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  1. Why not a "box" at the departure (Air Side) after passport control. Big sign leave you coins her in Thailand they are donated to (name of charity). Most people don't want the coins and will gladly leave them here. Airlines use to collect excess foreign coins before landing at the final destination airport. I would immigration the counting and sorting would have be a big problem for the airline. To bad there is a lot of loose change out there. I know accountability, so a new controlled industry would born. Get the airport bank branches to collect the coins on a daily basis. A service (free) to the community, some thing unheard of here.
  2. Another species that will soon disappear
  3. Just look at our neighbors. They have had this technology for years and it works.But, it dose keep a record which is a No, No here in "The Kingdom" The technology exists here and has for a long time, but again a record of the "deed" is kept and recorder , backed up in several locations. The biggest success being 7-11, but that is another story. many more examples out there, and they work.
  4. One of the Few , The Proud. Congratulations now use it to further your education. Sadly lack of encouragement and opportunity will probably dash this Proud young mans dreams. But dream on, make them come true, it's not easy, but worth it in the end! To bad there is no encouragement to help the youngster in their quest for a better education.
  5. I have My God, You have Your God, whoever "it" maybe. Not my business!
  6. Since the dawn of time religion in one form or another has caused ALL conflicts and wars through out history. "In the Name of God"
  7. If you follow the "rules of engagement" the bad guy will always win. WE are in a war and people die in a war, some times the good die also. No time to second guess, these SOP units are trained to react, and well trained, so let them do their jobs. Collateral damage will most certainly occur. Mostly stupid "lookers" putting them selves "I Harms Way". WE are in a War, we have the means to "make them think twice" (the bad guys) but not if our protectors have to worry about covering their own asses. Been there done that. Let the experts do their jobs and fade into obscurity. Thailand has one of the Best trained SOG's in Asia, they are really good, so good you never hear about what they do!
  8. In your dreams, keep non patients out of hospitals, they bring new germs with them, and may also catch the one inside where the sick people are expose others to the new bug when they leave. Thai culture is a hindrance to "Medical Protocols", to bad easy to wear a mask, clean your hands and mostly control your kids, the nurses have enough to do without being your babysitter. Why would a parent bring their kid into a place full of sick people? I see this every time I go to the hospital. Time to put some rules in place and enforce them. Monitor who comes in and why. Oh well TIT.
  9. Same shit, same people. Just enough to keep the same old bull shit alive. Gives their supporters another injection of hope. It has been going on for over 30 years in one form or another. Look at the methods and targets, not designed to kill anyone (unless they make a mistake) just to "stir the pot" so to speak. It's about time some one ended this, they know who, but no one has the balls to go after them. Easy to find a "fall guy" to do the deed for them, again, follow the money!
  10. Same game, same players it was 25 years ago!
  11. Some times it is best to say nothing.
  12. WE have a saying, "follow the money". Tighten the banking regulations more, closely monitor money changers, loan sharks, land transactions. Foreigners renting a big 2 story villa 8 guys play online poker all night, top of the line laptops they win between $500-800$ a night, every night. Winnings are paid into a pre-paid Credit Card in a foreign country. No trace of the money, no tax paid. Not to mention the number of web designers doing on line business for foreign customers. (Digital Nomads my ass) Like Locust the consume what they can and move on, mostly to another location. Easy and no trace of their activity. This is only one way these cheats work, you name it they are doing it. 2 weeks ago, Kow San road farang needed a Id card for proof of age for club entry. 500 baht photo, 30 minutes had a ID card with false identity on it. shop is a stones throw from the local BIB shop! Will never stop, there is no punishment, just say "I Am Sorry" and move on to the next victim or go home for a break when out of money or on the run, back and do the same thing again, over and over.