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  1. Changing cash in CM

    Anyone know the name of this green or orange exchange kiosk? I have a few inked notes I would like to change. Same road as SK exchange?
  2. Ok, Thank you all for your comments.
  3. Thank you Tim, I take it you did not need to complete the extra Long Stay form then ? When applying for a non-o multi entry. Long Stay.pdf
  4. Looking for feedback on the requirements for a non-o retirement vise from the Thai Embassy in London from anyone that has recently applied. Did you need to give any financial information ? On the website they state that a copy of UK state pension should be supplied with the application, can anyone advise what document this is ( I am applying on behalf of my elderly mother who doesn't know ). Also they have a separate form on the website for long stayers which is not mentioned in the how to apply section, was this required when you applied ? Many thanks for your feedback.