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  1. sometimewoodworker

    Get Trusted Thai Friend To Buy Motorbike For Me?

    No problem, though it's going to be a few days as we are not at home at the moment. If you send me a PM Friday or Saturday it will remind me to look out the certificate.
  2. sometimewoodworker

    Get Trusted Thai Friend To Buy Motorbike For Me?

    You were given incorrect information. SWMBO got 1st class insurance with her small bike though the cost to renew it is about 10% of the original purchase price.
  3. sometimewoodworker

    Get Trusted Thai Friend To Buy Motorbike For Me?

    There is no need to move residence to use a DLT office anywhere. You do not need to use any specific office to renew so I think that this will also apply to taking the required tests and getting your 1st licence. I suggest you research which offices are not foreign hostile (some are) then visit with your embassy issued residence certificate and ask.
  4. sometimewoodworker

    To what extent can a prenup protect me?

    Completely unnecessary related to assets prior to marriage as Thai law protects you. You just (we had to) list them on the marriage documents. Your assets remain yours, hers remain hers. I don't know about after marriage protection, if any agreement will override the standard court 50/50 split of the assets (or value of assets) gained after marriage. You will never be the owner of land as that will have to be 100% owned by your wife, though if bought after marriage you get 50% of the value in a divorce, as with any other asset. That is the law, off course enforcement may not be straight forward if your spouse has no money when you divorce. There are also various tricks to reduce the land value. I believe the after marriage split is related to the fact that you both contribute so should both benefit, whoever earns the money they couldn't without the other to help. So you may find that a pre-nup is unnecessary possibly worthless
  5. sometimewoodworker

    Online Electrical Supply House

    Yes I do, thank you, I know an excellent one. Edited Thursday at 01:29 PM by sometimewoodworker While my reply was a a tad short and humorously intended the OP hasn't bothered to comeback to get more detailed information so it probably saved a wasted long reply
  6. sometimewoodworker

    Do not abuse your power tools - They can get upset!

    I haven't found flap discs for that size machine, the 4” are easy to find but I've never seen the 7" ones in the usual shops. If available they would work well.
  7. sometimewoodworker

    Do not abuse your power tools - They can get upset!

    We have one of those, it doesn't get too much use due to the weight but it's a good machine. Unfortunately it is possible to fit a circular saw blade to a machine never designed for it. Sad to say you have experienced one of the reasons why it's a terrible idea to do that. Equally it is a bad idea to take off the guard that might mitigate the damage that can be done. I sincerely hope that your recovery is complete in due course. I am am a little confused, who had the idea to put a circular saw cutting blade on to a machine (whose very name tells you) is designed to grind. I hope that others can benefit from your incident. Also keeping to the fittings designed to be used with a machine, and using a machine to do the things it was designed for.
  8. sometimewoodworker

    Renew 5 Year Driving Licence

    5 year to 5 year, no medical certificate needed. It is on the DLT website in English.
  9. sometimewoodworker

    Renewing 5 year driver's licences at BKK Region 1 Office

    Driving licences can be renewed at ANY DLT office though you will usually do it at one near you. I do not use the nearest as the are not sympathetic to foreigners, I do use one in the same province.
  10. sometimewoodworker

    Online Electrical Supply House

    Yes I do, thank you, I know an excellent one.
  11. As you say the can and sometimes do ask for extra documents and it is in the guidelines those documents support an already compliant application They do not make a incompliant application OK have your lump sum ready.
  12. No need to get your bank book stamped but a couple of yearly updates will be good. The bank statement is easy to get, it will very probably be automatically supplied with the bank letter but if not just ask. The only change for the statement is that up to now it has just been for 3 months, from now it needs to cover the complete year if you use income from overseas, that is almost certainly why the banks are talking to immigration. You should be sure to check the dates on the statement
  13. Well YES WE DO they have told us exactly what they will accept Does your statement show transfers every month from overseas? if yes you are good to go, if no then you need the 400k/800k seasoned for 2/3 months as a backup for when they tell you you DO NOT qualify for an income supported extension, Or travel plans
  14. i don't see why not, they will take what they think is right, if it isn't sufficient then hopefully others can learn from it It seem that you are suggesting that the requirements Bank letter, bankbook copies and (or) statement that show the immigration officers you have domestic transfers can successfully have random unauthenticated home printed PDFs added and that they (the IO) will be so overwhelmed with the milk of human kindness they will let you have an extension 555555555555555. Don't you understand anything like that CAN be faked that is why the statement has to have a bank stamp and signature on it and the letter MUST be on bank stationary not plain paper (maybe a bank stamp and signature is also OK )