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  1. Been away for some time, at work. How is Mr. Fowler doing it so far? I understand he is a player/coach (or manager) now?
  2. Travel2003

    Afternoon Delight

    That's why the song says "One night in Bangkok". :-) No seriously, there are plenty bars open at daytime, just as all other bigger cities, including the more naughty ones as well. Walk around Sukhumvit Sois: 3-4-5-7-9-11, etc, and you see plenty.
  3. Travel2003

    Search Warrent For Police?

    That would be standard procedures. Surely there are decent Police Officers as well here, so i guess there is just a matter of time before they are tried bribed then. back to topic.
  4. Travel2003

    Search Warrent For Police?

    Here is an unusual one. What if one tries to "offer a gift" to a Police man whom happens to be clean?
  5. Travel2003

    Dating Site

    My point too, exactly. Sometimes I wonder if it just to spread the word about a site. I also agree with the member suggesting Tagged.
  6. Travel2003

    Dating Site

    Interesting to observe that the members who start topics regarding some web site, normally have not that many posts here. I wonder why. ;-)
  7. Travel2003

    Thailand Vs Cambodia

    It is correct regarding the border. But the genocide in Cambodia was not that well known yet. There were stories from refugees. But many times a refugee will tell this kinds of stories and it is not always that easy to verify the stories. In all fairness, there were refugee camps inside the Thai border. Dont forget Cambodia was practically locked down those days. Furthermore, both USA and UK backed the KR (Khmer Rouge) government in UN as the official representive from Cambodia. This was due to politics, the friction between Cambodia (KR) and Vietnam had already started. Thailand was dragged into this political game as well, with heavy American presence in the country. I can only guess that some Cambodians became angry or bitter at Thailand after they arrived at the borders, escaping KR. But they should be equally bitter at the big countries who sopported KR in the UN. I agree with carholder when he states: I think current feelings are more to do with territorial issues - both historic and recent.
  8. Travel2003

    Thailand Vs Cambodia

    You must some kind of half-wit to make that comment. :jerk: There were significantly higher numbers of victims than perpetrators That was my point, exactly... but you did not get it! I still dont see how this is related to the topic title/first post. The Thais and Cambodians dont like each other because of what Khmer Rouge (Pol Pol & Co) did?
  9. Travel2003

    Thailand Vs Cambodia

    Ok, most of us know that. Still not sure what your point is?
  10. Travel2003

    Thailand Vs Cambodia

    Fair or unfair, I dont know. But Thailand has a reputation among her negbours of being arrogant and a bully. Thailand has emerged (since the Sukhothai and Ayutthaya period) stronger and more successful than her neighbours. I guess some of the feelings is because of general envy of the more sucessful neighbour. But some is also a result of bullying of her neigbours since Thailand became the stronger part in the region. Recent history is the regions Thailand "took back" from France and UK, with Japanese endorsement during WW II. Some of us might remember the riots on PP in 2003. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2003_Phnom_Penh_riots Im sure both governmens are a bit worry this will refule do to the recent Preah Vihear disputes.
  11. Travel2003

    Demanding Thai Woman

    Be fair - he was only making the point that women should be seen and not heard......Fixed that for you You are in Thailand country that just elected Yinluck for Prime Minister and this is 2011 not 1811. Ehhm not quite true. They voted for her brother, but he was not able to come.
  12. Travel2003

    Demanding Thai Woman

    Demanding? I wish she was at least a bit more demanding. Even after almost 10 years together, I still need to tell my wife to calm down, and remind her that she is NOT my maid, but in fact my dear wife. She seems to have this buildt in function to make sure Im always 100% ok. She still looks surprised when I do the dishes. She still thank me when I bring out the garbage. I keep telling her not to. She is sorry she can not help out when I make western food, so she hover around me to watch. I want to hire a maid, but she insists taking care of everything. And she does. Her x-husband (Thai) was lazy, hitting her, drinking, and screwing around. I know she is worried I would replace her with a younger woman. I keep telling her that this is not really how it works where Im from, and she should NOT look at all the foreigners here and think that is the rule.
  13. Never thought I would live to see this: http://www.vg.no/protokoll/?pid=968
  14. Travel2003

    Traveling With In-Laws

    Please do the same upon the return to Thailand. And let us know the result. Really? That is good news indeed. I would never have believed it, if it was not for you telling me.