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  1. I was a smoker, now I vape.Thailand tells me I cannot vape, so while I am there I have to smoke,if I want my nicotine fix, but I cannot smoke while I am on the beach relaxing.Vaping has no butts, no smoke only water vapor but I cannot do that on the beach. Also I cannot have a beer instead.Thailand is getting to be like N Korea, every action has to be thought and considered before doing anything in case you are breaking some obscure interpretation of the law.. I have no problem with any laws that Thailand may make, it is their country, but all laws should be enforced uniformly, not up to the individual policeman(sic) and the laws set out clearly so no one has any doubt what the law is. A prime example is the carrying of passport at all times.Some places say a copy is ok,some places say you can report later with your passport.One district says one thing, travel 50 miles and that district says something else.Its all up to whoever stops you on that day.Same applys to immigration, one office wants this bit of paper this week but next week its a different one, go to a different office and its a whole new set of rules.Same same swampy 20K Baht or not when you come in. Ban smoking, no problem, ban littering ok but enforce these laws the same all over the country, Thais, farangs should know exactly what will happen if they break the law and the Government enforce the laws they make. Rant over ps I know smoking is a filthy habit but my vaping is the first step in giving up.Thailand you are not helping me
  2. 2 or 3 years ago(when I was a smoker) went to sit in a chair at Koh Larn beach, next to the chair was an ashtray with a few butts in it.As I sat down the chair seller took up the ashtray and emptied it by dropping everything on the beach next to the chair and kicked sand over it.He then gave me a clean ashtray.!!!!!
  3. I looked at this site, however,unlike most other rental sites, I cannot get an actual price only a "from" price without e mailing my details(which I am reluctant to do) Before I actually rent a car I like to look at my options, is it much more to upgrade,change my dates for a better deal etc.I cannot do this It would have been helpful also if the above article had posted a link so I could have gone direct
  4. I have done 10 VV applications for my partner, each time I have printed out statements from my online banking app.Never had a single query(or application rejected, apart from the very first one, which was rejected due to length of relationship). These are not photocopies, so perhaps they are treated as originals.
  5. Sorry Guys, put this in Pub as it is not meant to be taken seriously, just thought it might amuse.There are enough threads on Thai driving, deaths etc, Some of us,I hope can relate, in a lighthearted way, with some of the things Thats all, not meant to be taken seriously at all
  6. Extract from Nakhon Nowhere Gazette Deep in the foot hills of Nakhon Nowhere an amazing discovery has been made after almost 20 years of research. The mystical and long rumoured to exist Ruwls of the Roade. Many scholars have insisted for years that this book is folklore but this discovery of the ancient manuscript is a major historical find. In very poor condition, it was found under the rear seat of a long abandoned taxi cab buried under almost three tons of rotting som tam. Efforts to fully translate this book have met with limited success and to date only some pages have been fully translated. We are able to give below extracts from this historical document (apologies in advance for the poor translation and spelling). The first page clearly says Rule One “All road users, foot, wheel and hoof should obey these rules and guidance unless on the front of their “vehicle” unless they have 1)A replica of Buddha,2)A replica of Ganesh or 3)A plastic model of Homer Simpson. These laws then do not apply to these vehicles. It is pointed out that a model fish made from Baht notes is not classed as an exception. All drivers of vehicles must have a licence. There then follows a description of the correct licence It say that the licence will usually will be either brown or red and will have the licence number which will be either 1000 or 500 and must be produced when asked for by an officer of the law, who will retain the licence for inspection. Licences can be obtained any bank on payment of the appropriate fee. Many pages cannot be translated due to the poor condition but some extracts are still readable Page 35 CC when used to describe a motorcycle refers to carrying capacity (and not as commonly thought, engine size)It is not possible to translate if this refers to weight or number of people that might be carried.It is thought that it refers to the kg of the passengers,ie 125 cc may carry two adults whose total weight is less than 125kg or four children.The drivers weight is not taken into consideration when making these calculation Page 116 One way streets are designated by the direction that the first vehicle entering is travelling ,all other vehicles must u turn and travel in the direction of the first vehicle. This does not apply if rule one is in force.Road signs should be regarded as a guidance only and not mandatory. Page 118 Vehicle must not be overloaded. Vehicles are not classed as overloaded if it is possible for a small boy to climb on top of the load and remain there whilst the vehicle is being driven.If the boy falls off during this test it is permitted to use a second small boy. Page 120 All vehicle must have working lights and must be produced when requested by an officer of the law.In order to ensure that these are kept in good condition the law allows for them to be kept away from the vehicle ie at the back of the local temple. Page 125 No driver may drive while under the influence of alcohol. The law clarifies that drivers must be able to remember their own name within 3 hours when asked. Failure to do so will result in there being asked to produce their licence (see rule one for an acceptable document) Drivers who fail to produce an acceptable licence will be asked to drive home to obtain one. Page 130 When requested, all vehicle must stop when requested by an officer of the Law. Exceptions to this law are Any vehicle made in Germany less than one year old, any vehicle with a red plate,if the driver has an income greater that the Chief of Police in that District or if the drivers aunties sisters brother is a high up government official.Any children of the above may also claim exception Page 133 Road must be clearly marked with white lines, these lines are deeply religious signs and as such must not be driven on, drivers should drive on either the left or the right side of these lines ,not on them.It is up to each driver to determine which side to drive on dependant on their date of birth. Page 140 All road signs are to be considered for guidance only (translated as “Up to you”) and referring to them in the case of an accident will not be considered as a defence. This also applies to traffic lights which are clearly in place to illuminate the junction only. Page 142 Speed limits are inforce on all roads. In order to enable drivers to concentrate on the road, these limits will not be displayed on the roadside but will be clearly displayed in the noodle section of the nearest 7/11.Those signs which many think are speed limits are actually the upper age limit for drivers on that road. More extracts will appear as soon as they have been translated.The Nakhon Nowhere gazette is looking for freelance volunteers to translate this historical document
  7. The trouble with buying locally is the quality, I am bringing my own juice so I know thats ok but some unknown cheap Chinese knock off battery unit from a market stall has big question marks.We are all aware of the quality control in Thailand for legitimate products let alone some copy. I am pretty certain that the tank can be spread around my check luggage but it is the battery.If there is no body scanner(which I did not notice last time I came in) I should be ok with it in my pocket??? The above post re the scanner was posted whilst I was typing this
  8. Just trying to get an update, on arrival at swampy, I know that they are x raying more suitcases but do you have to go through a body scan. I am thinking if I put my battery in my jeans pocket and there is a body scan, it will stand out.If no scan (as the battery is the biggest part) the rest of my vape kit can be separated about my checked bag.It is an e leaf i stick battery with a nautilus mini tank, so apart from the battery everything else is very small and can be easily spread about in my checked bag. Any opinions
  9. Missus want to do a road trip to visit this temple and from what I can see it is well worth it. I am looking for recommendations for hotels in the area. Does anyone have any idea or information about the "hotel?" shown in the photo.(If it is a hotel) Failing that does anyone have any persona recommendations. Looking for somewhere near the temple, fairly good standard, reasonably easy to get to using gps and as an added bonus, does breakfast. Budget is no restriction under 3500 baht night.Travelling from Pattaya so probably going to stay for two nights. Thanks for any suggestions
  10. Anyone got any information as to if they are searching at the airport, I have flight in a few weeks and am thinking of putting my atomiser(broken apart)and 100ml liquid separate in my suitcase and the battery in my hand luggage(which I think you have to, airline regulation,). I have no intention of using in public, too much of a risk,but will only use in the home away from prying eyes. Part of the problem with Thailand is that they are totally inconsistent with applying laws and its all down to who you meet on a particular day.(Immigration, passport carrying, reporting TM30, smoking etc, driving licence etc) I have not seen anything about anyone stopped at Swampy. Any info would be gratefully received.
  11. New immigration form goes into effect in October

    When I come on holiday! I do not give out my e mail or telephone number to anyone who asks for it, especially when they do not tell me what they want it for.!!!! They will get an old freeserve address(that is no longer valid) and a telephone number of 10 random numbers. On the old form just ticked any three income numbers each time (made it three just to confuse them). In ten years, no one ever queried it. Tell me why you want my e mail and telephone number and I might give you the information, dont tell my why, and you are getting nothing
  12. I don’t normally get involved in these discussions but something has occurred to me. She left her original “hotel” after a fire and checked into another some distance away under another name. Maybe, she had some “issues” at that original place and decided to move location and check in under another name to try and avoid the person/persons that she had “issues” with at her original “hotel” I will not speculate on what those issues may have been but if someone on a small island is causing you problems, it is one way to try and avoid them, move location and register under another name.
  13. The page you are trying to access is not available for your account. Error code: 2C171/1 same issue for me
  14. I would be grateful if someone could clarify something that has been bugging me for some time. I arrive at Bangkok airport and hand my completed TM6 to immigration with the where are you staying giving my friends private home address(who is Thai).I then stay there as a guest for three weeks.Does she have to notify immigration that I am staying there? (question one) If we then go for a short break, to say Hua Hin, I know the hotel have to advise immigration, what happens when we come back.(question 2) I am asking because one of her neighbours had a bad experience with a farang in the past and is a nasty piece of work and I would not put it past her to report that there is a farang staying . Thanks for any assistance