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  1. Talk about locking the stable door after the horse has bolted. An absolutely pathetic attempt at solving the air quality problem in Chiang Mai. http://www.chiangmaicitylife.com/news/51-day-burning-ban-march-1st-announced-combat-growing-smoke-problem/
  2. Car park at Royal Flora Ratchaphruek might be worth a look? Pretty sure they have large areas of car park that sit empty most of the time.
  3. American Bars

    Nonsense. A well maintained draft system with the kegs kept refrigerated 24/7, will keep the beer good until the last pour. Kegs don't "go bad" if kept properly, any more than bottles do. The problem here is some bars don't keep their kegs refrigerated, but instead store them outside and run them through a cooling coil. Neither do they keep their lines/taps clean. Not good. Draft beer is around 20% cheaper by volume than bottled beer, at the wholesale level. Unfortunately, for the consumer, this is rarely reflected at the retail level, and instead ends up as a bigger margin for retailer. Seems like My Beer Friend is the only place offering reasonably priced beers (200THB/420ml). I guess he can afford to given that he is effectively the importer/distributor and the retailer. Can't comment on his beer - haven't tried it since he has started importing it. Anyone here care to comment? Grumpy Old Men looks like a nice wee bar.
  4. American Bars

    Crafitty - I've already refuted it. In this day and age it's possible to keep abreast of what is going on somewhere without actually going there, thanks to the all seeing eye that is social media. Maybe try it sometime? While I agree that there is no better substitute to actually going to a place and experiencing it for yourself, when there is review after review saying the service sucks, staff are rude - it would suggest to me that there is some credibility to these claims. I've heard similar from a good friend who went there. Maybe I'll go and find out for myself one day? Beer Lab, Beer Republic, same sh*t - overpriced beer served (badly) by people with very little knowledge of what they are serving, or how to serve it correctly (see beavercreek's probability analysis). Although there are plenty of good looking single girls to be found at Beer Lab, it's got that going for it. Hey, no bad blood, Brucy! Let's kiss and make up over a few pints at the Parallel Universe Of Lunar 2 On The Hidden Moon? Your shout! Alternatively we could go keep beavercreek company and share some of those Heineken 3 packs?! Back on topic - there is a bar in Santitham called "Walk In". Never been, but it looks nice, serves "Thai import". Heard that the prices were more reasonable there. Anyone been?
  5. American Bars

    Haha! Probability is the very guide of life!! What market are you in?
  6. American Bars

    Settle petal, I'm just winding you up. Given that Craffity has their 1st birthday party a week on Friday, I'm pretty sure that your claim that it has "closed down for good" is incorrect. And I would hate for you to rob anyone reading this thread of the Jekyll/Hyde (delete as appropriate) craft beer experience with your misinformation. I would take anything said in Beer Republic regarding craft beer with a pinch of hops. Not sure what gives you the idea that the topic of craft beer in Chiang Mai doesn't interest me? Quite the contrary my dear Bruce!
  7. American Bars

    The trip advisor/ rate beer reviews for Craffity are either "owners are really nice" or "service sucks, staff are rude". Are the owners Jeckle and Hyde?!
  8. American Bars

    What you on about? Who's working illegally for 340 THB/hour? English teachers? Digital Nomads? Burmese hitmen?! I've never been to Craffity, so can't comment on the level of service, but yeah a 5% discount isn't much of a happy hour!
  9. American Bars

    First Brewdog is from Australia, and now Craffity has closed down? Got any more fake beer news?! 99THB pints at Namton's? New NEIPA coming soon from Singha?!
  10. Sanpatong weekend market has ducks and local chickens.
  11. American Bars

    Nam ton's House Bar, or that other bar they recently opened with the long name - Parallel Universe Of Lunar 2 On The Hidden Moon. Anyone been there yet? Looks nice.
  12. Best Food in Hang Dong / Mae Hia area?

    Saenkham Terrace in the Baan Nai Fun moo baan. Not the cheapest, but superb Thai food.
  13. Deep freezer

    Upstairs at Siam TV. Several brands and sizes.
  14. Several varieties used to be available from behind the counter at a certain burger restaurant in town, before the BIB caught up with the owner. That was a few years ago now. Anyone know if Bob is still in jail here?
  15. Saw rice fields ablaze driving home from work on the canal road today. It's 8.10pm now and the smell of smoke hangs heavy in the air. I'm in Nam Phrae. Satre was on the money when he said hell is other people.