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  1. Surely a scam and I bet she makes a couple thousand a day.
  2. Anyone heard of tasers?
  3. Promises of love and money. A perfect hook for a loveless lady. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  4. So it's just targeting people working here without proper documentation it seems. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  5. We all remember the last time politicians were invited to the army base! Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  6. Coz that's what gets the clickzzzzz! Kaching!!! Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  7. Oh yeah I use ACV, I put a tablespoon in my first morning liter of water. Not sure if it actually does anything but what the heck. I need to get my bloodwork done again. I was borderline hypertensive about two years ago and dropped a fair amount of weight, went low carb, upped the fitness and things are quite good now (checked about 6 months go). Intermittent or extended fasting is a great way to regulate insulin sensitivity. Check out Dr. Jason Fung on this topic. He uses fasting as therapy, along with LC.
  8. I was getting this thai sports massage where they use oil (well it feels like a sports massage) and this guy who I hadn't used before twisted my shoulder. Then when I went to workout the next day it was painful and my arm was numb and tingly in certain positions. I used some NSAIDS for a few days and it went away but was still tender. It seems perfectly fine now for about the last three weeks but I'm going to give it a full 2 months before I go back to light weights. I get really paranoid about injuries, and see way too many guys all bandaged up....that's not what I do weights for. I love the challenge and how it makes me feel but I can get my fitness other ways too.
  9. I do the cinnamon thing too! As well as tumeric.
  10. I have been doing IF for quite some time now, and have been dabbling in extended fasting - 2-3 days at a time. Gets pretty easy to do. I personally cannot take in grains, I get hunger pangs and am miserable. Mostly I just do cruciferous veggies for my carbs.
  11. I like Lyle but he seems so angry! Must be all that red meat he eats. Hahahah
  12. 2g/kg seems pretty reasonable if you are working out hard. I've scaled back my weights because I messed up my shoulder. All better now pretty much but I'm being really careful and fully letting it heal. So lots of swimming, bike riding, and walking. I take in about 1g/kg, for me that's around 80, but some days a little less and some days a little more. It's funny how if you listen to what you body is telling you it needs it will lead you to what to eat. I've been doing IF too and it's pretty cool how after you do your workout without eating all day your body craves to eat the right thing. Nice 8 oz steak and big pile of spinach with a little coconut oil and himalayan pink salt on the top! God that was good!
  13. What % of Thai people pick up their food at the market? My local market is simply swamped between 4:30-8:00 pm with people grabbing bags of food for home. Probably half the price of a restaurant, normally excellent quality and value because the market's market is very competitive. Plus a lot of variety so you can always have something different every night. Also the local restaurants around my house that offer good food and value are busy all the time. The ones that offer shitty or expensive food or are bad service don't last. Seems obvious. Personally I cook 80% of the time as I am quite particular with the quality of my produce and meat, but having spent the first half of my working career working in F&B it doesn't seem that out of the ordinary that that many restaurants are going under. It is a very competitive biz that novices should think twice about going into.
  14. ah I haven't seen that one before. I don't like artificial creamer though, usually lots of sugar and transfats. Give me real cream and a little stevia :) I'll take a look a tthe nutritional info though if I see it in the market....
  15. for sure at foodland and max valu - that's the two places I get mine. Go to the refrigerated section where you see fresh noodles, kimchi, etc. They'll be there. There's the plain ones, then some that have some tofu added to them that are green and yellow. You can get a big block of the stuff too.