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  1. the Income Affidavit does need a stamp from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  2. Met anybody famous in Thailand?

    Peter Arnett at the Grand Prix in Patpong during one of the many Gulf Wars
  3. Bangkok Bank asked for an Affidavit of Residence notarized by the US Embassy.. I submitted that document and opened an account in short order. Hardly 'jumping through hoops'.
  4. In Samutprakran, the clerk told me some 'higher up' needed to sign off and whoever that was was not there. I could have waited but opted to go back the following day and pick up my passport. That may be what you are talking about.
  5. Question for retired US taxpayers

    OK thanks for that. I had not considered the 'employed' part. I was employed overseas for almost 40 years. Filing as a retiree is new to me.
  6. Question for retired US taxpayers

    thanks I understand I'll be taxed regardless. Just wondering how you file. I assume physical presence would work ? Thanks again
  7. Regarding retired US citizens/taxpayers: Are you able to claim foreign residency on the return using a retirement/marriage visa? Thanks
  8. Extension at Jomtien Immigration not so simple

    Got my retirement extension (based on income) at Samutprakran Immigration in about 10 mins. Could not have been easier. Clerks are super friendly and helpful.
  9. thanks for that. I'll take him with me for the first report and see what happens.
  10. I was told recently that my son (27 year old, thai passport) whose name is on the house-papers, could also report me as living in the same residence as him and my ex-wife. Must the reporting be done by the home-owner or can anyone else living there report me as well ? The reason I'm asking is my ex might have a problem doing the reporting whereas my son does not ? Thanks
  11. I'll do that. thanks again Joe
  12. Samutprakran. I have copies of everything. I just did not know if i would need new originals. If you are correct it would be great. Thanks so much
  13. OK thanks for the clarification. I had assumed as much. As I used the Income affidavit from the Embassy the first time, I'll need another as well as that legalization stamp from MoFA Thanks again
  14. I had applied for a Non-Immigrant based on retirement visa in order to follow that with the 1 year retirement extension. When I received my passport back, I noticed I was granted 90 days with the Non-Imm stamp. Rather than applying for the 1 year extension on the spot, I decided to use that 90 days and go back for the longer extension closer to the expiration date. My question is will I need to fulfill all the original requirements, bank account balance in particular, in order to qualify for the 1 year extension ? Did I make a mistake by not applying for the extension on the spot ? Thanks
  15. Opening a Thai Bank Account- New Policy?

    Bangkok Bank asked for a certification of residence attested by the embassy, in my case the US Embassy. They have a template on their website. I filled it in, got it notarized and hey presto opened an account. I did try various other banks and was asked for at least the same or more (work permit). Pretty painless really.