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  1. Thailaw

    HONDA PCX 150 2018

    I agree. The new electric PCX may be focused on the city/urban market in Europe. But everywhere else, except as a curiosity, the interest in it will, I think, be very limited, especially if the new electric and/or hybrid models come with a significant price increase -- the move to Yamaha will be "shocking". They would have been far better to improve the PCX as a fully combustion engine machine, and if they wanted to get into the electric scooter market, come out with an all new "ELECTRI-X". In Thailand, unfortunately, this may well be the end (and not a new beginning) of the PCX.
  2. Thailaw

    new laptop/notebook

    The Most Reliable Laptop Brands of 2017 | Apple, Dell, and More ... https://www.digitaltrends.com › Computing Aug 14, 2017 - If a reliability is as important to you as performance and looks, read on to see ... that Asus also makes it on our list of the most reliable laptop brands. ... Update: Replaced Toshiba with Samsung in the runner-up position. ------------ Better?
  3. Thailaw

    new laptop/notebook

    Forget Lenovo (and Acer and HP) -- poor build quality and reliability. From Square Trade: "ASUS and Toshiba, reliability winners We next turn our attention to the relative reliability of different laptop manufacturers. Our study data includes 9 brands with a minimum of 1000 units, which is enough to give us a statistically significant look at the 2 year failure rates. ASUS and Toshiba come out on top. With 3 year malfunction rates forecast to be under 16%, laptops from these two manufacturers are nearly 40% more reliable than Hewlett-Packard [25.6% fail rate], the worst performer in our study. [Lenovo at 21.5% and Acer at 23.5% were not much better than HP.] Sony and Apple also performed better than the average. The industry leader HP, which shipped nearly 16 million laptops in the past year according to IDCiii, ranked dead last in our reliability study with over one-fourth of laptops expected to malfunction in 3 years. Gateway and Acer, the #2 maker of laptops, were also nearly as unreliable as HP, with an expected malfunction rate of over 23%. Conclusions on laptop reliability ASUS and Toshiba laptops failed just over half as frequently as HP, which makes them a solid bet in terms of reliability." Asus has excellent build quality and reliability and IMO the best value for money of all of the laptops (and tablets and smartphones) available in Thailand. Check Lazada for the best prices. And there are factory service shops in BKK (near Fortune Town on Rama IX) and Rayong in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.
  4. Thailaw

    I tried livng very cheap for 1 month

    People, especially those whose lives are far from ideal (aka a "sh*itty life"), need others to blame for their misfortune and to identify others on a lower point in life's spectrum of well being to make them feel better about their miserable circumstances. Most (but certainly not all) of the foreigners locating in Thailand (and especially in Pattaya) fall pretty low on that spectrum, so it shouldn't be surprising that blaming Thais (and everything Thai) for almost everything that goes wrong in one's life is a frequent pastime of those westerners living here ("misery loves company (and someone else to blame)"). As far as pedestrians, other drivers and dogs/animals, they are all treated pretty poorly and without regard. Thailand truly is a country where "survival of the fittest" rules, so if you don't drive an eight-wheel tractor trailer, a Fortuner or a mini van/bus, you can expect to be treated with abuse and like you don't exist -- drive/walk accordingly. Expect the worst and you won't be disappointed. And "judge its justice system [and] its traditions [and] accepted standards" all you want and with passion and conviction, but they aren't going to change any time soon, so accept it and learn to live with/in it or look for a greener pasture.
  5. Don't hope too hard. You might find him waiting for you there....
  6. If you don't mind, why was your request denied?
  7. Thanks very much for the details. It looks like the Jomtien office is the place to go.
  8. No one is trying to "suppress [your right to] dissent". What is being suggested is that you direct/express your dissent in a more thoughtful/intelligent manner, if that is possible. And cigars are from Cuba and not Puerto Rico, so in this context "no cigar" works.
  9. Thailaw

    The 2018 Honda Forza 300.

    The "big 4" -- you mean that Harley is going to start making a 300cc scooter. That's really interesting! Oh, you mean Suzuki -- never mind......
  10. Thailaw

    The 2018 Honda Forza 300.

    I spoke to a saleswoman at Mityon this afternoon and she said that the new Forza would be in the showroom in December. It may actually be several months thereafter that orders will be filled (assuming that it actually is released in December in Thailand). When the new Forza is available, there will be 3 "new" 300cc scooters in Thailand -- the Yamaha NMax; the new Honda Forza and the Kawasaki J300. As VocalNeal said, it will be worth having a close look at all three before making a decision on which to buy. I have a 2013 Forza, which I have been extremely happy with. But I will certainly check out the completion when deciding which bike to replace it.
  11. Thailaw

    Cheap Upgrade for "Legal" Windows 10

    Thanks, your post helps a lot.
  12. Thailaw

    Cheap Upgrade for "Legal" Windows 10

    Previous post suggest that what you say is not correct, but that was a part of my original inquiry. It is not the case in the business setting, where a business buys a licence for "x" machines and can change the machines so long as the machines on which the software is used do not exceed the licence limit. Not sure about the home setting, but Pib's post suggest that the licence is transferable. At $12 for a installation key, it is probably worth the risk.
  13. Thanks. I think you are right about the January to March, but happy to pay B100+ to get the process started. Perhaps I will rethink and start with the Jomtien office and move to Naklua if that isn't the right place.
  14. There is a lot that you can criticize Trump for, but not for mispronunciation of Puerto Rico in Spanish, and far less then you can criticize his predecessor, Barak Obama, for and far, far less than you can criticize his opponent, HRC (and her husband of whom she said "we ... elected a person who ... committed sexual assault on women as president..." and unsympathetically attacked his accusers) for. And when it gets to the point that this kind of nonsense is repeated in the press, it has become clear that the attacks are for attack sake and not in any way an attempt at honest/objective criticism of the man or his ideas/policies. Next....
  15. I made the same inquiry to my accountant who does my annual company accounts, who sent me the following reply: "I would like to inform you that you have to go to the Tax Office in Naklua near Banglamung district Office behind the Police Station in Naklua." The difference in the responses may have to do with the location of my residence, but it least I have narrowed down the location of the tax office to 2 locations. I'll head to the Police Station first, and if that is incorrect, I'll go to Jomtien.