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  1. Involved in one program shot here in "The Kingdom". Never again, monitoring by "officials" was like being a prisoner on parole. Continual interference caused many delays. Result talking to director "never agian"!
  2. Another example of " Independent travelers", Not a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. Yes , not all but I see more and more on the soi's of Samui, Pattaya and Phuket.
  3. I agree there are many "independent travelers" with money and a purpose. Spending money locally but I don't think they are coming here to invest. They will go where they can own what they buy and feel welcome!
  4. Independent travelers my ass, the ones with no money or direction in their lives. Most people save most of their working lives to to make this "Trip of a life time". The have planned and saved and are what they "Quality Tourists" "independent travelers" they come for a "good time' go home and earn some more money to come back for a "good time", over and over. Sorry this is the majority of the "independent travelers" these "independent travelers" become a burden on the countries they visit as they do not contribute to the economies of countries they visit. Doubt it just look at you-tube videos, Facebook, almost every one is about how to screw the county you are visiting, how to not spend money, how to get around the rules. Don't take my work Take A look. Also take a look who are using social services, hospitals etc. the most. The "independent travelers" most of which don't have any funds to pay for these services and become a burden on the host country so why are they here, because they can not do what they do here in their home country and get away with it!
  5. "Trust Me" In over 40 years in "The Kingdom" I have seen many changes, most for the better, better for those with money and power. I have seen it to long, it is just to hard. A legal document means nothing here, to many cavorts and exception , changes after the terms or what ever are agreed on. The trust has disappeared, The country has lost its Credibility, one of the most difficult losses there is to recover from. Even the proposed change won't help, sorry to say it took years to loose, slowly f^@k the foreigners, I personally believe it is to late to recover. So I believe Thailand is doomed to try and exist on tourism, but again the past is coming back to haunt them. The "Touts" are suffering the most they have been screwing the Tourists for 30 years, now the tourists are organized, tour companies have organized the chaos and plan everything, arrange everything, no surprises. Most tourists are On Vacation and don't want to be bothered, they have a itinerary and follow it, no thinking involved! I see it now when the cruse ships come in to Natorn, everything has been organized by the cruse company, "things" are waiting for them when they arrive. We now see far less "Touts' , taxi's, rouge vans, everything has been arranged before they leave the ship and it works. (85%) take the offered tour or attraction packages offered. Sorry to say that Thailand is no longer the only kid on the block. Thailand has become the gateway for tourists continuing on to other country destinations. It reminds me of a "bedroom community" only go there to rest, sleep before going out to other destinations. Like a base of operations, easy for the first time visitor, because this is there one and only ever trip, "once in a life time" You can see it in the number of transfer to other destinations from Thailand. To bad these people are counted as visitors, not transient.
  6. The responsible are gone with the cash. Case closed.
  7. Wouldn't photos of wanted be appropriate here!
  8. Playing catch up is a bitch!
  9. If they did a proper job the problems would not happen again. The excuse "This is Samui" is getting old.
  10. Clear conflict of interests. Did he declare and pay his taxes on this income!
  11. An Att-A-Boy never hurt anyone, we use them a lot, the results are happier and more responsible people who feel good about themselves.
  12. it is a propeller it provides thrust, it is not a pump!
  13. I remember the video of them tying boats up to piers and bridge columns and trying to push the water back to the sea during the Bangkok flood flooding a few years back. Obviously the translation of "Thrurster" is confusing, a ships bow Thruster , not a vehicle big enough to carry one.
  14. Ignorant people are teachable and mostly intelligent, but gullible. Stupid is just stupid, nothing can be done for them.