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  1. I would contend that illegal work in Thailand would not be on the scale it currently is if Thailand didn't has such archaic and restrictive labour laws coupled with the corrupt and poorly paid / resourced enforcement agencies. Not sure what sex has to do with working??
  2. EXACTLY! And as members of society you/I/we /they are all allowed to make statements about the conditon of our society. That is our collective job. The amount of money you get paid in society does not preclude that right. They are doing their jobs (playing football) and exercising their rights as members of society to highlighed percieved injustices. COVFEFE
  3. So it is fine for a president to broadcasts his personal opinion to the world while he is on the job. Even though he is paid by the taxpayer... to work ..you must see the contradiction. Tweeting isnt work.
  4. But using twitter while you are at work is fine right???
  5. Brilliant. Next time I am called a farang I will say I have been insulted and the name calling has caused feelings of hurt causing hate and loathing. On a more related note I will nèd to watch how I address the wifes best frien..her nickname is milk...been so since school as she developed much more quickly than her peers of uou catch my drift.
  6. Clearly the dinosaurs at the BMA have no idea what the young western backpackers that made Khao San the place it is/was want. Typical gentrification from a group of beuracrates that could not find their own <deleted> with a map..but know what the rest of us all want.
  7. jonclark

    Pro-Junta party confident it will lead next govt

    Confident enough to compete on a level political playing field....??? Nah didn't think so.
  8. I just do ot understand why women want to dresss as ninjas? Bruse Lee / Chuck Norris fantasies perhaps?
  9. That well known country of farangland. Impossible to find on a map but all Thais know it exists...(often for their own convienience).
  10. Also factor in raising sea levels and the degree of difference between ground level and sea level narrows further..And when you add in storm surges and the equinox high tide...the overall impact is ....more frequent wet feet for bangkokians.
  11. And you actually think that would have any effect on the decision making process in the UK? The UK press could always spin it as Brits not welcome in Thailand. Which would make uncomfortble reading for TAT.
  12. Rob. On reflection you may well be right. Otherwise all a criminal woud need to do is get a new nationality and they are home free. Which is a massive loophole. Cheers
  13. I would humbly point out that given the use of pronouns in Article 5 it only applies to males. YL has nothing to fear.
  14. jonclark

    Khaosan vendors to defy city hall's new rules

    Not surprised they are angry. Khao San Rd retail space is very very expensive and these retailers would have had to pay a very high premium to be allowed to sell there I think it ia a safe assumption that some these vendors would have taken out some large (informal) loans to pay to be allowed to sell there and those who they pay to do not give refunds. But the loan will still need servicing.
  15. If holding on to wanted criminals - who potentially could cause harm to people in Thailand - is the upper hand? Well it must be a very weak hand. The big issue here is that Yingluvk alledgedly holds both Nicaragian and Montenegran passports. Even though she is clearly Thai So if she entered on one of these passports then technically she is not Thai and this is supported by the fact her Thai passports have been revoked. So from a legal perspective Thailand is requesting the UK extradite a person from a third party country that is not covered by the extradition treaty that exisits between the UK and Thailand. My interpretation may be wrong but when my daughter who has dual cirizenship enters Thailand on her Thai passports she gets all the rights, privilages and protections that are afforded to Thais in Thailand and her UK passport is filed away. I would assume that if YL entered on one of her third party passports she would be afforded the protections those passports provide.