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  1. Keto Lifestyle in Thailand: What do YOU eat?

    plus the high protein bed is not really low carb. You can get almond flour in Tops in the baking section - 100 baht a bag, which isn't bad. I buy several bags when I see it and that lasts me awhile.
  2. How to delete account at ThaiVisa?

    Alright, thanks, will sign out now.
  3. I can't find the option to delete my account. Things here have changed and I need to dissociate myself with Thaivisa...I want all of my records from here to be gone. Please lead me in the right direction to delete my account. Thanks!
  4. Well, I guess it's time for me to break ties with Thaivisa. Reading through some but not all of the pages here, I can see how homophobic and hate-filled this place has become. Used to be much more tolerant of a place. I just don't think I can support a site that openly allows and seems to encourage its users to joke about rape, torture, even what seems to be hints at mass incarceration and extermination of gay people. And meanwhile saying that 'oh we are just kidding', it doesn't help, because you are not joking, those of you who made those comments. And they are not funny. And so I know that it doesn't really matter to any of you that I leave Thaivisa after being a reader for over a decade. That's ok, you will probably even say snarky things about me as I depart but I won't be around to read it so it doesn't really matter. I will however make sure to tell anyone I meet looking for resources on Thailand to avoid Thaivisa, because it tolerates and even seems to support homophobia and racism as well. At least that way I can help you guys to avoid anyone who has an open mind or is progressive not to bother in your fun little group. Take care, I had some great times, but this is the last post I read here that makes me feel sad over what this place has become. It's just not part of my game plan anymore to have to face the hate many of you bring. Bye!
  5. Haha were they really trying to 'flee'? Or were they going to make their flight?
  6. US gays on "World Butt Photo Tour" anger Thais

    So from now on the news will be identifying everyone by their sexual preference? Straight prude Prayut speaks up about loud fisherman. Straight but bi-curious Singaporean loses 1.5 million in cab. British geezer secretly into ladyboys exerts homophobic sentiment on Thaivisa. etc. Will take a little more effort but if that's how they want to do it then fine. I also love how the Thaivisa homophobe brigade jumped on this one. Very predictable.
  7. Prayuth Gives ISOC Power Over Public Prosecutors

    Well most Thais are fine with the military running things. I guess I am too. Just wish the military would make moves towards bettering the education of Thai people and reducing corruption. If they made any kind of gesture towards enabling free thought that would be great. Unfortunately that idea is antithetical to military rule.
  8. Ok, a few I've watched lately I enjoyed: Stranger Things 2 Curb Your Enthusiasm Young Sheldon (good if you like big bang theory) Mindhunter
  9. It was great. Dark and a bit depressing but good acting, plot, etc. The soundtrack is great too. I guess a season 2 is in the works now.
  10. Cadet's death - army defends training methods

    Maybe if all young guys started refusing to report for military conscription until there was reform they would do something to correct things. They can't put everyone who dodges into prison if they all do it.
  11. Sounds to me that they are referring to pictures of a VVVIP person who many from govt. claimed photos were doctored. Good idea to delete any of those if you have them.
  12. Cadet died ‘due to health issue’

    Apparently the health issue was too many kicks to the head.
  13. Plan to cede police powers to agencies

    Police won't accept it. Way too much money and mafioso at stake. And even if they have to cede power, then the BMA will become the biggest corrupt money maker. Their turn!