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  1. Isn't there a curfew in Thailand for minors under18?
  2. On my balcony, , just basking in the sun. can some on id this snake please Thanks
  3. Why Thailand Takes Pride in the Vietnam War

    been there, done that!
  4. I am paying tax on my income as required by Thai Law, plus Social Insurance and rental tax, over 10,000 a month. I have no tax problems just the requirement to get a new Work Permit when nothing has changed. I just need to know if it is a law to have a new work permit reissued every 10 years. Especially when I have had mine renewed every year like clock work.
  5. My book keeper has informed me that I am requiter to apply for a NEW Work permit. She tells me that they will no longer renew work permits over 10 years old. I am also told that if the work permit includes more than one job description I have to pay Income tax on each listed job. I have had a work permit continuously since 1993 here in Thailand, A new book was stapled to my old work permit book 2 renewals ago. I was told that be sure and not loose the old work permit book as they can not find my past records (I have copies). So is this now the law a work permit over 10 years old can not be renewed and you must apply for a new one! My company is a Thai American Amity Treaty registered company in business since 1992 here in "The Kingdom"
  6. I am told by my book keeper I need to apply for a new permit because mine is over 10 years old and they won't renew Work Permits over 10 years old. I am also told that you must pay taxes on each job description in the Work Permit I have had a work permit continually since 1993. Is the new law? I am renewing my work permit this month. The only records they have is my old work permit book stapled to my "New Book" the old on was falling apart. They say they can not find my records! I have my records going all the way back to when I set up my company and applied for my work permit. are these new requirements? Thanks
  7. The best of luck to you, just do your best!
  8. Thailand hopes to become new stop for luxury cruises

    research suggest!
  9. I take a photo of my meter every month, so no LARGE mistake can be made without me seeing it, if you have a digital meter you need to make a video of the meter for about 15 seconds so all readings are displayed.
  10. Paying in cash, paper trail dodgie. PEA needs to set up a way to pay on line by credit card or atm card so the customer has a record of the transfer at their bank.
  11. Looking for husbands! Shortage of men in China, one child policy was a disaster.
  12. Even a Beaver builds a "spill way" by pass in the event his dam becomes to full and could destroy his home and food supply. He repairs and inspects the dam continuously after all it is his home and food supply that is at stake! Back to basics, this is not rocket science.
  13. Help us to clean Koh Samui beaches

    We live on a small island in a shallow body of water with lots of main land inlets to the gulf, we get a lot of trash at certain times of the year. in my almost 20 years on Samui I don't believe I have ever seen a (occupied/used) beach stay unkempt for more than a few days, some one Thai's and Faring's alike clean it up, yes we get irresponsible people who don't clean up their mess but all and all we have clean beaches, 90% of the time. WE can and do clean up after our selves here on Samui. And we don't really clean up cigarette buts, not many to be found unlike the other beaches in Thailand where people seem to just go around throwing cigarette butts on the beach. We just don't look for the small stuff or some one to blame, just clean it up when it needs it, like magic it get done with no outside help needed or expected!