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  1. billythehat

    Patong - The Wake

    …and they say those ‘Lucky Amulets’ are a waste of money and I will gladly advise on the design of a furnicular rail tram to assist in your access and egress to your pad after a night on the sauce. Glad to hear you’re not pushing up the Daisey’s and thanks for the Patong updates. As to what the transformation will be is a tricky one due to the eternal babbling of the blind talking to the deaf.
  2. billythehat

    Patong - The Wake

    Off-topic? …possibly, but useful information to the green newbies who may catch a glimpse of this and pass it on. A hotel owner I know has a list of don’ts that he gives to his guests; dealing with ho’s, taxis, jet skis, humourless diving instructors and so on; I will ask him to add this nugget to the list.
  3. billythehat

    Patong - The Wake

    Interesting note about the bail-bond item addition but is this available to tourists who rent vehicles there? Is it advice you would offer to your guests to consider should they fall foul of the ‘fair’ Thai legal system? My first driving experiences in Thailand were in the north-east and back then I never thought about too much about it apart from the fact that I assumed I was fully insured…very different experience though driving west from Nong Khai to Mai Sai 20 years ago compared to Phuket.
  4. billythehat

    Patong - The Wake

    Not in all cases as it’s often cheaper to book in advance due to the outrageous prices asked as the Crimbo high season arrives. I’ve often saved £3-500 by booking mid-year. I know a lass who works for TUI and they operate the only direct service LGW-PHUKET and she told me that the upgraded seats are often sold out by February. A lot of folk think about the Crimbo holiday mainly because they can’t stand Crimbo at home!
  5. billythehat

    ‘Smart Bus, Smart Passenger’ introduced for Phuket’s local buses

    I’ve used this App but I was confused by a place on the island the bus had stopped at and was there for some time. The place was called Mia Noi…never heard of it…anyone? ?
  6. billythehat

    ‘Smart Bus, Smart Passenger’ introduced for Phuket’s local buses

    https://www.thephuketnews.com/thailand-tops-road-death-ranking-list-65078.php#9E1Ep6HVhBEORfuh.97 “Dr Thaejing suggested the government make installing dash cams a priority, believing it will go well with its much-touted Thailand 4.0 policy, which promotes technological advances to improve public services. The cameras will record all events happening in front of cars. This will make motorists think twice before committing mistakes, he said.” ?
  7. billythehat


    Sir, are you saying you have a skin melanoma? These can have very serious consequences (I’m sure you’re aware) so Pops is correct, get yourself off to hospital and see a specialist as soon as.
  8. billythehat

    Patong - The Wake

    Hee hee, exactly. I got asked the same question the last time I was there and replied “Dunno mate, I’ve only been coming here for 18 years. Go and ask one of those old codgers nailed to the bar stools over there…”?
  9. Agree, but for me it’s a photo finish with the original Soi Gonzo. Halcyon days from 2000-2005.