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  1. Just noticed on the new form, a sneaky little question.regarding someone else paying. 1) Will anyone be paying toward the cost of your visit 2)Who is paying towards the cost of your visit 3)How much money will they be paying towards your visit 4)Why are they helping to pay for your visit? I doubt if anyone is going to put, to smuggle drugs or to work in a brothel so why ask this question as they already ask, what is the main purpose of your trip,I can think of no logical reason for asking this question as you have to state you are not coming for terrorism etc or to overthrow the government
  2. That seems to work, it certainly is different, I was using the link https://www.visa4uk.fco.gov.uk/home/welcome , which I have always used.If you start an application you do get sent an e mail with a link on it. However, if you go to the Apply for a visa page, you still get sent to the beta version. Thanks for the info
  3. still shows beta version for me,
  4. I think the question regarding parents DOB has been raised before and the "official" advice is to put 01-01-1900 if you do not know exact dates,we have done this on ten previous visitor visas and it has never been questioned
  5. Accidents and death happen all over the world, on holiday or just going to the shops.In most of the first world countries these are investigated and a conclusion is reached.If someone is at fault, they are named, punished(by laid down guidelines)if an accident, usually things are put in place to prevent it happening again.It is not unusual in the UK for a major motorway to be closed for hours to establish the cause of the accident.No one questions these findings because they trust the investigators. In Thailand if the police say it is raining, you check the windows to see if it is.Therefore no one trusts the result of any investigation because they do not trust the investigators.This then leads to speculation, which leads to rumours. If you could believe the police findings there would be far fewer "unexplained" deaths to explain.
  6. VFS Charges

    Have done ten Visitor Visa each time that we paid for the text, never had any texts.Only the e mails!!!!
  7. The Daily Mail online(obviously cannot link here) has again raised the issues of the number of unexplained deaths of British Teenagers in Thailand and the inaction of the RTP.A group of mothers has formed (MAMA Mothers against Murder Abroad) aimed to put pressure on the Home Office regarding the matter. Interestingly, it says one of the main signatories of a petition to Downing Street is Laura Witheridge sister of Hannah murdered on Koh Tao.
  8. Some Thais are aware of the problems on the roads, I was talking to my wife and asked her why on long car journeys in the UK that she slept but when we drive in Thailand she never sleeps. She said in England I feel safe so I can sleep, but in Thailand cannot sleep, not safe!
  9. A few years ago we were in chiang mai visiting the wife's son, we went out with him and his girlfriend for a nice meal in the country, he drove as I did not know the way. As is the Thai way, there was a bottle of Johnny Walker on the table, the wife and I both drank beer and the girlfriend drank coke. By the end of the meal, the bottle was half empty.When it came time to go back to our hotel,I said I would phone for a taxi. Total consternation then ensued, girlfriend,"whats wrong, he only drink half the bottle and he have coke with it", wife "you think my son not good driver". After about 30 mins I gave up trying to explain why I did not think it was a good idea for him to drive after drinking half a bottle of whisky and said I wanted a taxi because I had an upset stomach.Face saved all round and he drove back slowly because of my "upset stomach".All concerned were reasonably well educated Thais but you cannot argue with that type of mindset .As an aside, the son got his licence whilst he was in the army so I am not sure what kind of test he had to go through,if he had one at all.
  10. Assembly Drops Pet Registration Law

    I may be wrong but I think in the UK the rule is that if a dog is found in the street without a collar, it is considered a stray and can be rounded up, taken to a pound and if not claimed after a certain number of days it is "destroyed". I am sure if this were implemented in Thailand it could solve the soi dog problem almost overnight.Responsible dog owners only have to pay 50/100 baht for a collar(possibly with name tag).No responsible owner could argue with that. No need for complex legislation ,simple, no collar, no dog. Very easy and cheap to enforce.
  11. And Thailand's record on solving human trafficking is ????????????? enough said
  12. Right now we have his statement we need to set up a panel to decide on a committee that can read the statement, after reading the statement we can then pass it to the super panel who will decide what action to take.When what action is decided we can then set up a super super panel who can decide on the members of the super committee who will decide if the statement is sufficient or more detail is needed.Findings will be placed in the dear leaders in tray,who will then appoint an executive committee to give a recommendation to him on what action to take.He will then discuss this with the Deputy PM and between them they will decide if this matter endangers national security.If so this matter cannot be discussed in public. By this time all members of the panel, committee super panel and super committee will have retired on enhanced pensions and the original statement will have been mis filed, a replacement statement will be requested so that the evidence can be fully examined
  13. Stopped at the red traffic lights junction Sukhumvit Road just by Numchai Pattaya.Fully stopped, car comes up and rear ends me.As my car was a rental called the insurance company,assessor arrives finds out the following.The other driver has borrowed the car,and no he does not have a licence.Frantic phone calls from him to the owner, who arrives 30 mins later.Surprise surprise, he has no insurance.10 mins later the assessor tells me his insurance company has just had a call from the owner,trying to buy insurance!Lot of negotiations between insurance guy and owner, insurance want 10,000 baht to repair damage, owner says has has no money, assessor settles for 2000.(non licence driver then drives away still uninsured)All this time two police men, who would have seen the accident, just stood about 50 yards away doing <deleted> all.
  14. Top 5 Reasons You Won’t Like Thailand

    I can live with most things in Thailand, but the main issue that prevents me making it my permanent home is the total inconsistency regarding the attitude to rules and the law. It seems that the interpretation of the law and regulations is totally up to the person you are dealing with and a government that passes a law ten years ago but only decides to enforce it now. Go to one province and you have to register your stay, carry your passport etc go somewhere else and it’s a different set of rules.Go to one branch of a bank to do something,”cannot” go to another branch of the same bank,”no problem”. Immigration here want this piece of paper ,next month it is a different one, go to another office, they want a whole different set of papers. Traffic rules,today they are enforced tomorrow they are not, again travel around the country and they change from place to place I have no problem in the Thai laws and regulations,it is their country and wherever I live I try to be law abiding. But there is no straight forward answer to “what is the law regarding this” or what are the rules for that”, it changes from day to day and where you are.
  15. UK 10-year visa validity

    Once the visa expires ie 1st of July 2018, you are in the country illegally.you must leave on or before the date of expiry.This applies to all visas that have a "valid to" date on them.