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  1. Vorayuth pursuit ‘harmed’ by Interpol

    And what exactly is your point?
  2. PM urges Thais to wear period costumes for outings

    I hear he wants to ban cars also and have us all riding buffalos
  3. PM urges Thais to wear period costumes for outings

    Nope just a small boy playing his own silly games..and assuming everyone else wants to play too.
  4. So why did they put in stops at lat krabang, bang tap chang, ramkangheng and makkasan. Hardly must visit sites on the tourist map?
  5. Wonder if the renter will get their damage deposit back? Judging by the state of the property probably not.
  6. Prayuth Cleared To Join New Party

    Surely though policy need to be voted through in order to be transposed into law. So an outsider PM (probably quite unpopular with some potentially large factions of the parliament) will need a parliamentary majority to effectively run the country and pass laws, otherwise he will be a lame duck PM whose policy is consistently voted down?? right??
  7. Is this for real? The video - The woman just sits there like she waiting for a waiter to bring her chips! She doesn't even look bothered that she has been knocked off her bike.
  8. Outrageous. How dare they be treated like human beings!!
  9. Well if he can't take the heat he should get out of the kitchen.
  10. The old PM really is [email protected] into the wind here. Most brass have had fewer education options than they probably would have liked. As a result their 'proper' career options are limited to the low wage sector. By contrast prostitution along the lines of what 'sex tourists' come for offers far greater financial rewards, for relatively short working hours. So until the government can offer the masses of uneducated girls from rural areas a job that pays 50'000 baht a month or so. He's wasting his time. 300 baht a day or 50'000 a month?
  11. And of those 200'000 Chinese arrivals most of them will have not filled out their arrivals card when they arrive at the immigration window. Hope immigration has a good supply of pens!
  12. It' not the police filing charges, It's not the public filing charges, It's not the courts filing charges, It's not businesses filing charges, It's the government! No one else has an issue, except the NCPO. Interpret that as you wish.
  13. My thoughts exactly - what he said was hardly a lie and lets be frank about it, a fair number of those tourist have gone on to marry the lady (or man) who made their eyes pop in the first place!
  14. Sounds like the intro to a 3rd rate soap opera with C list actors on Cable TV. He is a marginally better PM than song-writer I guess.
  15. Yep - A military coup against an elected government and the indefinite delay of elections is a pretty good way to create false perceptions. Maybe the PM should reflect on how he has created those perceptions. Don't blame others for the mess you have created.