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  1. คนขอทาน

    Thailand cannot be described as feudal for obvious reasons.
  2. คนขอทาน

    ok thanks, and that is a negative term or neutral term?
  3. คนขอทาน

    Yes I think so but a peasant is a bit stronger than that and refers to someone's social status rather than what they ask from people on the street. I tried to explain this to him but I do not know what the Thai equivalent of peasant is, if it does exist.
  4. คนขอทาน

    Hello there I had a discussion with someone near where I live. He pointed out some people walking past and got into an argument with them, calling them คนขอทาน. My understanding of that word was that it was neutral and not negative yet when they walked past he described them to me as peasants. I said to him [he is Swedish] that 'peasant' is a very negative word in English and the word he used คนขอทาน is not but I am not so sure here. So is the word he used rude and does Thai have an equivalent of what he was trying to say. He certainly didn't like the woman and her husband, who did seem rather drunk. I have heard him use the word 'peasant' a few times before but from what I understand คนขอทานis closer to someone in need of money whatever their background maybe. Could someone please clarify here. Thanks
  5. For the time being.
  6. In the provinces the police often have some involvement in the sale of drugs, and sometimes run the show completely. The less they are told the better in certain cases.
  7. Cheap GPS?

    If you don't mind me asking, exactly what do you want it for? Are you reliant upon technology to inform you of what is happening when you cycle?
  8. Basic tools you need for a bicycle?

    You don't have to do anything getting on a bus or train. It's only when you fly that you need to make alterations.
  9. Carry bikes on local buses

    They never said no to me but I always had to pay a little extra. Usually 50 or 100 Baht.
  10. Thai language is a mixture of Sanskrit and Tai

    Modern English was more than 500 years away from coming into existence at that time. I think you guys need some background in applied linguistics. You might want to go beyond wikipedia to define what a creole actually is,
  11. Thai language is a mixture of Sanskrit and Tai

    English is, by academics, described as Creole. Generally speaking many now drop the term 'Germanic', Max Muller's phrase whilst head of English at Oxford University. The teaching Company have some great lectures on that in audio files and they can be found online. The Norman Conquest in England forced out language to undergo a process of creolization as it was imposed by Royalty, hence the import of many 'northern' French words into what was once 'old English'.
  12. The Tattoo Thread - Western Names In Thai Script

    Are there any sites on-line where I can find Thai script for tattoos? I know how to translate what I want, its how its done that is the main point behind the question.
  13. Another community falls for river promenade

    SO there will be fewer turds floating down that part of the river from now on then? Now that some people are being moved out.
  14. เทวดา ???

    Thanks, that helps
  15. เทวดา ???

    Well, if this kid who tried to kill himself because he couldn't get a Big Mac and was forced to eat pizza instead, thinking that McDonalds is heavenly, perhaps there is some room for cosmology in the choosing of the word as reported. The male angel thing comes only from thai-language.com. It's probably nothing more than someone saw a picture of a boy in some clouds. I never used the word before, just stating what I found on line.