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  1. I have just looked at their website and this does appear to confirm that they no longer offer this service but that means you cannot gain a stamp from the ministry of foreign affairs too unless there is another option which they did not mention there.
  2. I went to the Brititsh Embassy today and the woman on the front desk asked me what my appointment time was. I explained I was not aware I needed one so she asked what I came for, I explained it was to have my degree notorized, as requested by the ministry of foreign affairs. She then asked me to speak to someone who said they stopped that service about two weeks ago? Is this true, there was much confusion and I couldn't tell whether she was telling me the truth or that I didn't have an appointment which was the cause of the issue. Has the British Embassy stopped notorising educational certificates? It has already been done but because its from abroad, the ministry of foreign affairs wouldn't accept that and said that it must be done at the British Embassy in Bangkok. Someone has got it wrong, has anyone had a document notorixed in the last two weeks there?
  3. My degree is British. Could it not be confirmed by the ministry of foreign affairs here. I got that done with a local police check but I can't send my certificates back to England.
  4. Hello, I need to get a criminal background check and my degree notorised at the Chinese embassy in Bangkok. But after looking at their website, it seems like there are three locations and I'm not entirely sure which one I should go to. If someone could advise and give a rough idea of the cost and how long it will take I will be grateful.
  5. Perhaps but on the last anniversary it was rammed so it won't cost much to get in. Should be a good evening.
  6. This Saturday, the 18th anniversary of The Immortal Bar will happen.mlast year it was so busy you could barely get in the door. The are 7-9 bands playing, they all a bit different, on E or two are Japanese but the rest are Thai. Few or no foreigners and it's very cheap. A good night out if you into that. More details below.
  7. Yes I have thanks. The disk is spinning but it seems as though its slower than usual. Not sure how to get round this one.
  8. We tried that in the shop. I could try with a partition program myself perhaps. When you say expensive, do you mean like 5000 baht and above?
  9. Light comes on and the disk is spinning but it is not being recognized. I did drop it whilst unpacking and it worked a bit after that but soon packed up. It still comes up 'installing driver software's and I can feel the disk spinning but not fast enough in my opinion and it doesn't show. Its been like that for months and the shop I went to checkex the case. It was fine but when he took the hard drive outof the case and putitin another. It still didnt show. It is spinning and the green light comes on but before it would speed up a lot and a red light would start flickering. Doesn't do that now. It's half working but not being read by the computer it is attached to.
  10. I have about 1tb of content that I can't access anymore. I took it to a small repair shop near where I stay and he said that I'd need to go into the city to somewhere more professional where they deal with data recovery. Does anyone have any recommendations. How much is it going to cost about?
  11. Well ok. I am not happy with how he is handling it. I did want to tell him the truth but maybe it's best left alone. He didn't steal anything but he also did not give back what was given to him by mistake. I don't know how that constitutes breaking the law. That is why I posted. I would be grateful if that could be answered rather than what he should or should not be doing.
  12. Well he does genuinely believe they did try to cheat him on one or two of the currencies but it seems like he is trying to get away with the mistake made.
  13. He just won't. He is sticking to his guns and stressing my cousins out. The guy he spoke to in the bar was probably drunk for all I know.
  14. He should return it. It's not his. He said no one else had his number and there were many calls. He said he got confused over the UAE Durham amount and couldn't work out why he got more in the other pile. I think he's taking advantage of a mistake made. He seems to think they were trying to swindle him. How right he is I really don't know. He said he only went in to change money and they messed up so it's their problem but yes he should return the money. However, he's rather stubborn and will not budge. I don't want to lie to him and tell him the authorities will get involved if that is a lie. But this is something I know nothing about. Probably best I take legal advice or something. I was trying to help my cousins out because if he is detained. Sorry about all this. Don't know anything about it all.