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  1. Sure, my 1 year and 5 year licences were even faster as I didn't need to watch any videos.
  2. CAT stuck a device on the wall.

    Then I hope the shop number is 42
  3. Battery won't charge help.

    This is quite likely to cause problems with lithium ion batteries unless you severely limit the charging current at first. When at very low to zero charge the charging also needs to be very low, this slows the battery chemistry to reform itself.
  4. Five year Thai driving licence

    It's actually a percentage of the tax not a flat fee
  5. Five year Thai driving licence

    There is NO fine for renewing your licence late. SWMBO just renewed late. There is a fine for renewing you vehicle tax late
  6. There is no penalisation. You let your Thai licence expire by more than 3 years. If you look at my post above you will see that the official is just following the rules. Once you have had a licence most countries will not permit the less strict licence conversion option a second time and you need to keep it up to date. However there is nothing stopping you from going to different LTO offices and trying your luck without telling them about your previous Thai licence. A point that makes me suspect that the you spoke to doesn't know the rules is that there is no provision in the rules for a 3 year licence AFIK and if you were told you had to do the writing and driving tests before you mentioned you expired licence then that was incorrect.
  7. Battery won't charge help.

    If you mean the copper intrusions through the films, then nothing will revive a battery that has gone that bad
  8. Five year Thai driving licence

    Yes if you are going from a temporary (2 year )licence to a full (5/6 year) licence within 1 year of it expiring. No if you are renewing a full (5/6 year) licence within 1 year of it expiring.
  9. Battery won't charge help.

    It seems that if you have a Lithium ion cell then a zero reading may well not be a dead battery, it will usually have to have been reverse charged to completely kill it The scientific paper and a YouTube video from bigcliveAre over-discharged lithium cells safe  (And how to test for damage.)
  10. Five year Thai driving licence

    Here you go old site New site
  11. Help me design and build small house (please!)

    You can avoid security bars if you are prepared to spend enough for laminated glass Above living room kitchen under master bedroom, the triple windows are 3.3 metres x 1.4 we went for laminated IGU's
  12. Help me design and build small house (please!)

    That one is for a glue unavailable here, this one is better Earthquake simulation test
  13. Help me design and build small house (please!)

    I was assuming an unsupported roof with those size. Supported you can go as much as you like. Our front overhang is 5.5 to 6.5 metres with the outer 2.5 metres unsupported.
  14. Help me design and build small house (please!)

    1 metre is OK for a tile roof, we have 2.5 meters with steel. I disagree with the concrete walkway as it provides a nice night storage heater.