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  1. Mazda 2 vs Mazda 3

    It would seem that you don't understand what a DPF is and how it works. You don't usually clean it (most are sealed units) and replacing one is extremely expensive (200,000 Baht region). It needs to regenerate and that involves it getting extremely hot (600degrees C ) as extra fuel is added so it will burn off the particulates. If you drive longer distances this happens during regular driving.
  2. A significant point that has in all the poor customer bad company comments, is that if you have been following the problems in the Thai language press you would know that the "customers" were picketing and protesting the unreasonable demands in very public places. The law suits are probably in most part designed to stop the public disputes. mazda in Au has an This suggests that the "customers " were demanding a ridiculous warranty. The counter offer seems very good and better than any other warranty that I know of in Thailand. A point is that there is not really enough information about the alleged failures to know if it is defects or unreasonable use that caused them. IMNSHO before deciding if it's a Mazda at fault situation or an unreasonable customer situation we need more detail.
  3. Mazda 2 vs Mazda 3

    City driving is a bad fit for modern Diesel engines just take a look at DPF problems and a replacement DPF is very expensive.
  4. Selling from a lease

    There is case law demonstrating that 30 year leases are legal. However 30+30+30 leases are not. It is subject to debate and lawsuits that a lease 30+30+30 is an attempt to evade the law and is totally void, and so not even the first 30 years is valid or enforceable. Also that any land office where that lease has been registered has also broken the law so the land office registration is also void. it is certainly recommended that anyone who has a 30 year lease that suggests a subsequent term is a right, or guaranteed, should get legal advice.
  5. U.K. Resident information probably has the details you need and it is only 103 pages.
  6. Glass Blocks. Soundproof?

    As I do actually have hygrometers and they are used in rooms similar to the one you described and I have never seen anything remotely close to a humidity level that might benefit from a humidifier, your take is IMNSHO BS. So as I said a totally useless piece of equipment in Thailand. this is unlike the area I have lived in for the last 27 years where, in winter, 10% to 20% humidity is not uncommon and a humidifier is a requirement for comfortable breathing.
  7. Glass Blocks. Soundproof?

    That is one thing that is totally redundant in Thailand. I've never seen any humidity less than 50% and you need to go down to less than 30% for one of those to be much use.
  8. Glass Blocks. Soundproof?

    Our house has double AAC block walls, double glazing using an outer laminated layer with a different thickness inner and an insulated ceiling and roof. With this you can have deafening level sound inside which is virtually silent just a few metres away. Equally the temple sound system which, when there is a local festival, points almost directly towards us, is hardly audible with the doors and windows closed. We did not design the house to reduce noise it's just a fortuitous side effect.
  9. Airport VAT refund "new rule".

    Always has been the rule. Nothing new, just new to you. High value goods will be almost certainly be checked, low value goods will probably not be checked. All the paperwork has to be stamped to collect a refund airside Need to be able to produce is Standard practice in most/all countries AFIK.
  10. British Passport @ Trendy - Time

    Thailand has a different procedure for replacement of a UK passport to almost every other country, so your experience is irrelevant here.
  11. Watch again. The car was breaking heavily from the point it was half way over the stop line, ABS so no skid.
  12. New Year road toll rises to 375 after six days

    Humm well 578+230=808 not 900 and that is assuming that no car driver has a motorcycle an extremely unlikely situation. Though I agree about the good roads though not the traffic police as a 5 lane road can often go down to 1 or no clear lanes with double parked cars, a couple of lanes blocked by drivers stopping to go shopping and a bus or two picking up in lane 5
  13. You need to watch the video again. the driver of the white car in lane 3 had just overtaken a white heavy truck in lane 2 that would have obscured his view of the lady, from the dip of the front end of the car he braked heavily, his options were to swerve in front of the HGV he had just passed while breaking hard and probably be hit from behind or to try and pass in front of the motorcycle and he had a maximum of about 2 seconds to decide.
  14. New Year road toll rises to 375 after six days

    While I agree that the motorcycle death figures are depressingly high I would guess that you haven't travelled in a few other countries that I have. Taiwan has a very much higher number of motorcycles than Thailand as do Vietnam and Cambodia The higher death rate is possibly related to the faster roads in Thailand compared to Vietnam and Cambodia, certainly the way that Thai motorcycle riders act (and the care they take) is similar to that I saw in Cambodia. in Taiwan helmets are universally used and in Taipei motorcycles are often segregated from other traffic.
  15. How to invest £160k

    Any income generated outside the UK, once you become non resident has no UK tax liability. So so if you are going to invest the money you should be doing it off shore, as long as you can stay out of the UK long enough to be non resident. The requirements have become more and more stringent over time. My personal savings are just enough for them to be managed for me through HongKong branch of my UK accountants in a Luxembourg based platform. These are UK tax free. Last year they saw a 7% rise. I pay UK tax on the income I am getting in the UK