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  1. Several varieties used to be available from behind the counter at a certain burger restaurant in town, before the BIB caught up with the owner. That was a few years ago now. Anyone know if Bob is still in jail here?
  2. Saw rice fields ablaze driving home from work on the canal road today. It's 8.10pm now and the smell of smoke hangs heavy in the air. I'm in Nam Phrae. Satre was on the money when he said hell is other people.
  3. The authorities have been doing their annual spray water into the air around Thapae Gate event... Talk about locking the stable door once the horse has bolted. Absolutely pathetic.
  4. Thanks for sharing. Makes for a rather depressing read. It's interesting just how much open burning contributes to the PM 2.5 levels. Some low hanging fruit right there, if only the authorities would wake up and actually do something about it.
  5. Yes, they are unleashing their world class problem solving skills, so expect blue skies and clear views of Doi Suthep this year. Now that's sorted, they will move on to the road safety issue.
  7. No burning going on in Isaan?
  8. Bit harsh! It's not Mikkeller's American Dream, or Brewdog's Hop Fiction, but it's a damn sight better than drinking Singha or Leo.
  9. Not true, if you buy at wholesale prices, it's not too bad. Coopers wholesales at 80 THB/bottle. The American craft imports aren't that much more expensive per bottle. Wishbeer are selling wholesale quantities (i.e. cases) at retail/bar prices. It's a rip off. I saw Wishbeer had one promotion - buy a case of Hoegaarden get a free glass. If I spent 5000+ THB on a case of beer,DELETED
  10. Wishbeer is an absolute rip off!
  11. Have you been to Wolf Bar in Mae Hia? They've got some craft import bottles, and food. Think it's only open at the weekends though.
  12. Namton's? The best beer selection in CM. Service and food are good too. Expensive though!
  13. Our house in Nam Prae was broken into in July while we were in Bangkok for the weekend. Same thing as you say - bars taken off a window at the back of the house. I couldn't find security screws anywhere in CM. One shop said he could get them from Bangkok, but the price was rather high - 50 THB/piece. Welding the screws to the frame is probably a cheaper option. Got news yesterday that they caught the thieves. Got some stuff back (mainly the low value items), but just happy that they caught the little pr*cks. Hope they enjoy their time in the clink.ตำรวจเชียงใหม่-จับแก๊งงัดแงะตามบ้าน-2เดือน-17ครั้ง-ของกลางอย่างเยอะ/
  14. What is a die going to set me back? Can't see me using it again after this, to be honest!
  15. The taper is there for a reason and it is to help you start the thread into the valve I have a 1/2" hex nipple in brass/copper that has a straight thread, and trust me, it does a much better job for what I am trying to do.