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  1. sometimewoodworker

    To Chanote or not to Chanote!

    Sounds as if it is Sor Por Gor. 4-01 (S.P.G. 4-01) rather than any of the Nor Sor Saam (3) titles
  2. sometimewoodworker

    Can stolen iPhone be disabled?

    While an IMEI block can stop a device connection to a particular mobile network it is not universal. You would have to get all the Thai carriers to block it (not much chance of one, fat chance of all of them). Or simply sell it to a country that doesn't bother with checking IMEI numbers (like China) So as I said an IMEI block is of dubious value, and no value in some other countries.
  3. sometimewoodworker

    What switch to use?

    I've just got this in the post it does the job
  4. sometimewoodworker

    Heater brand?

    Of course you can, but I don't know any competent or half competent electrician who woul.
  5. sometimewoodworker

    How far can I pull water?

    Just 1. You will have to refill it quite a few times though.
  6. sometimewoodworker

    Heater brand?

    Almost any pump pump will give sufficient flow. Personally I've just installed a Grundfos SCALA 2 bought in Khon Kaen and the benefit is that we never have a drop in flow when another tap (or 3) or shower is turned on Do make sure you insist on 4 mm2 wiring, because depending on your shower fitting you may even want an 8000 watt unit, specially if you want a large rain shower. Currently if we have the AC on, set for a low temperature then our 6000 watt rain showers are only just able to get the water temperature warm enough. If we get larger rain shower heads we might have to lower the shower flow rate. In our other house, no AC, original shower head, 4,500W 10 year old unit, we have no problem getting a comfortable, to too high, temperatures
  7. sometimewoodworker

    Plastic Sheet

    AFIK Thai Watsadu only sell PTFE plumbers tape. I've never seen PTFE sheet in Thailand.
  8. sometimewoodworker

    36 mm Socket/wrench ?

    You need a box spanner not a socket wrench, different tool and probably about 1/5 the price. Just DAGS it for pictures to show.
  9. sometimewoodworker

    Common building mistakes in Asia and Thailand

    The paint concerned is often on interior walls and not usually higher than 200~300 mm. If on exterior walls they are often shielded from rain. To me that is a clear indication of rising damp, do you agree? Or do you have a different theory?
  10. sometimewoodworker

    Cool block

    Almost exactly what we did
  11. sometimewoodworker

    Emulsion over Vinyl Wallpaper

    Shellac is very widely available here, they just didn't understand you. Every where has it Global House, DoHome, Thai Watsadu, wood street etc. FWIW thailand is one off the major producers of shellac.
  12. sometimewoodworker

    Bean bag fill

    10 kg of expanded polyurethane balls would probably fill my 10m x 8m living room!
  13. sometimewoodworker

    Land Valuation - Chiang Mai

    Well no. What they do know is the price they were told it sold for! Often/always much lower than the real price as you pay tax on the reported sale price.
  14. sometimewoodworker

    Common building mistakes in Asia and Thailand

    I think that you may have a sigh defect. Very many houses have paint pealing of the bottom of the walls, a clear example of rising damp, Rising damp usually has little to to with the hight of the water table
  15. sometimewoodworker

    Artificial Lawn

    Also if you slide on fake grass you can get nasty burns or grazes, not as bad as concrete but often unexpected.