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  1. Well they could have shot him!
  2. Trump says 'only one thing will work' with North Korea

    Yes, for.sure Trump the bully does not.understand diplomatic solutions.
  3. Sadly soldiers go where they are ordered to by the old men at the top. I don't think they do know what they are fighting for. You might say they are protecting their country. If that was true then they would be in Saudi where most of the worlds terrorism was and is financed from, including the WTC attack. Who selects and installs the radical clerics in Mosques financed by the Saudi government? Get your young men out, get them home and secure your borders. Let the ragheads and Jews sort their own problems out.
  4. I agree. The radical Muslims don't have anything to worry about. America is destroying itself from within.
  5. Sour grapes! Get over it and choose your next candidate wisely. Really, if the republicans had fronted a monkey against Hillary, the monkey would have won. Blame your own party for bad choices.
  6. France's Macron says EU door remains open to UK

    It's harder to understand your post! But really in the log run it will be the EU who will lose. We will see how the frogs like their Increased euro bill.
  7. France's Macron says EU door remains open to UK

    They are all having a little pop.to show the rest how important they imagine themselves to be. Merkel has had a go now its the frogs turn. Can't the EU come up with a spokesperson?
  8. A rock and a hard place both being your heart? It's pretty simple really, its not obligatory to give. So you are excused.
  9. I would like to see all foreigner pass a police check to be even in Thailand.
  10. A garage teacher slaps a kid and the court is in uproar. No one not should ever not ever hit a kid but it goes on all the time with Thai teachers with kids as young as three. It will never stop until they start to do hard time in jail. No more Wais or excuses. Jai the directors too if they cover up. But dot pick oh frags. Start where the problem really.lies. with Thai teachers
  11. Old Victor Meldew would be.proud of the lot of you. You should all be ashamed of yourselves pouring ridicule on a child's dream. Whatever happened to you lot? Not enough affection in the children's home or borstal?
  12. Dont' fret, when nature has got rid of all the world's dirty little monkeys (humans) the planet will once again be healed.
  13. Better to be a little late In this world rather than to.early in the next!
  14. Getting to Aranya Prathet

    There is a bus which goes.from swampy airport to the border.market which is next to the checkpoint. 250 baht VIP. It leaves from the transportation centre
  15. Report change of address

    House belongs to my Thai wife.