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  1. sometimewoodworker

    What kind of hobbies can you have in Thailand?

    For me it's woodwork, as maybe apparent from my username, though now I'm retired I should probably change it to fulltimewoodworker. My current project is making a bed for the mattress we bought that was too big for our old Thai bed. The frame and base have just had the first coat of polly (this is before). Later there will be draws that go under and a storage headboard but the bed needs to be usable quite soon so the other parts can come later.
  2. sometimewoodworker

    Renew 5 Year Driving Licence

    They should not be asking for a medical cert. this is from the DLT main website, the bottom section is the relevant one
  3. Absolutely, though if you are getting a reliable (a stock portfolio is going to be variable) income that is high enough the "chunk" that you would have to convert would be quite small as a percentage of your total, probably less than 5% (I have never heard of a reliable investment that after tax and charges is returning over that long term) So yes they would have to change a small part of their wealth to comply.
  4. sometimewoodworker

    Cancelling name on electricity bill

    Humm. If you have gone over to the slips with a barcode on them then certainly in Udon Thani province it is possible and quite easy (once it's been setup). I've been paying 3 bills using the PEA Smart Plus app and internet banking on my iPad for about 3 or 4 months now. sample bill There is also a handy calculator built in
  5. Nothing to stop you working outside Thailand while on that extension.
  6. I didn't bother to list the spouse of, or legal parent of a Thai person separately and put them together as Thai Family extension(s), and on either of them you can get a work permit so have a legal Thai income. The seasoning requirement in a combination application is variable some offices require it some don't the regulations are sufficiently worded, and the offices independent enough to permit either interpretation. Oh fount of all knowledge
  7. Have you read or watched the movie "Catch 22”? If not then it's worthwhile, and at the moment this is a perfect example of that kind of situation. Information from TI may change that, or not.
  8. No information yet Quite likely because unless you are on a Thai family extension you can't legally work in Thailand and if it is income from investments in Thailand you don't need the income method, but No information yet Extremely unlikely as they would be income and it would commonly be used not saved but No information yet. Extremely likely as they would not usually vary by much, however there could be a onetime exception because of the change but No information yet.
  9. Do not be surprised if you do present evidence of deposits into a Thai bank account that the immigration officer tells you that it is not sufficient and that a deposit of 800k (retirement) or 400k (Thai family) is the only acceptable method. This has been pointed out by JackThompson. You (and many others) may want income of some form to be permitted but at this time immigration has not said if there is anyway of proving it that they will accept, so unless or until they do it may not be possible to use anything but full money on deposit for 3 months. If you can get written information from immigration that anyway apart from an embassy letter is OK please post it.
  10. Qualified experienced electrician available Northeast The electrician and his team who sorted out the mistakes made by the previous electrical fitter including some borrowed neutrals that were not the easiest things to find is available for private work. He is based near Udon Thani and for shorter jobs (a few days) I would guess that a radius from there of about 100 km would be sensible. But for bigger installations he said he will travel. He is happy for you to purchase materials. For us he called in a list to an electrical supplier in Udon Thani where the prices were better than anywhere we could find and professional grade items were in stock of ordered in a very few days This is an example of the more complex work that he is usually doing. if you have something thing like this he can turn turn it into something like this PM me for his contact information. He has little English so you will need someone who speaks thai. He has worked for several foreigners and is happy to do work for us. Needless to say he charges the value of his work so if you want cheap he isn't the person you want. But he does complex and understands what he is doing
  11. sometimewoodworker


    These are a couple of grades I've got in stock one has a paper backing the other has cloth.
  12. sometimewoodworker


    Any of the usual suppliers Global House, DoHome, Thai Watsadu, ToolPro, HardwareHouse etc has abrasive on a roll in several grits and it doesn't have that problem.
  13. sometimewoodworker

    How do you get 380 volts?

    A couple of advantages of 3 phase motors are that they are self starting, they have no capacitor to go bad, are smaller, lighter and cheaper than a single phase motor of similar power. So size could be a problem.
  14. I Isn't it amazing, and amusing, the ideas that are floating around. l'm with you on morning laughs
  15. Even with them it is rather high.