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  1. No one on a plane and already seat should be give up a seat. Let the ones sit ring in the terminal wait.for the next flight. Soul plane springs to mong lol
  2. Yes I had to make holes but the position is marked behind the plastic.
  3. Mine had plastic plugs in the bolt holes under the carpet at the sides. You need to remove the plastic trim at the sides of the back window to find the side bolt mounts. At least in my ford ranger.
  4. I had a ford ranger smart cab. The bolt holes for the restrains where there in the back below the carpet and behind the plastic trim at the sides. I bought seat belts from a breaker and fitted them.
  5. Actually he was born in South Africa so not really qualified for the drunk Irish man jokes. Not really qualified to be teaching either mind you.
  6. Well not as if they can go to America anymore!
  7. Only if you believe the US propaganda
  8. only with the help of the good old British SAS
  9. Yes they should be investigated but only to find out why slippy Hillary got of in the first place. She should be Guantanamo Bay. The whole election was a joke. Make me sick to see Obama and Biden crying their eyes out on TV. His legacy my ass. His legacy is that he has left the world in turmoil. Shame on him and his party for what they did (or more importantly, what they failed to do) during their eight years in office!
  10. <deleted> jailing him. Most old people can't afford to live. Now no worries about food or heating bills for him. Should have dumped him on an island somewhere!
  11. Hi I don't think that model has a gprs. Without this the return to home button will not be very accurate. If its good aerial pictures you want then you will need to buy , or build, a model wich will carry a go pro or similar. I have a few I have built. The parts from the model shops here are not so expensive.
  12. Another one who can't believe that stones can and do bounce a great distance.
  13. What are the implications if the teachers do not or will not sign the new contract. Can the employer then say there is no job for you and will this release them from any redundancy payment?
  14. If a group of teachers have been on a a sort of rolling contract of around seven years and the school tries to make all teachers sign a new contract. What are the implications if a teacher refuses to sign?
  15. Hi all. Most of the foreign teachers at our school have been on a running contract of six or more years. The school is now asking teachers to sign a new one year contract. Does anyone know of the implication of this?