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  1. It is the most common name in the world. Muslims, just like Christians, do not have a book with all the names. I think that is more a national thing. Anyway, I wonder when this guy are getting older, if he looks back with pride in his adventures, or what his family think these days when they read about him.
  2. The Nation bought up?

    Top of my head, if they would monitor the criticisms of the Junta many of us do, or slagging off the locals and Thai stuff in general. It might be an issue? Again, I guess the ones who can answer that will be ThaiVisa.
  3. The Nation bought up?

    I read online The Nation has been bought up by a so called ultra conservative news agency. T News, an ardently ultra-royalist and pro-junta on both the editorial page and its daily coverage??? If this is the case, will this have an impact on this Forum? After all, we sometimes can be a bit too......well we know.
  4. If we shall use this description, isn't Thais also coloured then?
  5. Udon Thani Bar closing hours.

    Thnx for info.
  6. Udon Thani Bar closing hours.

    My second post was a bit Trollish, I admit that. But, yes except for a couple of "nightclubs" it is amazing how quiet a Saturday night could be. Of course, if one need a few hours out when socializing in Udon Thani, one should go out earlier in the evening.
  7. Udon Thani Bar closing hours.

    It is fine, I found out. Indeed this sleepy city send its citizens to bed as early as possible. A couple of places open after midnight. Hardly the city which never sleeps. The true place where old elephants go to, before they die.
  8. Ehmmmmm, kind of knew that already. Tried to make a silly joke in regards to the duty free issue. It did not work, So solly.
  9. Udon Thani Bar closing hours.

    Took a trip to Udon Thani city with friends and family. We went out for some beers and drinks after dinner, and we found an area with many beer bars near Centara Hotel. But would you not believe it, they all started to close down around midnight. At approx 1 am the Police showed up to force them to close. Is this the Udon official closing hours? Please move this topic to the appropriate Forum if this is not the right one.
  10. Thai sick humor

    That is true. But most Thais laugh at the situation, not always the person. The famous example is if you slide on a banana peel, and they will laugh at the situation, together with you. Not at you.
  11. Thank you for that one. One more thing I didn't know. And, one more thing I learned.
  12. Phil Neville is driving me nuts

    He is just another "has been", who played at a time where everybody obviously was better than today's players, and wants to squeeze the lemon as much as possible.
  13. Thai sick humor

    Sometimes they just laugh in a kind of disbelief. Mostly they like slapstick humor.
  14. Best bar tricks?

    Have seen foreigners and locals who seem to believe the best bar trick, is to leave the bill behind.
  15. Die in Thailand

    Strict instruction to wife: Do NOT ship my dead body back to my home country. Waste of money. Incinerate me, and put me in a wall somewhere, or just drop the ashes as she wishes. Big party. Anyone crying must be escorted out of the party in order to not to change the party mood.