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  1. Visit Bangkok stay in a hotel and give this address at Chang Wattana who are guaranteed to do it if you meet the conditions, or visit Laos and get a Non-O visa there. Again they will issue the visa if you have the proper paperwork.
  2. Chanote is one (and only one) of the several land titles in Thailand. You can never own any kind of agricultural land. You can only give the money to a Thai person for them to own it. You can never have your name on any kind of agricultural land title. Unless the land owner has gone to an illegal lender the mortgage or loan lien is on the back of the land deed, no bank or other legal lender will make a loan without this security (answer to question 2 and 3)
  3. Paragraph 1; absolutely Paragraph 2; not true, there are many builder who will take the job. There are many builds I know of who have had several builders with no problems. It can be more expensive if you aren't careful. It can also be cheaper as once a builder runs (if you have been careful with your agreement) you have no need to pay for work that may have been started but not finished.
  4. LED Recessed ceiling downlights dimmable

    Not yet. I've still got to get the water sorted, the village was building a new water tower during my last trip so we didn't have anything other than rain water & I haven't got that system setup yet. So we had no water. We also need to get the kitchen area sorted Also I still haven't got round to sorting out the borrowed neutral problem, and it turns out that several lighting points have no power to them. So I'm back at work 3,000 miles away, so SWMBO is saying jai yen yen
  5. LED Recessed ceiling downlights dimmable

    That is still a good way to do it. I've done that as well as having dimmable lights
  6. LED Recessed ceiling downlights dimmable

    The only shop I've found that has any dimmable flat unit down lights is HomePro and they have only 4 types and you don't have a choice of colour temperature. The only way I know of to get a selection of styles and colour temperature is to buy direct from China. If you do that you can get a reasonable selection. Banggood, DX, ebay and probably aliexpress will all ship to Thailand. Just buying a dimmer that claims to dim LED's will not work if the LED isn't designed to be dimmed. Just because your electrician said that the dimmer is not for LED's does not make it true. Many dimmable LED's will work on a normal triac dimmer, cost from about 60 Baht to 250 Baht. Few if any Thai people who do domestic electrical work are trained electricians and even fewer know much about LED power supplies. I bought, tested and installed my lighting myself because I knew that even I, who hasn't got any training know more than anybody I could find, knows more about LED lighting than they do. these are samples of down lights I imported all from DX most are dimmable, several are variable white from about 2,000k to 6,500k with RF remotes
  7. Being quite far out in the sticks I can assure you that paying the majority in arrears is the way the locals operate and I am just following the precedent set by them. Payment/purchase of materials is usually in advance but you can be sure that payments for work is always in arrears. If your builder has no money that is a huge red flag and you should find a more successful builder. There is always another builder if you look hard enough.
  8. Probably the only thing you can do is find a new builder and NEVER pay in advance. So if the builder runs he is running away from a payment not running with your money.
  9. Cost of new meter - Double 'for farang'

    Probably because you have a 5/15 and he was talking about a 15/45
  10. LED Recessed ceiling downlights dimmable

    For dimmable LED's it depends if you want bulbs or complete units. LED bulbs are easy and available in many places. If you want the complete fittings then the only place that has 2 or 4 choices of units is HomePro However if you want colour changing (cool to walm white) or or just a selection of dimmable single colour then your our going to have to import them from China via banggood or DX.com. I've got about 30 or 40 from them.
  11. Stick welding a pool fence

    I'm not exactly clear about your question and I'm in Japan at the moment, however AFIK our welder opened the pillars, welded to the rebar (not tack welds) then used filler. the magnetic welding hold fasts came from Japan and Thailand AFIR I probably got them from http://www.thaicarpenter.com I don't use the search, just go all through the site clicking until I find what I want.
  12. Outside tiles, non- slip but easy to clean.

    I took SWMBO tile shopping for her outside party area, she went for a semi rough finish tile.
  13. Cicular Saw Blade Sticking

    Sorry to come in a bit late, however the thing I can't see is if you ever said is the size of your saw. This makes a considerable difference. I have 7" 10" and 12" saws so the number of teeth for each as well as for different materials are quite different for each saw, as well as if they are used for ripping or cross cutting. I'm almost certain that the burning is due to your cutting too slowly, that's almost always the reason. You may not be able to cut fast enough in that thickness of material with such a fine toothed blade. It is probably going to be good in 10mm and under. I assume that it has carbide tips so you can't do anything about the tooth geometry without getting it sharpened.
  14. Stick welding a pool fence

    2.3mm for the metal makes it easier to avoid burn through. I used anchor bolts to attach the base plates to the floor before welding the uprights to them. magnetic welding right angles make life very much easier the horizontal secttions are welded to the rebar in the columns, our welder just chipped into the columns, welded, then filled the holes. its looking good now.
  15. Low Water Pressure

    Most people have the pumps outside, we do. With 4 people I wouldn't get anything under 200W if you have an instant electric shower Mitsubishi recommends the EP range. If your water supply is reliable then the 1,000 litre tank is a reasonable choice. I know of quite a few SS tanks that have rusted through after about 7 years, so you may want to rethink your choice of material.