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  1. Bla=Kinned White Feathered Chicken
  2. ARRived at 12 40 and waited for them to arrive back from lunch which all but 1 d id together just before 12 ,, hrs about 6 farangs went in got numer and sat down Foe about 15 minutes nothing happened and then one man in a soft voice said Computer is down and as ked every one to bring passports to the desk Those like me who had travelledf 80k who only wanted 90 day report hand passport number and Name written down and was given new 90 day slip Evertbody else was told to come back again another day No professional organisation just a shambles Another nail in the coffin for farangs
  3. Male Turkey

    Anybidy in the North who could swll e a fully grown to stop inbreeding or could exchange PM Me
  4. I am in the north of Thailand Here they grow big Cabbage Cauliflower and Brocalli plants and am tryin g to find the seed manufacturer Please PM Me
  5. Assistant Required

    Assistant required to help run small farm operation Have numerous fruit trees Banana and Papaya plants etc Breed 3 different breeds of Chicken Plus Turkeys Suit someone who would be looking for extra money to reach visa requirements More details please p, ,e
  6. I live in Chaingrai Province and would like to legally employ a Mynmawr wurker Anybody know how to locate one I am not a bi\usiness man just one required in my home Please PM me
  7. Having Established a new blood line am now able to start breeding young chicks again Have strong healthy chicks available about 3 weeks old
  8. Looking for Carpet Tiles

    Can anyone tell me where I can buy carpet tiles in Chaingrai ? Please PM me Thanks
  9. For any U K Expats who use Lloyds Bank thought you may want to know that it is impossible to access website for 4 days Link directs you to web page whick explains the problem Got my money out 2 days before and left little in it
  10. Early ibn December I bought 12 fertile eggs and was also sent 2 extra R I R Eggs making a total of 14 eggs 21 days after 2 eggs hatched 2 more were very weak and did not survive the other eggs were not fertile One of the 2 then did not survive leaving 1 Rather than getting into a argument with the seller I begged to differ and left it like that Is there anyone else who has this breed and I can buy some more eggs from If so please PM me Many Thanks
  11. Poor Thais want to be poor Around here thei are to lazy Why work when you can get it for free
  12. Friends of mine near Thoeng are looking for small prefab house that can be built on a concrete base Small 2 bed Water and Electric on site Any one know nearest supplier Please pm me Thanks
  13. Farang Help Wanted

    Regarding my advert above plese contact me by Email [email protected],
  14. Farang Help Wanted

    I am a 71 year old English man living in Donyen in Chaingria Province I have 4 years left on a lease on 1 rye of land with fruit trees and a small basic thai block built house which I have made habitable I also keep and breed Turkeys and Rhode Island Red Chicken I need to get the right people around me as currently the Thais around me except for a 44 year old single mum who is very good for thai standards are losers who are lazy, have no interest and do not want to learn Am looking for someone with thai wife to join me both hands on with a view to taking over and seeing out the lease and possible more The wife mist be able to ride motorcycle Acomodation could be arranged
  15. Went there yesterday with my wife for 0- day reporting armed with photo and relevant info for the new form required to be filled in I gave my wife everything as Since I was told not to get involved because the lady preferred to talk with my wife in Thai rather than me in English My wife went to the lady sitting at the far end and started talking to her and handed over my passport In under 2 minutes she handed it back with the new slip attached and said ok No request was made to fill in the new form I eas under the impression that this new form was given to every one Anybody else experienced this