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  1. Yeah, its just I'd like them to see Dubai, just not sure how to get round this. Thanks for the help here.
  2. Greetings I am arranging for my ex-wife and son to meet their grandfather later in the year. He said he works in the north of Oman, and that Thai people don't need a visa for Oman. I checked that out, he is right about that but he told me that he is much nearer Dubai/Abu Dhabi. than Muscat, well about 4 hours nearer. He said I should be able to just fly them into the UAE spend a day there, travel across the border and then do the reverse on the way back.He told me his colleague did the same thing and that Thai people can now get a visa on-line without too much trouble if they are just passing through. Has anyone been through this process. Did they have any difficulties. They would only spend a night there, once when they arrive and then once when they go back.
  3. You have a point here. That's a tragic end to someone's life. I don't quite understand how he hit the woman to his left, perhaps he was tired and lost concentration. I took note of what was said here and cut right back on everything.
  4. she said she will be in Minburi for the next two months.
  5. okay thanks
  6. I think this is what she is referring to but got the name wrong. So since it is for a 5-year old. Where is best to go?
  7. I did think she meant an Orthodontist but she said Osteopath, which I found confusing.
  8. Her mother said that in France the doctor she met stated that over a period of about 6 months, after a number of appointments, some sort of messaging procedure with certain insertions (I did not ask what) would widen her daughter's upper palate in her mouth. From the way she spoke, it sounded as though her opinion was rationally informed. Is such a thing being practiced here? Comments please.
  9. Hello. I have been in this country quite some time but the other day, whilst helping someone very new here. She asked me if I could help with an issue. Her 5 year old daughter went to something called a dental osteopath(?) in France. The upper palate for her jaw/mouth is not wide enough and needs to be widened. Her mother said that rather than do it via a dentist, its now possible to do it via an osteopath who will massage that part of her jaw/mouth into the correct place over a period of time much more effectively she claimed. I said I knew nothing of this but would try to help. Has anyone undergone such treatment and if so here, where did they do it? I assumed that the Bungrumrad might offer such things best that is all I can say. All help appreciated. Again, its for a 5-year old girl whose upper palate in her mouth is not quite wide enough. Thanks
  10. Could someone give advice here please? My child was off from school for a few days ill with a cold. Her grandmother took her to the shop on a motorbike taxi and then fell off it straight away, thankfully my child was not hurt. I took her to a clinic but her mother made her walk in a bit of mud and she slipped and panicked but was not hurt. The following morning my ex- was shouting at her because she was tired and could not wake up easily and thus go to school on time. Anyway, I took her there and picked her up no problems. My ex- then got into one hell of a bad mood. My daughter wanted to stay with me and that was fine, all okay. Then I got a knock on the door, my ex- turned up with two policemen and told them I had no intention to take my child to school the following morning! She wanted to spend the night with my child and so just made stuff up for them. I huge argument broke out but the police left quickly as they could see she was not telling the truth and did not want to get involved. Nothing came of that at all, we all spent the night together in the end. All fine but then she took my child to her work then walked out of her work and has taken my child off somewhere with her mum. Her work and the school I pay for were not informed, no one was. We still are not and I now have no access to my child and do not know where she is. What do I do now? I think she just wants a weekend break or something but I don't know and her work are concerned as she has never walked out like this before. Should I report this as abduction? If my child is with her mother, can it be counted as so? I friend said as her father I have a 50% ownership . We just divorced nothing else was agreed but my ex wife just took my child somewhere without telling me. What are my options here?
  11. Use the toilet is 500 Baht a time.
  12. What about: each had one head, two arms, two legs in addition? How does he know they were Thai? They could have been Laotian.
  13. Why are the taxi drivers in the photo? Shouldn't they have slipped on the kerb just after the arrest and sustained dozens of injuries, all bone-breakages of course?
  14. Pretty rough but I once saw an enormous punch up of nearly 250,000 people one day on the outskirts on Bangkok. I just got bigger and bigger, over 100,000 people died after they got beat up and that was only after an argument broke out about 2 Baht 50 Satang.