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  1. Too many use their apps to fix their eyes, skin color, etc these days. So in other words..... fake, fake, and more fake.
  2. Got a feeling there are lots of news articles which makes no sense after they have been translated.
  3. Recommend a hospital in Khon Kaen

    Went there with my visiting mother once. Outstanding service.
  4. Accommodation in and around Khon Kaen

    Friend of mine stayed there recently. He will never return to that hotel. Dirty dirty dirty, was the verdict.
  5. Accommodation in and around Khon Kaen

    Check out the various places in Ban Kok Road, soi 24.
  6. These kind of topics are the best entertainment. We got it all here. Working girls. Rich Vs poor. Neighboring and home countries. And some even mixed in a few posts about the Australian Aboriginal. Entertaining stuff.
  7. I always wonder if people who pose on these kind of pics and vids, and then post them online, ever regret it later in life when the pics and vids surface.
  8. What is? Envy and Jealousy? Because that doesn't exist in other countries.
  9. Baby boy found stuffed down the toilet on tour bus

    Very bad indeed. Thai Society? The entire society has sunk because of this person? Not only this country. Weekly stories about this in fast-food restaurants bathrooms in the USA.
  10. Unfortunately nothing new under the (Thai) sun her. This kind of abuse is all over the Thai entertainment industry, from music, film/soap, to modelling.
  11. Many programs and articles like this always fail to mention something. If they would mention everything it would have been a series of 1000 programs. So they pick the issues they want to discuss. I actually think there are more lazy/too "comfortable" women than men in Thailand.
  12. When I got my first smart phone, I quickly realized the phone was smarter than me.
  13. Arsenal

    Gooners getting ready today with 2 sets of posters in their pockets.