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  1. Thailand tends to attract people from the fringes of society with little regard for laws or rules. The rules have never appeared to be in their favor so they denigrate them and look for ways around them. They look for ways to circumvent visa laws, land ownership laws, employment laws and once they start coloring outside the lines it is easy to see themselves as above the local laws and entitled to do as they wish. Someone asked how Ken could have gotten away with this for so long. It seems to me, we are often confronted with situations where it is common knowledge that something is going on but no one is able to come up with proof that will stand up in court. One wonders what he must have done (aside from the obvious) for someone to sign off on the expense of this operation to catch such a smalltime and bungling player.
  2. The verdant hills and valleys of Chiang Rai tend to attract a colorful fringe element of society but even by our eccentric standards, he was out there. Conspiracy theories, rants and accusations were cornerstones of his online persona and he led a very unusual life. As irritating and confrontational as he has alway been, I am surprised he got away with this and his other scams for so long. I get that the snowflakes on here may want to give him the benefit of the doubt, simply due to the color of his skin, but people who have watched his tenure here in the Rai are relieved he has finally been dealt with by the locals. He is not the first nor will he be the last, one would hope. The bad apples give us all a bad rep.
  3. Looks like one of our illustrious members as been up to no good.