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  1. You should get a better installer who uses quality materials and knows his job.
  2. Try not to spread misinformation. Correctly constituted PU foam is not easily inflammable however it will burn if you get it hot enough as everything will.. While if you can get it burning it produces hydrogen cyanide, it produces less than wood, wool or many fabrics. I suggest that if the fire is hot enough to ignite the PU foam you should not be near enough to it to be effected by the gases as you will probably be cooked by the heat
  3. While what you say may be theoretically correct, I have not seen any cases where this has happened. There is at least one law firm that states that an usufruct will survive divorce. Any case one way or the other will be of interest.
  4. So if you cut out the night time your average would be .5kW? As I would assume your night time generation is zero?
  5. It sounds as if you may have voice navigation turned on and in a foreign language. The alerts it gives can be disabled for road numbers. The language can be changed, as well as the voice, and you can turn it off completely. You can customise the distances, speeds sharpness of curves at which warnings sound or turn them off. I have HUD but not real time traffic as I run it on an iPhone with no SIM. I can't comment about battery life as mine is on charge in when in use.
  6. Up to him. He put his passport through the wash, damaged it, and now has to decide if he wants to risk traveling with it and having it possibly refused somewhere due to it having been damaged and being turned back. Did you not read the OP's post? I rather suspect the comment was addressing your comment on proof of citizenship, not the advisability of traveling on a damaged passport
  7. Sorry you are confusing a iPhone memory with a hard disk or other similar storage data. If you have a recent iPhone and have updated it to the current or last iOS version and have used a good password then a reset will make your data irretrievable as it is stored in an encrypted format. The reset takes away any ability by anyone to get anything more than random noise.
  8. For Thai adults yes. For other countries mostly not.
  9. True. But make sure that if you have linked your phone to your Apple ID on their website that you delete it from there.
  10. BS. It's in the iPhone memory. Very little is on the SIM card
  11. Footer valves are easy to find, virtually everyone who sells water pipe and fittings has them. You will see that all the pumps you have posted need them if they are lifting water even though they all have one in the pump. The valve in the pump isn't designed to hold a column of water by itself it needs a footer valve.
  12. Their website suggests that they are a Chang Mai operation as as I mentioned on the other forum wood street (Soi Pracha Rat 24 in the Bang Sue district of Bangkok) has a rainbow of colours and a few grades available, even on Sunday when most shops there are closed.
  13. Just do a google search as mentioned. You will find that some bars have changed to a single owner and nothing proposed will help. Pay as you go, but still get a demand for payment, try to refuse and find several Thai enforcers around you insisting on payment.
  14. I'm not so sure about it always being illegal. As Japanese immigration will always arrest illegals and put them in the immigration jail and in her case she was not arrested as her existing permission to stay had several years to run, only the passport had expired. For "permanent" residents of Japan their permitted stay is 10 years so the passport almost always expires before the permit to stay.
  15. I use an iPad and if you want an offline app Sygic is the best. I also have tomtom and garmin and they are crap on the iPad. google map is OK if you don't mind the data it needs.