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  1. Ok, Thank you all for your comments.
  2. Thank you Tim, I take it you did not need to complete the extra Long Stay form then ? When applying for a non-o multi entry. Long Stay.pdf
  3. Looking for feedback on the requirements for a non-o retirement vise from the Thai Embassy in London from anyone that has recently applied. Did you need to give any financial information ? On the website they state that a copy of UK state pension should be supplied with the application, can anyone advise what document this is ( I am applying on behalf of my elderly mother who doesn't know ). Also they have a separate form on the website for long stayers which is not mentioned in the how to apply section, was this required when you applied ? Many thanks for your feedback.
  4. New Mall in Lamphun

    Will be looking forward to trying out Dukes. You can keep Starbucks though, so much good Thai coffee around.
  5. Good places to eat in/near Don Chan & Tha Sala

    Yang Pow Dtow Din is nice for Thai food and in your area. It is on the opposite side of the road to Promenada. Coming from Don Jan, Prom on your left hand side, do a u turn at the traffic lights and stick to the left of the road, take the first left you can, it is a small dirt track. Follow this to the end and turn left and you are there.
  6. Android box?

    Your link is going to a "buying a Thai business thread"
  7. Did my extension a couple of weeks ago. 6.30am in the queue got me a ticket to be seen in the afternoon. Yes it is possible you won't be able to get a ticket for that day if you arrive later. If you are coming a way and want to ensure you get a ticket I would suggest 5.30 to 6.00am. Really depends on how many others are doing the marriage extension on the same day.