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  1. Spine MRI cost in Thailand

    sorry my post was duplicated for a reason I don't know
  2. Spine MRI cost in Thailand

    If you know exactly what you need then you can go to that place by yourself. www.mrithailand.com They have several branches but I went to their main branch a few KM North of Chatuchak which turned out to be a good idea. The prices are reasonable, equipment is up to date (though the MRI is 1,5T only and not the most modern 3T, but even Bumrungrad only has a 1.5T machine) and the facility clean. It is not a 5-star facility as you would find it at Bumrungrad, BNH or BKK Hospital, but the people know what they are doing, and your result will be reviewed and evaluated by a radiologist MD (you get the CD and a report in English). If you call the main branch, ask to speak to Khun MARUT (or nickname "PALM"), who is an extremely friendly and helpful young man with fluent English and who will help you and guide you through the entire process. Saved me 10K Baht compared to what I was quoted by a private hospital.
  3. Phone from Lazada

    actually you are not really buying from lazada, you are buying from a dealer that is completely unknown and anonymous to you and that dealer is using the lazada platform to sell things. Lazada themselves rarely sell things in their own name nowadays, particularly since the Chinese took over from former European owners Rocket Internet. So it all depends if that dealer is reputable or not, but you have no option other than trust the few reviews which can be fake or real. Hence, cash on delivery is always your best option
  4. how I would do it in Bangkok as someone who has stayed at 300+ hotels all over Asia: Make a shortlist of hotels that suit your needs, should be 5-6 at least. Do NOT book in advance (this means you most likely cannot do that during peak season, X-Mas, NYE, CNY a.s.o.). When you have arrived at the airport, start calling the hotels. Tell them you would like to book a room but need to check in immediately. Most hotels will check whether there are rooms unoccupied and if there are (which is very very likely), then MOST hotels will agree to let you check in very early - they want BUSINESS, after all, and an unoccupied room means NO BUSINESS. Ask for the name of the receptionist you are talking to in case there is some misunderstanding upon arrival. This has worked for me in many cases. Oh, and yes, there ARE hotels that will let you check in as early as 8 am or even 6 am if you have a booking already. It is even a very common occurrence at places where guests frequently arrive in the wee hours (from night Buses usually), such as Mandalay or Siem Reap. There is no reason to NOT allow a guest to check in early if the room is unoccupied. Hotels who do NOT allow that should not be in business, as they have no understanding what "hospitality" means. The managers there should rather work at a government office or as a prison warden
  5. every day, a new sucker is born
  6. Luggage Repair in Pattaya?

    maybe that shop on 3rd road is the Pattaya branch of this Co here ? http://www.bagfix.com/ I have used them in the past many years ago, but as I lived quite close to their BKK HQ, I usually went there in person (to Pattanakarn road). The owner seemed to be a Thai-Indian who spoke English well. As far as I know, if you visit any of their other outlets, they will usually send the item to their BKK place and repair it there. Their services are not exactly cheap but the quality was alright, so always consider if it is worth repairing an old bag or case, or rather buy a new one.
  7. Chan tours (bus from Pattaya to Khon Kaen)

    BTW, "yellow Bus" is part of RoongRueang Coach, the company that operates the Bangkok-Pattaya, Suvarnabhumi-Pattaya routes and the BELL TRAVEL SERVICE to/from Suvarnabhumi, that includes pick-up from your accomodation. Oh and yes, I experienced bugs too some years ago on CHAN Bus from Udon to BKK. Not really huge roaches, but bugs for sure. But maybe that was part of their "VIP"-service, as we all know how much Isaan folks love to eat those fried critters. Maybe they expected PAX to collect those bugs on board and then hand them over to the guy at the frying pan during our scheduled break half way
  8. Because I thought those are history somehow. But obviously I was wrong
  9. yes I am really surprised now. But that should actually be good news, no? I would always have preferred to have such a multiple-entry non-O or non-B (as I had in the past), rather than a 1-year-extension of stay based on retirement or else. What is the requirement as per 2017 to get such a multiple non-O-A ?
  10. can hardly be called a foreigner, since Thai Muslims always made up 20% of the local population in Phuket
  11. SURVEY: Brexit -- Good or Bad Idea?

    LOL..... what a nonsense.... seems you don't know your own country...... Explore your capital and you will see that there is a mosque or islamic Center at every corner..... so if you consider them "enemies", they are enemies within. But it does not matter anyway, EU will be a lot stronger and united without that cranky spoiled brat who always demanded special treatment
  12. surprised to hear that they still issue one-year-multiple non-O-A Visas.....
  13. LOL..... well, there is ONE rather big country (where people so strongly think they are civilized and cultivated that they even try to apply their understanding of "culture" and custom anywhere in the world) that considers cheeseburgers to be genuine food
  14. agree. Brunei is a truly stone-age barbarian country nowadays. And the scumbag that is the Sultan even forbids any signs or decorations of XMas in his country, but at the same time he owns plenty of 5-star-luxury hotels all over the world where huge XMas parties are being held, accompanied by alcohol of course. hypocrite b****rd !
  15. Pattaya 9 Karat Condo 138 Rooms For Auction

    The fruitless auctions suggest otherwise........