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  1. Heartbreaking. Wear a helmet...always. I don't know the facts but I saw the dash cam vid and the kids look relatively ok. I think the mother must have hit her head. A helmet would have saved her life....I assume. Check your mirrors before turning. I often forget. I was thinking....I'll bet a lot of bad driving of cars here comes from the fact that most people probably learn on a scooter first. And then when they get a car continue to do maneuvers as if still on a scooter. Things that you can get away with on a scooter, for the most part, but not in a car. RIP...so saddened by this tragedy.
  2. ...and the line at the register grows longer ever still.
  3. bamboozled

    Honda Dream with 66k on odometer....repair?

    I think if something in the engine was getting caught on something you would not still be driving it, IMHO. It would be broken. Perhaps the bike stand is missing the spring that holds it up? JonWilly, are you still watching this thread? Do you have any idea what might be going on with my bike? Even starting out in 1st gear, it's almost as if you are starting out in 2nd...the lack of low end torque. I don't think it can be the engine at this point since that has had the once over. It's a 125 after all, not a 50 or 70cc plus it's now bored slightly over. This lack of power seems (seems!) to get worse as the bike warms up. That's perhaps why K. Oud did not notice it. It is also still cutting out when cold...so right there something is not right. It's got to be a timing or carb issue....frustrating. I'm not knocking Oud...something is still not quite right with the bike.
  4. bamboozled

    Honda Dream with 66k on odometer....repair?

    Could be the chain hitting the guard? I got the bike back with a new piston installed. Cylinder has been re-bored slightly over, I guess. Another 4000 baht but that included a bunch of new body panels, foot pads, etc... The bike is in much better shape....but I still feel the lag in response when giving gas. The bike bogs down at first and then plays catch up for a second or two. That's MY take. However, having had all this work done and K. Oud says the clutch is fine, I have to suspect that I am a bit nuts. Could also be the carb that is out of whack though again K. Oud said he cleaned it. But it's true that carbs can be notoriously finicky. What I need now is to test drive another 125 Dream for comparison.
  5. bamboozled

    Honda Dream with 66k on odometer....repair?

    Update: I just got back from Oud again. I rode the bike some more earlier today and did not feel satisfied with the power so I brought it back. The slipping clutch feeling is still present and felt like it had gotten worse since yesterday but that could indeed be in my head. But regardless something is still not right. I asked Oud to check the compression of the piston with a compression tester and much to my surprise he doesn't have one. So the only way to tell if the piston/cylinder is good or bad is to pull the head. Anyhow, now I have contracted with him to put in a new piston which may or may not entail re-boring the cylinder and may or may not entail new valves, one or both. I couldn't tell 100% what I should expect from the performance of the bike after this i.e. whether I an entering into the "modified" realm or not. I may soon be pulling wheelies off the green light. We'll see. I like Oud and his work. I'll report back in a few days when I next have the bike. Cheers!
  6. bamboozled

    Honda Dream with 66k on odometer....repair?

    Got the bike back yesterday. 6000 baht. A bunch of new parts and the bike is def much better. He adjusted the valves, among other things. New chain and sprocket, new timing chain, new rear shocks, new body panel, brake pads, mirror. Did not change the piston or rings. The hesitation (feeling of slipping clutch) is noticeably improved but I still feel it a tad. At this point, I'm not sure if it is normal or not. I have a rented Click right now and of course there is no hesitation at all. I'm going to give it some more test driving today and see what I think. Overall pretty happy with Oud and my dreamier Dream. Thanks, Jonwilly, and all!
  7. bamboozled

    Honda Dream with 66k on odometer....repair?

    Dream is with Oud now, getting a once over. Jonwilly, I told him we were "friends" as I couldn't figure out how to say that you had advised me to go there in Thai. Please don't think me presumptuous!
  8. bamboozled

    Honda Dream with 66k on odometer....repair?

    I brought the Dream by your guy Oud to have a look and set up an appointment to leave it there on Monday so he can go over it thoroughly. Got my fingers crossed. I'll keep y'all posted.
  9. bamboozled

    Honda Dream with 66k on odometer....repair?

    Excellent, you guys have given me renewed hope and I am excited to get my Dream dreamy again. For the brakes, they worked just fine when I got the bike and for years afterward. My friend has a much older model Dream, the two-tone type with the white fenders/leg guard whatever you call it and his stops much better than mine. Well, let's hope Khun Oud can tidy that up, too. I'll certainly report back! Cheers!
  10. bamboozled

    Honda Dream with 66k on odometer....repair?

    Awesome, thanks guys. That's what I wanted to hear and what I thought, too. I changed the oil every 3000 km. Went over 3000 a few times but I took pretty good care of it. I just wonder if the guy never changed the clutch and that's what the "slipping" issue is, though the mechanic that said it's life expectancy was over had confirmed that it did indeed have a new clutch. But he seemed very quick to confirm that. How did he confirm that so quickly, I wonder? I'm going to see your man, jonwilly, on Tung Hotel. Yeah, I need a mechanic that gives a crap. thanks so much! Gee, really, I love tinkering on cars and such but would want a manual in English to help me along if I start opening up the Dream. One strange thing....I couldn't and still have not gotten the brakes to function well. Changed the front and back pads using the high grade ones...Honda brand maybe (can't remember). That didn't do it. One guy tells me I have to change the whole rear wheel that also holds the drum. I'm thinking why can't they just machine the drum but language is always a problem and for 1300 baht I said go for it. It accomplished nothing to make the brakes any better. The brake is pretty simple and the only thing not changed at this point are the cables. I wonder if that's the issue...? Even if the engine is tired...can't imagine it's too hard to overhaul it. Such a tiny accessible thing! I did read on here that you can get an aftermarket body part kit for around 5k from Mong shop on Chang Moi road so if I can get the thing in mechanical shape who knows, I might spring for a fresh body, too. Thanks all......
  11. I am the original owner of this bike, bought 10 or 12 years ago. It now has 66,000 km on the clock, 125cc engine. It has been getting sluggish lately and hard to start and we're not in the cold season yet. Actually, when you give it gas, especially when cold, if revs up but takes a second or 2 for the transmission to catch, so it seems. Feels quite like a slipping clutch though that was replaced very recently...if indeed the mechanic replaced it and did not just show me someone else's old clutch parts. The engine feels pretty strong once it does "latch on" and this slipping thing gets better as the engine warms up. One of the mechanics we go to said 66k is about the life of one of these things and we should look at a new one. That's fine and we will probably do that. Nonetheless, I would like to keep the old Dream and get it in the best shape possible. I like the ride and handling of the Dream far better than the Wave, which feels unstable to me. Perhaps it's a matter of getting used to it. But my real question is about fixing up the Dream. If a manual in English was available I would attempt the work myself. Does anyone know of such a manual? Does anyone have input on what might be the problem? Needs new rings? Total engine/carb overhaul? It can't be hard. The mechanic we brought it to did not seem to want to fix it. Surely there must be shops in CM who are keen and knowledgeable about this kind of work? Or are folks here in agreement that I should just drive the wounded beast as is? By the way, I don't know about the rest of you but for me the search function on here is 99% useless. thank you
  12. My wife says it was city hall we went to...somewhere in that vast complex. I would go there in person with your inquiry about setting up the company. If that is not the correct place, they will point you in the right direction.
  13. I seem to recall reading multiple times over they years that a foreigner indeed has a pre-set minimum monthly wage. I recall 60,000 baht/month. I may be mixing up requirements for a foreigner setting up a company in Thailand and a foreigner employed by a Thai company. A note of caution: I founded a Thai company 10 or 12 years ago and paid a lawyer/accountant a good bit of money to set it up and additionally for monthly accounting. I never quite liked or trusted the lawyer but beggars can't be choosers and as a foreigner here we are somewhat beggars. Anyhow, after a good number of years I wanted to close the company as it was no longer of use to me but the lawyer's fee, if I remember correctly, was 40,000 baht, perhaps more, I can't quite recall. Some of it was his fee and a good bit was supposedly to the government for various forms/documents/etc... It seemed a crazy amount of money to simply close a company. In the interim of having this company I had gotten married to a Thai woman. We ended up going to one of the governmental offices on Chotana Rd (can't remember which now) and closing the company ourselves for a whopping 250 baht. That was it, done. Oh, I think I paid an extra 20 baht to have the official document laminated. It's true that I did not have any debt or bills or outstanding anything...the company had been dormant for years already. Who knows how much money the guy fleeced from me over the years. My initial gut feeling about the guy proved true but again I guess I didn't know where else to go at the time. My advise would be for your wife to inform herself as much as possible about the situation before entrusting lawyers and accountants. It must have been the labor dept. we went to on Chotana Rd, the road that runs to Mae Rim. It is on the left side when going out of town, huge place. I would go there and ask around about what is necessary. Get it straight from the horse's mouth. Cheers.....
  14. Don't some of these factors depend on your native country? Or is that only when founding a company? I have heard that there are some special exemptions for folks holding US passports. I don't know why this is, exactly, but if the poster is from the US he may be able to partake.
  15. Hey guys, yes, it is worth my while to put a little money into the place and find a workable solution...I think. It takes some time to get over the shock of breaking something that was working just fine to then have to output time and money to "fix" the thing that wasn't broken in the first place, if you follow me. 3 or 4 years down the road is too slow. I don't imagine I will still be here in this house. I have a new 2 year lease. I think by that point, if I'm still in this house, the area will be so over built and busy that I will have had enough of CM city living. Such a shame as it used to be such a tranquil "town" but don't get me started on that. I'm certainly going to look into the passion fruit tree/plant. That sounds like a quick grower. I have rigged up some netting, oh what beauty, and it needs some serious tweaking to be effective but it's a start. I bought the 50% blockage, silver color (for those familiar with it) but realize I should have gone with the 80%. Well, it's cheap enough. Sad the place looks ever more like an industrial lot but for the time being, so be it. We have our eyes open for any house that may come along with super appeal and the rent is cheap enough here that I could do a slow move over a couple months. That would ease the pain. The tree that was cut was also one of those small-leafed, continually shedding types so one benefit, perhaps the only one, is that the drive/yard doesn't need a sweep every night. Well that's something.