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  1. I have been on several very small GRAB cars at several locations in TH. sometimes the driver will call or sms you before and ask how many PAX. Easy to avoid airport trips as a driver, as they can see where the destination is or where someone wants to be picked up. Would be even more easy if GRAB had an option to add the number of PAX looking for a ride each time when ordering
  2. seems you don't know the difference between MINUTES and SECONDS
  3. as a long-time member, you should be aware by now that a "sense of responsibility" is unheard of in the kingdom
  4. siam2007

    More rain countrywide forecast for June 8-11

    agree, bring it on. saving on AC will indeed help to end the drought in my wallet
  5. siam2007

    How Did They Get My Passport Copy?

    I once (around 2014 or so) registered at Bangkok Christian Hospital and indeed I only had to fill a form and not provide any ID. Had I paid cash and not by card, I could have told them my name is Thaksin Shinawatra or similar. I would not be surprised if Thai hospitals are connected to government agencies for security reasons. For example in case of an accident or emergency a victim (unconscious) may not have an ID with him/her but a mobile phone. Or if someone cannot / does not want to pay the the medical bills. The hospital staff could then check the number of the phone and identify him/her. Certainly a reason for concern in regards of privacy, but this is Thailand, after all.
  6. siam2007

    How to watch the FIFA World Cup finals: live stream?

    aren't most games on Thai free TV as well? Though I couldn't find a schedule on livesoccertv.com In earlier years, a Thai English language daily used to publish a supplement with team Info and all broadcast times days before the tournament started, but when I contacted them for the Euro2016, they told me due to cost issues there won`t be one. But WC is still somehow bigger than the EURO, so maybe there is hope for that
  7. Indonesian GO-JEK has announced recently that they plan to extend operations to many other countries in SEA which would be great. GO-JEK works just as good as Grab in Indo, so chances are it will do so in other countries too. Only competition can break the Mafia structures to which GRAB belongs too, at least in tourist towns
  8. I wonder if they will be the same rip-off transport Mafia as GRAB in Pattaya has become since UBER stopped operating. The already higher fares (usually 30-40% more expensive than UBER here) fares went up another 40-50% recently. Trips that had cost me 100 Baht on Uber and 140 on Grab still in March are now 220-240 - we are talking about a 3 KM ride ! It seems like GRAB is not actually GRAB anymore nowadays. If you open the app, the fare will provided not by GRAB, but specifically " GRAB (Chonburi) ". I would not be surprised if they have kinda "franchised" their Chonburi/Pattaya operations to the old Taxi Mafia. The fares are now almost the same as the un-metered yellow-blue Cabs. In many cases I know end up again on a motocy Taxi, driven in madman-style by a Yabaa-infested rude individual. I had hoped those times would never come back. I WANT MY UBER BACK :-/
  9. siam2007

    Mid-range smartphone recommendations

    Also have a look at the WIKO brand which gets more and more popular here in Thailand are the leading low//midrange brand in many countries in Western Europe. It is a French company. 6-7000 Baht get you an absolute top-model. Check what's available on lazada. In PTY the Numchai IT chain has them, for example at their huge Sukhumvit store
  10. siam2007

    Computer Repair

    is that guy still in business and at the same location?
  11. siam2007

    night market Thepprasit 2nd hand clothes

    so where in BKK or PTY would one drop good used clothes to donate to the right institutions / NGOs in order to avoid giving them to commercial dealers ?
  12. siam2007

    Grab to launch in Hua Hin on May 17

    I wonder if it will be the same rip-off operation it has become in Pattaya since Uber vanished, now charging three times the rates that are being charged in CM for example. I was quoted 240 THB for a less than 3 KM ride few days ago, the same ride was 120 Baht (before the ubiquitous Promo discount) with Uber 2 months ago. And in CM it would have cost me no more than 80 Baht with the local Grab there
  13. siam2007

    Airport bus Jomtien.

    Actually I think 8 am is pretty safe. Good idea to buy the ticket a day before and get your re-entry permit already. I usually assign a lot of time to be on the same side, but the Bus should arrive at Swampy at 9.45 am which leaves you a lot of time to check in and even endure a traffic jam. If my itinerary was like this, I would have chosen the 8am Bus
  14. I am sure the Thai press, not known for respecting people's privacy, asked him if they are allowed to take his picture half-naked
  15. siam2007

    BALI - can anyone offer advice

    I have never been cheated or shortchanged when changing money. Why? Because I only use the reputable money changers there. Bali has some sort of "Superrich" too. I always use one of their two main offices, the one at Jl. Kuta Raya. http://www.centralkutabali.com/ Their spread is extremely favourable, even for Thai Baht. I suggest you just withdraw some cash from an ATM at the airport (and NO 220-Baht Thai-style extra charge rip-off !!!), buy a snack or two and a drink at different places so you have some small bills to pay taxi or similar, and then later after you have made yourself familiar with the place, you go to a reputable money changer. If you fly ex-Swampy: The two Superrich companies at the Air-rail-link level always have Rupiah at hand, less options at DMK though, as far as I know. Taxi from Ngurah Rai Airport is indeed a rip-off if you use the official counters and there is little chance to escape if you are not familiar with the conditions. Difficult for a first-timer. I always walk out of the airport via the parking exit (where the payment booths are located, and then hail down a leaving BLUEBIRD Taxi that is not allowed to pick up PAX from inside the airport, once it has paid the parking fee and has left the airport compound. Also, there is a tiny PEDESTRIAN exit, basically just a (legal and official) hole in the fence, used almost exclusively by airport workers or local travelers in the know. I could give further details if someone is really interested to know. From there, you can reach hotels in Tuban or South Kuta in 7-8 minutes on FOOT. I did that two years ago from my hotel in Jl. Kartika and asked myself why I hadn't done this in all those earlier years. Unlike Phuketrichard (who I believe is actually a seasoned traveler) says, a regular METERED BLUEBIRD CAB should not be more than 40K from any point in Kuta, unless you are stuck in a traffic jam. GRAB is most useful as is GO-JEK, a reliable homegrown Indonesian app (both offer very cheap Motorcycle taxi rides too). If using regular cabs, ONLY use the GENUINE BLUEBIRD TAXIS. They can only be identified by their large sticker on the front screen , saying "BLUEBIRD GROUP". At least ten copycat companies trying to mislead PAX by using almost identical cabs in colour and with front screen stickers like "BLUE TAXI GROUP". If you do not use a genuine Bluebird, you will INVARIABLY be scammed. They scam rate is not 60, 80, or 94% percent, it is 100%. In the past five years or so, I have never heard a single story, where one of those cabs did use the Meter. That is why they hate GRAB and Bluebird and even burn Bluebird cabs or assault Grab drivers. Yes Ubud is crowded too nowadays, and that crowd is almost 100% mainland Chinese. But even in Ubud it is easy to avoid the masses by just walking a few streets down away from the main strip and you will be able to inhale the original Ubud spirit. Just go there with a positive attitude and when approached, smile and say "no thanks", or, even better "tidak mau, terima kasih" ("I don't want, thank you" in local Bahasa Indonesia). Feel free to ask, if you need more information, same if you want hotel recommendations. Just tell me your budget and what you are after. I can say a word or two about at least 300 accommodations and have inspected at least 100 of them myself. Ah and NO, Bali is NOT dangerous at all. Just apply your common sense, same as you would at Thai tourist destinations. And as mentioned before, do NOT forget to try the lovely JUS ALPUKAT, see my attached pic