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  1. I could say something but I would be banned. GET ......
  2. Same as the OP. Im fed up with their B/S... buying more on LAZADA these days.
  3. Nancy is leaving Thailand? That is a great loss to Thailand. I wish you all the best in your new adventure. Good luck & stay safe.
  4. Many of these accidents can be prevented with proper driver education, Drive according to conditions etc.
  5. What about the war weapons coming through that they dont catch... that is a worry.
  6. There is no justice in Thailand.............Money talks.
  7. My point ... A person from Wales... A Taffy """"" Scotland... A Jock. ''' ''' ' '' '' USA .... A Yank Large American cars have often been refered to as Yank Tanks.
  8. Thanks for you postings, You are bringing a lot of knowledge to this forum, also many other members, I have learnt a lot about oils never too old to learn
  9. Thank you for your input and thoughts on this.
  10. Thank you for your input, this is another new thing I have learnt today.
  11. Jas21, thanks for your input. I have never heard of slick 50, I guess its something like the wynns products. Can it be bought in Thailand?
  12. No smoke from the exhaust, I had a friend follow me and he could not see any smoke. Here is a picture of the oil Im using.
  13. Helix 3 is designed for cars with high mileage. Thats what it says on the container.
  14. All they want to do here is replace with 2nd hand engine from Japan I went down that road many years ago and it was a mistake.
  15. I usually buy a leg of lamb about once a month, cost 600 to 620B Yesterday I got one when they weighed it it came up at 950B Looked at the price per kilo and its increased by 150B a kilo. I dropped in back in the freezer as MAKRO makes mistakes in their pricing sometimes. Anyone else notice the increase in the price of lamb? MAKRO at Pattaya.