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  1. Hi folks, my Thai wife and I are looking for a school offering English language instruction (for her). Not the YMCA type, which is fine enough for what it is, but something more intensive/immersive/full-time. She could do a couple hours a day with a tutor but we think it more appealing and possibly more effective to be in a small group of like minded students. Do any of the colleges or private teaching institutions offer this and does anyone have experience regarding the quality of the teaching? Thanks very much, cheers....
  2. No blue book for old car, can still put on road?

    Geez.... Sure does sound like a hassle! So, if I by chance lose the green book to my motorbike I'm <deleted> out of luck? That's a crying shame.
  3. No blue book for old car, can still put on road?

    Great! I've read multiple times in the forums about motorcycles and green books and the posters seems to suggest that without a green book a motorbike is almost worthless, as if a new one cannot be had. Glad to get this info. Thank you.
  4. No blue book for old car, can still put on road?

    Thanks Kwasaki. So these things ARE possible?
  5. This has probably been covered but search is not turning it up. So, I have spied an old truck sitting in the weeds that I quite fancy and thought I might approach the owners about taking it off their hands. It suddenly occurred to me that there is most likely no title any longer (am I correct in calling that a "blue book?") judging from the age and condition of the truck and where it is. I just can't imagine the title exists. Is it possible to get a car on the road with no original title? Is there a legal way to get a car/truck like this on the road? Thanks!
  6. Is it Time to Wave Goodbye to the Honda

    ...looks like they threw some paint on there, too....
  7. Is it Time to Wave Goodbye to the Honda

    thanks for following up on this, Stubby. I may do the same thing to my old Honda Dream....60,000 km/2008. I also don't want to change to a new one when this one seems so fine, still. The mechanic also talked about an engine "overhaul" which I guess means a new piston and new "wows" which is what Thais call "valves." It runs smooth up to 60 km/hr but above that the engine suddenly becomes a lot rougher. Mechanic said it's the valves/piston which is why I mention it. You got new "wheels" or just new tires? I'll be new wheels aren't cheap. Anyhow, I do appreciate your posts on this topic. Cheers....
  8. Where to buy digital shipping scale

    Thanks for the tips, all. I went back and bought one at Makro. It's ok but a bit on the small side. I checked Lazada but was afraid of ending up with junk like what I had first bought at Makro. I did think of Yok but did not go. I was thinking their price would be quite high and a super professional food scale probably at 30,000 baht. But might check it out just the same. I do know that shop on Moon Muang and thought about going there but I wanted a digital scale. They might have it but seem keen on the non-digital version. Again, I appreciate all the responses. Cheers.
  9. Hi folks, I've checked Makro but the selection was quite thin. Actually bought a cheap one there...and it was a dud (broken from the get-go). So, I'm still looking for a digital scale for weighing packages, let's say up to 5 kg. Any advice on a local shop to supply a decent apparatus? Cheers...!
  10. New vaccum recommendation wanted...

    Can you find the Dyson in a store or is it just online? Quite pricey I think, correct?
  11. New vaccum recommendation wanted...

    Yeah, I'm probably giving too much thought on the issue. But it annoys me to go into the store, stare at 25 different models and have it come down to color, style, and price and not what should matter: function (since you can't try them out!). That's why I'm on here asking. Thanks guys... On a digression but...we once bought my mother a vacuum cleaner for Christmas back when I was just a pup. I mean, my sister, dad, and me. Can you believe that, a vacuum cleaner? What a slap in the face. I mean, we didn't know any better we were just kids but my dad.... So much for romanticism, among a host of other isms....
  12. New vaccum recommendation wanted...

    thanks Kiwi. I don't know, too, exactly what I'm looking for! I like the ability of the shop vacs to suck up everything in their path...they don't seem persnickety about it. They are bigger, yes, so maybe a hassle to bring up the stairs. And not good on carpets. But on a hard floor they seem to work great. The ones I saw at Tesco were rated a lot lower in wattage than the small ones. But what does this translate to? Since you can't test them out it's a dilemma. 2000w sounds like a lot on your model. I'm from the States and I have a Craftsman big 'ol wet/dry shop vac that was used heavily 20 years ago (when I still lived there and was doing construction) and is still going strong (just cleaned out my dad's barn last I was there). I guess that's my reference point.
  13. Hi Chiang Mai folks, I would like to purchase a new vacuum but...which model? Can anyone point me in the right direction based on personal experience? I've always liked shop vacs as they are strong, indestructible, and will suck up anything but I am not necessarily stuck on a shop vac. I don't have any carpeting. I have a lot of space so not worried about size. I do have a lot of dirt and dust and debris. My current little Phillips model of at least 5 years shuts down due to overheating after 10 or 15 minutes (depending on season); I certainly would like to avoid that problem. And they don't even make bags for it anymore. Thank you.
  14. High Hideyhole for Songkraan ?

    On a similar note, does anyone have experience or knowledge of going to Laos for the Songkran period? I seem to recall reading that they do have songkran on a small scale but I hope it is very small. Also, is it possible to travel around easily or will everything be booked up solid like it is in Thailand? I'm thinking to book tickets to and fro Vientiane then bus it around the country at my whim. Possible or will this be a bad period for attempting that? Thanks so much.
  15. Rheostat on Hatari 22" house fan

    Just driving around you will pass many electrical shops, even around the moat. I'm sure they will have them. Home Pro or Global House probably also has them. I have not yet purchased one yet, however, but it's on my list.