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  1. If you buy cheap stuff then that is exactly what you get "cheap stuff " in general the price reflects the quality. The only problem with all aggregators of suppliers from china is that they sell both quality products and cheap stuff.
  2. No The areas include Bangkok’s Huai Kwang and Phra Nakhon districts;(1) the North’s Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai provinces;(2) the Northeast’s Udon Thani, Nong Khai, Sakhon Nakhon and Nakhon Ratchasima;(3) the Central region’s Nakhon Pathom, Pathum Thani, Chacherngsao, Samut Prakan and Samut Sakhon;(4) the South’s Phuket and Songkhla; (5) the and the East’s Chon Buri and Rayong.(6)
  3. Non immigrant visa for the purpose of Education
  4. Humm. While running the Netis in bridge mode does make life simple it does not make it secure. 1) if you have WEP passwords they can be cracked in 60 seconds. 2) use WPA or WPA2 3) if you want to be secure and you want other people to use your network connection, or if you have any IOT devices then you want 3 routers all with DHCP enabled. Router 1) network say mask, : no WiFi enabled Router 2) connected to router 1 via Ethernet : network say mask WiFi enabled, WPA/WPA2 password Router 3) connected to router 1 via Ethernet: network say mask WiFi enabled, WEP/WPA/WPA2 password Your private devices on the network, computers and phones Your IOT devices and any visitors on network. Some IOT things will only accept a WEP password. If you have that setup then anything on router 3 can't see or affect anything on router 2 so if something nasty crawls into an IOT device it will not get to your computers or phones IOT = Internet Of Things including, but not limited to: light bulbs, refrigerators, weighing scales, Amazon Echo, Amazon Dot, Google Chrome cast, Apple TV, Smart TV etc.
  5. Ethanol doesn't have an octane. However E20 is usually sold as having a rating of equivalent to 95 octane, though in a report gave PTT blue Gasohol E20 collected from September 2011- February 2012 as minimum and maximum RON of 98.4 and 99.3 (RON) = Research Octane Number you will use about 5% extra or more E20 for an equal distance than pure petrol
  6. Please don't shout and read the replies. Your question was answered in post number 2. You need a purple driving licence (5 year licence) not a green temporary (2 year licence) and a Non-O visa or extension of permission to stay Thai IDP mistakenly called IDL
  7. Not quite, the IDP isn't valid for driving beyond 90 days but as long as it's still in date most LTO's will do the Thai licence issue against it.
  8. No, you have a worthless piece of paper or plastic that you paid over $100 for. Just because a cop or two didn't bother to check it carefully makes no difference, if you ever get into a situation where it's checked properly you have no licence. If you have an accident involving serious money for your insurance company you will probably also find that they invalidate it as well. Email or websites offering an International Driver’s License are a scam — there is no such thing as an International Driver’s License. When you travel internationally, you need to have an IDP and a valid driver’s license, both issued by your country of residence. So for example, if you are a Austrian citizen living in the US and holding a US driver’s license, you will need an American IDP). The IDP must be accompanied by a valid driver’s license at all times — it has no value on its own and is not a substitute for a driver’s license.
  9. The speed limits are 60kmh on the approach to and in the tunnel and 80kmh on the rest of route 2. Big signs, difficult to miss.
  10. For British citizens you should apply well before 4 weeks from the expiration date of your passport. In fact you should do it up to 9 months beforehand, if it fits in with travel plans or extensions of stay. You can get up to 9 months added to the 10 years if you renew early.
  11. Do please tell me of the contradictions, I will be happy to explain, though I don't know what isn't clear or contradictory. It is quite normal to have an extension of stay issued that goes beyond the validity of your passport in fact it is certainly the case for the overwhelming majority of permanent residents as the permission is for 10 years. I think that it is almost certainly the case for a 3 year extension as well but do not have specific information about it. Your permission to stay is not even listed in your passport. There is no requirement to carry your passport unless you are going to exit the country, when of course you need it and it must be in date. Just FWIW my passport has no Japanese visa or extension of stay. Neither does it have any Japanese entry or exit stamps in it after April 2015 and I've exited and re-entered 7 times since then
  12. Sorry you are not correct. She was legal in Japan, the permission to stay is not conditional on having a valid passport. Had she been not been legal she would have been detained by immigration. The Immigration Police in Japan never let people go if they are not legal, you go straight to the immigration detention centre, do not pass Go, do not collect £200. I said nothing about Japanese immigration being correct or not. Their country, their rules. She did not exit Japan on the same passport she entered with, she did net even have it with her when she left and returned on her new passport. I know the situation is different, I was pointing out that leaving a country on an expired passport may, or may not be, simple.
  13. That sound like a reasonable price. This is our pickup having the same job done after about the same millage. It took 4 hours. I managed to get it done under warranty. There is a space for an optional filter that we now have.
  14. In fact amazon UK has a seller who will ship internationally, I've just bought one Quick test from amazon marketplace
  15. A Thai citizen that I know could not leave Japan to fly to Thailand (Thaiair) as her Thai passport had expired. The airline was OK with it but Japanese passport control refused to allow her through. She had no options but to renew it in Japan. Her Japanese permission to stay was current so she was legal in Japan.