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  1. local weigh station (rural) offers 1 baht kg.... on main roads a little more depending....
  2. Pigs 101 (A Start)

    sister in law used to have a large type milling machine, used to mix the rice husks with shop bought feed plus vegitation/bannas cut/grown.... slower growth on the pigs but cheaper.... at a guess said machine was 30/40,000 baht maybe more.... 4th or 5th ect hand very heavy machine ect... there was a thread on hear with members talking about the small machines that are available last year, 10,000 ish thousand baht, sort that you could pick up and put in the back of the pickup....brand new. if i were to buy this would be the type i would buy. lazda could sell them?, they seem to sell most things, delivered to your door, our children are always buyin stuff from there with no probs....
  3. Pigs 101 (A Start)

    company the wife farms 4 are still expanding in our little corner of isaan, more mid sized 220-250 sow farms are going up and one 600 head sow farm, if a 220 sow farm runs at80- 90percent it will service 7 ish finisher farms of 700 piglet per year. so that means loads more finishers farms must be being built also in the near area.... got a new ceiling going in the farm as i type, wanted to get a contract team in that specialiizes in this work, they were all booked up-busy, tried 3 different companies, same answer, no or many months waiting for team.... got some local builders to do it in the end, got some crazy quotes.... ceiling is 63m x 15m so a big-expensive job.... also within walking distance from the farm people have prepared over 50 rai of fish ponds ready for stocking, again working for same company wife does, many new contract fish farm have been signed up locally, afew of the other new farms that started this is the past 2 years have stopped and gone to work abroad saying there is not that much money in farming the fish...... "doctor" i was talking to end of last year seemed to think the low price on pigs was here to stay, the culling price is still very low, supermarket price is very low.... time will tell as always, oh for that cristal ball....
  4. Pigs 101 (A Start)

    how are these 2 looking?
  5. Rubber Trees

    some info on the pension. maybe know already but..... i have friends who live and work in the usa, they still pay the min amount of national insurance back in the uk, under 500 pounds year, this will give them a full uk pension, i think national insurance of 35 years needed for max money, and when they visit-holiday in the uk they use the dentist and hospitals-doctor just like when they lived there. the gov website has all the info, register ect and you can see the amounts you have paid and an idea of how much pension payout ect.(not done this yet myself). so if you have x amount of years it could be worth you topping up every year to increase the payday, so to speak. this is something i will address before i get to much older.
  6. Rubber Trees

    that dont sound good, the couple of guys i know have there arse hanging out their shorts with the old deal.....
  7. Rubber Trees

    well, i stopped work in the uk in my late 20's, payed into private pension for 4/5 years, i think im intitled to 5 ish pounds amonth when the time comes....5555 dont expect much from the state either...
  8. Rubber Trees

    so looking at your investment in land/rubber vs state pension....... my mum lived over here some years ago, she was not even averaging 30,000 bahts a month from uk single person state pension..... she would not tell me the private ones... some ozi guys in the village are on around 30,000 bahts give or take from this or that from their state handout/pension......
  9. Rubber Trees

    what with the low prices, making 360k passive income from farming sounds good to me.... the wifes land that we planted rubber on was bought by her many years ago at approx 3,000 baht a rai, cost per rai again approx 3,500 per rai X 7-8 years to get to production sized trees. disclaimer, wife bought 30 ish rai on chanote title plus this "came" with around 15/20 rai of extra free land, that was untitled, fast forward 20 years this 15/20 rai free turned into 17 rai of new chanote paper work land and the other 3 ish was turned into access roads for land owned by family further in land. so not even 3,000 bahts a rai in the end... in the past 12 or so years "we" have bought 2 other plots with rubber on, then sold them both on after some years, young/non producing trees, done ok out of this. i still like rubber, if you can get the workers that is..... husband and wife tapping their own trees will still be earning well even at 20 ish baht kg.....
  10. Pigs 101 (A Start)

    some gilts/sows have very long in heat say 72 hours, some will have very short 12 hours.... in the colder weather i can see sows will have longer in heats than in the hotter weather..... its a lottery really. the total born will tell you if you are getting the timing right. we average 2.5 ish inseminations per animal year in year out..... some sows that are in full standing heat for say 72 hour (under 10 pecent of our pigs will be like this) and you end up AI ing them 3 or 4 times can/will still produce 13 plus plus piglets you know you got the timing right, if say 8 born alive you know next time to spend more time checking/timing of 1st AI. example; you have 2 sows coming into heat, you order/recieve 5 dose for the both of them. you AI them 2 times each but can still see that they are in full standing heat, split the last dose 50/50 with each sow. with 40ml you will still get good birthing numbers from the half dose if the timing is right...... just make sure they suck it through in there own time. never rush the AI, if you have problems with this or that it is better to just the the sow miss that cycle, its only 20 ish days till the next one. just depends on how you/farm needs to work/produce.
  11. Pigs 101 (A Start)

    i would say no more ai. when you ai'ed them were they still in standing heat 12 hours after the 2nd ai? 18/19th feb is only 2/3 days ago, keep an eye on them, see how they behave, ie. restless or look content/relaxed... if they return they should start to show signs around day 17/18. things to look for red/swollen volva, discharge, restlessness.... these will be signs of returns. some pigs if returns will show early day 17 onwards, some later 25/30 days. some times they will miss a heat completley and so on..... do you use/have a boar for stimulation? if so make him walk around the sows/gilts twice a day, dont be in a hurry..... keep records of how long the sows/gilts were in standing heat and how many times you ai'ed them, grade them good,ok,bad ect. do they suck the seamen through quick/slow ect. record keeping will help to learn each pigs traits. have a read on these web sites. thepigsite.co.uk pigprogress.com nationalhogfarmer.com these sites will have all the info that you could possibly need/want.
  12. where you have the house feed going into the house try spliting the pipe into two, with the secound pipe go the other way around the house and then up till you get to the end of first "in pipe." making a full "circuit" this way you will have constent pressure in the pipe. this is what we use in farm buidings to maintain pressure in the pipes with around 400 different drinkers.... no pumps needed only gravity feed drinker lines that go on and on..... if you heat the pvc pipe it releases some of the chemical in the pipe and can make your water/system smell bad.
  13. Pigs 101 (A Start)

    you using farrowing creates creates now then?
  14. Pigs 101 (A Start)

    16/17 hours a day, 27 35watt strip lights just inside the barn, all at the front end of the pigs, try to stimulate summer all year long. leave one or 2 on at the farrowing end of the farm during night time. 2,000 baht plus on electric a month just for these lights, wife thinks im mad.... later this month we have a new ceiling going in, from other farms i have visited we will not need the lights on during the daylight hours, it will be brighter with no lights on... im changing all the lights too, more expensive to buy but cheaper running cost.... the saving in electric for the lights should pay for the new ceiling in about 100 months time.5555 again the wife thinks i mad.....
  15. Where to sell 1 tonn of tamarin?

    see an old fella up a tree on the edge of the wifes land yesterday, shaking it madly, walked over and its one of these trees.... did not know "we" had one of these trees....