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  1. If they are going to scan every document that is submitted, the scope for missing information is going to be off the charts.Who is going to do the scanning ?There are already numerous complaints about documents submitted not being seen by the ECO.The last visa application submitted was over 1/2 thick with things like six months bank statements ,photocopy of sponsors passport etc.Where did you get the information about the scanning?
  2. Let see, Currently, you hand your paperwork in at Trendy Building, it is put in a bag and transported maybe 2/3 miles to the British Embassy where it is looked at by an ECO (who is, as I understand, a UK official on secondment to Thailand).It is then returned by the same method. Total distance travelled 4miles and maybe four or five people involved. Total time in transit, 2hrs?If some thing goes astray there is a small amount of places it could be. Proposed, Hand in documents, put in bag and transported to the airport, where it sits until there is transport to take it to India (1800 miles) Arrives Indian airport and sits until transport to whatever building is arranged. It is then seen by????(Is it an ECO or has this been subcontracted out to a native Indian “with training”. ) Documents are then sent back by the reverse route.3600 miles travelled Total number of people involved, who knows probably dozens.How many of which have been security vetted Time in transit ?days Anyone who has been to an Indian airport know how chaotic they are and how difficult it is to achieve even the most simple of tasks.The possibility of documents getting “lost” does not bear thinking about. Your visa application contains Passport, Personal details, bank accounts etc. a goldmine for anyone who is less than honest. I just cannot see how there will be any problems (sarcastic font not available)
  3. The NHS works the same way, my ex wife was a nurse, was going for a promotion and one particular qualification was required.She did not have this, but had a higher qualification which carried the ability to teach and award the required qualification. NHS said no, she had to have the exact qualification!(It was suggested by someone that she could infact sit the exam, mark the paper herself, and award herself the required qualification).In the end it took over nine months, with union intervention for the NHS to accept her qualification and give her the promotion.
  4. Thank you,I will probably notify the council on day one start paying and then think about asking them if they will change their mind.Not much hope but maybe they are one of the councils interpret the rules differently. thanks for the info
  5. Thank you for both your replies, may I ask, are your answers based on specific instances or your perception of how the rules should be interpreted?.I ask because if you look back at the answers given a few years ago there seems to be a wide range of answers from various sources.I know from dealing with my own council they will automatically say something should be paid and it is only when you show them the actual regulations that they back down. It was suggested previously things like being on the electoral register etc would influence if council tax should be paid. If the tax has to be paid, I have no problem with that but I am just trying to confirm the actual circumstances that it should be paid.(rather like dealing with the VATman who by default says you owe VAT if they say so until such time that you can prove you do not).Has anyone actually gone down this path with their council? "Some councils appear to disagree with this " Again to both posters thank you for your replies.
  6. Some years ago there was a discussion on this forum about the effect on your council tax (UK) after bringing your wife (fiancé) to live in the UK with you. But nothing recently. Opinion at that time seemed to be divided,(with factors like working tax credits, student etc complicating the issue) one saying she has no effect until she has ILR, others getting a rebate because they have paid for her (i.e. no 25% discount for single occupancy).Citizens Advice bureau saying she is not liable, not have to pay until she is on the electoral roll etc but no actual firm answer. Does anyone have any update?. I know from speaking to various people that the councils default answer is you have to pay from day one but they give this answer to almost any query about payment until you challenge them. No other benefits involved just the straight council tax reduction So has anyone had a definitive answer, with direction to the relevant documentation? Thanks
  7. Dear Mr Criminal, Just to let you know that on Wednesday of next week at around 2.30 we will be calling to arrest you.If this is not convenient, please call the number below to arrange a suitable time. Sorry for any trouble that this may cause . Just for your information my personal bank account number is 226175 Yours The Police
  8. you dont need to read the article just put the word PLAY in bold text. Everyone will then be clear at their function.
  9. This is just a thought without any ulterior motive. My GF has had many visitor visas to the UK and has always stayed for the amount of time given in the visa application.It made me think as to how would the ECO know if she exceeded the amount stated in the application (ie asked for three weeks and stayed for thee months).I know in the application form it asks for dates of previous visits, she currently has 10 .Is the ECO going to plough through all the previous dates?.During the 10 visits she has had three passports and with Thais now being able to use E Gates at Bangkok there are no physical stamps for entry to Thailand. I just cannot see how this can be monitored.Does anyone have any information,as I cannot see even when the passport is scanned at the UK border that an "overstay" could be picked up. I stress this is for curiosity only and I am not looking for ways around the system, now or in the future. Cheers and thanks for any insights.
  10. Dessert Shop Business advice needed

    I think for the general Thai market 100/120 baht each is going to be far too expensive(think more like 20/40 baht) so you are restricting yourself to certain areas. ie where farangs are, therefore rents will be higher. The second problem is, if you are in anyway successful, within two or three months four or more copy Thai businesses will open up on your doorstep.They will be cheaper,use inferior products but to the average punter both Thai or farang they will go to the most convenient one
  11. Royal Crematorium Visit

    I hope someone can clarify a few points.It says that non Thais must use the entrance by the Defence Ministry,are you able to meet up with your Thai partner after you go in or are you separated for the whole visit? The article (notice)on dress codes seems to be badly translated, it say excluded jeans, but then mentions ripped etc.Is this just a bad translation and what they mean to say is that jeans can be worn as long as they are not dirty or ripped. Finally, what are the wait times like for the non thai side. Thanks
  12. I was a smoker, now I vape.Thailand tells me I cannot vape, so while I am there I have to smoke,if I want my nicotine fix, but I cannot smoke while I am on the beach relaxing.Vaping has no butts, no smoke only water vapor but I cannot do that on the beach. Also I cannot have a beer instead.Thailand is getting to be like N Korea, every action has to be thought and considered before doing anything in case you are breaking some obscure interpretation of the law.. I have no problem with any laws that Thailand may make, it is their country, but all laws should be enforced uniformly, not up to the individual policeman(sic) and the laws set out clearly so no one has any doubt what the law is. A prime example is the carrying of passport at all times.Some places say a copy is ok,some places say you can report later with your passport.One district says one thing, travel 50 miles and that district says something else.Its all up to whoever stops you on that day.Same applys to immigration, one office wants this bit of paper this week but next week its a different one, go to a different office and its a whole new set of rules.Same same swampy 20K Baht or not when you come in. Ban smoking, no problem, ban littering ok but enforce these laws the same all over the country, Thais, farangs should know exactly what will happen if they break the law and the Government enforce the laws they make. Rant over ps I know smoking is a filthy habit but my vaping is the first step in giving up.Thailand you are not helping me
  13. 2 or 3 years ago(when I was a smoker) went to sit in a chair at Koh Larn beach, next to the chair was an ashtray with a few butts in it.As I sat down the chair seller took up the ashtray and emptied it by dropping everything on the beach next to the chair and kicked sand over it.He then gave me a clean ashtray.!!!!!
  14. I looked at this site, however,unlike most other rental sites, I cannot get an actual price only a "from" price without e mailing my details(which I am reluctant to do) Before I actually rent a car I like to look at my options, is it much more to upgrade,change my dates for a better deal etc.I cannot do this It would have been helpful also if the above article had posted a link so I could have gone direct
  15. I have done 10 VV applications for my partner, each time I have printed out statements from my online banking app.Never had a single query(or application rejected, apart from the very first one, which was rejected due to length of relationship). These are not photocopies, so perhaps they are treated as originals.