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  1. billythehat

    Patong - The Wake

    Hmmmm…I would comment here that most folk (Europeans) who have to work in December cannot actually come over until at least 1 week before crimbo and normally have to return to Outer Earth, say, in the first week in January. So possibly a small boost for local businesses for that period but still not long enough to cover crippling losses in slack periods. What is not often covered is the effect on the supply chain connected with running any business; a typical instance when A supplies B who supplies C etc. When the top card falls over the rest can/usually fail too with the consequent misery to the folk and businesses that support that chain, particularly the small hotel/guest house sector.
  2. billythehat

    German Tumbles From Patong Hotel Balcony, On Life Support

    Inside the man's room, Police found an unaddressed letter which said, “I am dead, I doubt he has written that letter after he accidently stumbled from the balcony. Hard for me to reconcile the 'tumbles' headline = an accidental fall, and the letter left. Quite so, Watson, but an even bigger mystery is: “Staff at Vachira Hospital confirmed to the Phuket Gazette late this morning that the German has a blood clot in his brain and is in the intensive care unit (ICU), on life support with a feeding tube. The Gazette is withholding the name of the deceased until relatives or next of kin have been informed.” Why keep a dead man on ICU and drip?