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  1. I don't care about his popularity, I care about someone that will do the job, and in the end, Trump would still win. Hillary and Obama already proved they weren't very competent, and more people have clued in on that.
  2. The absurdity is the people, that actually believe that she was a serious influence in the decision.
  3. Most of us, seem to have built a tolerance to some of the idiots, or have them on the ignore list. My only thought was, that she has more guts than the previous administration.
  4. And what innocents is Trump slaughtering? Appears to be a limited strike, on a military base. But no need to let the facts get in the way for the ignorant is there.
  5. Gee where would I start, I worked in the Persian Gulf, from Kuwait to Oman, based in Bahrain from 1998-2008, that assignment also allowed me some work with U.S. Embassies in Cairo, Nairobi, Bangkok, and assisted with the Pakistan based Embassy aircraft. Then I went to Iraq and Afghanistan working on ISR Contracts through 2012. If you want to bullshit somebody, pick somebody else. But, I'm not surprised that you would try to deflect, or misdirect what I have written, and ignore common sense. No, I do not expect the other countries to have a system as modern or as accurate as ours. I also do not expect our Consulates to be perfect, but I do not see any reason to pressure them or the State Department, to expedite the import of immigrants or refugees. I do not call it fear mongering, I have lived surrounded by Muslims, I've seen good and bad. My opposition to the listed countries, is based more on cultural differences, and more countries should be added to the list.
  6. Obviously I was using functional as a relative term. In the U.S. most cities, counties and states have had good record keeping systems, for a number of decades, of births and deaths. Most of the countries mentioned, do not. I would be a bit embarrassed to claim that I had lived in those areas, and still appear to be so ignorant.
  7. I agree that Comey should have been fired already, but for different reasons. At any rate, he didn't tell the U.S. public anything they didn't already know about Hillary, her track record speaks for it's self.
  8. It depends on the subject. I agree with the travel ban, because I spent 15 years near those areas, apparently you haven't. Most of the countries listed, do not have an adequate, functional governmental departments in my opinion, to offer reliable information. Haven't done the research, but in terms of refugees, it was stated that for every one that goes through the process of relocation to the U.S. we could have helped twelve others within the area. Considering I saw housemaids, laborers, etc. leave Bahrain, Kuwait, etc. and enter with new Passports and ID's with in three or four weeks, I do not have a lot of confidence in some of the other governments. If anything, perhaps the list should be expanded.
  9. But the regulations say, use the Electoral College. Did you have a complaint before the election? The fact is, the election is over and Hillary lost according to the regulations, regulations she knew before hand. If the resistance wants to push back against the Trump Administration, fair enough. I think in some respects, the Trump win was resistance from the other side, and they aren't going anywhere either.
  10. On the other hand, which side of the border would you want to live in, North or South Korea? or the Berlin Wall in the 50's into the 80's?
  11. Not unreasonable to ask, just take into consideration, it is not a legal requirement, and far as I know, it has only been done since the early 70's. So if the answer is no, I don't really have a problem. If we are going to deal with IRS documents, I would be more interested in the items the IRS refused to turn over, when Lerner departed office, and Koskinen took over.
  12. It doesn't make their situation more legitimate, especially when they are trying to maintain, the guy is a crook, just because he used the tax code legally to his advantage.
  13. Dull comment, and for me a dull subject. If Hillary had won, would you want to investigate her finances with the same vigor? The Republicans probably would, but I don't know how many others would be. I don't think anyone that has been in D.C. for any length of time, is very ethical, and that's on both sides of the aisle.
  14. Agreed. I have to laugh sometimes, at the description that he is a liar and a crook, etc. So what, we were going to have that, no matter who won the election!
  15. I'll go easy on you, , since it appears you may have reading comprehension issue. Please read my post again. I did not state that there were 12 missions that night, simply stating there can often be more than what it is reported. I do not have to pull anything from any nether regions, I state an opinion based on knowledge and experience. I worked in the Persian Gulf for 10 years, mostly with the U.S. Navy, and another 4 1/2 years working ISR contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan. As to the economic conditions that Obama inherited, I think Bush should have done more, but let's not forget what Clinton, Barney Franks, etc did, before Bush ever took office, to start the ball rolling.