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  1. Of course it is an international airport and there have been scheduled international flights in the past (to Singapore)
  2. Just wonder how is the procedure nowadays for someone who has not only a valid license of his home country but as well an international license. Must be a lot less hassle, hopefully ?
  3. Lets start a metal band in Bangkok

    Foo Fighters play at IMPACT on August 24. I thought this might interest some people here in this topic. Sorry for posting this even though I am that old fart pretending to be 20 years old (in my case, I even pretend to be just 19 years old)
  4. Malaysian immigration, where such forms are history since many years, are having a good laugh. Indonesia stopped using printed forms too now. Thailand is again the backwater of Asia and desperately flying the stick-in-the-mud flag
  5. Aeon Bank ATMs

    Indeed they don't charge ANY fee, and the one at Mega Bangna was super-convenient for me in the past. No Bank of China in Pattaya yet, but considering the number of Chinese tourists, I don't think it will take long until a branch appears. From what I remember, the withdrawal limit was 25K (or 25 bills)
  6. Aeon Bank ATMs

    Agree I would not walk for an hour just to access an AEON ATM, but if you patronize shopping outlets that have an AEON ATM on their premises, it certainly makes sense to use THEM and not those provided by the Thai banking Mafia (with an additional "convenience option" to use currency conversion at a 3-5% worse rate than usual). Still waiting for the first zero-charge BANK OF CHINA ATM in Pattaya, as I rarely have access to the one at Mega Bangna nowadays
  7. If flying business class on a cheapo-Airline that does not give you priority access, it may make sense to book the arrival/departure VIP-services of BANGKOK FLIGHT SERVICES (a BKK Air subsidiary). Costs 800 Baht up (depending on what you want) and I use them every time when I return from my home country after my yearly X-Mas holiday, with usually at least 50 KG of luggage in tow. Well worth the money in those cases
  8. Close sex report NGO: Hun Sen

    Or putting pressure on all countries to make homosexuality illegal again ? What does the age of consent have to do with forced prostitution? religiously motivated hypocrites everywhere......
  9. as long as Thai people don't change their attitude and stop dumping piles of trash into the waterways and block drains (fat / cooking oil) at every Soi, nothing will change. Will that happen? Not during my lifespan for sure.....
  10. Will the traffic signal at the new Pattaya Klang intersection on street level still show green light for pedestrians and cars at the same time as it did when they started to operate it 3 weeks ago ?
  11. Aeon Bank ATMs

    the Big C at Pattaya Klang indeed has one. As you enter via the main entrance, just walk straight toward the restrooms, on the way to there you will find a row of ATMs, including an AEON ATM. Harbor Mall, 200 Meters up the road from Big C does have one too on the basement floor, next to the entrance of the AEON supermarket on the left, though that one seems to be running out of paper to print the transaction slip almost permanently. The Tesco Lotus on Pattaya Nuea road, walkable distance from the dolphin roundabout, used to have one too, but I haven't used it since a long time so no guarantee if it's still there
  12. This new 2x6 rule does obviously only apply to the tourist area Baht Buses. Along Sukhumvit, it is business as usual for the red, white and light blue lines. Every day around 4 pm, there are still 25+ bodies of pupils stuffed into those sardine cans as of yesterday.
  13. it gets even worse when you choose the "convenient" currency conversion offered by those ATM's (AEON not so). If you withdraw 20K, you could easily lose another 600-1000 THB on currency conversion. FYI: Bank of China still until today does not charge any fees. Their network of branches and ATM's is growing
  14. Uber/Grab service areas?

    Because Grab IS the Taxi Mafia. Yes you read that right, in PTY Grab has partnered with the official transport Mafia. This is why in PTY people love UBER, whereas in CM for example, people rather prefer GRAB