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  1. I think it comes down to how many Kms you do that journey. If it's even 20kms plus it's annoying to use footbridges. I do around 60kms a day at the weekend and no matter what the road is like I will find a way. Just gotta not let that happen again. I never pull out without looking. Silly mistake
  2. I cycle 200kms a week on average. Can't use pavements. I am safe usually. I always pull out and that's safe if you look first. I did not this time. Hence the accident.
  3. I moved lane because of the taxi behind beeping his horn. Middle lane is never a problem if you check before you pull out
  4. That's where I was but pulled out. Road was pretty quiet comparatively. I always pull out which in traffic and providing you check first is not a problem. Why I didn't this time I don't know. Perhaps fatigue. it was a long day and although 60kms a day is nothing. I took 2 weeks off and felt it that day
  5. Ok. I made an uncharacteristic error. I was startled by a taxi beeping behind me and changed lane without checking first. In any agent I don't usually ride on the inside of the inside lane because the road quality is poorer and people pull out. If you travel at 30-50kms an hour it is not good to be there. The accident was caused only because I didn't check before pulling out. A stupid mistake I know.
  6. Very much so, I met him today. He said my head was covered in blood. I could have been run over by the cars in passing. I am lucky I think.
  7. Not really, a taxi used his horn behind me and made me move into another lane but because it was so late and songkran, I didn't check to see if it was clear like I always do. My mistake. It was the taxi at fault, pushing me out of the lane and startling me. Then I didn't check quickly enough, that was my fault.
  8. I note that my topic got closed. I wanted to say thanks to Sheryl and many others who contributed. I wanted to add that I had to go to the police station today to clear things up and met the driver of the truck. He was a really nice guy and so scared of the whole thing. They gave me the cctv footage of the incident, which I linked here. It's come as a hell of a shock and any comments are quite welcome. I can now see just how serious things really were. Thanks for all input.
  9. I had an accident in BKK two weeks ago. I just got the footage and would appreciate comments. I was unconscious for 4 hours, how lucky was I to survive this one? Acton occurs 24 seconds in.
  10. Well its contestable as to how such conditions are determined and I can't say for sure as I wasn't awake but the speed I came round suggests they weren't serious. It is a grey area and yes a bang on the head can be fatal as I know someone who went six feet under last year just climbing out of a window and doing it...anyway I can't go any further with this. Far too much to absorb. All thoughts appreciated.
  11. I would have yes. I will with Bungrumrad if we can agree but I do think the way they handled the whole thing was profit based. I had no injuries on my neck and chest, all organs fine so why the bloody x-rays?
  12. Good lord, far too many comments to read, I didn't get half way through and can't go on reading as I have taken in enough. I just want to end by saying I really don't believe my life was in danger. If I thought that, things would be different but its only my face and one leg that has cuts and I was only knocked out. I felt fine pretty quickly and left. On the first instance no medical action was undertaken, there was no bill I had no injuries, just got knocked out. I accept a degree of irresponsibility on my part but when you cycle for over 30 years and go without out one, not everyone is so sure another will follow. I do not have a bike and suspect I must take a break from it. Many points taken on board and much appreciated. Do understand we all have ups and downs in many respects. Right now I am a very low financial point, none of this is easy at all, I really don't know what to do and what I ought to do, hence the purpose of posting in the first place.
  13. Yes point taken. They told me that in the hospital and asked me to come back. All points appreciated but tbh I felt fine 3 days after and swelling on the face is almost gone already. I will re-read what you have said. It does feel as though I were discriminated against but you are right in that they were doing their job and only that. It is the policy set by the hospital that grates and I suppose it could have ended badly last year had things been different. It is perhaps time I stopped cycling.
  14. Cycling is a bit dangerous. I cycled over 8000kms last year, had 3400kms for this year already. The accident last year was my first ever in over 30 years of riding with many years in this city. I honestly didn't believe it would happen again but it has. Finances, my work stopped in Feb then I had school fees to pay, I got wiped out more or less. It stays that way until the end of May. For some of us its hard sometimes, I fit into that category. It's not that I don't appreciate the work done because I do believe me but as mentioned, when this happened last year it was handled very differently and more respectfully I would say. I was given options. Again, would this have happened if I were Thai?