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  1. I just bought a dash cam on LAZADA, paying COD. It arrived today the driver would not let me open the package before I paid. I cancelled the order. I have 2 more orders coming this week and they will both be cancelled. I have spoken to LAZADA about it & they tell me that its the policy of Kerry Express.
  2. A friend of my MiL was bitten by a cat last Wednesday, she died in hospital yesterday from RABIES. This was in Chok Chai (Korat). The Government is covering a lot of this up because it looks bad for tourism.
  3. This morning in Ban Chang they had a pick up going around with loud speakers telling the people to go to local hospitals for a check up as large amounts of chemical pollution has been discharged from Mattaput in recent weeks. Also on the corner of Namrim Rd and the by pass rd there is a large sign telling the people they are releasing excess amounts of pollution from Mattaput from 1st March until 10 April. It looks as if DOW chemical company have put the sign up. Thanks to the op for starting this thread.
  4. Jessi

    Anybody miss me?

    Get well soon Colin. You are always in good spirit when I call you. Miss You? TV would never be the same without you.
  5. Jessi

    Looking for a gout specialist

    I have gout in my big toe and ankle. What is the best medicine to take to rid the gout? I understand that Allopurinol is best to take every day after one gets rid of the gout.
  6. Jessi

    Restaurants In Ban Chang / Rayong

    I am not allowed to say because of the defamation laws here.
  7. Jessi

    Restaurants In Ban Chang / Rayong

    After giving a good report about this restaurant I returned today with Mrs Jessi for lunch. I will not be going back again.
  8. Jessi

    Beer pricing in bars

    I have often driven past and seen the grey hair Gentlemen sitting around the table. Good for them they are not hurting anyone, perhaps they are trying to solve the world problems. I don't think its about saving money but as another poster said they don't have to sit in the bars and put up with some woman trying to extract money for her sick buffalo. I might call in one day.
  9. Jessi

    Squealing sound from car brakes

    You might find the answer to your problem on this video.
  10. Jessi

    Too Many Non-Alcoholics in AA

    This is why I seldom go to meetings now.
  11. Im buying Orchid butter for 170B a kilo. You can get in Korat also meatboy.
  12. Jessi

    Beer pricing in bars

    How is the round table going? Anyone show up yet?
  13. OP, Looking for logic, sorry you are in the wrong country for that.
  14. Jessi

    Restaurants In Ban Chang / Rayong

    Thanks Lenny, Finally got to try the Ruam Chomson and its by far the best seafood restaurant in Ban Chang. The food was 9/10, Service 9/10, price was OK, 700B for two very hungry people the location is a bit of a let down but cant have everything. It will become a regular place for Mrs Jessi & self. Many thanks.