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  1. samui attracts new money , dodgy money , wide boy money , bank heist money , pocketfuls of readies type money and money that needs a good wash and the tabloid folk that come with it. real money , old money , the sort of people that evans wet dreams about , would go to florida , france or spain , real real money would go to the bahamas. they wouldnt be seen dead on samui. Sure this guy evans comes accross as a complete tosser, I think the bahamas, france, spain and florida has attracted more dodgy money than Samui ever has or ever will, Try visiting Marbella, Cannes, or Miami, these places are full of people flaunting there ill gotten gains, Old money real money in my view is ill gotten at one time or another, but these people with time have learnt not to be so crass about how they flaunt it, and is probably why you have not noticed them on Koh Samui. Well said!!! Spain and Marbella in particular! what a dump Marbella is. where east london gangsters go to die, buried in their shell suits too no wonder.........