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  1. Cataract surgery prices

    Yes, Dr. Roy Chumdermpadetsuk. He seems to work mainly out of Rutnin Eye Hospital, though his name also comes up on Samitivej Hospital's and Bumrungrad Hospital's websites, so maybe works part time at those. Received his medical education and did his residency in the US, and speaks flawless English.
  2. Cataract surgery prices

    Spent a good part of today at Rutnin Eye Hospital discussing and being tested for Cataract Surgery. General exam, had my eyes scanned, vision checked, blood pressure checked, blood tests, heart test (my blood pressure was high so not sure if this was related to that) and general consultation with the specialist who would do the surgery (Dr. Roy, who others on here have recommended and I too was very favorably impressed with him). Today cost about 4,000 THB, and they gave me the following prices for having the surgery done and IOL lenses inserted: Standard Monofocal IOL Lenses 65,000 - 70,000 THB per eye 85,000 - 90,000 THB per eye with Toric lens to correct astigmatism Multifocal IOL Lenses 100 ,000 - 110,000 THB per eye 120,000 - 140,000 THB per eye with Toric lens to correct astigmatism With my current contact lenses I have a Toric lens in each eye. However they said that does necessarily mean I would need a Toric IOL. They will have to do another measurement to determine that. But before they can do that measurement and to make it as accurate as possible, I have to stop wearing contact lenses for 5 days and rely on my glasses during that time. Apparently Multifocal lenses have improved significantly in recent years. I was told that Toric Multifocal lenses were not available a few years ago. Also that 'halos' people see with today's Multifocal lenses are not as bad as 10 years ago and for most people are not a big deal.
  3. Do not use Uber to/from Airport

    I've used both Uber and Grab Taxi in Bangkok and was quite pleased with both. I still mainly use metered taxis though, especially for short trips.
  4. Bars closed

    Some of the bars on Soi Cowboy plan to open late around 10 - 11 pm and then begin selling alcohol at midnight. At least that's the plan. I was in one last night when the mamasan made that announcement to the staff.
  5. Bars open tonight?

    Some bars at Cowboy plan to open late evening (10 - 11 pm) and begin selling alcohol at midnight.
  6. Went here recently on a Sunday afternoon only to find it closed with the gate shut. Tried to call them yesterday but got a message "The callee is not authorized to accept this call." Then talked to the manager at TeeOff 42 Driving Range, and he told me it is permanently closed to make way for a new condo and fitness club. Bummer! I liked that place. The trains passing by behind you were kind of fun too.
  7. PHOTOS: Thailand's smallest 7 Eleven

    I saw one on Chulalongkorn campus smaller than that.
  8. Cataracts

    Thanks Edandpranee, I need cataract surgery but have been putting it off, so thanks for the advice. Nice to hear there was no pain and things went well for you.
  9. I've been a member at True Fitness for years and you are absolutely correct. The stationary bikes overlooking the atrium were one of my favorite things to use but now I think maybe only 1 or 2 out of the 8 or 10 are in halfway decent working order. I stay there because the location is very convenient for me and I'm happy with what I paid. I paid 40,800 thb cash upfront for a 3 year membership with 6 extra months added on. So that worked out to only 974 thb / month. Of course I'm at risk if they were to close but I've already used up 28 of the 42 months. It stays fairly busy so they would appear to be doing OK. But the lack of maintenance has tempted me to look elsewhere. What pisses me off just about as much is how many of the members don't follow the basic rules of fitness clubs everywhere: Not re-racking free weights into their proper rack (most members just throw them into any open rack), leaving shoes, bags, etc on the floor of the locker room, etc.
  10. Vietnam Visa

    I think what most (if not all) agents offer is the authorization letter for a Visa on Arrival. Which you apparently want to avoid because yes, sometimes you might have to wait for up to an hour while it is being processed after you present the authorization letter, etc. To actually get a Visa you need to present your Passport with photo and completed application form at a Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate (or have someone else do that for you, which I suppose an agent could but would charge for the service and you would have to trust them to safely handle and return your passport). Getting a Visa at the Vietnamese Embassy on Wireless Road in Bangkok (it is near the US Embassy) is fairly painless. They have varied pricing though. If you want same day or next day service you pay a hefty price. If you are OK with it taking 2 or 3 days the price is not so bad.
  11. I've experienced this sending my Tax Return to the IRS, using Thai Post Express Mail. Normally it would arrive within a few days, but one time it took about 5 - 6 weeks. In the meantime the tracking site had the last known location at Suvarnabhumi outgoing mail.
  12. Hamburger Buns

    Surprised it has not already been mentioned here, but I think The Dukes will sell you their buns (which are excellent as are their burgers). You just have to go to one of their restaurants and order them one day in advance. At least this was the case a few years ago, as I was told by one of the staff after I saw somebody come in and pick-up some buns.
  13. Yes I was renewing an expired 5 year license and made no appointment in advance. You might very well need to do that though for a first time Drivers License if you do not have a license from another country. When I first came here I did not need to take any driving test since I had a license from the USA. Just showed my USA license, filled out the paperwork and did the eyesight and reaction tests, same as with the last renewal. Initially you get a 1 year license. After it expires you can apply for a 5 year license (but only AFTER it expires, not the week before). If you have no active Drivers License at all you will need to take a Driving Test and more I believe. I went 3 weeks AFTER my previous 5 year license expired. My new license I received was good for 5 years + 49 weeks. Almost 6 years in total.
  14. Tobacco Monopoly Buildings Razed. Park Going In?

    Great to see some green space being added. Amazing that they didn't decide to sell to developers for more shopping malls and condos! Would be even nicer if they could somehow come up with 'green space' and at the same time add some roadways or access roads to alleviate some of the horrible traffic on Sukhumvit and Asoke.
  15. Most golf courses in Thailand will not hire a foreigner for a number of reasons such as (1) They will need to get you a Work Visa before you can start working. That means legal expenses, and to get the Visa approved they will need to make a case that they cannot find a Thai person to do the same job (foreigners are prohibited from doing many types of work unless it is a specialty where finding a Thai to do it would be very difficult or impossible). (2) Thais generally work cheaper than what a foreigner expects. (3) You probably don't have a good command of the Thai language. (3) Culturally it can be more difficult for Thais to work with foreigners than other Thais, due to the thing they call 'Thainess' as well as any language barriers. I have seen many foreigners come here hoping to work at at golf course. Before long they usually go back home or maybe if they are lucky find other work such as being a low paid English teacher. I have seen a few courses hire a western General Manager or Assistant Manager or teaching pro, but only a few and in many cases they are not there long (either because of their choice or the owner decides he doesn't need them). Many foreigners have tried to start up golf schools here too. But I've never heard of one being successful. Good luck to you though. You might be lucky to somehow stumble into something that works out.