social Security here in Thailand. There can be no benefits if no one pays into the system. I have paid into the Thai s.S. System for over 25 years and have a tidy sum built up. I am covered almost 100% for medical problems. If the government employees also paid into the same system it would reduce the short fall that exists now in the system. No one wants to pay, but everyone wants benefits. That system won't work anywhere.
  8. ksamuiguy

    Wine and beer price

    It would appear that the tax increase is being applied to the retail price, not the tax rate!
  9. Thank you for your service and dedication to the County and it's citizens, a job well done and appreciated!
  10. ksamuiguy

    Solar Power

    It seems to me that here on Samui an installation on a flat roof would be the best installation. here customers are concerned with esthetics, basically installations are ugly on most home roofs. this would allow panel orientation however you needed.
  11. like all court cases in "The Kingdom" slow to announce verdicts. In almost every case The announcement of the verdict is delayed in almost every case. why, so the lawyers can make more money!. Justice delayed is justice denied.
  12. Upgrade has really put me off ThaiVisa. searches, following many problems with access. probably not their fault , just new regulations and rules. TIT
  13. ksamuiguy

    anyone here know how to resuscitate

    YES, took the refresher course not long ago, Thai Red Cross offers a course in CPR also. But , yes the previous poster is correct, not much good if YOU need it, yes needed for cardiac arrest as well as drowning. Good to know!