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  1. Importance of income indication on TM6 Arrival Card

    Because it asks for my income in US$ and I have never had income in US$ I either tick 0 or don't tick any box
  2. Electric pump to improve water pressure?

    And the Mitsubishi super pump start at ฿?
  3. Best credit card with benefits

    If you are thinking of using a UK card in Thailand, any loyalty/benefit scheme will be wiped out by the bad exchange rate given by the card company.
  4. Old card, no chip : New card, chip? new card = chip and pin
  5. Electric pump to improve water pressure?

    I think the prices have come down a bit since you bought yours SCALA2 3-45 is now 17,000
  6. Superrich exchange booth / Korat

  7. Superrich exchange booth / Korat

    No he didn't, the Korat exchange is supposedly a branch of the orange super rich not the green superrich. Do please follow your own advice and read more carefully
  8. Superrich exchange booth / Korat

    By wrong website I mean that you used the superrichthailand web site, it is green. Not the superrich 1965 website that is orange, they are not the same company and yes thanks I do have a link to the correct website, as goes Google
  9. Superrich exchange booth / Korat

    First you used the wrong superrich website. The head office location is always better than the remote locations. both superrich websites let you check the exchange rates in the different locations.
  10. Superrich exchange booth / Korat

    There are two superrich companies orange (new) and green (original) if there is any difference between them with the exchange rate then green is always better. Orange has quite a few more branches than green. However if you look on thier website they DO NOT show a branch in Korat they do show one in Khon Kaen. So it maybe a knockoff.
  11. Seek Advice re Well Water Pump, turning on and off

    Because you are sucking from a well there should be a foot valve at the bottom of the pipe and because the water level is lower than the pump you probably don't need to shut of the pipe from the well, only the feed pipe to the house.
  12. How strict is the two land limit

    If you are legally his father then you would be better advised to get a non-o visa then an extension of stay
  13. Songkran duration

    Yes I do, no it hasn't, today is a notional holiday replacing yesterday as it was a Sunday
  14. I have had experience of being with a Thai national with no visa clearing immigration in china in transit, it isn't fast, it isn't pleasant it is possible. You should be sure that there is a much longer transit time than is usual to allow for the inevitable delays 6 to 8 hours may be enough, 2 hours almost was not DAMHIKT It is also very unlikely that any airline will allow a passenger to board a flight if they know that the will not be permitted to transit. Because the will then have to off load the baggage and fly them back Beijing airport Read and shudder