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  1. Thank you, but I fear you have only confused the ignorant.
  2. From a guy, that apparently can't read. I already said, things are better, because of market sentiment and other factors, because they know Obama is gone, and Hillary isn't coming in, to obstruct business. Do you not think, that the Border Patrol and other law enforcement agencies, have procedures and policies to develop and keep a data base? Do you not think, that they have a number of tools at their disposal, FLIR, sensors, acoustic devices, etc. to track movements of vehicles, and people? The ignorance on this thread, is astounding.
  3. The 61%, is based on news reports, perhaps you should pay attention, before you start arguing with people, especially when they know more than you. The point is, you and others keep saying the Trump Administration hasn't done anything, apparently they have, but you refuse to accept it. Again, your side lost, get over it.
  4. You are missing the point, it's the hypocrisy. To Obama and Hillary, Wall Street was the evil empire, yet they didn't have any problem collecting good money, for campaigns, and soon, both of them for speeches. As to Trump, again, it is business sentiment. Illegal border crossing is supposed to be down 61% since Trump took office, is Obama supposed to get credit for that also? You guys have a problem, I don't.
  5. It's something usually called, sentiment in polls. I'm kind of busy, but how am I worse off under Trump? You guys seem to have a problem, I don't.
  6. Agreed, the market has done well, but it was in spite of Obama, not because of what he did. All though it appears, Obama is in for a $400,000 pay day soon for a Wall Street speech. The Democrats benefit, by being re-elected by people who think the Democrat's will keep the government dollars flowing to them every month. It worked for years in Arkansas, for Bill when he was Governor, and later the Presidency. As to Hillary, I simply point out, that things could be worse.
  7. Yes, where 5 states only have one Insurance Company in the exchange, where about 1/3 of the Counties in the U.S. have one company on the exchange. The problem is, the Democrats thought they would have another 4-8 years with Hillary to fleece the tax payer, didn't work out that way. From the link I posted the other day, yes, Trump isn't very popular, but Hillary would still lose to Trump 43-40%, get over it.
  8. Stock Market, Currency Market, customer base, pay raise, etc
  9. Very well, he had 2 years, what did he do? He actually had more time, but that would require presenting a plan, that would work, but considering the guy hadn't owned, or ran a business, how would he know.
  10. It's just been about 100 days, I'm willing to give the guy some time, and I'm already better off than I was under the Obama Administration. I also know, that I'm better off with Trump in the White House, VS Hillary. By the way, Obama had 8 years, what great things did he do with NAFTA?
  11. I don't care about his popularity, I care about someone that will do the job, and in the end, Trump would still win. Hillary and Obama already proved they weren't very competent, and more people have clued in on that.
  12. The absurdity is the people, that actually believe that she was a serious influence in the decision.
  13. Most of us, seem to have built a tolerance to some of the idiots, or have them on the ignore list. My only thought was, that she has more guts than the previous administration.
  14. And what innocents is Trump slaughtering? Appears to be a limited strike, on a military base. But no need to let the facts get in the way for the ignorant is there.
  15. Gee where would I start, I worked in the Persian Gulf, from Kuwait to Oman, based in Bahrain from 1998-2008, that assignment also allowed me some work with U.S. Embassies in Cairo, Nairobi, Bangkok, and assisted with the Pakistan based Embassy aircraft. Then I went to Iraq and Afghanistan working on ISR Contracts through 2012. If you want to bullshit somebody, pick somebody else. But, I'm not surprised that you would try to deflect, or misdirect what I have written, and ignore common sense. No, I do not expect the other countries to have a system as modern or as accurate as ours. I also do not expect our Consulates to be perfect, but I do not see any reason to pressure them or the State Department, to expedite the import of immigrants or refugees. I do not call it fear mongering, I have lived surrounded by Muslims, I've seen good and bad. My opposition to the listed countries, is based more on cultural differences, and more countries should be added to the list.