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  1. Could someone give advice here please? My child was off from school for a few days ill with a cold. Her grandmother took her to the shop on a motorbike taxi and then fell off it straight away, thankfully my child was not hurt. I took her to a clinic but her mother made her walk in a bit of mud and she slipped and panicked but was not hurt. The following morning my ex- was shouting at her because she was tired and could not wake up easily and thus go to school on time. Anyway, I took her there and picked her up no problems. My ex- then got into one hell of a bad mood. My daughter wanted to stay with me and that was fine, all okay. Then I got a knock on the door, my ex- turned up with two policemen and told them I had no intention to take my child to school the following morning! She wanted to spend the night with my child and so just made stuff up for them. I huge argument broke out but the police left quickly as they could see she was not telling the truth and did not want to get involved. Nothing came of that at all, we all spent the night together in the end. All fine but then she took my child to her work then walked out of her work and has taken my child off somewhere with her mum. Her work and the school I pay for were not informed, no one was. We still are not and I now have no access to my child and do not know where she is. What do I do now? I think she just wants a weekend break or something but I don't know and her work are concerned as she has never walked out like this before. Should I report this as abduction? If my child is with her mother, can it be counted as so? I friend said as her father I have a 50% ownership . We just divorced nothing else was agreed but my ex wife just took my child somewhere without telling me. What are my options here?
  2. Use the toilet is 500 Baht a time.
  3. What about: each had one head, two arms, two legs in addition? How does he know they were Thai? They could have been Laotian.
  4. Why are the taxi drivers in the photo? Shouldn't they have slipped on the kerb just after the arrest and sustained dozens of injuries, all bone-breakages of course?
  5. Pretty rough but I once saw an enormous punch up of nearly 250,000 people one day on the outskirts on Bangkok. I just got bigger and bigger, over 100,000 people died after they got beat up and that was only after an argument broke out about 2 Baht 50 Satang.
  6. There are many quality studios and guitar shops on RCA that may well help but has been posted. You need to be more specific about what you want. Pedals and the like I suppose?
  7. Hello.I am a father, a loving one so everyone tells me and I so surely know myself. I am divorced and concerned about my child and how she is treated sometimes. I am divorced. My child lives with her mum and her mum's mum. I have seen examples of her being treated poorly and even slapped for no reason, as I did today. Isn't there some sort of family court where such issues can be addressed? Often I want to see my child but all sorts of fabrications arise even though we agreed I spend 2 nights a week with her. I want to strengthen my position as well as protect my child from being treated badly. As today it was not her mother who slapped her. I don't want to lose my temper and dish it back out. I want to know how I should proceed so that I can main access consistently and that any unfair treatment to my child can be taken further. I love my child. I never gave anyone permission to smack her. I never did it and never will. How can I give her extra protection or put differently can I give her extra protection? Please don't give opinions. I don't ask for them. I ask how best to proceed so that if I see my child has been hurt I can attend to that matter by drawing attention to it with the people most appropriate. Thanks
  8. That's like Petchaburi soi 11, two DD hotels opposite each other. I will arrive about 2pm saturday.
  9. I know the DD Hotel. So there are minvans from there? How can I find out the schedule?
  10. Thanks, some conflicting accounts on the net and things change so fast in this country you can never be quite so sure.
  11. That's much appreciated. It seems like you answer every question I have. So to sum up. It may be a bit busy and the staff may be a bit rude but that aside given I have an O visa just expired and no visa exemption things at all this year, I will not be asked to show evidence of a flight or funding. I will lose pay and probably my job if I get this wrong, so I just want to be sure. There's quite a lot riding on it, hence the double and triple checking. I do have a child and it in the system on my O visa. I normally say I am here to look after my child, which is the truth, and that's never been a problem. So perhaps a bit busy, perhaps annoying staff speaking to me but that's as bad as its going to get given my situation?
  12. This is rather concerning. Could someone confirm if I am likely to be asked to show any documents as proof. I have spent one year on an O visa. It expired in March and I got a 90 day extension just before that happened. There are no tourist visas this year, only one in Jan last year. If I go to Aranya will I be asked to show proof on onwards travel and funds. I was going to go Saturday as I must look after my child Sunday. If I am not given a visa this will make matters very complicated indeed.I just want the 30 day exemption thing which I got in Jan lat year.
  13. Its the easiest crossing I thik
  14. So the visa-exempt entry is 30 days? I have been here more on than off but with an O visa. It's mostly proof of onwardstravel and other documents that are my concern