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  1. "They were “like family”, Prayut said" And that ladies and gents is the dictionary definition of nepotism.
  2. Prayut puts medical marijuana farm on hold

    He means himself...not Thais. But that distinction is a mere distraction so why worry?
  3. Maybe his small helmet is the reason he isn't wearing a helmet.
  4. Poll a boost to Thai economy

    Lol - Everyone know the Shins had their noses in the trough. But your clumsy post #7 has used the actions of the shins to defend the junta - which is laughable as you have inadvertently draw a direct and truthful comparison between the the "Junta" helping themselves and the Shins helping themselves . The pot has just called the kettle black. And please remember Taksin was elected and ran as PM (2001 - 2006) and during that time YoY the Thai economy grew between 7 - 4% during his tenure. So he too created jobs and boosted the economy - Just like the Junta - See they are both the same !!
  5. Poll a boost to Thai economy

    Steve - your reply has to be the worst and weakest denial that the current government are also helping themselves is it not? Using the behaviour of the shins as a shield to deflect and defend the actions of this government - oh dear
  6. The lecturer said ...... there would be “a lot of confusion in Thai politics." Please tell me when there hasn't been. Politicians in Thailand need to set up a committee and use a map to find their own backside such is the level of confusion.
  7. Yingluck in UK on entrepreneur visa: Pheu Thai

    I am afraid my dear that you have just described the essential qualities present in all politicians be they past, present or future. That is just the nature of the beast. Yingluck cannot be singled out from her peers and contemporaries just because she was (rather unconvincingly) tried and found guilty.
  8. Yingluck in UK on entrepreneur visa: Pheu Thai

    Didn't think you were allowed to display images from competitor publications? Which is what the ASEAN post is? Do you have the ASEAN posts permission Steve??
  9. I think it is generally called compassion and an understanding that most normal functioning humans will at some point have children of their own. So we endure it because one day we might be the parents with a screaming kid. Rather than being self centered and focused on our own wellbeing. If a screaming baby, however annoying is the worst the world can throw at you, then you are doing pretty well. Personally if a young family trying to get home were causing me such discomfort then I would rather get off the bus, as their need to get home quickly is far greater than mine. Young kids in a petrol station hotel - Good grief, a terrible solution.
  10. The big flaw in this plan is the utterly false pretence that the presence of ciggie butts in the sand leads to the false conclusion that they were deposited there by careless people smoking on the beach. All forms of rubbish is highly mobile. Surface run off from rains and the subsequent floods willbe resposible for the majority of the 56000 suposed butts on the beach. Most of which would have been dropped inland. Water flows downhill and into the sea. To give a clear example: How do coke cans get in the ocean? Do people drink cans of coke in the ocean or does mother nature through wind, water and the passage of time move it into the sea?
  11. "But I’m strong, and you know that if I had no one by my side, I would become more aggressive and exercise my full power,” Prayut said. I am beginning to suspect that Prayut may in fact be a sith lord in disguise.
  12. Visitors flock for final Dusit Zoo visits

    The zoo is a kinda cool zoo - with the old WW2 bunker slap bang in the middle of the hippo enclosure. Sad to see it go - but I hope the grounds can remain as botanical gardens or similar as it is a lovely oasis in the middle of the metropolis with some well established trees and plants
  13. From the TTM report comes one of the most brilliantly asinine comments ever: "...with a greater entry of foreign tobaccos which poses an increased danger for smokers who stand a greater chance of puffing on uncured tobaccos"
  14. 1.5 baht per kilometer - isn't that the rate you get charged in a taxi after the 37 baht fee? So your car becomes a personal taxi meter once you enter Thailand?? Wonder if it charges at 2 baht a minute when stuck in traffic like a taxi also? I will be very surprised if this ever works - installing GPS on cars entering the country - I mean most of the CCTV cameras don't work and that is pretty basic tech in a stationary object a, so i cannot see something more complex and highly mobile getting very far. 500 baht for bring a car in job done - why make it needlessly complex and expensive to set up. A one off fee requires minimal investment in administration and paperwork and is much more efficient.
  15. If they want to quit - then quit. Or is this against the law?