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  1. SURVEY: Taxi Service -- Good or Bad?

    there is a reason why Thailand has finally earned the "most dangerous roads of the world" award
  2. Low Ridership on Bell Bus to Pattaya

    It's the same company operating both routes (ROONG RUEANG COACH), as well as the North Pattaya regular Buses to Ekkamai and MorChit
  3. the end of UBER in Thailand is near, sadly......

    even with their "surcharge" (GRAB does that too, BTW), their fares were still half of what the "Mafia" is asking for at tourist towns
  4. As has been guessed earlier, UBER will most likely disappear from the Thai (and SEA) market soon, which means another monopoly will soon be reality - it already shows, as prices of GRAB have doubled in PTY in the past two weeks and there is ALWAYS the "fares are higher due to increased demand" pop-up appearing 24/7, no matter what day of the week or what time of the day in the past 2 weeks whenever I checked the fares (what costs 100 Baht on Uber costs now 180 Baht on GRAB). https://www.cnbc.com/2018/02/16/uber-preparing-to-sell-southeast-asia-unit-to-grab.html
  5. I had a similar experience just yesterday. Five UBER drivers accepted my ride, only to send me sms "where you go" or call me via phone. Then ALL cancelled the trip when I told them I need to go to the North Bus station (that was a drop-off there, which I never had problems with, not even a pick-up at the Bus station). The Mafia must have found a new way to threaten the app-drivers recently, me thinks. Eventually, a sixth driver accepted my ride. He did not contact me first, but just showed up at my place and obviously had no hesitation to drop me inside the parking lot there (next to Bell travel office). I lost 45 minutes due to that. Also, I noticed that ALL rides to the Bus station on GRAB now show an inflated rate "due to increased demand" when in fact it was a very slow time of the day. Maybe to make more drivers "dare" to go to that place? The fare was 180 Baht from my home, whereas it used to be not more than 110-120 in the past few months. By the way, INSIDE of the Bus station was always a no-go area for any app cars when it comes to pick you up. To avoid that, I always walk out of the station using the back entrance and set my pick-up point at some small apartment building hundred meters away from the actual station. This - at least until now - always has worked fine for me
  6. UBER indeed uses an online meter that cannot be tempered with by the driver, but you only know the final amount once you have arrived at your destination. GRAB offers a flat rate, no matter how long you are stuck in traffic (which makes it sometimes unfair for drivers), and you know that flat rate BEFORE you hit the "order" button.
  7. Pros and cons of Bali versus Thailand

    it's obvious you have been visiting the wrong places then. In over 20 visits to Bali, I never had problems with "Mafia", and if you encounter "dicks" just walk past them and ignore them. If I had the option (Visa-wise), I would live there since a long time and not in TH. Admittedly the beaches are not great in Bali, but if you came to Bali for the beaches, you came to the wrong place anyway.
  8. New crackdown sees darts BANNED in Pattaya

    Chinese are not fond of playing darts, hence, dartboards are no longer needed and wanted here
  9. Anybody miss me?

    are you fluent in Thai or how can you communicate with the people there?
  10. He, same as other similar "characters" (Duterte, Erdogan, and then there is a quite new President in the US of A as well), has once been elected in a democratic way. If that election was held according to international standards, is another story. But I doubt the UN or any other organization will care much - Cambo is simply too much of a backwater, void of any natural resources (except super-cheap manpower that the textile industry and recently the Chinese happily continue to exploit )
  11. GRAB and UBER in Isaan - alive and kicking?

    They are both not operating in Surin. Too small as a city, me thinks
  12. what "culture" are you referring to? Have you seen what they actually did? If yes, pls tell us, if no, better back off
  13. GRAB and UBER in Isaan - alive and kicking?

    Thanks, good to know. I am surprised that no one else did comment, but probably almost all Isaan Farang - unlike those staying at BKK - have their own wheels
  14. UDON is expected to have nights around 10 degrees for a full week starting early February. Nice time to travel.....
  15. Mac Air battery replacement - Lazada

    As there are literally Thousands of vendors on lazada, with ZERO information available who they actually are, this is difficult to judge. Don't forget, lazada is only a sales platform that offers vendors a way to sell their goods. The only safe way in my opinion is to only buy items "sold and fulfilled by lazada", which is only a tiny percentage of what is being sold there. If in Bangkok - there are reputable physical shops that can be trusted