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  1. Nice eclectic mix - I agree we like what we like. But I do try to stay open to new sounds, or old sounds I may not have listened to before. My grandma raised me on Glen Campbell, my dad on Miles Davis and Dave Brubeck, with lots of Brazilian jazz thrown in for fun. My mom loved The Carpenters and the Beatles (and some Abba thrown in for good measure). So I started off with a nice repertoire of favorites. I learned sax at a young age and my brother learned trumpet. Our music teacher was a hungarian immigrant who played 15 instruments and seemed to be able to teach them all - to a certain extent. H would bring yellowed manuscripts of 20s and 30s jazz and we would be a trio playing for a couple hours at a time - it was an escape for him to play this music. Fun to learn those songs at 11 years old as well. I adored all the Beatles albums when I was young - and most of John Lennon's solo albums - would play them on my little record player down in the basement (this was when I was about 8-10 years old). We were camping down at the beach when the radio officially announced their breakup - my mom was so depressed about that. Around 13 I discovered Billy Joel, Jethro Tull, and then a whole slew of other music. I would listen to the new hits every morning on the big console down in the living room before going to school. A friend introduced me to The Rolling Stones - I liked them but I was much more a Beatles person. Got obsessed with the Doors around 14 years old. I went to a performance art magnet school at 16 and was introduced to more classical, lots of big band jazz, and lovely urban music. Hip hop was coming alive and I loved it. MTV arrived and I loved watching music videos, so much good music back then...Duran Duran, Human League, Culture Club, Wham, Hall and Oates - well the list goes on and on. I really connected with the 80s sound and still like it. But I loved blues, saw Muddy Waters live, that was amazing. Also loved fringe acts like Klaus Nomi and Nina Hagen. Went to Uni, more 80s music, lived in Mexico for a year on exchange and adored Mariachi and folk music, and loved pop stars Jose Luis Perales and Miguel Bose, as well as folk music like Juan Manual Serrat and others. They are who I really learned Spanish from. I also became a huge Dylan, Joni Mitchell, and Neil Young fan - their music was super popular in Mexico at that time. Back home and was introduced to XTC from a friend. That was when Skylarking came out. I was drawn to them like a moth to a flame and religiously followed them through their career until 96. Amazing band. I enjoyed some punk like Suicidal Tendencies, Camper Van Beethoven, The Clash, etc. Oh, my obsession with Steely Dan also began. In the 90s fell for REM, Robyn Hitchcock, and my favorite band, Radiohead - who I feel figured out how to take musical expression (in a pop-rock sense) to the next level. Liam Gallagher referred to Radiohead as 'music to stroke your goatee to', hahaha. But the are the best in my opinion - so free and genius. I love Nirvana, Crash Test Dummies, Weezer, Bare Naked Ladies (if you like Beatles you would like them). etc etc etc...... Lately I am into Americana and folk-country-alternative....don't know what to call it exactly. Jason Isbell is the bomb, if you like smart beautiful country check him out. Also groups like Wilco, or Sturgill Simpson have my ear. I still play music, jazz and pop ukulele and sing too, I do covers and write my own songs as well. This is just stream of consciousness, I always have some band or another I am listening to. Like I said, with Spotify I can explore whatever I want. I was an avid collector and spent so much money on albums, cassettes, CDs....then in the late 90s til recently became a big time pirate. now that I am financially comfortable spending 300 baht a month for the world's catalog at my fingertips is something I love having (through Spotify). Haha longer than I thought I was going to write....hope it gives you and idea of where I stand musically.
  2. Yeah he looks like a character out of Lord of the Rings. But a volcano of talent.
  3. I work in the coaching field, before in education. Coaching is all about embracing knowledge, and challenging yourself to be more creative and aware. In general this is not emphasized in Thailand's school systems or offices. But many companies recognize they need it now if they want to compete regionally or internationally.
  4. They mention that the bike system works well in 'Smart Cities' so they would focus there first in Thailand. What is a smart city and where is one in Thailand?
  5. Haha I take a chance once in awhile!!!! ;P
  6. I love Cohen, actually discovered him in my late 20s. Radiohead in my mid 30s. It was lovely learning their catalogs. I also agree that either music 'sings' to you or it doesn't. No way to force someone to like music. I use Spotify to find new music....it's 200 Baht a month for the entire world's song catalog in your pocket (and computer). It does a great job finding music I ay like, based on what I download or listen to. You should give it a shot.
  7. But pop music has always been like that, since the 1950s. Tons of garbage and pearls and diamonds hiding there that sometimes get recognized and sometimes do not. As well as godawful music that somehow becomes popular.
  8. How come so bitter? I'm far from a young'n but I still like to keep up on music. Ed Sheeran is the real deal - started as a busker at 13 years old in London, and shot to fame several years ago. Beautiful folk and rock and pop songs, excellent guitarist, wonderful voice and melodies. Lyrics that have substance. PErsonally, I have never seen poster denigrating older posters for their admiration for the classics. The other way around though all the time. My teen years were in the late 70s - til 80s. But I have always loved good music and seek it out. I can understand getting fossilized in music of your youth as it is tempting and there is a lot of BS out there.....but when you find new artists that sing to you it is great.
  9. Self Raising Flour.

    Is this a substitute for buttermilk if I can't find it?
  10. As well, you can get that godawful wood alcohol Thai spirit or cat's pee beer no prob from nearly any mom and pops on any day. For wine or spirits or decent imported beer you better stock up beforehand.
  11. My you are definitely showing your age.
  12. Yep, my siri problem disappeared.
  13. Why are you so scared about this? Does watching the two cartoon men kiss stir up feelings you work hard to repress?
  14. Haha yeah right. Just admit you are a homophobe. Don't nancy around the point all of a sudden. If you hate gays, at least just say it out.