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  1. thoongfoned

    Landscape Filter Fabric? Where to buy?

    look for pig/poutry magazines, companies that sell this and other stuff will advertise. different grades available, in the past we have bought 100m by 1.25 wide at about 5,500 baht per roll. around us at the larger builder merchants thay also sell this, sell by the meter, works out alot more expensive, sell it for damp course. or just google; key man farm tech. we have been buying from this company for many years.
  2. thoongfoned


    around us people that cut and carry grass for their cattle will not go near land that has been sprayed with weed killer... over the years i have know people that have died applying weed killer on the sugar cane.... wife keeps pigs and we have always been told no form of weed killer ever, when a new farm build gets rejected in the local government/village meetings, one (of many) of the main arguments by the neighbouring land owners is that if you build we can not use weeed killer.....
  3. thoongfoned

    contract chicken farming

    what we have to do with afterbirth and dead piglet is put in the ground, we have 3 different pits dug like the toilet septic with the cement rings, 5 rings or so deep, rotate the ones you use... works well. the larger animals we take away to the old rubber farm, have a large pit dug out by the macro some years ago, there is talk about a local incinerator being installed by thecompany soon ishhhhh there are standards that have to be met if the company you work for exports the meat, independant checks once a year for us now, when they do some special farm inspection. last time they came they went to where we said the dead sows where and had a dig around for bones. all sows/gilts that die have to have photos of them going in the hole in stages, then we have to store said photo id for 2 years......
  4. thoongfoned

    contract chicken farming

    all i can say is lucky you! i have had the wife asking about up grades for years... since we built we have attracted new home builds around us like flies.. every year our available electric goes down. if i want an up grade at the mo or in the near future im told i have to pay for it myself....
  5. thoongfoned

    contract chicken farming

    talking electric, have you upgraded your meter? told the pea you have chicken farm? why i say is we get cheaper electric then say the people next door and we use loads of electric compared to them. meter we have max out at 100amp, we use 3000/4000 units every month price per unit 4.5 baht (4.47)..... price per unit goes up with usage... along the pvc windows do you use the shade netting? alot of heat comes through the "windows", all of the wifes farm has shade netting x3 along both sides, plus at the farrow end we use the paper foil (stuff you lay under the tiles on the roof) inside to block all light heat coming in, the paper foil works well. some farms that i have seen have blocked all the windows up with block work.... but then you need more lights....
  6. thoongfoned

    contract chicken farming

    wind pull...... it is a little hand held machine that has a small fan on it, also digital themometer. turn it on hold at head hieght and it measures the pull of the fans/wind through the farm. they do three reading front, middle and near back farm, also temp at these stages, video and photos got on file for farm every month, monthly audit. its ties in with some paper work that is done daily with regard to inside/out temp, weather, fan useage, water useage, basic invronmenal stuff in/out the farm.....love paper work. have another set of paper work that goes in more depth for water in out daily....... its not just the weather or shed with the inside heat, its also the lighting and the animals that help drive up the temp...
  7. thoongfoned

    contract chicken farming

    the first ceiling we had in the farm was lower, farm is on 2 main level, farrow and gestations (pigs) farrow is now about 200cm+/- this is the evap end the gestation is 250cm evap is 30/35cm off the ground level. in the past we bought the expensive (import europe) pad but now we buy the cheap china stuff, not much in it really, the import will hold water longer but for 5 months of the year the evap is always running 24h day coz the temp is set at 24/25. we keep the evap pad for 2 ish years then buy new, they get very dirty inside/blocked and also the rats can do damage even when you have a mesh protector in place. water is stored like you say in 2 tanks one in one out, cement tanks dug into the ground. we have high speed fans when running on electric but also tractor deisel power that can be as we need, fans/farm are very energy hungry so this time of the year we split electric with deisel power coz when we use 70 amp plus everything strugles to run, plus at that level of useage we can not run the submerge pump. at those temps 26/27 front 28/29 back we fail the company standard, to much heat and also the wind pull in the farm to weak, to maintain the standard they set are electric/deisel costs would be touching 25/30,000 baht a month. not going to happen, i tell them straight. when we have some spare money i will buy some more insulation for the ceiling, this will make the farm cooler, but it will not be cheap, what is?
  8. thoongfoned

    contract chicken farming

    1%, wow. 100% agree with shower in /out for farm visits (hot water shower).we have complete change of clothes, our shoes on entering the shower room, change again into our boots before first entrance door to farm building, then a spray room (people)then boot wash/dip, chemical then clean water.... hats and gloves should also be worn. hand wash/boot wash faciltilities at all doors in to farm. another good thing to do is a farm log of all vehicles in out of farm area, plus people sign in and out with reason for visit. all above just basic company standards to meet GMP inspections. internation standards alot higher...
  9. thoongfoned

    contract chicken farming

    talking of loss/death what is the expected target percent. 3% 6% ? i find that the company the wife farms for have every little thing covered. ie basic starting pay rate per animal then loads of add on money for this or that if good, too no extra money to loosing money if not to company standards.... farm improvments every year or so, always met with a basic increase in starting money if new standards met.
  10. thoongfoned

    contract chicken farming

    good luck with it all! over the past 6 years the wife has been contract farming, for us its been a good investment/return. ups and downs of course but overall happy with what we did/are doing. have you put you chicken farm in with the rubber? if so the trees will love it!
  11. thoongfoned

    contract chicken farming

    disclaimer i know nil about chickens..... but the roof you describe will let alot of heat through. we have an evap farm with a double "tin" roof. min space between the 2 tin roofs is 70cm ish to max at 3m, second tin room is 2.5 m from ground level inside farm. pen sides, part open front/back. this time of year when the temp is 38 plus the "inside" roof still conducts alot of heat, even with the outside tin being foam backed and foiled. we need to insulate the inside roof to try and stop heat ingress... the evap pad will not use much water if you have a big enough channel for the run off at the bottom and also a large out pipe going back to pump "tank" or hole in the ground. example lenght of evap pad 20 ish metre height 180cm, 60cm thick, run constant water through pad not more than 50 litres per hour used (you will recycle most of the water that is used throught the run off,channel) thats on a very hot day, if not that hot alot less water used. example of cost of pad type. import from sweden 180cm/30cm/60cm thick. 900/1200 baht ish cheap stuff same size china starting 300 baht ish. the cheap one will hold less water, the pad just acts like a sponge. take time in chooseing the fan system too..... 3 blade/6 blade/diameter/dynamo ect ect... outside temp today front farm 37/38. inside farm 5 metre from evap pad 26/27, fan end 70 metre from pad 28/29....
  12. thoongfoned

    contract chicken farming

    the wife contract farms, pigs though..... my take. if you can do the work to a good standard and keep the farm in good condition and make all the imporvements when and how the company say, have a good head for numbers and book keeping (loads of paper work) you/family will do ok. you need to know the basics, farm cost set up. running costs, live stock/feed/medication/bio security costs, all fixed? and of course have a good idea what it could/should return per month/cycle? good bit is company like cp will always pay on time. know afew people who have farmed/worked for them over the years, in pigs though.555 if you do go into it my advise would be put a good roof on the building, plenty of insulation, over the years you will get a lot of your money back on the cost of a good roof in energy saved, it can cost alot in electric/diesel trying to cool the inside of the barn and animals.
  13. thoongfoned

    Advice regards mushroom farming.

    have you ever worked/or been in a poly tunnel? the plastic will let the heat in and not let alot out, the leaf or grass roof will let heat in and out, same will the shade netting. on a cheap sala people tend to use the grass roof as cooler then say a tin roof? try sit under a grass/leaf roof, then try a plastic roof or even cheap tin roof.
  14. thoongfoned

    Advice regards mushroom farming.

    when we did the mushroom house we used black plastic,good stuff(have differents grades/prices), if you buy by the roll 125cm ish wide 100m lenght 5000/6000 baht depending were you buy. we used this on the roof and all sides, sort if rapped it around all the bamboo, makes it very hot in there... alot of the large builder merchants will stock the black plastic and sell it by the metre lenght, used as damp course. or like us as a sub ceiling in a farm building for animals.
  15. thoongfoned

    Pigs 101 (A Start)

    yeah if you count every empty day in the farm on 100's of pigs the feed bill soon add up. we tend to loose 300/500 days every month...... worst i have seen was around 1000 empty days in 30 days.... loads of returns/gilt days and high volume culling that month. most of the time we can wait 2 weeks to cull (twice amonth usually, this month 3 times...), we work on a que system, we always have cull animals waiting.... eating into our psy... hence new gilts every month 1 or 2 times. 27 ish (thats around 11+ weaned x 2.4 ish times a year) is about as good as its gets for us over the course of the year(average), this year to date we are around 26.3. but its a long way to go to the end of the year, that 26 could easy go down to 24/25...... checking work and loads of luck helps. im off to the temple now..5555