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  1. Did you ever figure how much you are paying for that dubious privilege?
  2. Is there some reason that the OP needs to be physically in the same room with his tax consultant? If not, then why not look for a US tax specialist where they are plentiful and cheap, i.e. the US? I assume most consultants would be familiar with both Skype and email.
  3. ประ is indeed low tone while ทาน is mid tone just as we would expect. I am not familiar with the tonal markers above, but that's what they should be saying.
  4. Apparently, the banks developed Zelle in response to the challenge from Venmo. They will lose money on Zelle, but presumably that's preferable to whatever further preemption Venmo and others might have up theirs sleeves. Maybe banks will go the way of newspapers and travel agents eventually.
  5. There is even a term for a Thai compound word made up of both a Sanskrit and a Pali word, such as วัฒนธรรม. Educated Thais are attuned to the differences between Thai words of Sanskrit and Pali origin.
  6. Almost every meaning has two words ie. one is formal and one informal. It seems that the formal words are actually Sanskrit words. The informal words are original Tai words. This makes it hard to learn Thai language because we are actually learning two sets of words one from each language. It's true that Thai uses Sanskrit and Pali words for upper-class, abstract, refined connotations in contrast to Thai words. This relationship recalls the relationship mentioned above between English words of Anglo-Saxon origin and the French/Latinate versions. However, both English and Thai have many more than two levels of formality/abstraction such as formal, informal, slang, rude, poetic, literatry, semiformal and various professional jargons. As learners of Thai, we have to learn all of these in order to become fully competent in the language. Unfortunately, the Thai-English dictionaries available mainly do no include this information. There is no OED or Petit Robert for Thai. In my experience, Thais are much more sensitive to the appropriate level of formality in speech than Americans. They seem more inclined to correct me for errors of level of formality than, say, grammar. But that figures because Thais are acutely sensitive to the never-ending negotiation of relative status carried out mainly through language. One of my teachers related to me how a rupture in a friendship became permanent when his companion used a slightly more formal pronoun referring to himself than formerly.
  7. The assumption underlying this article, that the Pope is sincerely trying to address the sexual abuse rampant among the clergy, is unwarranted.
  8. This is the first I have heard about being able to transfer funds from to other banks. I don't see any mention of that service on the website. What is your source for this information?
  9. The credit unions will be participating in Zelle transfers through a pre-existing network for credit unions. So, once Zelle rolls out to the credit union network it could be implemented rapidly by the CUs themselves.
  10. I once tried to raise the limit in a phone call to USAA and was rudely refused.
  11. Probably isn't much of a bother, if you are both in town and ambulatory.
  12. How do you raise the daily limit?
  13. I trust the banks a lot more than I trust Paypal.
  14. This month a consortium of 30 large US banks has launched Zelle, a free, real-time money transfer system. So, in terms of timeliness the US banking system is now catching up with the Thai banks. USAA Federal Savings Bank is one of the participating banks. The option to do a transfer via Zelle has now appeared in the USAA mobile app under "Transfer." I haven't done a Zelle transfer yet myself. Apparently, you only have to enter the email address or phone number of the recipient. Perhaps at the initial stage only those with accounts at a participating bank can receive transfers, but I don't know. Anyway, a useful development for us expats even if we won't necessarily use it frequently. Would be nice if Bangkok Bank were to become a Zelle participant.
  15. I like Natta a lot, too, mainly because she speaks clearly. She speaks English well, too. It's a pity that so much of the news she has to read is propagandistic drivel.