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  1. "Police identified the three men only as Ae, 25, Noi, 26 and Yai, 27." Just goes to show the police do have a sense of humour!!!
  2. Hi if the child is traveling on a foreign passport and has a valid entry stamp in that passport which will then be given the corresponding exit stamp when they leave - no problem. But the immigration office need to see evidence of entry before they allow exit. If the child entered on their Thai passport no problem. But then presents a foreign passport at the airport immigration line with the intention leaving on a foreign passport with no entry stamp, that would make immigration curious - put simply they would be interested to know how this child presenting a foreign passport got into Thailand without an entry stamp in their passport. That curiosity would no doubt lead to you as the adult as I am guessing you would be the party responsible for answering those questions on the child's behalf. So they would need to see the Thai passport to verify legal entry. Immigration Officers, like all personal related in security services are trained to be nosey and investigative.
  3. I know the event wasn't funny - But thank you for the giggle - A thief that uses a loyalty card when making a purchase with a stolen card is brilliant.
  4. Seems odd that if they are needing workers, why not open this up to all ASEAN countries
  5. I've heard that Big Joke will be asking the UK police to arrest any Thais in the UK who use electronic cigarettes to deport and send back to Thailand as vaping is illegal in Thailand.
  6. Before people start offering advice I think the legal relationship between the child and adult needs establishing. Put simply are you by law allowed to take the child out of the country and can you prove your relationship. That is the bottom line that immigration will look at. So in all likelihood immigration will stop you and want to see supporting documentation for this - birth certificate to prove parentage, and some evidence that you are allowed to take the child and the mother is aware of this / evidence of custody or guardianship. Immigration are pretty tight on this as foreign fathers in a divorce / custody battle do frequently try to take the child from the country. A minor, who in this case will be travelling on a Thai passport with a foreigner, will be flagged for further investigation as you go through immigration. And to be very blunt - Your opinion that the mother doesn't care about the kid will carry zero weight with immigration. Because being very honest they have heard all the stories, excuses and reasons a thousand times before, Their concern is the welfare of the minor / Thai citizen.
  7. Suthep must be fuming as he has only just come out of retirement after a career spanning 3 decades in Thai politics to support Prayut - and here is Prayut telling people not to support the same old faces. Back to the monkhood Suthep.
  8. jonclark

    Media under fire over NLA napping pics

    Exactly right. It is 100% within the realms of 'public interest' to know if the NLA members are doing their jobs properly and scrutinizing the contents of the debate. After all this is the public's money they are spending.
  9. On one hand 93 billion baht is made available for satellites and on the other school children are being fed kanom jin and fish sauce for lunch as the schools budget is not sufficient. Bringing happiness to the people Junat style.
  10. jonclark

    Old Brit Accused Of Driving Drunk, Killing Rayong Girl

    This was on the morning news on tv and suffice to say the drunk driver was very inebriated. And judging by the state of both cars was travelling pretty quick when he hit. Such a tragic waste of life. Although the news item after of the school van/lorry full of students which sped through a red light at a cross roads in Prachin and narrowly missed a lorry, could well have been an even bigger tragedy.
  11. Yes would be the answer to the latter half. The onus of responsibility falls on the adult. A person under the age of consent, even if they verbally agree to sex, cannot legally do so, because they are too young to be able to - It's know as statutory rape. So intentionally or not Kumar is the guilty party. That maybe unfair, but the big picture is the legal protection of minors. In Thailand the age of consent is 18 years old.
  12. jonclark

    What makes Thailand so unique?

    Oh dear oh dear....what makes Thailand so unique? I hope TAT do not use the suggestions that theTVF posters are about to present...although they probably will make interesting subject matter for future documentaries.
  13. What!...no moral outrage and cultural indignation - If this were female waitresses in sexy outfits dancing and serving food the netizens would be pounding away......(on their keyboards!) with palpable fury and scorn. Yet that seems to be missing here? http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/breakingnews/30337926
  14. probably went up in smoke??
  15. jonclark

    63 foreigners arrested in nationwide crackdown

    I want to know what schools were open at that time of night??...And judging by the clothes the suspects are wearing they do not look to be dressed as one would expect person in schools to be dressed...Perhaps these are the janitors?