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  1. In my experience through all the levels there, they speak English to help you along. Even at the lowest level, they primarily speak Thai only to immerse you, but we all need some help from time to time, and they will translate for individuals when needed so that the class stays together.
  2. Hi all, it's been several years since I regularly updated this forum, as I've been into other adventures in life. I hope to return to regularly studying Thai, and look forward to getting some of my progress posted here for others to learn from as well. I see many folks have posted corrections and additions, I can't thank you enough! Without your help, this thread wouldn't be half of what it is. Cheers! Lithobid
  3. Hey man, doing great! I hope your visit to England went/is going well!


  5. That's their usual protocol, but now I think they're desperate for students, so should be no problem to jump right in, though you may have to wait until the end of the month to start at the "begining" of a level. Cheers Lithobid
  6. Lol are you kidding! TIT They'll test you and take your money whenever you're Cheers Lithobid
  7. Well, I don't know other schools, but to rank Payap I would have to say that it's wonderful in giving you extra help. If you were lost during a class, they always go the extra mile to help you understand (IF YOU ASK THEM!!!!@!) I only say that because I've seen student after student walk out of a class disappointed, but do they even approach the teacher (NO!). Payap was so gracious to me that after studying Thai for 7 months with them they didn't have a regular curriculum course for me because I was at a higher level and the head of the Thai Language department, taught me for free for two months! They are great people at Payap, the key is, getting into the right level course, and if it’s lower than your level, they will hammer you with writing and reading. If it’s higher, you can be more like a mouse and just enjoy. For all others that read this who have never taken a language course. In every class, you will always have multiple level’s of students; some good at reading, some at writing, and some at speaking. I strongly recommend surveying Payap to see if it is the right course/style/environment for you. When it all comes down to me, I always find that it’s “how much time can I put into it” that is the main factor. At Payap, you can be a 3-4 hour a day (self-study ) commitment, or just a 3 hour class, that was fun commitment. It’s up to you. Cheers Lithobid!
  8. Hi Morien, Payap is a great place to start, they'll get you going with reading and writing. To get to the grade 6 level takes a lot of work, I don't study at Payap anymore, because they don't have a level high enough for me, but I'm still miles away from passing the P6 exam. I think that after 6-7 months with Payap you will be able to self-study, for another year or so, and then look at taking some university courses in Thai. I've also heard that Chiang Mai university has an advanced 1 year program for Diplomats, but I don't know much about it. Cheers Lithobid
  9. Good question! I have stopped studying intensive Thai at Payap, because, I've been hired as an English teacher there. I've also reached a point of study, where I can go on my own, and consult teachers here and there with grammar questions. I will try to keep posting grammar constructions in this forum, though perhaps, we need to change the name of the forum. I highly encourage, all of you other wonderful posters out there, to add to the Grammar here. Perhaps this could becom the "Grammar forum" where different constructs can be discussed. Thanks to all, good luck with your studies. Cheers Lithobid!
  10. You want to go and register with the application form at the Graduate Building located between the church, and the library, and goto the second floor room 208. There you need to find either, Ajahn Boy, Ajahn Noi, or Ajahn Um and they will level test you. After that you have to pay at the finance office, and you're set begin classes! Cheers and good luck Lithobid!
  11. I teach Thai and English private classes here in CM and one of my English students is French, but he has no interest in learning Thai. I said to him "but your grammar structures are identical! it would be so easy" - oy ve You're right, Thai would be easy for your because of grammar structure, but it will be quite hard tonaly, and also for your pronuciation, unless you've learned english and can return your pallete soud to be quite neutral. I've been studying at Payap now for 8 months, and am going to continue for another year. They have a wonderful program. Cheers Lithobid
  12. ข. เสียใจ - small correction thanks to a good helper CSS Cheers Lithobid
  13. Well, I thought today we’d work on let’s. It’s these little phrases, I find that you can tack on to the end of sentences, or the beginnings, that really make the people your speaking with feel like your understood. ก็แล้วกัน - Let’s ก. วันพฤหัสนี้คุณสะดวกไหม – Is this Thursday OK with you? ข. เสยใจ วันพฤหัสผมจะออกไปนอกเมือง- Sorry, I’ll be out of town on Thursday. ก. ถ้างั้น สุดสัปดาห์หน้าก็แล้วกัน – Well, let’s meet at the end of next week ข. ดีครับ – That’s good. Short but sweet enjoy you studies all. Cheers Lithobid ** Notes taken from Payap University's ATP program **
  14. เล่า should be เหล้า Thanks my friend, I let that one slip. Cheers Lithobid