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  1. Lithobid

    Payap University: Class Notes

    In my experience through all the levels there, they speak English to help you along. Even at the lowest level, they primarily speak Thai only to immerse you, but we all need some help from time to time, and they will translate for individuals when needed so that the class stays together.
  2. Lithobid

    Payap University: Class Notes

    Hi all, it's been several years since I regularly updated this forum, as I've been into other adventures in life. I hope to return to regularly studying Thai, and look forward to getting some of my progress posted here for others to learn from as well. I see many folks have posted corrections and additions, I can't thank you enough! Without your help, this thread wouldn't be half of what it is. Cheers! Lithobid
  3. Hey man, doing great! I hope your visit to England went/is going well!


  5. Lithobid

    ให้ And ม้า

    I was under the impression that the tone markers decided the tone of a word or syllable. BUT ม้า and ให้ have the same tone marker but differnt sounds! But looking at ให้ It sounds like a high tone or rising al most sounds like the ตรี๊ sound the third tone marker. Does it sound different because of the consonant? I am a beginer, so perhaps I should not go too fast, and let it come slowly, but I'm really trying hard to get the tone markers down.
  6. Lithobid

    Kennel For Cat

    I have a cat that needs to be put in a kennel for a month. Does anyone know the best places around town? I don't want it stuck in a cage for a month, I'd like a place that let's it run around at least once a day, I don't care about price. Thanks for the help! Lithobid
  7. I'm sure this question has been asked a million times before, but I couldn't get the search function to work on Thai Visa. I'm going on vacation for about 1 month soon, and I have a 5 month old kitten that needs a home for a month. Does anyone know of any good places to look in phuket?? Expensive?? Cheap?? How good is the quality of care. I would hate a place that keeps him in a cage for a month, I'd rather pay more if it givees him time each day to roam in a yard, or even small room. Any Ideas??? Let me know Thank! Lithobid
  8. Lithobid

    Happiest Car Crash In Phuket

    No it was 100BHT only, but I soil myself with the thought of rolling a car. I was hit sideways by a truck back in america going about 40, and that was interesting, but it really amazes me how loud even the smallest fenderbenders can be.
  9. Lithobid

    Happiest Car Crash In Phuket

    Don't have much Idea, probably about 100BHT, but I don't think I ripped them off, I think the situation was see as 1000BHT makes everything ok, and everyone is ok, and no face has been lost. That's my take from the situation.
  10. Lithobid

    Happiest Car Crash In Phuket

    So I’m driving into CAT telecom to pay my bill in Phuket town, and this gray Honda Jazz is just pulling into the parking lot in front of me. There’s not traffic in the opposing lane so I pull up behind the Honda so I can slip into the parking lot without having to wait in traffic. Then all of a sudden I see the Honda’s reverse lights go on. I honk my horn, “hey I’m in the middle of the road, I can’t back up here!” then to my horror, the Honda starts to back up, full blast on the horn now as I brace for impact. SMASH! Not a big accident mind you, but those of you who haven’t had the chance of being in a car wreck, you wouldn’t believe how loud, and shaken things are with even the smallest of fender benders. Now I loose my S*&^, I see it’s a young woman driver “figures” and I start the list of swear words. I get through that, and roll down my window and smile at her, and motion that we go forward out of the road so traffic can continue, and settle ourselves into the CAT telecom parking lot. Now I’m kind of panicked, this is my first accident, it’s clearly her fault, and I don’t know how things are going to turn out. I glance at the security guard of CAT’s parking lot, and he gives me the “funny looking” falling look. You know, the one where they know your in some s***, and you don’t know what the f*** to do. I get out of my car and approach the woman, and wai to her smiling, and apologize, (I’m afraid that my apology will cause the accident to be my fault, but it’s all I could think of and really just wanted to appologise that we were both in this situation. I’d be amazed if it was understood that way.) She wai’s back and smiles. She looks at her bumper and says “mai pen rai” and I say, “Dai, khao jai deow, rot yon phom mai dai” because my headlight cover was cracked from the even. Upon noticing this she seemed a little worried and got out her cell phone. At this point I knew I needed help, I didn’t know who she was calling, but I was a little scared it might be someone to cheat me or hassle me. Since I was at CAT telecom, I ran inside to get Khun Chan, if any of you have dealt with them, this man is a saint, and an honest business man for wireless laptop internet devices. Khun Chan explained to me that the girl was calling her mother. So I relaxed, and smiled at her again, and waited. When mom showed up, she was on the phone, and had her insurance card in her hand. I took her over to my car and showed her, “mai mak mak” I said “damage nit noy” . I then noticed something I’d never seen before in Thailand. Sticking out of this woman’s chest pocket was a 1000BHT note, obviously sticking out, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned about Thai’s in the 2 years I’ve been here, it’s that money is not flashed in the open. I explained to her that she could call the insurance man, or pay me 1000BHT. She smiled and handed me the money. By this time mom and daughter were side by side in front of me. I wai’ed to them, and said thank you, and “choke di maak”. They smiled and reciprocated. I got into my car and thought, wow , that was actually a positive experience. I don’t think I’ve had a car accident that was so calm, positive, and just plain old nonchalant. Granted it was a fender bender and no biggie. But I got all my anger out before I got out of the car, and after that it was smiles and wai’s and I hope to those of you who have future accidents remember this, because I believe it was a great deal of help. Anyway, that’s the story of the happiest car wreck in Phuket.