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  1. thanks guys. I've gotten Multiple and Single Entry Tourist Visas in Riyadh many time before. This will be my first attempt at OA. Since Thais are pretty much banned from KSA, there's no long lines to wait in. Thanks again
  2. What does Immigration think about people traveling in and out on a Retirement Visa ? I rotate in and out from Saudi, but with constant layoffs in the oilpatch, I would like to have my Visa in place in case my name comes up to be canned. I can apply here in Riyadh at the Consul, but wonder if I'll be hassled for have that visa yet not actually being retired ? Thanks
  3. Emirates in Dubai refused me a boarding pass for that. Get a new one and avoid disappointment
  4. you should see what Saudi looks like if you think Thailand is bad
  5. both my kids went to the American School in Bangna. $20k per kid per year
  6. American newspapers don't know the difference between Thailand and Taiwan. My family in the US didn't even hear about the bombing as they aren't glued to cable news 24/7. Why would we believe that tourists hear about all the 'bad' things that happen anywhere and be scared off ?
  7. good luck getting to the embassies in Riyadh or Khobar. those places are fortresses.
  8. like no one saw this coming