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  1. thoongfoned

    Bought 12 Cows have limited knowledge

    my thinking is feed mum well in gestation then into lactation, better birth weight/condition? mum quicker back into heat for re breeding. new born then better/quicker growth onto say 100/200kg then onto breeding or finishing quicker?. so my qestion would be if shop bought feed plus grass grazing would/could this produce a quicker/better growing animal then say the thai way of walk it and feed what ever and dont count the days? (applying my pig knowledge again...5555) edit. another question. will a well feed mum produce more/better milk ?then the average bag of bones you see about, makes sense to me that it would.
  2. thoongfoned

    Maize and Rotational Crops

    from what i read the other week some farmers back in the uk are doing this also, to stop thieves taking the machines and robbing the houses.... back some years ago the wife had some problems with boundary lines on a plot of land, people over night got the macro in and did the same as the above on 10 ish rai, next day i went and pushed all the mud back in the hole with the tractor. even the village head man had a good laugh when he saw me filling the hole.
  3. thoongfoned

    Bought 12 Cows have limited knowledge

    get some/or buy mostly female cows and breed em, long term it will be a winner. as you say having only one buyer is not great, but its better then having none, at least you know they will take the animal and then pay you....
  4. we tend to buy new every 5 or so years, this year bought the honda gx35 also, just over 6,000 baht at dohome, i think they have got cheaper this year? before 8 or 9,000 baht? have many old hondas/makitas... still kept them running/fixing but at 6 ish new i will just buy new in the future.
  5. thoongfoned

    Pumping system

    with the above products you tend to get what you pay for..... we have been using the franklin submerge pumps for years, 1hp will start from 12,000 ish baht depending were it was assembled. again with the generator i would go with a name you can "trust" over the cheapest one on the market, usless of course you can fix it as and when it will not start.
  6. thoongfoned

    Pumping system

    kubota shop. for the goldenbow dohome, dohome will sell the piston pumps too. maybe the hose, and for sure the water tanks.
  7. thoongfoned

    Pumping system

    if you want to move the pump around (simple piston pump starting from 2,500 baht) ( different plots.take home ect..) why not look at the kubota 100/110/120 cc diesel engine or the cheaper copy goldenbow. to drive the pump.kubota will start from 40,000 goldenbow from 18,000 baht. we have been using goldenbow for the past 7 years. fabric hose for water, water sit in a plastic tank,say 2000 litre dos brand starting from 2000 baht. build a frame with wheels for engine..... we run the goldenbow engines for 100's of hours every month, cheap on fuel too.
  8. thoongfoned

    Pigs 101 (A Start)

    so approx 225 days old, i would keep the animal try get some more kg on her, say 140kg-150kg, let her cylce once or twice more (or longer depending)before AI, every time make a note of how long she is in full standing heat ect.... you have either spent good money buying her in or time and money raising her so it dont make sense in just culling because she aint ready at the mo to AI properly.... at the mo we tend to AI at around 280 days mark if all well some alot later..... kg from 130-150+ (they get delivered at 250-260 days old) yesterday had 2 gilts birth, one 23 total 21 are viable. the other 9 with 4 viable.... same sperm used even same standing heat times, thats gilts for ya....
  9. thoongfoned

    Pigs 101 (A Start)

    how many days old and what approx kg?
  10. 500 baht a day, give the man a bonus at the end if you are happy.... tell him about the bonus in the beginning and whats expected.
  11. thoongfoned

    Greenhouses Design

    got a pig farm with evap/fans. reading taken this week. humidity 94.1 outside temp (shade) 34 inside temp near pad (front)25.5 back farm temp near fan 63m from pad 27.2 (farm is full of animals) to make the farm cooler that day we would need to increase fan speed
  12. thoongfoned

    prep land for cane planting.

    around us people always plant from end october, heavy rains stop usually end sept beginning oct, with a little bit here and there till end jan. the land soon goes rock hard/dusty... no this guy pays one year up front every october, other guy pays at the end when he gets paid feb/march time. new guy is having to take out 20 odd rai of 12+ year old rubber tree stumps and clear alot of brush land on the 50 ish rai, so for this land is paying 1000 baht per rai, (first year)other land that is ready to work is 1500 baht pe rai. other guy "only" pays 1000 baht a rai but has to much land in cane and cannot control all properly (he farms many 1000's of rai each year) and also has other businesses that take up his time. i did ask the old guy to pay 3 years up front but he says no can do.... he must loose money on the wifes land as it returns very little per rai after the first cut. ie low maintance and very little vits... from what i see the new guy spends money on the crop and gets more back per rai, still around us 1 rai will only return 7 ish ton, max out at 10 but many @ 2/3 ton.555
  13. thoongfoned

    Bought 12 Cows have limited knowledge

    i think it could be said that coming into standing heat is very similar in cows as in pigs, ie cycle basic 21 days but some early 18/19 some mid term 29/30 days some missed and of course the infertilty.... the joys of working with animals.... those meat balls that the milk cows get made into sell well here, they are the premuim brand in the noodle shops in the market town down the road (wife is there now, i bet eating some) the wife is always buying them by the bag, they start at around 250 baht in most noodle shops, have the picture of the black and white cows on the front.... i also like em.
  14. thoongfoned

    Bought 12 Cows have limited knowledge

    thanks for taking the time to reply.. it does not surprise me that the animals are lighter/older than they would be in the uk when time to breed. so you would breed on the first signs of oestrus? they would then be in heat every 21 days after if not breed,(just googled) what the chances of say "twins" or more... when we had some cows only 1 ever popped out.... again its makes sense if the cow was small/underweight that they would have problems during labor ect.. just like the small/young gilts. when i think of putting an arm up a cow i think of all creature great and small..... on the piglets getting stuck, most gilts to parity 5/6 birth very easily, unless they are feed to much during gestation then like you said the piglets are to big to pass out cleanly, a small amount of gilts/sows will have difficult labors because of protruding bone, or just not strong enough contractions..... "sleaving" ie pulling out/helping pigs in labor usually needs to be done on old parity sows 10+ parity some will just lay there and form a que in side,then they usually are all still born....oldest we have in the farm is parity 17.... today the farm has had one parity 7 birth 13 alive (no dead ect) birth weight 1.6kg average and one gilt 9 alive (no dead) 1.8/1.9kg average, so these are large pigelts for a gilt, birthed very well on she own, all done in about 2 hours, start to finish.... with the gilts they should start to show signs of oestrus as early as 160/170 days (if exposed to the boar every day, and good condition) let them come in standing heat 2 or 3 times then breed from day 220, we now get the gilts at average 250 days old but still have problems with them not coming into heat...... for me most of the gilts that come to our area have nerver even seen a boar....but come with paper work ect to prove that they have..... the joys of not having control over what you are given, having said that we would never have got into pigs if it were not a contract set up like we have.... back before we built the farm my wife and i knew nothing at all a pigs.... first year was very interesting/555
  15. wife rents some of her land out to cane farmers. changing to a new guy this year on 3 plots, sister in law told said man what land to do some time ago, in the general vague way thais do by pointing....(probably with her chin) got a call today to come check some land.... guy has been preping 40 odd rai of the land next door to the wifes, he aint happy, he said to the wife i though that you said it was 50 rai over.... walked the land with him today, gotta laugh. he is now gonna try and rent the land he has already started on..... the other plots he got right. he plans to start planting october time, pay before he plants too, other guy always pays late.