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  1. Good job locals and rescue crew.
  2. Pay back's a bitch!
  3. Kills all bacteria, fungus, viruses we have here in Thailand. If used immediately on cut or scratch a great antiseptic. not intended to put on large wounds or infected wounds. Also remember betadine does kill new skin growth. Again a disinfectant and antiseptic use on small cuts scratches , best there is . Large wounds, deep wounds or puncture wounds go to the hospital. Animal bites put Betadine and GO To The Hospital immediately. Betadine is the best there is for it's intended purpose, keep a small bottle handy.
  4. What does TAT do?
  5. No nice friendly , smiling people with knowledge of the airport on hand to Help "The Kingdom's" visitors. What ever happened to Travelers Aid, students and retired people donating their time and expertise to help people when they arrive. but alas no work permit so no Non Thai speaking helpers, and no help because they are not multilingual so they can not help,plus they don't get paid so Thai's don't want the job. Volunteering in "The Kingdom" seems to be non existent. Why doesn't TAT put employees out trying to help "The Kingdoms" visitors, they don't need to look hard, you can spot the bewilderment on all the faces from very far away.
  6. Here on Samui almost all Low Voltage issues are caused by to much load on the distribution transformer. That and unbalanced loads as evidenced by Transformer failures, they blow up.
  7. Hasn't changed in the 17 years I have been on Samui! Was easy and painless when I was in Bangkok, I renewed my Non-B and W.P. my self. I have had my W.P. Since 1992 contiguous & Visa NON-B. I Pay my taxes, social insurance and so on.(personal over 5,500 a month) company taxes, VAT the list goes on and on, than there is the "yearly books" 25,000 baht and can only be certified by a hand full of "certified" auditors in "The Kingdom" ! Renew extension of stay on Samui, impossible unless I pay ( ? ) and alter my company papers. With 7 Mil. in Payed Up Capitol they want more, They have no Idea of what treaties are in place for foreigners that they must live up to as agreed between "His Majesty the King of Thailand" and foreign countries. It all boils down to Credibility, which is sorely lacking I am sad to say. So I make 90 Day border runs. Breaks the cycle of island life I guess. To find the paper work, documents, letters to start over would be Virtually impossible. Most records don't exist or have been lost over the years (almost 50 for most). W.P. People stapled my old W.P. Books together with a new book and told me not to loose the old one as the records contained in the old one can not be found.
  8. Glad to see we are not the only one in the pot.
  9. Come on the "tourists" don't go to these dodge places. Easier to get ripped off by professional in a safe place
  10. To what end, what would you do with 350,000 sim cards?
  11. SIM card security is very tight. Only possibility I can think of would be duplicate SIM card. So you could have the same number on several phones. Depending on the system Thailand is using, the carriers computers should detect the device serial number as it was registered if a discrepancy is should shut down the service. Sound like a scam to sell "Burn Phones" even that would take a lot of sanctification and monitoring, possibilities endless with rouge service providers on the web.
  12. Even with the "south", no worse than any other country with this large a population.
  13. Depends on who you ask! But immigration is a nightmare, no passenger assistance to fill in landing card. perhaps a information video on the entertainment system on inbound flights, in several languages showing how, where and what to fill in and sign the card. Oh forgot no writing instruments allowed so nothing to write with, share one pen among many passengers. Seems TAT could POP for Pens for inbound flights,. Have an area where visitors could fill in the card with assistance from roaming "assistants". The process is the problem, no organization, all culminating at the immigration Q area. No barriers to keep people in line, no informational signs, oh sorry there was one but after you were already in the stampede for getting in a Q, and , better not say anymore. Tour groups make the tour operator responsible to ensure every one their group has their paper work in order. It could be so easy if Organized, but alas no one wants the responsibility as usual. So again is only another list after all!
  14. why not just blow it up and be done with it!
  15. got past immigration with no problem it appears!