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  1. Years ago I read an article about radio communications with subs that said that ELF communications require a very long antenna, at the time 1.5 miles of copper, towed behind the sub. Just now I see Wikipedia reports that a sub can receive ELF, but cannot house its own transmitter, so that communication is incoming only. Sounds problematical to me. I wonder if the sub commanders still have nuke launch authority. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Communication_with_submarines#Extremely_low_frequency
  2. It was believed in the past that sub commanders must have had authority to launch nuclear missiles since radio communication with submerged subs was either unreliable or impossible, depending on who you spoke to. Whether current radio technology permits underwater communication is an interesting question.
  3. We don't know what the generals think of Trump, because they don't say. We can be sure that they were very pleased at the $54 billion increase in the military budget proposed by Trump. My guess is that money matters to them more than Trump's manners.
  4. In fact, no order to drop the Hiroshima bomb was ever issued by Truman. The order referenced was signed by a general. Of course, Truman was aware of the plan to drop the bomb, but the military was in control of the entire process and never asked Truman for an order. There is good evidence that Truman was not even informed of the Nagasaki bomb in advance, was surprised by it, and immediately ordered a halt to any further atomic bombing, which was closing the barn doors after the horses had fled since the military had by then expended 100% of its nuclear inventory.
  5. Gaslighting is a little different. It's a kind of manipulation or deception that is intended to get you to doubt your own perception. The term comes from the movie, "Gaslight," in which secret Nazi Claude Rains is trying to drive his wife, Ingrid Bergman, mad, by such tricks as pretending to continue to read when the lights have gone out to cause poor Ingrid to think she must be losing her mind. I don't read DT's lies as intended to get Americans to doubt their own perceptions as though they might become unsure as to whether Obama's inauguration crowd is really larger than Trump's even though the pictures clearly show it was. Trump's bald, demonstrably false lies are intended to show that he is more powerful than the truth. This is the kind of lie that is the hallmark of third-world dictators. Power is the only thing that matters. Just like Putin.
  6. Apparently you find that fantasy comforting. Let me remind you: it. has. never. happened. You don't understand the 25th Amendment. Read it before attempting to discuss it.
  7. You're dreaming. People do what they are trained to do and no one knows that better than the military. Soldiers are trained to obey, not to think critically and certainly not to disobey an order. If they all received training about how to recognize an illegal order and how to refuse to carry it out and if their war games exercises included issuing illegal orders and penalizes the soldiers for obeying them uncritically, then you might have some expectation that soldiers might refuse to carry out such an order. But we know that the US military does no such training. The general who refused Trump's order to launch a nuclear attack would be disobeying an order for the first time in his life. There is no way such an untested system could be regarded as reliable. When Ronald Reagan was shot, the Secretary of State Al Haig addressed the nation on TV and couldn't even get the order of succession straight and illegally put himself in command. Haig had been an AF general. If Trump were to give the order, no one knows what would happen. The generals might launch the missiles or they might launch a coup. Up to them.
  8. Amazing to me that people believe what this general says just because he says so. I find it telling that he apparently cited no examples of senior military leadership refusing an illegal order from the president or from anyone else? The invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan were the making if illegal, aggressive war which is against the charter of the UN to which the US is a signatory. The invasions of Panama and Grenada were illegal. The treatment of prisoners of war at the Abu Ghraib prison was illegal. When did we ever hear about a soldier disobeying an unlawful order? This guy is ridiculous. What is the highest decoration a soldier can receive for courageously disobeying an illegal order? Oh, there isn't any.
  9. All true, but this piece misses the big Trump innovation in lying. A lot of politicians lie of course, but they tell ordinary lies, the purpose of which is merely to deceive. Trump tells plenty of ordinary lies, but he also tells a kind of lie new in American politics, the lie that is too obvious to be believed. So, when he claims that he won the popular vote or that attendance at his innauguration exceeded Obama's even when the side-by-side photos show the opposite, he knows that no one will believe him. So, why tell a lie if no one believes it? Because to Trump the truth does matter in the least. He shows that he is more powerful than the truth, that even when his lie is exposed as a lie he just keeps on telling it and no one can make him stop. You don't have to be powerful to tell the truth, but it takes a powerful man to keep on lying when everyone knows it's a lie.
  10. What's particularly entertaining about the corrupt activities of the Trump crime family in Panama is that it bled over to Mar-a-Lago which served as a money-laundering facility for the Russian kleptocracy. And the sweet spot there is that Mar-a-Lago has been run by Ivanka Trump, whom I look forward to seeing in prison orange along with her career criminal husband.
  11. Only the House of Representatives can vote articles of impeachment, not a special prosecutor. However, if Mueller finds evidence of crimes by Trump that appear to meet the criteria for impeachment in the Constitution, then he can send his report to the House recommending impeachment. There is a difference of opinion as to whether a sitting president can be criminally indicted. In the Watergate time, Leon Jaworski, the special prosecutor, did not indict Nixon, but named him as an "unindicted conspirator." While it's true that impeachment by the House and trial by the Senate is fundamentally a political process, not a judicial one, article of impeachment will necessarily accuse the President of crimes according to the Constitution, which are not necessarily statutory crimes. So, the process is not purely a political one. Mueller, like any prosecutor, is only concerned with criminal prosecution and cannot bring a civil suit.
  12. The reason that I find it plausible that Kennedy had rational fears of a military coup at the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis is not because of Dobrynin's statement, but because we know from the tapes of the deliberations of JFK's Executive Group that all the Joint Chiefs, Cabinet members, and Johnson were in favor of a US invasion of Cuba and were actually preparing for it. Curtis LeMay's Strategic Air Command deliberately overflew their checkpoints around the Soviet Union at the time. The CIA sent in sabotage teams during the Crisis against the orders of Kennedy. And during the confrontation between the US Navy ships turning back Soviet ships on the high seas Kennedy insisted on being patched directly into the fleet commander over the objections of Navy brass. So, Kennedy was certainly acting like a man who didn't trust his own military. Dobrynin's account merely shows RFK expressing the Kennedys' fears of the military in a believable way. After the Crisis subsided the Joint Chiefs were furious with Kennedy for not invading claiming to Kennedy's face that it was the biggest defeat in US history. And the next year Kennedy was murdered by a plot with government involvement. As for what happens if Trump decides to push the button, all bets are off. No one knows. The fact that there are procedures means nothing.
  13. It's clear that the Atty General has perjured himself repeatedly and always with a smile on his face. And yet, he did recuse himself on the Russia investigation and he is pushing back on the Repub calls to sic a special prosecutor on HC. If Trump were to replace him, do you think either AG Rudi Giuliani or AG Chris Christie would have even that much in the way of scruples?
  14. Unless the generals stage a coup in which case they then have all authority. Anatoly Dobrynin, the Soviet ambassador to Washington during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, wrote in his memoirs that Robert Kennedy met with him secretly at the time and told him that President Kennedy did not want to start a war with Cuba, but that he might not be able to control the US military who could stage a coup and then invade Cuba. So, it can happen here. Indeed, there is a basis for believing that the assassination in 1963 was a coup d'etat. My guess is that if Trump were to order a nuclear attack, all bets would be off. There is no way to predict what the military would actually do. They probably don't know themselves, despite all their reams of procedure.
  15. Trump says he trusts Putin's denials of election meddling

    Trump has never once called for measures to protect American elections from foreign tampering. His response has been only to deny, deny, deny. Meanwhile he savages the US spy agencies, the generals, the Congress, Republicans, Democrats, everyone except Putin. Sometimes things are what they obviously appear to be. Trump has been bought and/or compromised somehow by the Russians, just as the Steele Dossier claimed. It will all come out as Flynn, Manafort, Papadopoulos, and the others flip and sing.