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  1. Good-value Indian cuisine in Patong?

    Sir, I appreciate you may have the constitution of an old kwai nam but I have to work in an open plan office with about 80 people. 3 x per diem? Sounds like an serious addition.
  2. Good-value Indian cuisine in Patong?

    I thought it had closed down when I arrived on the18th but the indian curry club restaurant in soi sansabai was only going a quick spruce up and reopened a few days later. I’d been there a few times over the years and always found the sauces very tasty and well prepared. As for value, well you pay for what you get and most of our delicate colons couldn’t handle curry every day anyway, so more of a treat. Great service too. Concerning the other gentleman’s note about where the tailors etc. get their fix from. I’ve noted a fair few are actually Burmese, Nepalese, other, and so have their own chow.
  3. List Of Favourite Restaurants In Phuket

    indeed I did Sir
  4. List Of Favourite Restaurants In Phuket

    They say don't always believe the hype but i decided to try the Bistro on nanai road; very disappointing i have to say too. Charming staff and attentive service but the fayre was some what wanting with my starter promising to be served on baguette slices but turned upon that awful thai soggy white bread that i detest, with an indiscernible crustacia drowned in mayo. The main schnitzel had so much bread crumb the fillet was lost entirely and not helped with the warm oversalted spuds. The milk shake promised much but half the glass was ice. Still looking for that good eats...
  5. Patong - The Wake

    Ha ha ha, cranky old social justice warrior with humour bypass surgery…excellent material for another postcard!
  6. Patong - The Wake

    Most of you young at heart gentlemen have at least 25 years or more on me so I won’t even try to top anyone on the “older than thee and still have no need for a stair chairlift” stuff! On the drainage item, I can comment that with the main carrier sewer drainage pipelines, whilst appearing to be of sufficient diameter, have been laid with woefully inadequate gradient to discharge the flow from all the lateral drains connected into them. Drainage gradients are specified to allow a flow that is not too fast, not too slow, and to allow an optimum flow speed which performs a self-cleansing function. Silting up will always be a problem where the network is seriously flawed, not by design but by poor supervision and construction. It is what it is I suppose… On the subject of the Chinese, I wondered what they thought/said about their own experiences whilst on a first holiday outside of rural China…maybe a postcard… My dear Chin Too Fat, Arrived in Patong late as our plane was diverted to Bangkok due to a fight on the plane resulting in 50 of our family being returned back to China, leaving only 20 of us to continue here. The hotel is very nice and our window opens right onto an open sewer and reminds me of home. The bathrooms are clean and stocked with free toiletries and, I assume, are the big towels which will look nice back in our house. The town has many capitalist round eyes who complain about us shouting and spitting not realizing that these things are considered a polite pastime back home. Shopping’s good here too and you know those disgusting dry green leaves we have back in the village, you know, the one’s even a starving dog won’t touch but we find delicious? Well, you can buy them here too and I’ll bring some back for you. I’ll make sure we throw grandma’s clothes away on the last day to make room in her suitcase for them. Talking of Grandma, we thought we’d lost her yesterday but it turned out okay when policemen came to our hotel to say she’d been arrested for nude bathing and doing her washing in the fountain by the Jung Ceylon. We said it was just a misunderstanding and the policeman agreed as they too often used the same excuse and therefore no real problem here. The western hotel owner was unusually friendly today and informed us that when we see red flags flying down by the beach it means it’s the best time to go swimming. Not such a bad guy after all! Cheers! One Hung Lo.
  7. Patong - The Wake

    Keep the reports coming XP; well balanced and informative reading. I’ve heard good reports about the Backside restaurant and intend to check it out when I’m over next month. It’ll be good to grab some good chow for a change instead of the mostly dire eateries currently available.
  8. Old fashioned cologne/aftershave

    “….makes you feel confident with the fresh and distinctive fragrance of Brut for the real man.” ….hmmmmm…nothing in the sales blurb about giving you a fine pair of Moobs…mind you our ‘enery doesn’t look too worried. Product still available from Boots and Tescos with the ‘Soap on a Rope’ gift pack option which I guess would come in handy defending oneself from attack from a psycho bar lass. Dunno if exported to Lalaland though...
  9. Patong - The Wake

    Yep, great name; all it needs is prefixing with ‘Mai’. Hope it lasts until Xmas…those meatballs look pretty good…
  10. Renew UK passport - any Phuket agents ?

    Quite expensive now (£84 a year ago) and they’re a chipped document too which is supposed to expedite your process when coming through the UK immigration. The system doesn’t always work and you then have to join the 5 mile queue to go through the standard channels…
  11. Patong - The Wake

    “advertising rooms at the equivalent of 167 baht per night” That’s about 4 quid…surely that can’t sustain the running costs of such a business…
  12. Patong - The Wake

    Long, long ago, when the earth was young…well, about 2001 actually, I remember my favourite wander around Patong in the evening (depending on what delightful hovel I was staying) was to bypass Bangla on the top end, grab a wee bowl of bugs-over-rice and a yard of mineral water in one of the small restaurants on the left-hand side. I remember that the clientele were mainly Asian, a few Europeans and sprinkle of buzzard faced Aussies; no Ruskies then although did talk to a Kazakhstan cop and his missus sitting on the adjacent table, should they count as the former. Having been hit for a hefty 45 Bhat, including water (I could never finish the huge plate of food given) I stuffed a few extra tissue napkins into my pocket to cover the instance (always) of no bog roll present in any of the gentleman facilities I intended visiting during that night. Dusting off the chow that had escaped my mouth, stomach in and chest out I headed in the direction of Sawatdirak Road. Although not far from the Dante’s Inferno that is Bangla, the noise was much less as was the lighting and general traffic. About 2 thirds of the way down on the left side was a row of co-joined bars (can’t remember any names – perhaps some of the incumbent inmates here can help) one of which always had a live band. Great vibe, friendly non-hassling staff, no bar lasses scamming for drinks, and the beer was cheap too. Alas the band finished at 12 on the dot and so I switched my legs into auto-pilot mode and headed down the road, hooked a left at the beach road and wobbled in the direction of Bangla. Just before Bangla there was an entrance to small area of bars, maybe a dozen or so, but no real vibe so one beer and move on. Now on Bangla, my favourite haunt were the bars of Soi Gonzo, especially a bar called Lips Bar which was located right down the bottom end on the right hand side near the small alley which connected to the next soi up. This was then run by a great old Aussie chap called Justin and his Thai missus who ran a tight ship with the girls who were a great crew too. I spent so much time there that I can’t really remember too mutt about the other soi’s although I did venture into the original Tiger a couple of times but that Techno drivel in the disco was never my scene. Before the disco entrance there were seating areas on the first floor where one could have a few scoops before deciding on the next port of call, unless of course, you’d acquired an acquaintance during the course of the evening. Don’t remember too mutt about the ladyboy soi either (or even if it was called Soi Crocodile) as I have zero interest in gentleman sausage. The costumes were good though and the LB’s on the front stage certainly could dance…less aggressive then too. If staying up from the 200 year road I would cut through Soi Sansabai to source an irrational desire to eat a kebab or similar greased soaked offering. There used to be a few street facing bars usually populated by tired old men with expressionless faces perched on bar stools staring at the passing folk. Wonder if they’re still there?! Now where did I put that hotel card with the address…hmmmmm…better get back there pronto…the sun is coming up…belch…I wish I hadn’t eaten that kebab…and where’s my treasured green felt hat?...
  13. Patong is dead.

    I'm jealous; all those exe's and you're still drawing breath...c'mon, guv, wot's the secret? It amazes me how folk that live, say, in BKK, can eat, clothe and rent all in for about 100 quid a week and still keep their pretty heads above the klong water. I don't doubt this does happen but, you know... My ex TGF; a PhD in Particle Physics, Emeritus Professor of Mathematical analysis, Noble prize winner and Astronaut. New 6 bed house in the BKK suburbs and drives a new Mercedes all on 25k a month working at Chula as a Superviser Teacher. I should add she has the most incredible ass but surely that shouldn't come into the equation. I'm still trying to add it all up to this very day but fear it is beyond my remit.
  14. No Have

    …and bringing the rear: “hmmmm not sure” and “up to you farang”