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  1. Regarding tourist visas, I haven't had one in some years and have never been to the Thai embassy in Phnom Penh, has anyone had difficulties getting one? How strict are they regarding showing flight tickets and proof of funds. I can show funds but haven't bought an onwards ticket yet. Again, its my first time to that embassy and first tourist visa in a few years. Many thanks for any input and contributions.
  2. Isn't the obvious answer to make sure you don't go into overstay again? What did your child think to the ordeal? Looking forward to it again are they?
  3. Teaching in Phnom Penh?

    What's the best website or people to approach if someone would like to continue their teaching career in Phnom Penh. I am suitably qualified and with nearly 20 years' experience. I went there early this year and quite liked the place but I don't know anyone there so do not know how to proceed. Phnom Penh seems like a nice change from the endless traffic Bangkok offers so I'd like to relocate if I could. Any advice welcome.
  4. Don Muang road repairs delat 3 hours?

    You can take the road Song Prapa, the one that Waht Don Muang corners, and go to the other expressway from that [udonrattaya] from that. That's the easiest alternative route into the city and carries much less traffic than the main route. It's usually a bit quicker.
  5. There is quite a lot of activity in the Thai/Japanese heavy metal scene rooted in Bangkok at the moment. The Japanese band Loudness [famous in the 80's] came to play last week and the Brazilian band Sepultura will play in Bangkok in early December. One of the Thai bands that has stayed together, that being Carnivora, hold their 13th anniversary party this Friday at The Immortal Bar. The two bands supporting them are up and coming, it should be a good evening in all. If you need further details then you can PM me.
  6. Hello, I haven't been to the Laos capital for a few years now and would like to spend a day or two just outside it rather than in it. I did this once before but it was some time ago, it was slightly north of the airport and on the river. It was quite pretty and very quiet but as said it was a while ago now. COuld someone receommend a place to stay or an area to stay in just outside the city but not too far from it 20-40kms or so. Somewhere close to the river would be nice but its not necessary. thanks
  7. Ha, I thought you'd be the first to reply, many thanks as always. So if I turn up on a Tuesday or Wednesday, there's every chance it should be a smooth enough process. From memory the last time I went there, the queue was about 70 meters down the road and I think it was a Thursday.
  8. Hello all, I haven't been to the Thai consulate in Vientianne for four years now and the last time I went the queue was quite far down the street. In fact I had to come back the next day because of it. I was wondering how things are there these days. I only want to get a 60 day tourist visa, my first one in about 2 years. What is the best day to turn up there and how strict are they going to be over showing onwards travel and money in the bank. On that note, if I update my bank book the day before, would that count as proof rather than hard cash [which can be lost whilst carried about of course]. Lastly has Vientianne become much harder than Savvanakhet to get a tourist visa. I went there on a Wednesday once, and that consulate was empty almost. Lastly, if I want to stay out of the city a bit [Vientianne], is it best to just follow the river north? I did that once but some time ago. From memory there was some place about 20kms north of the city but on the river, it was much cheaper and quiet picturesque. Thanks
  9. COuldn't agree more. Smile away, say hello politely. Perhaps you can speak a bit of Thai, as long as they don't get annoyed, the chances of any aggro coming your way are reduced.
  10. I suppose it is rock but very light.
  11. Fat bikes any good?

    Yeah, I think a lot of it is what you are used to.
  12. Fat bikes any good?

    Well there are quite a few people I know who will not ride less than 28mm in BKK given the quality of the roads, and frankly, that's quite sensible I'd say but the drag from 35mm and up just slows me down too much.
  13. Too Many Non-Alcoholics in AA

    Well you have to convert to god also.
  14. Money when you have a baby in Thailand

    From what I remember that's what gave us eligibility yes.