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  1. Still enjoying my TVF Detox, six months and counting. 1. No sign in. 2. No cookies. 3. No comments. 4. No likes. 5. No advertisements. The result is no headaches, no conflict, no annoying exchanges. Try it, you may like it.
  2. Since becoming Village Farang some ten years ago I have watched as members come and go. Some move on for their own personal reasons while others are given little choice in leaving, though it is usually their own fault in my opinion. More often that not, no one really knows why a member left because by the time their absence is noted there is nobody to ask. I made the choice to stop posting around the beginning of the year just to see how I would feel, kind of a New Year’s Resolution I guess. I found that I did not miss posting and unsurprisingly I was not missed by other members. I also found better things to do with my time which didn’t leave that bitter aftertaste one often gets from dealing with forum trolls. I am not leaving Thailand and I will continue to be Village Farang on social media, so I am only a Google search away. I have simply decided that forums are not for me at this time in my life and I would rather spend my time elsewhere, in environments I find more uplifting. There is already so much hostility and polarization in the world I don’t feel the need to voluntarily expose myself to more of it in forum environments. So in short life is great, I am healthy, happy, still in Thailand, still online but I am taking a break from posting on ThaiVisa. Just think of me blissfully floating off into the sunset.