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  1. Hidding in plain site is the easiest way to hide!
  2. The fabric of Thai Society is starting to unravel!
  3. Keep up the good work, keep your dream alive, you never know! Best of luck to you!
  4. But no funds to maintain or operate the incinerator on Samui!
  5. How can we help??? No sponsors because no money to be made. The talent of "The Kingdom" is being wasted.
  6. Roadside bomb defused in Narathiwat

    Great job by these brave men, EOD a dangerous but necessary job. Thanks also to the very observant patrol who saw the device and took appropriate action to have it defused.
  7. Rain, especially slow steady rain refills the underground aqua-firs. If you live on an island like we do, There is no magic well, no rain no water to replenish the aqua-fir. if you have an open well just take a look in the well at the water level, observation will show you how the ground water varies with rain fall, no rain no water simple. rain needs to be steady and not to hard or most will wash into the sea using the Soi's as klongs. About 85% of the rain goes to the sea as we have no major dedicated catchment areas here on Samui. Want to know the water situation on Samui, just observe the water tanker truck activity it follows closely with the rain we get. Just a comment about spelling and grammar, English is not the native language of most of our member so can we ease up on the spelling and grammar comments. We are not school children!
  8. The smugglers are the ones who will profit. I seem to remember a few years back that cigarettes where the number one item smuggled in to U.K..
  9. PM urged to stop Temple of Dawn renovation

    So it it is a fine Arts department task, why don't they get on with their job.
  10. Model of Bangkok available for viewing

    Must be a lot of changes over the last 10 years or so! With the advances in technology a overhead photo if the present model and a Satellite overhead image laid , projected on the model should show the changes in the last 10 years. That would be very interesting indeed.
  11. hopefully Chang will leave things alone, so far so good, "if it ain't broke don't fix it"
  12. The Turtle you saw was probably eating the jellies, one of their staple foods.
  13. Someone please tell me what is going on here

    Here on Samui, no problems with 3BB, fast efficient service, drop outs, yes lately due to some very bad solar storms effecting a lot of the world for the last 2 weeks. Satellite disruption as well as GPS problems. I get what I pay for in speed, but again depends where you are downloading from and when. My dedicated download server downloads at over 100 mbs on most days.