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  1. I guess you have an interest to see the rental rates in town drop due to sudden oversupply ;-)
  2. you should ask the Thais, and 99% of them will indeed reply "YES, IT WAS MUCH BETTER"
  3. because in their home countries they will be beheaded or stoned to death if they come from behind ....
  4. As can be seen along the motorway between Suvarnabhumi and BKK downtown.....
  5. He mentioned several of the hospitals that are connected to the countries' leading universities (Chula, Ramathibodi, Siriraj a.s.o.) plus several other private hospitals, and I went to ALL of them to no avail (in fact, most places wanted to send me to the hospital where I came from as this was considered the #1 place that could do such tests) In the meanwhile, I have consulted another neurologist and she even called some hospitals (including Siriraj/Mahidol where she studied) herself while I was with her in the consulting room, but no success. To revive this topic, as my problems are not solved but only got worse since my last post, I would like to ask once again if anyone has experience with sympathetic nervous system overactivity and ANS (autonomic nervous system) testing or a physician that specializes in or has a knowledge of thermoregulation/homeostasis disorders and nerve / neurotransmitter damage. Even neighboring countries would be okay.
  6. Pattaya to U-Tapao transport choices

    Hard to believe that this is a 2017 price. maybe somebody who tried to use their services recently can report?
  7. That is 100% true, and a reason why formerly relaxed and quite liberal Indonesia is becoming an extremist and hardliner state. The Saudis pour Millions and Millions of $$$ into the country to promote Wahabbism and flood the country with hardline-preachers
  8. Taxi fare: Victory Monument-Muang Thong Thani

    It used the regular tollway on the way back to Victory monument (I departed from MorChit MRT station when on my way to the fair grounds) , but of course the tollway can be jammed and in fact it was when we traveled around 6.30 pm
  9. Pattaya to U-Tapao transport choices

    You CAN book the transfer when you book your ticket online, but there is no NEED to do so. You can just show up at the Central festival location and buy your ticket there (not sure if they sell seats a day before already). At U-Tapao, there are several (not only AirAsia's) counters offering Minivan services and they all scream for your business
  10. Taxi fare: Victory Monument-Muang Thong Thani

    I visited a fair a few months ago and the van still does run. 25 Baht from MuangThongThani to Morchit, and from what I remember 40 Baht to Victory monument. Taxi should cost round 140-150 plus Tollway charges if used
  11. That must be another company then? Or are you talking about the minivan-service?
  12. that would be new to me http://www.airportbusphuket.com/timetable.php#phuket-airport
  13. Pattaya to U-Tapao transport choices

    nope, only the timetable is created to match departing and arriving AA flights. Otherwise it is first come, first served
  14. Pattaya to U-Tapao transport choices

    That is a recent fare? In April I used Uber and it cost 600 Baht to U-Tapao
  15. some religions more than others, me thinks